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Who Are the Global Elite?
- The following report will give you the information you need to make an educated decision about this vitally important subject... -
- by Wayne Morin Jr., Oct 24, 2005 -

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Junk Mail

We Buy Junk Mail - Turn Unwanted Junk Mail Into Ca$h
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- by Wes Penre, Jan 01, 2006 -

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

"The Continuum"--Tray Caladan's (aka Doug Yurchey) Amazing Debut Novel!
- Once I'd opened the book and started reading, I couldn't put it down. I am not exaggerating if I say that this must be the best science fiction novel I have ever read. And believe me; I have read a lot in my younger years! This book, "The Continuum," is not only extremely thrilling, it is also masterfully written. Tray is artfully mixing fiction with a good portion of truth, which makes it an absolute page-turner!
- presented by Wes Penre, Aug 29, 2014
(Posted here: Aug 29, 2014)

The Secret World of Anagrams
- We all know what 'anagrams' are. But are we aware of the strange, and sometimes unbelievable, coincidences surrounding many of them? By accident (?) I came across ANAGRAM GENIUS (below) and started putting famous peoples' names in the search-engine. Instantly, the computer provides an anagram to whatever is punched in. Shock and amazement happened when I quickly got the results. -
- by Doug Yurchey, Dec 11, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 12, 2005)

The Document Library
- The Perrspectives Document Library is a central repository containing many of the key background documents for a range of today's most pressing public policy issues. -
- Perrspectives: Bringing Light To Darkness -
(Posted here: Jan 02, 2006)

Declaration on the Human Rights of Individuals Who are not Nationals of the Country in which They Live
- Considering that the Charter of the United Nations encourages universal respect for and observance of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion... -
- UMN.edu -
(Posted here: July 4, 2005)

A Dialectical Chronography of Humankind And Our Universe
- from Humanitas International -
(posted here: February 1, 2004)

Why is the World so Violent if Man is Basically Good?
- by Wes Penre -
(Posted here: February 25, 2004)

Short Biographies of Famous Historic Persons
- From Humanitas International -
(posted here: February 1, 2004)

A Simple Life Is A Growing Aspiration
- The RegisterGuard, January 26, 2004
Something to think about ...
(Posted here: January 27, 2004)

Antony Sutton - A Great Conspiracy Researcher dies!
- from "etherzone.com" -
(Posted here: January 29, 2004)

New Mars Photo!!!
(Posted here: February 12, 2004)

A Conspiracy Theorist's Proof
- by Adam Trueblood -
(Posted here: April 3, 2004)

On Freedom
-Columbia.edu -
(Posted here: July 3, 2004)

The Bored Boy
- At a speech President Bush gave in Orlando in March, a boy standing behind him appeared rather bored. View this animated slideshow of images, it is pretty hilarious -
(Posted here: April 3, 2004)

Orrin Hatch Proposes Jail For Even Talking About File Sharing
- ... Under this bill, the person who posted the advice would be guilty for "inducing" a copyright violation. -
- Underreported.com., July 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 10, 2004)

Jacques de Molay burned at the stake

Friday the 13th
- The Orders read seize all members of the Knights of Templar and their possessions (which were considerable – being the wealthiest order in Europe, having invented international banking and the credit card). The condemned Knights were to be turned over to the Holy Inquisition for the standard questioning, torture and burning at the stake -
- What the Bleep Do We Know -
(Posted here: August Friday 13, 2004)

Older Christopher Columbus

Columbus Day - Sanitized
- Today is a holiday in the US called Columbus Day held in honor of the man who supposedly "discovered" America.
  In fact, Columbus' real role was as the initiator of a campaign of genocide against Native Americans that continued for nearly 400 years.
  Nothing to celebrate. In a country not buried so deeply in propaganda, this holiday would be removed from the calendar.  -
- by Brasscheck TV -
(Posted here: Monday, October 08, 2007)

Celebrating Christmas - A Dying Tradition?
- Festive traditions are facing gradual extinction thanks to barmy bureaucrats who WRONGLY believe they are offensive to followers of religions other than Christianity. -
- by Harry MacAdam -
(Posted here: December 10, 2004)

Napster, MP3s and the RIAA
- Funny thing, while Napster was in its hayday, music CDs were selling at record levels! When Napster went offline, CD sales cratered. -
- by Neil Jensen -
(Posted here: December 20, 2004)

Freedom of Information Kit
- The following files are for individuals or organizations who wish to make an FOIA application to a federal agency. Please read the file <Instructions> before making your application. There are 5 files; FOIA Instructions, FOIA Application; FOIA Fee Waiver; FOIA Appeal; selected Federal FOIA Addresses; and FBI Offices nationwide. -
- Sumeria.net -
(Posted here: December 20, 2004)

Attorney's Advice - No Charge!
- Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. A corporate attornesent the following out to the employees in his company. -
- Sent to Illuminati News by a fellow researcher -
(Posted here: January 29, 2005)

George Orwell

'Missing Link' Between Madness and Genius
- Genius cannot exist without mental disorder, according to a study that names George Orwell, LS Lowry and Lewis Carroll among 21 artists who suffered a form of autism. -
- Telegraph.uk, June 11, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 13, 2005)

Abortionist Accused of Eating Fetuses
- A Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic – with fetuses kept in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch. -
- WorldNetDaily, June 14, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 16, 2005)

The Sith Have Taken over the U.S.
- He is showing us a symbolic, full-screen portrayal of the taking over of America by dark forces. Actually, America is not evil. According to Freemasonry, ‘America’ is the people and the land and the seas. But, the ‘United States’ – ah, that is something completely different. It is a Company. -
- by Doug Yurchey -
(Posted here: June 18, 2005)

David Icke

David Icke Live at The Astral Theatre
- Be prepared to spend some of the most dramatically enlightening hours you will ever spend online... with David Icke and his unique information available for live in-vision question and answer sessions for the first time on the Web. -
- TheSpiritOfCornwall.org -
(Posted here: June 26, 2005)

Apollonius of Tyana & the Shroud of Turin
- This 550-page book contains 25 chapters and 80 illustrations.
No E-Book Edition is currently available. Out of fairness to those who purchase a hardcopy book, only about half of the contents are available here. And please be advised that the material at this website may be out-of-date. I made extensive revisions and additions to the book itself, but I did not change what has traditionally been available at my website. You are urged to purchase the book for all of the updated information. -
- Apollonius.net -
(Posted here: July 11, 2005)

David Icke's Website Destroyed, Asking for Help! Can Someone Support Him So His Website and Newsletters Still Can Be Available?
[E-mail David at Davidickenews@aol.com]
- Every day I am faced with hours of unpaid work and a stream of emails asking me for help. I always try to do what I can, given that there is only one of me. But when I ask for help? Forget it. -
- by David Icke, Oct 20, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 20, 2005)

Mr. President ... I Just Got Some Baaad News!
- Davidicke.com is now up and running again after a major technology upgrade following an attack on the site more than five days ago that gave us no option, but to take it down temporarily. It took the form of a massive increase in traffic out of nowhere - like six million page requests more than normal in a very short time - which took so much bandwidth that it was costing us a ridiculous amount of money in excess bandwidth charges that we could not afford. With the new system the site will be very much more difficult to attack in this way. -
- by David Icke, Oct 26, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 26, 2005)

Junk Mail

We Buy Junk Mail - Turn Unwanted Junk Mail Into Ca$h
[This is not a scam, Wes Penre]
- We will pay you 10 cents for every complete piece of junk mail sent to you ... read more -
- by Wayne Morin Jr, Oct 24, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 24, 2005)

Ted Bundy

Adopted Killers
- A Casey Family Programs/Harvard Medical School study finds "rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] among foster care alumni are up to twice as high as for U.S. war veterans." Adoption is not the answer, apprently, as hundreds of "examples" on this page beg the question: (1) WHY is the number of known Serial Killers, who are known to be adopted, disproportionate to the general population who are Serial Killers? and (2) WHY are there twice as many Adopted Killers who are known to be in the category of Adoptees Who Killed Their Adopters? -
- Anfor.net -
(Posted here: Nov 28, 2005)

The Devil's new dictionary

The Devil's New Dictionary
- The truth with a wicked grin -
- by Mark S. Tucker, Dec 06, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 08, 2005


Google Agrees to Censor Results in China
- Because of government barriers set up to suppress information, Google's China users previously have been blocked from using the search engine or encountered lengthy delays in response time. -
- by Michael Lidke, Associated Press, Jan 24, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 26, 2006)

The Earth

Life Beyond Biology and Organic Chemistry - Mechanical Waves in the Earth’s Crust Shows ‘Earth is Alive’ and Communicates Like All Other Living Beings
- Scientists are finding that the earth is alive and is communicating like other living beings. The concept that life has to be associated with biology and organic chemistry is becoming an obsolete idea. -
- India Daily, Jan 22, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 26, 2006)

Doug Thompson

Capitol Hill Blue Founder Steps Down
- Doug Thompson, the founder and publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, the Internet's oldest continually-published political news site, is stepping down, effective immediately, to return to local journalism. -
- Capitol Hill Blue, Feb 04, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 06, 2006)

Dan Brown

Da Vinci Code 'Copied Book Ideas'
- A claim that Dan Brown's bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code copied the ideas of two other authors has gone before London's High Court. -
- BBC News, Feb 28, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 28, 2006)

Desmond Dekker (1941-2006)

Reggae Legend Desmond Dekker Dies
- "Desmond Dekker & the Aces' hit song "Israelites" was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid. I remember when it was just released and I heard it for the first time. It knocked me out."
Wes Penre, Illuminati News -
(Posted here: Thursday, June 08, 2006)

