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NEWS: My partner, Ariel Glad, and I have now opened up a new Forum (Discussion Board) as of October, 2018, which is already starting to take off. Please visit us at http://wespenreproductions.boards.net/ . I have also created a new Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/wespenre.channel.1. Feel free to make a friends request, and I'll accept you.



NEWS: On Thursday, May 10, 2018, I will start publishing the first videos of a long video series on my YouTube channel. I hope my readers will find these videos interesting! They will bring up multiple subjects, but will all be a direct continuation of the "Wes Penre Papers;" presented here on this website. The URL to my YouTube channel is,https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0RVai_3hFfJ75juEEcwNog .

All-Seeing EyeWhat is wrong with this world? Why all those civil wars, why all this chaos and disaster? Why can't people just live together in peace? When conflicts arise, why is it so hard for the United Nations and other parties to stop the killing, despite peace negotiators and ambassadors?

Is it that man is basically evil? Is it just human behavior? Lots of questions. When we look around, it may seem like man is basically evil, but that is not true. There is good and evil within us all; it needs to be there for our basic survival, and they are subjective terms in the sense that we can define good and evil in whatever way we want. What's good for one person, may be considered evil by another and vice versa. However, the society will eventually reflect the minds of their leaders, and if the leaders are implementing what the majority perceives as evil, the society will be evil as well, and people affected by a malevolent government will start acting like them. However, WE are the ones who appoint and accept our leaders, so ultimately the responsibility is yours and mine.

All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the overall disasters have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few people, mostly men,  behind the scenes, high up in the society, above any power structure that the ordinary citizen is aware of. It is a modern extension of an old theme to "take over the world". To those people, power, control and wealth is their true religion and they use any means they can to maintain their power and control, including murder and genocide.

These people on top, who basically are of Royal Bloodlines, is currently working on reducing the world population in order to easier maintain their control, and ultimately the strive towards a centralization of power, which will include the whole world.

This is a very old plan; something the same bloodlines have been working towards for millennia. However, now is the time when they have the means to accomplish their goal and fulfill the "Work of the Ages". They see us citizens as inferior and are dehumanizing us in their own minds to the extent that they don't care if we live or if we die. In a future Global Society, if they manage to accomplish this to its full extent, you and I will be no more than slaves, whom they can kill and treat as they want anytime they want.

Many people call this the New World Order, but it is really an Old World Order which is now about to be fully accomplished, unless we do something about it.

As I will show on this website, we are already mind controlled, deceived and slaves to these super-rich families, most of us without even noticing it, but the future they have at hands