The Capitol Building

New Element Recognized!
- The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. -
- by B.D. -
(Posted here: Friday, September 21, 2007)


Shuttle Endeavour Heading for Disaster?
- Today, Tuesday, March 11th, 2008, in the early morning hours…Space Shuttle Endeavour was successfully launched. In researching (compiling) a new anagram manuscript called ‘Politanagrams Uncensored!,’ the next anagrams were discovered. Here is a small excerpt from the manuscript: -
- Presented by Wes Penre, March 11, 2008 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, March 11, 2008)


Sceptics Exposed As Fraudulent
- I confess I am very sceptical, about sceptics.
Because most have never studied the subject, to be sceptical means you have to know what you are sceptical about, instead, this often means something needs explaining to you, who should actually be open minded, as most scepticism is a mask for ignorance, or another agenda. -
- by T Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies, ©2006 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, July 04, 2006)


[Most recent articles on top in this section]


The Mayan Calendar

2012- The Background
- To the Ra group, 2012’s significance is that it marks the end of third density, the Density of Choice, on Planet Earth and the beginning of The Density of Love, also called fourth density. On that date, they said, fourth-density Earth will be up and running. Third-density Earth will continue until all humans on third-density Earth have evacuated that density through the harvesting process, by graduation to fourth density or by transferring to another third-density planet for a repeat of “third grade”.
- by Carla L. Rueckert, Channel for "Law of One", Mar 02, 2009 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, March 04, 2009)

UPI - A Look at Apocalypse Now: The 2012 Series, Part Two
- A critic might say that fear is an appropriate response to the thought that the world may end suddenly in 2012. However, I wish to remove that fear from your thoughts. For it is only when we are fearless and unconcerned with this possibility that we can most efficiently prepare for 2012, which is indeed the end of the age, although not the end of the world. -
- by Carla L. Rueckert, Channel for "Law of One", Mar 02, 2009 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, March 104, 2009)


The Universe According to Ra
A Short Overview of the "Law of One" and the "Ra Material"

- I am always very skeptic to channeled material. It is not because I don't believe in channeling, but it's always hard to know WHOM people are channeling. In this case, I have researched the Ra Material (Law of One) extensively as of late, and I must say I am very impressed with the information channeled. It is positive information, and when it is being applied in life, it enhances one's own spiritual awareness as well as others in your environment. It's absolutely remarkable! To me, it's been a life changing event to plough through this massive material, which you can study online for free...Wes Penre -
- by Wynn Free -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 25, 2009)

The 2012 Enigma

The 2012 Enigma: Free Full-Length Documentary Film
GoogleVideo [01:35:47]
- Is there a miniature stargate in your own brain? Did ancient cultures reverse-engineer it into usable technology that could actually look – and even travel – through time?
  Did our secret government come into possession of this technology? Did they see anything occurring around the year 2012? Dive into this fascinating story in The 2012 Enigma.
  This 95-minute video features brand new material about the pineal gland, time-space, 2012 and Montauk that we’ve never presented anywhere else before. We deliberately focused in on the material your letters said you liked the most! -
- by David Wilcock, DivineCosmos.com -
(Posted here: Sunday, January 25, 2009)

In this file photo, the sun-orbiting SOHO spacecraft has imaged many erupting filaments lifting off the active solar surface and blasting enormous bubbles of magnetic plasma into space. U.S. scientists worry we aren't ready for a solar space storm which could knock out our electricity, cell phones, even our water supply.

Is a 'Katrina-Like' Space Storm Brewing?
Scientists Worry We Aren't Prepared for Event That Could Zap Government, Cost Trillions

- The sun is on a fairly regular schedule. Every 11 years, solar activity flares up. The next "maximum" active period is expected in 2012.
  During those active times, the sun spits billions of tons of matter toward Earth that can cause electromagnetic storms that interfere with just about all of our electronic systems.
  How bad would the "Katrina Space Storm" be for us earthlings? Well, the NAS report suggests the storm could cascade through our modern world. -
- by David Kerley, article for ABC News, Jan 09, 2009 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 11, 2009)


A dismantling of old codes and programs

- Every thought we're thinking, every movement we make, everything around us is basically energy. Therefore, thoughts and intentions are very powerful when it comes to forming the reality we live in. Those who have been following my research on this website know that there are very dark forces trying hard to manipulate us into negativity. Therefore, it's extremely important that we assign 2009 to be the year when we wake up and start using our energy wisely. If we choose to be victims to those manipulators, we will get the reality they want us to experience. But like in any game, on any level, we can change things around. Although the energy we use on a collective level is forming our collective reality, anybody's choice how to use their energy is important and makes a difference. That's exactly why people have started waking up in droves all over the planet lately. Wes Penre, illuminati-news.com -
-  by Sonia Barrett, November 25, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 01, 2009)

The Hidden Hand behind the scenes, to which this anonymous insider refer to

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider
- This self-acclaimed illuminati Insider appeared on the "Above Top Secret" forum recently, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals. The reason he did that, he said, was because time is right for us to know some of what is going on behind the scenes. And when he explains WHY he needs to reveal it now, it's very convincing. In this article I will post the dialogue between the "Above Top Secret Forum" members and "Hidden Hand" in its entirety. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 27, 2008)

Planet X

A Letter From a Norwegian Politician: Planet X is Closing In!
- Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on...
  The people that are going to be left on the surface and die with along the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do. -
- Interview by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, 2008 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, April 01, 2008)

2012 - Alien Visitation from the Hyperspace Becomes Public Event
- Scientists all around the world are preparing for something spectacular behind the scenes. They will not talk about it, give any hint about it to anyone they do not know but some know very well that 2012 may be the year when the extraterrestrials unveil their hide and seek game and show up finally from the Hyperspace. It may not happen in 2012 but sooner or later it will happen! -
- India Daily, Nov 21, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 08, 2005)


The 2012 Group
- Formed in 1993, the 2012 Group is in the process of gathering information and acting as a clearinghouse about an amazing event coming on December 21, 2012. As new information comes in, we will update this page. -
- 2012 Group -
(Posted here: July 7, 2005)

Planetary and Environmental Issues

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fading
- Earth's magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say -
- National Geographic News, Sept. 9, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 11, 2004)

Quake's Power = Million Atomic Bombs?
- Scientists describe Sunday's devastating earthquake off the island of Sumatra as a "megathrust" -- a grade reserved for the most powerful shifts in the Earth's crust. -
- CNN, Dec 27, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 28, 2004)

The Great Wave
- “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...” -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here: December 29, 2004)

U.S. Intel Once Considered Causing Huge Quake
- Months before the end of World War II, an American intelligence agency launched a top-secret project aimed at devising ways to trigger massive earthquakes and tsunamis that would wreak havoc among enemy civilian populations, recently uncovered documents reveal. -
- WoldNet Daily, Apr 8, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 9, 2005)


Yellowstone Supervolcano

Super-Volcano Explosion Drama on Discovery Channel on April 10
[Flash Video]
[If the video doesn't play, download this plug-in:
- Immunotex.com -
(Posted here: April 8, 2005)

The Final Days
- When I reached Noory by phone at his program's studio in California, he told me, "I'm a staunch believer that we are in an earth cycle." As 2012 approaches, "Coast to Coast" has been devoting more and more programming to prophecies of doom and the signs and wonders that are thought to be harbingers of the coming end time: U.F.O. sightings, crop-circle formations, disappearing honeybees and flocks of migratory birds that fall from the sky. "There's no question the planet is changing," Noory said. -
- by Benjamin Anastas, July 01, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, July 13, 2007)

Now Read This:

Yellowstone Volcano: Is "the Beast" Building to a Violent Tantrum?
- New sensors have allowed researchers to confirm a suspicion that Smith has held for a long time: that the ancient volcano scientists dub "the beast" is a living force. The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system. -
- National Geographic News, Aug 30, 2001 -
(Posted here: April 8, 2005)

Yellowstone Supervolcano Getting Ready To Blow Its Cork
- It's worse than we are being told... -
- Earthmountainview.com., March 24, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 8, 2005)

And Now Consider This:

Oil Shale
[Just like Atlantis was destroyed from a super volcano, this country has one too. Interesting that the USA has been referred to as the New Atlantis... R. Sword, author of "The Adepts of Deceit, Vol's 1-2"]
- The Strategic Oil Reserve is located in the same area as the most lethal volcanoes. This, pardon the pun, is just going to add fuel to an already super-hot fire -
- Worldenergy.org -
(Posted here: April 8, 2005)


Report: California "Energy Crisis" II - Energy Giants Banking on Environmental Disaster
- California State officials now acknowledge that power companies withheld more than enough power to have averted the blackouts, and they did it to drive up prices and profits. In fact, CBS News reported, federal investigators have power plant control room audio tapes of traders from Williams Energy telling plant operators to "turn off the juice." -
- TruthOut, Apr 13, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 17, 2005)

Changing Planet Revealed in Atlas
- An atlas of environmental change compiled by the United Nations reveals some of the dramatic transformations that are occurring to our planet. -
- BBC News, June 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 6, 2005)

Global Disaster Finder Now Online
- A new website from U.S. Geological Survey allows Internet users to find recent and current earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather, fires and other disasters.
- Livescience.com -
(Posted here: June 6, 2005)

Poison Fire USA
- Visual chronology of events 1941 - present. An interactive map -
- AnimatedSoftware.com -
(Posted here: March 01, 2006)

Monster Waves

Vessel Measures Record Ocean Swells
- A British research team has observed some of the biggest sea swells ever measured. A whole series of giant waves hammered into their ship that were so big, according to computer models used to set safety standards for ships and oil rigs, they shouldn't even exist. -
- by Markus Becker, Der Spiegel, March 31, 2006 -
(Posted here: Apr 03, 2006)

Noctilucent cloud

Mysterious Glowing Clouds Targeted by NASA
- The Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) mission will be the first satellite dedicated to studying this enigmatic phenomenon. Due to launch in late 2006, it should reveal whether the clouds are caused by global warming, as many scientists believe. -
- by Maggie McKee, NewScientist.com, May 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 28, 2006)

Russian bee

Putin Orders Russian ‘Queens’ Home, Decimates US Bee Industry
- What is occurring in the United States today relating to hundreds of millions of their domestic bees disappearing, and who are descendents of their original Russian Queen ancestors, is that their Military Leadership has unleashed upon their citizens through their propaganda media organs (television/radio) the ‘fearful’ 250 Hz signal intended to ‘anger’ their population in the buildup towards war with Iran.
   But! One of the unintended consequences produced by their provocative actions against their own citizens is that they have likewise ‘signaled’ the demise of their agricultural industry through the decimation of their domestic bee industry. -
- by Sorcha Faal, Feb 16, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, May 30, 2007)

John Lennon (1940-1980)

Rock Stars Launch the 'Live Concert' Concert
- Do you remember the days when ‘rock stars’ were supposed to be rebellious? When they gave the symbolic finger to all that the establishment stood for?
   It seems to me, with the odd exception, that this all died outside the Dakota apartment block in New York on December 8th 1980 when a mind-controlled Mark Chapman shot John Lennon.  -
- David Icke's Newsletter, July 16, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 22, 2007)

The Global Warming Scam

'Greens' Movement May Have Darker Agenda
- Many of them are learned people, such as James Taylor, senior fellow for environment policy at the Heartland Institute, who claims Gore distorts science and ignores data that defies his theory of global warming. So, what's up? This is the same guy who supposedly invented the Internet a few years back.
   Some environmentalists, such as Britain's Prince Phillip, formerly the president of the World Wildlife Fund, are showing us the hidden hand behind the eco-environmental movement.
- by Frank Malloy for CourierPost, Nov 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, November 19, 2007)

Ecuadorian Rainforest

A New Law of Nature
Ecuador next week votes on giving legal rights to rivers, forests and air. Is this the end of damaging development? The world is watching.
- The South American republic of Ecuador will next week consider what many countries in the world would say is unthinkable. People will be asked to vote on Sunday on a new constitution that would give Ecuador's tropical forests, islands, rivers and air similar legal rights to those normally granted to humans. If they vote yes - and polls show that 56% are for and only 23% are against - then an already approved bill of rights for nature will be introduced, and new laws will change the legal status of nature from being simply property to being a right-bearing entity. -
- by Clare Kendal, The Guardian, Sep 24, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 26, 2008)

Oil Versus Free Energy


The Plan To Revolutionize Electricity Production in North America
- Some times there are things that must be brought forth for the good of the families in North America but they are not allowed to come forth for political and economic reasons. In short, some rich self interest group is suppressing the advancement of our society. -
- Powerwitness.com -
(Posted here: September 24, 2004)

The Infinite Energy Magazine
- Read up on how to get rid of the oil and substitute it with free energy -
(Posted here: May 29, 2004)

Why Is Mike Ruppert Promoting the 'Peak Oil' Scam?
- It appears then that today's 'Peak Oil' crowd has some pages in their propaganda playbook that were lifted directly from the Club of Rome, which raises the obvious question: what exactly is the Club of Rome?
Who is it that has handed Michael Ruppert and company the baton? -
- ConspiracyPlanet, August 30, 2004 -

Nicola Tesla
- The man who invented the modern world died nearly penniless at age 86 on January 7, 1943. More than two thousand people attended his funeral. -
- The Revelation -
(Posted here: July 18, 2004)

The Unacknowledged Threat Secret and Covert Operations by the USA
- The Disclosure Project, an NGO based in the United States, has identified several hundred military, intelligence and corporate witnesses to illegal and extra-constitutional projects that have suppressed information and prevented public access to technologies which could provide a definitive replacement for oil, coal, nuclear power and other conventional energy sources. -
- Steven M Greer in 'World Affairs' -
(Posted here: August 18, 2004)

100 Years Ago: The Progress of the Industrial Era
- The year is 1904, one hundred years ago... what a difference a century makes.. Here are the U. S. statistics for 1903... -
- Source Unknown -
(Posted here: August 30, 2004)

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell
- Dr. Steven Greer has been the man putting his life on the line and trying to pull or drag from the government, or civilians, or pilots, or anybody he can, the information about what we're going through here on Earth with unidentified flying objects and one of the reasons ... they have a propulsion system that would free the world from the war for oil. -
- Disclosure Project, September 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 8, 2004)

Aliens, Coverups, and Free Energy
- an interview with Dr. Steven Greer -

- Earlier in 2004, Phenomena Editor Richard Dolan interviewed Dr. Steven Greer. Greer is the founder of the Center for [the] Study of Extraterrestrial intelligence (CSETI), which claimes to have initiated communication and contact with extraterrestrials on Earth.
In addition, Greer has founded the Disclosure Project, dedicated to ending official secrecy regarding UFOs. -
- DisclosureProject, Oct. 10, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 17, 2004)

Steven Greer Interviewed by Jack Blood
- Mr. Greer of the Disclosure Project is interviewed by Jack Blood -
- Jack Blood.com -
(Posted here: February 3, 2005)

Steven Greer, the Leader of the Disclosure Project Got Threatened by Phone by the Government
[see the Disclosure Project Website for background]
- The threat was recorded, and played on air, at Coast to Coast am radio (08-09.08.04.). He has gotten many of those over the years, but never gave into fear, and says he never will! This threat only makes him redouble his effort for disclosure of zeropoint energy, advanced propulsion systems, and the existense of extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms. He also reveals that CIA Director Bill Colby was murdered. -
- Home No Net -
(Posted here: November 13, 2004)

Iran Will Sell Oil to China Instead of America
[A great hidden reason to invade Iran ... and the insanity just escalates]
- The US government has made too many enemies ... The oil producing countries have the power to destroy America, and they may be waking up to the fact. America is the most powerful nation in history, but every great civilization must come to an end. -
- The Insider, Nov. 1, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 1, 2004)

Russian Expert Predicts Oil Prices of $80 Per Barrel by August
- The oil industry is experiencing a bear market, as oil prices plunged to their three-month low in secondary trading. Oil prices reached their first peak in September 2004, after which they declined... -
- MosNews.com, May 20, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

Oil field

Peak Oil is a Corrupt Globalist Scam
- Publicly available CFR and Club of Rome strategy manuals from 30 years ago say that a global government needs to control the world population through neo-feudalism by creating artificial scarcity. Now that the social architects have de-industrialized the United States, they are going to blame our economic disintegration on lack of energy supplies. -
- by Steve Watson, Alex Jones and Paul Watson, Oct 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 05, 2005)

Iraq and Oil-for-Food: The Real Story
- You won't learn what the biggest humanitarian relief effort in human history was about by reading the Wall Street Journal. -
- By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted Oct 5, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 07, 2005)

Internal Memos Show Oil Companies Limited Refineries to Drive Up Prices
- The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) today exposed internal oil company memos that show how the industry intentionally reduced domestic refining capacity to drive up profits, RAW STORY has learned. -
- Raw Story Website -
(Posted here: Oct 13, 2005)

Fuel's Paradise? Power Source That Turns Physics On Its Head
- It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. If that does not sound radical enough, how about this: the principle behind the source turns modern physics on its head. -
- The Guardian, Nov 04, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 05, 2005)

Tom Bearden

- the cartels with a stranglehold on politics, industry, science, academia, the media, economy and military, colluded to develop ‘energetics’ in secrecy and deprive the public of an unlimited supply of EM energy, and it is their chosen lackeys who govern. The enemy is inside the gate… -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Nov 30, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 03, 2005)

It's Amazing What $2.99/Gallon Can buy!
[PowerPoint slideshow]
- This is not a hotel, it is a house! The Audi is not in silver color, it is in SILVER -
(Posted here: Dec 08, 2005)

Iranian Oil Barrels

Defend America, Buy More Iranian Oil
- But if Iran's behavior makes the case for anything at all, it is that America should become more not less "dependent" on foreign oil. In fact, the best way for America to defuse the so-called Middle Eastern oil weapon is by purchasing even more oil from the region. -
- by Shikha Dalmia, Reason.org, May 05, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, May 11, 2006)


British Inventor Claims To Have Made World's Most Fuel Efficient Car
- LONDON (AFP) - A British inventor unveiled a car he claims is the world's most fuel efficient -- capable of doing 8,000 miles (12,875 km) to the gallon (4.5 litres). -
- Yahoo News, May 12, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, May 15, 2006)

Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers
- Otis T. Carr (1904-1980?) was a protégé of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Carr and his team constructed a number of fully functional, flying saucers in the late 1950s. The flying disks worked and were demonstrated. Carr was serious about ‘taking his craft to the Moon.’ However, two weeks after a dramatic test flight, their laboratory was forcibly closed. Federal agents confiscated equipment as well as all documentation. Authorities told them Carr’s project would ‘destroy the monetary system of the United States.’ -
- by Doug Yurchey, June 22, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 24, 2007)

Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr

The Ring of Truth
[Interview with a man who flew a real saucer]
- Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. Carr was a disciple of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. He and his team built a number of successful flying disks. OTC Enterprises was incorporated in 1955. They were on the verge of saucer technology fifty years ago until government agents forcibly shutdown their project. -
- by Doug Yurchey, July 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, July 11, 2007)

The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project
- The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. -

The Disclosure Project Video
- 400 witnesses step forward, willing to testify under oath before the Congress
regarding the UFO and Alien Cover-up. People who "were certain" that UFOs and aliens don't exist - even devoted Christians - who watched this movie changed their minds. The evidence is overwhelming! -

Aliens, Coverups, and Free Energy
- an interview with Dr. Steven Greer -

- Earlier in 2004, Phenomena Editor Richard Dolan interviewed Dr. Steven Greer. Greer is the founder of the Center for [the] Study of Extraterrestrial intelligence (CSETI), which claimes to have initiated communication and contact with extraterrestrials on Earth.
In addition, Greer has founded the Disclosure Project, dedicated to ending official secrecy regarding UFOs. -

Peter Jennings Defrauding:
Inside The ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax
- Of course, the title of the show was 'Peter Jennings Reporting…' - if only that were so. This is the story of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media has defrauded the American people, from one who had a front row seat to the spectacle. -
- by Dr. Steven Greer, for the
Disclosure Project, March 2005 -

Testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin
- Below is a most informative history of the US involvement with UFO's. Our contact also reveals startling testimony about Dulce.
This is one of the most revealing accounts of Dulce and other pertinent info, I have ever seen.

Senator Hatch on ET
- Sen. Hatch: I have reviewed the information you recommended to me, and I can assure you that your concerns are unnecessary.  The Federal government does not have any information about extraterrestrial life to conceal, and there are no secret projects for me to investigate." -
[Really??? Well, watch this 2 hours long movie (material Hatch has taken part of) and make up your own mind. The cover-up is total.]

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell
- Dr. Steven Greer has been the man putting his life on the line and trying to pull or drag from the government, or civilians, or pilots, or anybody he can, the information about what we're going through here on Earth with unidentified flying objects and one of the reasons ... they have a propulsion system that would free the world from the war for oil. -
- Disclosure Project, September 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 8, 2004)

Steven Greer Interviewed by Jack Blood
- Mr. Greer of the Disclosure Project is interviewed by Jack Blood -
- Jack Blood.com -
(Posted here: February 3, 2005)

Steven Greer, the Leader of the Disclosure Project Got Threatened by Phone by the Government
[see the Disclosure Project Website for background]
- The threat was recorded, and played on air, at Coast to Coast am radio (08-09.08.04.). He has gotten many of those over the years, but never gave into fear, and says he never will! This threat only makes him redouble his effort for disclosure of zeropoint energy, advanced propulsion systems, and the existense of extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms. He also reveals that CIA Director Bill Colby was murdered. -
- Home No Net -
(Posted here: November 13, 2004)

Press Release - PHOENIX EVENTS
- The Disclosure Project (www.DisclosureProject.org), a non-profit research group in Washington DC, has identified over 400 top-secret government military and related whistle-blowers to UFO events and projects and will be presenting this evidence in Murdock lecture hall #101, on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University, on Friday evening, April 22, 2005. -
- Disclosure Project -
(Posted here: April 6, 2004)

Real "Star Wars" Makes the Movie Seem Tame
- Stephen Greer MD, 49, head of "The Disclosure Project" is the hero of the non-fiction version. He is an ER physician who gave up medicine to lift the massive cover-up of UFOs. His egghead appearance is deceptive. He is 6 ft. 1, lean, charismatic and bench-presses 140 pounds with one arm. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D., May 28, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 30, 2005)

Reaching Disclosure: An Interview with Steven Greer
- If what Stephen Greer is saying is true, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Fox Network should be camped outside his door waiting for his latest pronouncement. That they aren’t may be evidence of the level of denial about UFOs and extraterrestrials that has permeated the media, government, and mainstream culture. -
- by Steven Greer and Michael Peter Langevin -
(Posted here: May 30, 2005)

Disclosure Project Director Dr. Steven Greer Was a Guest on the Conscious Living Show on Voice America Radio on Sep 29, 2005 re. Free Energy
- The Disclosure Project -
(Posted here: Oct 3, 2005)

People In the Front Line

Neil Young, the Veteran Rocker, Gets Resourceful on "Greendale" Tour
- Running his Tour Trucks on Biodiesel:
(Young On Bush Administration): "... to them, I'm a Tree-hugger" -

- Associated Press, March 4, 2004 -
(Posted here: March 5, 2004)

Cleaner Fuel on Nelson's Mind
- Nelson and three business partners recently formed a company called Willie Nelson's Biodiesel that is marketing the fuel to truck stops. The product - called BioWillie - is made from vegetable oils, mainly soybeans, and can be burned without modification to diesel engines. -
- Delaware online, Jan 15, 2005 -
(Posted here: January 17, 2005)

Sherman Skolnick (1933-2006)
In Memorial:
Sherman Skolnick (1933-2006)

Crime Busting, Judge Busting Tough Chicago Investigator Talks About 40 Years Of Putting Government Crooks Behind Bars
- Sherman Skolnick, who spearheaded the investigation into largest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history in 1969, is now back again to finger crooked judges on the U.S. Supreme Court. Saying the Bush administration wants him arrested as a domestic terrorist, Skolnick claims Bush and his cronies are in hot water involving the Chicago grand jury investigation headed by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Friday, May 26, 2006)

The Sumerian Scriptures, the Hollow Earth,
and Human Origins

Earth's Ancient History
- A website dedicated to ancient times -
- earth-history.com -
(Posted here: March 19, 2005)


The Suppressed Timeline: General Chronology of Events
- This superb and needed chronology clearly exposes how the “Serpent Brotherhood” has been preying on humankind, while working on their main agendas of rebuilding their technological hardware and vacating the planet. The document particularly highlights the devastation to human health, the insinuations of the addictive dangers of sugar, coffee, and tobacco, and how vaccinations, addictions, and war have lead to millions of ritual deaths. -
- by Val Valarian, from Michael Tsarion's book "Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation" -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 07, 2007)

The Book of Enoch
[E-Book on Line]
- 1 The words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect and righteous, who will be 2 living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and godless are to be removed. And he took up his parable and said -Enoch a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by God, saw the vision of the Holy One in the heavens, which the angels showed me, and from them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is for to come...
- Bibleufo.com -
(Posted here: June 4, 2005)

Samuel Noah Kramer

Sumerian Mythology
The Sumerians were a non-Semitic, non-Indo-European people who flourished in southern Babylonia from the beginning of the fourth to the end of the third {sic "millenium" "millennium"} B. C. -
- by Samuel Noah Kramer, 1944, Revised 1961 -
(Posted here: Feb 13, 2006)

Sumerian Mythology
- by Christopher Siren, 1992, 1994, 1995 -
(Posted here: February 19, 2004)

The Gods of Eden, by William Bramley

The Gods of Eden
- Creation stories from all around the ancient world all have a common theme, where mankind is created from dirt, mud or clay by a divine being. These stories are all similar to the biblical Adam & Eve story. This similarity extends to the Tower of Babel and the Great Flood stories as well. The Alaskan Eskimos, ancient Egyptians, Japanese, and South Americans all tell us that their ancestors either were transported by their gods or their gods taught them their languages or writing. One place where you wouldn't expect a creation story to be similar to the Adam & Eve epic, is Australia. -
- book by William Bramley -
(Posted here: March 26, 2006)


Nibiru and the UFO Connection
- This paper will only add to the litany of UFO literature out there nevertheless, as a Dark Star researcher, my premise is that UFOs will indeed have a future role to play when Nibiru returns. But who has mastered this ‘esoteric technology’ and where are the UFOs located today? These questions shall be addressed in this four-part paper presenting a unique insight into the puzzling subject of Ufology. -
- by Greg Jenner -
(Posted here: Dec 13, 2005)

Nibiru and Tiamat

Sumerian Culture and the Anunnaki
- Working from the same archaeological discoveries, artifacts, and recovered records as archaeologists and linguists have for two hundred years, propounds – proves, in the opinion of this author -- that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens”; Old testament Hebrew, Anakeim, Nefilim, Elohim; Egyptian: Neter), an advanced civilization from the tenth planet in our solar system, splashed down in the Persian gulf area around 432,000 years ago, colonized the planet, with the purpose of obtaining large quantities of gold. -
- by Neil Freer, Jan 19, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 23, 2006)


Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection Part 1
- Over the years, esoteric researchers and authors have written about the legend of Atlantis to ad nauseam with well over 5,000 books now in print, therefore at the risk of producing repetitive information, I will endeavor to present a unique insight into the age old riddle of Atlantis. -
- by Greg Jenner -
(Posted here: June 2, 2005)

Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection Part 2
- Men began as giants. These first giants were very highly developed, intellectually, artistically and physically: they had power over birds and animals…they misbehaved and were abolished by God, and ordinary men took their place…” -
- by Greg Jenner -
(Posted here: June 2, 2005)

Nibiru and the Atlantean Connection Part 3
- Moving the human population quickly, in this day-and-age, requires transit technology in the form of Trains, Ships and Planes and according to my research Atlantis had a similar transit technology in place just prior to Phaeton’s fly-by. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude the Atlantean population had to utilize whatever transit means necessary when forced to escape the looming disaster. -
- by Greg Jenner -
(Posted here: June 2, 2005)

Locations of the Records of the Atlantean Civilization and its Firestone
- Including Speculations on Where Or How They Will Be Found -
- Huttoncommentaries.com -
(Posted here: June 25, 2005)

The Library of ialexandriah
 - This website contains the chronicles of Earth and much much more -
- The Library of
ialexandria -
(Posted here: May 5, 2005)

Abu Simbel

Ancient Civilizations and the Evolution of Man
- There were the blue-bloods of Ancient Times which extended into European Times. . They actually did have blue blood, and it was not hemoglobin based but copper based. They were semi-human. There are still to this day, some animal species in South America that have copper based blood systems. There was a problem with hemophilia, and not because of intermarrying. The problem was that they started to marry outside of the copper based blood system. Hemoglobin and copper systems don't mix. That's where the laws against marrying commoners originated. -
- Burlington News -
(Posted here: Nov 16, 2005)

Starchild skull (left) and human skull (right)

An Evening with Lloyd Pie
Lecture on human origins and the Starchild Skull

GoogleVideo [02:08:15]
- Lloyd is also the caretaker of the famous Starchild skull, and has written a new book about his eight years of struggle to get it scientifically tested to establish beyond dispute the precise genetic heritage of both of its parents. So far, extensive testing indicates that its mother was a normal human but its father was, in all probability, something other than entirely human. -
(Posted here: Monday, July 14, 2008)

An Overview of Black History
- Phillip True Jr., has spent many years studying with Dr. John Henrik Clarke, who also made contributions to this Historical Overview. -
- by Phillip True Jr. -
(Posted here: November 15, 2004)

The Hollow Earth - Fact of Fiction?
- v-j-enterprises.com -
(February 19, 2004)

Is the Earth Hollow? - Information on the Hollow Earth
(February 19, 2004)

A Lot of Respectable Scientists and Writers Believed That Earth is Hollow Inside
- Rumors about underground towns appeared for the first time in 1946. The person to launch the rumors was Richard Shaver - writer, journalist and scientist. -
- Pravda.ru., Sept. 20, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 22, 2004)

Underground Civilization

Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection
- Over the years I have acquired a few volumes of data in the form of newspaper reports, magazine articles and old books indicating for me the best evidence to date so here is a small list in chronological order, where applicable, to document my thesis. I’ve inserted [brackets] and CAPITALS to emphasize my argument. -
- Darkstar, UK -
(Posted here: Sep 25, 2005)

The Hollow Earth v the New World Order
- Explorers who have ventured to northern climes, like Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, tell of an Arctic Paradise when one has passed the ice-floes, where they find open waters, warmer weather and an abundance of wildlife. Some claim to have sailed into an opening which the sea flows freely through and discovered an inner-world, an underworld, a world of plenty, where peace reigns. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here: November 13, 2004)

The Nightmarish Underworld
- "The idea that the dead had to make a journey to the otherworld, to which they belonged, finds expression in many religions. The oldest evidence occurs in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts (c. 2375-c. 2200 BC). -
- Think-Aboutit.com -
(Posted here: Jan 09, 2006)

Some Underground Bases Listed by State
- Having finally busted the underground base complex around Fallon, Nevada, last summer with Dodeca Richard, we'll have a good test bed for busting a similar-sized major underground facility. It took several visits by several people to entirely do that complex and we used about 30 gallons of orgonite before every trace of DOR was absent from the atmosphere. I expect we could have done the entire thing in a day or two with a couple of gallons or less of orgonite if it were used in the form of Earthpipes, but we'll soon see if my hunch pans out. -
- Educate Yourself -
(Posted here: April 8, 2005)

Underground Bases
- This map is referred to in several of the articles in the archive. Denotes underground alien and US military/alien bases including known reptilian bases. -
- The Reptilian Agenda -
(Posted here: April 1, 2005)

Why Human Being Does Not Live 1.000 Years or More
- Archaeologists dug out skeletons and remains of the people who lived much longer than 100-200 years, but official science ignored these findings, and so called "forbidden archaeology" studies them. -
- Pravda.ru, June 22, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 25, 2004)

Hominids talked 500 000 years ago
Spanish scientists found out that first hominid species could in fact express themselves out loud rather audibly 500 000 years ago. Earlier, it was assumed that people first learned to talk with each other only 160 000 years ago. -
- Pravda.ru, June 24, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 25, 2004)

The Hidden Records
“Ancient star maps deciphered… a common message encoded in all the pyramid layouts reveals the unthinkable” -
- HiddenRecords.com -
(Posted here: Feb 11, 2006)

Michael S. Heiser, PhDZachariah Sitchin

Sitchin is Wrong!
- This is really the heart of the site. I catalogue, discuss, and illustrate the always agonizing, sometimes amazing, flaws in Sitchin's handling of the ancient languages, Old Testament, and Sumero-Mesopotamian tablets. To cut to the chase, as I've said on Coast to Coast AM several times, I'm convinced that Sitchin knows NONE of the languages he says he does. He makes mistakes a first semester student would (and a "C" student at that).
- by Michael S. Heiner, PhD   -
(Posted here: Monday, January 01, 2007)

The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth Revisited
- Many of Earth’s mysteries can be explained by the Hollow Earth Theory, from crypto-creatures to lost tribes and flying saucers. Indeed, if something has been “lost” to the surface, it can often be “found” in the inner-world. That includes people, like Enoch who flew north with the angels over mountains and rivers, or Colonel Fawcett who disappeared in the Matto Grosso searching for an antediluvian world. Ancient scriptures and myths invariably describe this region as a paradise. -
- by Hazel WM McKinlay, Feb 27, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, March 02, 2007)

Atlantis & Other Ancient Civilizations

Michael Tsarion

Truth Against the World: On Atlantis, the Origins of Evil, and the Irish Origins of Civilization
- Michael Tsarion is probably one of the best researchers I have ever encountered. He has put the pieces together in a very extraordinary way. After have spent some 30 years of research into these subjects, the results are astonishing! Michael does not give you any opinions and he does not tell you what or whom to believe. All he presents are FACTS and real EVIDENCE that can not be disputed, due to the simple fact that what he is presenting can be totally backed up. Everybody on this planet should take his research to heart! Wes Penre, Illuminati News -
- by Michael Tsarion, 2005 -
(Posted here: Friday, October 05, 2007)

Plato's Secret Chronicle of Atlantis
- by David Millo -
(posted here: December 20, 2003)

Upper Egypt's 23,300 BC 'Atlantis'
- by David Millo -
(posted here: December 20, 2003)

Amazing Mountain Structure - In the Shape Of A Giant Face
- Ancient Lands of Mu -
(posted here: April 3, 2004)

Atlantis in Spain
- Satellite photos of southern Spain reveal features on the ground that match the description of the lost city of Atlantis, according to research published in the online edition of Antiquity, a leading scientific journal of history and archaeology. (BBC News.) -
(Posted here: June 8, 2004)

Atlantis, Aliens Visitation & Genetic Manipulation
[Also, see: http://www.atlantisbook.com/]
- The essential companion to Michael Tsarion's book on the Celts, pre-Diluvian civilizations and the origins of evil... -
- by Michael Tsarion -
(Posted here: Feb 17, 2006)

Edgar Cayce

Psychic Flyby over Atlantis
- What if there was a way to view Atlantis? Is there a type of Time Machine that can take us to what the Earth was like tens of thousands of years ago? We can read books on the subject, but they are mere speculations. How about a book that was not speculation? It is not ‘about’ Atlantis. The book opens windows to the real Atlantis. Such a means to experience Atlantis, the Mother-Civilization on Earth, is possible. The technique resides through the eyes of Edgar Cayce. -
- by Doug Yurchey, Feb 2009 -
(Posted here: Thursday, February 19, 2009)

History of the Golden Ages
- "This is probably the greatest discovery in World history" was stated by Maxine Asher, the co-director of a scientific expedition that found Atlantis at the bottom of the ocean reported United Press International (UPI) and major newspapers in the United States during the summer of 1973. -
- Stateoftheheart.nl. -
(Posted here: July 12, 2004)

Ancient Arts of Egypt
- For 3000 years it was a Time of Great Passion, Great Mystery, Great Intrigue and Great Mastery of Engineering.... -
- Ancientartsofegypt.com -
(Posted here: December 14, 2004)

Return of the Calendar of Quetzacoatl
- Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, was in ancient Mexico seen as the deity that created the calendar and the civilization. To many, equating the importance of the calendar with that of civilization may seem to overestimate the importance of the former. -
- by Carl Johan Calleman -
(Posted here: January 6, 2005)


Avebury and the Dark Star
- Avebury is a quite remarkable megalithic monument set in the Wiltshire countryside. The village of Avebury contains ancient stones, some of which enclose it in a great circle. Greg Jenner, from Abbotsford, Canada has written to me wondering whether the two interior stone circles, the North Circle containing 'The Cove' and the South Circle, are indicative of a binary solution to our solar system. -
- Darkstar1.co.uk -
(Posted here: July 19, 2005)

Col. James Churchward

The Lost Continent of Mu
- Churchward claimed that he had discovered the existence of a long lost continent called Mu from his reading of ancient texts. It had been home to an advanced civilization, located in what is now the Pacific Ocean. It was almost completely sunk 60,000 years ago, with the Hawaiian Islands and Easter Island being virtually the sole traces left of it. -
- Cult Archeology -
(Posted here: August 1, 2005)

- The rise and fall of the Lemurian civilization cannot be accurately documented, though many have gone in quest of this mythological continent. Lost civilizations have been known to rise and fall - or just appear and disappear without explanation. As with Atlantis one can only speculate as to what happened, based on archaeological evidence, legends, theories pieced together by researchers, and for some, metaphysical channelings. -
- Crystalinks.com -
(Posted here: August 1, 2005)

Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas
- We stand today at an unprecedented turning point in human history. In recent years two versions of ancient history have formed. One, we shall call ‘alternative’ history, the other we shall refer to as ‘official’ history... -
- New Dawn Magazine -
(Posted here: Aug 20, 2005)

Erich von Däniken

Secret Door in the Great Pyramid
[Video, ~11 min]
- Many of you my remember the special robot they sent up the shaft found in the great pyramid. See the unedited version of the footage here. -
- with Erich von Däniken -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 23, 2006)

Atlantis - Wireless Energy Grid

Atlantis Power Grid
13th Location Discovered

- Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around the Earth. We know this now because of the long-awaited, (by a handful of people) new discovery in Canada. Precisely where a map of Atlantis from 1974 predicted SOMETHING would be found, something HAS been found by Google Earth. Here are the coordinates of a Nazca-like (image) INDIAN seen from high in the air: 50 degrees 0'38.20" N 110 degrees 6'48.32" W. -
- by Doug Yurchey, Feb 27, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, March 02, 2007)

Coast to Coast Interview With Doug Yurchey, Aug 06, 2007
- My grid is different from other world grids, has 13. There is something special about that number 13. If you would have read ‘Wireless World’ and came down to the last 4 components, the evidence is kind of scant…in Russia, ah, Sea of Japan, Brazil and Canada. I had hardly anything for those locations. Now, the most FAMOUS ones, the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Incas, Plato’s Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean…those are common to other world grids. -
- Transcribed by Doug Yurchey, Aug 19, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, August 20, 2007)

Doug Yurchey Part 2 on Ghostly Talk
- That tower that Tesla built in New York, called Wardenclyffe; this is very important. That was only the first one in his world grid. He put it in New York because, in 1900, that was where the large population was. There were going to be 8 others at specific global positions. Like a radio station, it works on a specific range and then it terminates. So, you had another one and another one at certain places over the Earth. Once you did that, you’ve covered the Earth with useable frequency; you have (electrical) power on Mt. Everest, at the deepest ocean, everywhere on Earth  -
- by Doug Yurchey, Aug 21, 2007 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, August 21, 2007)

The Anunnaki, The Nephilim, and the Return of the Gods

Mongolian Giant

Genesis 6 GIANTS: A Pic Is Worth Ten Thousand Words
[I can't guarantee that each and every picture is unique, but at least quite a few of them are. Wes Penre]
- Real pictures of giants from the past and from recent time -
- SteveQuale.com -
(Posted here: Monday, Apr 24, 2006)



Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife
- Extensive website discussing this important matter -
- Near-Death.com -
(Posted here: July 1, 2004)

What Follows Death?
- Time will come, and each person will be able to see if his/her ideas what follows death are true. -
- Pravda.ru, June 26, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 28, 2004)

A 30 Minute Afterlife Death Experience and Out of Body for Hours
- Another thing I would like to get cleared and that is; God the Creator never, never talked to anyone here on this Earth and anyone that tells you this is giving false information. God is strictly Pure, Pure Powerful Creative Energy and Force and you can take that to the bank. -
- by Unknown -
(Posted here: Friday, March 09, 2007)

Dr. Mitchell Gibson

Immortality IS an Option 00:33:00
- Dr. Mitchell Gibson watched hospital visitors and patients 'walk through' deceased patients loitering in the hospital hallways weeks after their deaths, leading him on a journey few will ever experience. He was shown the essential nature of The Living Soul and how we can choose to become immortal, if we believe it's possible. -
- by Conscious Media Network -
(Posted here: Saturday, October 06, 2007)

Alien Encounters and Observations
See also:

The UFO Text Files
- Lots of Links to Alien Discussion Sites -
(February 19, 2004)

Traces of Aliens on Earth
- from Pravda, February 28, 2004
(Posted here: February 29, 2004)

Alien Skeletons - Hoax or History?
(February 19, 2004)


Alien Skulls?
- UFODigest,com -
(February 19, 2004)

Extraterrestrial Visitor in Russian Province
- from Pravda.ru, February 18, 2004
(Posted here: February 19, 2004)

NASA Makes Public the Documents on UFO: Truth About Tragedy in Keksburg
- from Pravda.ru, February 28, 2004
(Posted here: February 29, 2004)

An Anonymous Letter
- from Livingstonemusic.net (A MUST-READ!) -

Roswell: Final Declassification
- Almost sixty years have lapsed since the legendary UFO crash at Roswell. Declassified documents pertaining to the incident are now available for scrutiny and ‘experts’ on the History Channel can find no evidence of extraterrestrial involvement. They admit to a government cover-up, because the USAF was conducting top secret experiments over the New Mexico desert, said to have resulted in the confusion that followed. -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here: March 8, 2005)

Ike and the Alien Ambassadors
- Fifty years ago tomorrow -- on Feb. 20, 1954 -- President Dwight Eisenhower interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., to make a secret nocturnal trip to a nearby Air Force base to meet two extraterrestrial aliens -
- Washington Post, February 19, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 18, 2004)

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell
- Dr. Steven Greer has been the man putting his life on the line and trying to pull or drag from the government, or civilians, or pilots, or anybody he can, the information about what we're going through here on Earth with unidentified flying objects and one of the reasons ... they have a propulsion system that would free the world from the war for oil. -
- Disclosure Project, September 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 8, 2004)

Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory
-  His name is Dr. Steven Greer, and a long time ago he developed the Disclosure Project, a not for profit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and also classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. He has devoted his time and his life to this project. In a moment, Dr. Steven Greer... -
- Disclosure Project, Oct. 28/29, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 14, 2004)

How UFO's Relate to the New World Order
- I thought they were possible but highly unlikely and speculative. Now I know better, thanks to Dr. Stephen Greer's book "Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History." (2001) His web site is www.disclosureproject.org -
- by Henry Henry Makow, Ph.D., Feb 5, 2005 -
(Posted here: February 5, 2005)

Testimony of Dr Carol Rosin
- Von Braun was dying of cancer but he assured me that he would live a few more years to tell me about the game that was being played- that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control the Earth from space and space itself. -
- MayanMajix.com, Dec 2000 -
(Posted here: February 5, 2005)

UFO 'Explodes' in China
- Beijing - An unidentified flying object, or UFO, passed across the large north-western Chinese city of Lanzhou and apparently exploded in the suburbs, state media said on Monday -
- News24.com, Dec. 13, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 15, 2004)

Alien Thinking
- Not many scientists are prepared to take tales of alien abduction seriously, but John Mack, a Harvard professor who was killed in a road accident in north London last year, did. Ten years on from a row which nearly lost him his job, hundreds of people who claim they were abducted still revere him. -
- BBC News, June 8, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 12, 2005)

The Montauk Project, The Philadelphia Experiment
Time Travel

Al Bielek 2002

Al Bielek's Official Website
[Be sure to follow the links for more interesting information]
- What you are about to encounter is an amazing story about Top Secret United States Government projects involved with “Space-Time Compression” technology. This technology provides the means for time travel and interplanetary and interstellar space travel by generating “wormholes” in Space-Time. Al Bielek is a claimed survivor of the legendary “Philadelphia Experiment” and of the Montauk Project. -
- www.philadelphia-experiment.com -
(Posted here: Feb 23, 2006)

Time Can Be Turned Back!
- from Pravda.ru, March 1, 2004)
(Posted here: March 5, 2004)

Al Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment
- The basic technique, just in thumb-nail, is that you rotate the time field. Consequently radar signals will pass right through it like it doesn't exist. If you rotate it far enough, optically it doesn't exist. It would not be visible to the eye under normal observation. -
- The Hidden Mysteries Archive -
(Posted here: December 31, 2004)

Al Bielek on the Montauk Project
- Al Bielek, noted lecturer on the famous "Philadelphia Experiment" and the time travel/mind control experiments of the "Montauk Project," recently spoke with The Scribe interview team in Yelm. -
- The Hidden Mysteries Archive -
(Posted here: December 31, 2004)

Titor's Time Machine

John Titor - Time Traveler
- who was this guy? -
- Although there is debate over the exact date it started, on November 02, 2000, a person calling themselves Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum that he was a time traveler from the year 2036. -
- johntitor.com -
(Posted here: June 16, 2005)

Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron

Project Montauk: First Underground Interview !!! Rare Salvaged Video Descriptions
- The Montauk project turned out to become a huge project branching off into many other smaller projects including Mind Control, Telepathy, Teleportation, and Time Travel. -
- World-Famous.com -
(Posted here: Feb 01, 2006)

Supernatural and Paranormal

A Real Ghost?
- CNN Dec 19, 2003 -
(Posted: December 20, 2003)

Joseph Banks Rhine (1895-1980)

Death of the Scientist Who Put the Paranormal on the Academic Map
- Beloff had already been conducting experiments since 1961, in particular the use of will power over radio active random waves, which was a big step up from the falling dice and coins of previous tests, and is still used today and is still called, “Mind over Matter testing” ( M & M ). -
- by T. Stokes -
(Posted here: Tuesday, Aug 01, 2006)

Elemental (Nature Spirit)

A tale of black magic and perversion at the top of society and K G B blackmail

- A better example of what I mean happened in the mid 1970s to a succession of people who were leaving or trying to leave a left hand path magical group.
Ordinary people tend to join these groups for the comraderie, the partying with its attendant drugs, sex and alcohol,  not really aware that the fervour can be whipped up and used for some nefarious purpose, in the same way say, as a catholic mass generates power, or to a lesser extent one of Tony Blair's “New labour” meetings. -
- by T Stokes, 2001 -
(Posted here: Saturday, Sep 02, 2006)

Other Dimensions & Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes & The Suppression of Ether Physics
- Every particle, for instance, has counterparts in other universes and is only interfered with only by those counterparts. Any other universe, therefore, can only be detected when the particle in, say, our universe converges with its counterpart in another universe. The path of the particle and its counterpart have to be exactly right. -
- Educate-Yourself -
(Posted here: February 8, 2005)

Advanced Type IV Extraterrestrial Aliens Travel Through Bending Space and Time – Not With UFOs
[This is not science fiction anymore. The possibility of doing this is seriously discussed in Michio Kaku's excellent book, "Parallel Worlds". Kaku is a world famous astronomer and an expert in quantum physics. Recommended reading indeed! Wes Penre]
- The very advanced type IV alien civilization in the Hyperspace travel our physical Universe and other Universes from the hyperspace all the time. While type II, III alien civilizations and I use UFOs to travel, the type IV civilization are super advanced. They do not need to travel with UFOs. -
- IndiaDaily, Sep 15, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 17, 2005)

Entrance to a parallel world
Entrance to a parallel world

Astronomers Find the Gate Into Parallel Worlds
- No matter how many extra dimensions there are, the fact that they exist is deduced from the strange behavior of the dark matter. -
- Pravda, Sep 14, 2005 -
(Posted here: Sep 17, 2005)

Unsolved Mysteries


Quebecer Claims to Have Photos of Lake Monster
- Jeff Stafford, owner of the Ripplecove Inn, showed photos of what he claimed are "Whippy" to CFCF News reporter Rob Lurie. -
- CTV.ca, Aug 20, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 22, 2005)

Giant Lightning From Earth To Space
- The pilots who saw it wouldn't talk about it for fear of ridicule or worse. The pilots whose airplanes were hit by it wouldn't talk about it because they were dead. Then in the early 1990s investigators began to take the rumors seriously and to look for evidence of lightning above the clouds. -
- by Mel Acheson, Thunderbolts.info, Nov 11, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 12, 2005)

The Moon

The Moon - What Is It And Who Made It?
- New research shows that our Moon is much older than originally thought. It may also be far older than either the Earth or our Sun. Our Earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. However, Moon rocks brought back by Apollo were dated at 5.3 billion years old, and the dust upon which they rested was about one billion years older. Who put it there and why? Can carbon dating pf moon rocks be that far off? Perhaps, but far more evidence of the satellite's unusual history and characteristics have been out there all along - hidden in plain sight as we shall see. -
- by Ted Twietmeyer, Feb 19, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 21, 2006)

The Great Pyramid

Pyramids Were Built With Concrete Rather Than Rocks, Scientists Claim
- The Ancient Egyptians built their great Pyramids by pouring concrete into blocks high on the site rather than hauling up giant stones, according to a new Franco-American study. -
- by Charles Bremner, The Times, Dec 01, 2006  -
(Posted here: Wednesday, December 20, 2006)

Another image of Derinkuyu

Derinkuyu, the Mysterious Underground City of Turkey
- In 1963, an inhabitant of Derinkuyu (in the region of Cappadocia, central Anatolia, Turkey), knocking down a wall of his house cave, discovered amazed that behind it was a mysterious room that he had never seen, and this led him room to another and another and another to it ... By chance he had discovered the underground city of Derinkuyu, whose first level could be excavated by the Hittites around 1400 BC. -
- from El Rincon del Misterio, Dec 11, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, December 14, 2008)


And this is supposed to be normal;
if so these engines need a redesign.

Weather Wars
- "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves..." -
- WeatherWars.info -
(Posted here: May 1, 2005)

Chemtrails Hall of Shame
- Documenting Global Atmospheric Geoengineering -

- From Lightwatchers.com -
(Posted here: March 11, 2004)

Chemtrail Central - Image Database
(Posted here: March 11, 2004)

NASA Tried To Confuse Contrails With Chemtrails
- John Rappoport, May 3, 2004 -
(Posted here: May 5, 2004)

NASA Image Shows Intricate Web of Chemtrails Over the US
- InfoWars.com., May 5, 2004 -
(Posted here: May 6, 2004)

Chemtrails - What Are They?
- Mike Blair, Spotlight -
(Posted here: May 14, 2004)

Chemtrail Overview
- Star Wars, Space Shields, UV, and the weather--->Founded on Fluoride. -
- by Jim Phelps -
(Posted here: August 13, 2004)

Chemtrails over Arizona

Chemtrail Documentaries - Clouds of Death vs. Aerosol Crimes
[Video Evidence]
- The "Clouds of Death" documentary is an excellent piece of information, which is a mandatory watch for everyone who wants to know the truth about chemtrails. Please don't just skim through this article without either downloading or watching this 23+ minutes video (scroll down to the end of this article to do so). People NEED to know what is going on, because it is negatively affecting us all and slowly killing us. THIS IS DONE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN A SILENT WARFARE AGAINST ITS OWN POPULATION! Wes Penre -
- WorldWithoutParasites.com   -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 03, 2007)

Chemtrails & Terror in Age of Nuclear War
- North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds. -
- Idaho Observer, June 2, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 26, 2004)

Aerial Spraying Over Our Cities - Part 1
- An aerial spraying program (pesticides/chemicals) without public awareness or warning is currently underway in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. All agencies contacted - federal, state and local - deny any knowledge of this spraying. Only populated areas are covered (residential, schools, recreational areas) with the likelihood that all cities/populated areas are included in this clandestine program. -
- Rense.com., Apr 7, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 11, 2005)

Chemtrails over Las Vegas, Nevada

Chemtrails Over Las Vegas
[Now chemtrails are covered in the mainstream media]
- Editor's Note: Las Vegas residents are increasingly noticing the appearance of chemical trails overhead. They appear EVERY weekend without fail, the only exception being the two weeks after September 11, 2001. -
- Las Vegas Tribune, Aug 19, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 17, 2005)

Chemtrails over Kansas

- Clifford Carnicom explains it all in his new (updated) documentary DVD "Aerosol Crimes": A one and a half hour presentation about chemtrails, their effects on human and other natural life, and their possible devastating military applications. It's an excellent way to give your friends all the information they need to answer that question: why are they doing this? -
- ProjectProve.com -
(Posted here: Jan 29, 2006)

Chemtrails Out Of the Closet?
- Nearly seven years after extensive “lay downs” of lingering and spreading white plumes were first reported smearing skies over across North America, Europe is in an uproar and Washington could be close to coming clean about chemtrails. -
- by William Thomas, Aug 17, 2005 -
(Posted here: Jan 29, 2006)

Chemtrail July 1999

Aerosol Operation Crimes & Cover-Up
- Documentary on Chemtrails. A Must-See! -
- Carnicom.com -
(Posted here: Feb 14, 2006)


Climate Change Crimes
- But while they penalise everyone from smokers to car owners, chemtrails continue to be ignored. When the Environmental Protection Agency was approached about this issue they claimed to be “unaware” of it and Greenpeace say they are only concerned about global warming! -
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Feb 21, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 21, 2006)

Chemtrails on German RTL-TV
Video [Video: 00:02:55]
- Suddenly a metrological radar registers the presence of a cloud -- but it's not clear how did this happen? The answer seems to be that this was the result of a military experiment. What are these mysterious trails and what is their purpose? We will try to find out... The military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate; this is what the weather researchers are presuming and their suspicions are confirmed.
- A Tanker Enemy Production -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 08, 2007)


Local News Station Confirms Barium in Chemtrails
Video [00:03:45]
- Could a strange substance found by an Ark-La-Tex man be part of secret government testing program? That's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called "Chemtrails." In a KSLA News 12 investigation, Reporter Jeff Ferrell shows us the results of testing we had done about what's in our skies.
- KSLA News 12 [Jeff Ferrell] -
(Posted here: Saturday, November 17, 2007)


Are We breathing DNA-Copying Nano-Receivers?
- The ultimate goal of the chemtrail fiber infestation of humans?  Mind control and genetically created biowarfare. The chemtrail/Morgellons fibers copy the DNA of bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. that may be present in your body. The Idaho Observer found all kinds of germs (and sedatives) in the fallout from some recent chemtrails. -
- ExoticWarfare.com -
(Posted here: Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008)


What Chemtrails Really Are
- They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by "zapping" the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air. -
(Posted here: Wednesday, June 18, 2008)

Heal the Earth

The 'Greatest Threat' Mankind Has Ever Faced: Mother Nature
- Earthquakes, super volcanoes, mega tsunamis, and comets, are a greater threat than terrorism. -
- The Insider, August 10, 2004 -
(Posted here: August 10, 2004)

Movie Reviews

Good Night and Good Luck (Nov 2005)

Good Night and Good Luck

What THE NEW AMERICAN Has Said About: (1) Clooney's New Movie Attack on McCarthy; and (2) Debunking the Myth of "McCarthyism"
- The movie, of course, overlooks the fact that the Communist Party USA was widely recognized at the time as being a foreign arm of the Soviet government, an assessment that has since been confirmed by declassified secret cables such as the Venona documents, communications between the Soviet Union and their agents in America, which show that Stalin had been subsidizing the organization. -
- The New American, Nov 05, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 11, 2005)


A Scanner Darkly (2006)

"A Scanner Darkly"

Powerful New Film Expertly Exposes Phony Drug War & Police State
- A new film set for release later this year chronicles how power interests exploit the drug war in order to create unthinking armies of drone servants and erect police state measures to prevent the people from ever glimpsing the dark truth behind a highly mechanized surveillance panopticon. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones, Apr 28, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, Apr 29, 2006)

 A Scanner Darkly

Keanu Reeves Slams Police State As Scanner Lights Up Cannes
- In A Scanner Darkly, the government, corporations and the elite conspire together to keep free thinking, free expression, freedom itself on the outside -- to facilitate a perceptive wall confining individuality itself to a realm doomed to the fringes. -
- by Paul Joseph Watson, May 30, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, May 31, 2006)


World Trade Center [Oliver Stone] (2006)

Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone’s Film ‘World Trade Center’ Is The Biggest 9/11 Whitewash In History
- When I first heard that Oliver Stone was directing a film about 9/11, I was overjoyed. I thought that Oliver Stone would blow the lid off the 9/11 Inside Job to the masses in a historic cinematic event toping his ‘JFK’ (1991) which would send shockwaves throughout the world and make Fahrenheit 9/11 look like a Bush campaign ad in comparison. Well, as word got out about ‘World Trade Center’ (2006) there were shockwaves. Shockwaves of disappointment, disgust, and disbelief. Oliver Stone not only missed the mark, it appears he’s fighting for the wrong team. -
- by John Conner, Resistance Manifesto, May 21, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 21, 2006)


The Da Vinci Code (2006)

The Da Vinci Code Movie

The Da Vinci Sham: New Opiate for the Masses
- The Da Vinci Code has proven to be a most interesting creation of Illuminati propaganda. With its inevitable arrival on the big screen, the global elite have launched the latest assault in the war against our minds—a nice safe religious conspiracy story, to distract us from the mother of all conspiracies, which they so desperately want to keep hidden. But in addition to serving as a distraction, it also pushes their agenda, by injecting specific imagery and ideas into the collective. -
- by Unda, May 30, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, June 05, 2006)


American Blackout (2006)

American Blackout
- American Blackout is the kind of documentary that only comes along every few years. It's the sort of film that changes things -- changes how you think. If there was any justice in this world this film would receive the same buzz and box office that anything that Michael Moore releases gets. Greg Palast told me the film "blew him away" -- this from a man who is almost always underwhelmed by documentaries, especially ones about his field of expertise. -
- by Zach Roberts, Sep 28, 2006 -
(Posted here: Friday, September 29, 2006)


The Queen (2007)

"The Queen"

Imagine if Movies Told the Truth
- News now sees itself as entertainment. It serves a political and propaganda function. Entertainment is the main reason for our collective arrested development. People depend on it for information and guidance. Their souls cry out for beauty and a sense of what humans can aspire to. Instead they are fed a diet of deception and depravity.
   If Mohammed Fayed is right, the movie "The Queen" covers up the  murder of the future King of England's mother. 
   Hopefully the Internet will provide entertainment that nurtures rather than enslaves. -
- by Dr. Henry Makow, Mar 22, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, March 23, 2007)


Knocked Up (2007)

"Knocked Up"

Hit Movie Exposes Hollywood's Luciferian Game
- The Illuminati are Luciferians who believe evil is good and good is evil. Thus these "light bearers" are really evildoers. This is the origin of Orwell's "doublespeak." (Technically Satanists differ from Luciferians in that they know evil is evil and revel in it.) -
- by Dr, Henry Makow, June 16, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, June 16, 2007)


No End In Sight (2007)

The documentary “No End in Sight” examines why President Bush and his advisers insist on staying the course in Iraq. Subjects interviewed in the film believe the administration’s strategy was flawed from the start.

No End In Sight
- The subjects in this film now feel that American policy in Iraq was flawed from the start, that obvious measures were not taken, that sane advice was disregarded, that lies were told and believed, and that advice from people on the ground was overruled by a cabal of neo-con goofballs who seemed to form a wall around the president. -
- by Roger Ebert, Aug 10, 2007 -
(Posted here: Friday, August 10, 2007)


Milky Way

Fantastic Trip
Trip to infinity - well, almost...

PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
- THIS GREAT PowerPoint presentation gives us a perspective on who we are and where we're going. How possible is it, really, that we are alone in this Universe? Something to reflect over, perhaps? -
- BY
(Posted here: Saturday, June 28, 2008)



Strange Bedfellows - Anton LaVey, Church of Satan, Meets John Kerry
(This Article is a hoax)
- San Francisco Chronicle, July 17, 1982 -
(Posted here: February 26, 2004)

This is the Person Who Originated the Hoax About LaVey and John Kerry
by Wes Penre -
(Posted here: March 2, 2004)

Q33 NY

Hoax: The Number 11 and its Significance for the Illuminati
- Pretty convincing, but still a hoax... -
- by Unknown -
(Posted here: Dec 10, 2005)

Oliver North

Urban Legends: Oliver Twisted
- Claim: During the 1987 Iran-Contra hearings, Oliver North warned Congress that Osama bin Laden was "the most evil person alive" and that "an assassin team [should] be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth." -
- Snopes.com -
(Posted here: Jan 14, 2006)

The Facts Don't Lie, but the Camera May
On Dark Side of the Moon, nothing is as it seems. The Apollo 11 moon landing? The photos were faked, a 'documentary' claims, and sets out to explain how and why

[Video: 52min 14sec]
- According to DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, the most important film of its kind since Oliver Stone's JFK - or since Rob Reiner's This is Spinal Tap, at any rate - images of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon on July 20, 1969 were shown to the world through the lens of master film-maker Stanley Kubrick and were staged on the same Borehamwood, U.K., soundstage where Kubrick made his landmark film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. -
- by Alex Strachan, Vancouver Sun, Nov 15, 2003   -
(Posted here: Friday, January 05, 2007)

Military Helping In Fake Moon Walk Rehearsal And The Mystery Ladder
- A video from the website moontruth.com has been around for some time now. But it seems no one has taken a closer look at this video. We will here. The thirty four second video clip shows an astronaut on the Lunar Lander ladder about to take his historic first step. Moments after he steps onto the fake lunar surface, a light bar comes crashing down. -
- by Ted Twietmeyer, Dec 24, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, December 27, 2007)


Pure Idiocy

Texas Man Arrested After Heroic Rescue
- "I was amazed," Newman said Monday after his release on $2,000 bail. "I had a very uncomfortable night after saving that guy's life. He thanked me for it in front of the police, and then they took me to jail." -
Associated Press, July 5, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 6, 2005)

Berthena Dorinvil's 6-year-old first grade son was suspended from Downey Elementary School.

First-Grader Suspended for Sexual Harassment
[Poor kid! His perception on sexuality may be twisted for the rest of his life because of this unbelievable stupidity. My guess? They have a sexually twisted person in the school management.]
- A 6-year-old boy is getting a lesson on the meaning of sexual harassment long before he'll be able to spell it. -
- USA Today, Feb 09, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 10, 2006)

In Retrospect



Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2007
- With the prolonged insurgency following the invasion, along with internal corruption and pipeline destruction, hard line neoconservative plans for a completely privatized Iraq were dashed. According to some administration insiders, the idea of a laissez-faire, free-market reconstruction of Iraq was never a serious consideration. One oil industry consultant to Iraq told Palast he was amused by “the obsession of neoconservative writers on ways to undermine OPEC.” -
- Project Censored Media Democracy in Action -
(Posted here: Monday, December 31, 2007)


2006: The Year America Died
- 2006 was the year that the United States died. Over the course of a year, just a few seconds in the span of a country, it's civilization and their way of life, we have witnessed the premature death of America. The underpinnings, the basic canons and the tenets of the United States, as well as it's physical borders, are gone. -
- by Alex Jones and Steve Watson, Jan 02 ,2007   -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 03, 2007)


America's Dumbest Criminals

10 Good Things about Another Bad Year
- As we close this year, a year in which we were pummeled by the Iraq war, attacks on our civil rights, and Mother Nature's fury of hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, there is no shortage of reasons to feel bruised and beaten. But to start the New Year with a healthy determination to keep on fighting, we need to reflect on the good things that happened. And there are plenty. -
- by Medea Benjamin, Dec 29, 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 31, 2005)

The Bonfire of the Inanities. Seriously, Could It Get Any Worse?
- For 2005, my annual task of reviewing the past year has been complicated by an old adage: oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Here I sit, tangled in a web that many people began weaving way back when the Gipper was protecting us against deadly pollutants released by old-growth forests. It was a jumble out there this year — one that defies linear documentation.
- by Barry Crimmins, Dec 23-29, 2005 -
(Posted here: Jan 01, 2006)


The New World Order Year of 2004 in Retrospective
- There were many winners and losers in 2004 -- most notably, President Bush and John Kerry, respectively -- but many more found themselves in muddy middle ground. -
- CNN -
(Posted here: Dec 31, 2004)


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The Bird Flu

The Avian Flu Database
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- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Oct 16, 2005 -

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The Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Method
- A Reference Database -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr., Aug 20, 2005 -

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NAPA State Hospital - An American Nightmare
(A Media Information Database)
- There is no longer anyone who can say that the terrible conditions at the hospital do not exist - the proof is here! The only question is: how long will it take before the hospital is closed down and all the insane criminals running the facility are behind bars? And even more important is: how long will it take before the invisible people in top positions of the society, those who are behind all this, can be put on trial? -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Sep 2, 2005 -

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Fence around Napa State Hospital

Sexual Abuse and Mind Control at Napa State Hospital
- I researched psychiatry long before I started researching the New World Order; before I even knew what the New World Order was. What came out of that research was mind-boggling. I thought that psychiatry, this so-called "science", must be the most vicious practice on Earth... -
- by Wes Penre, Apr 27, 2005 -

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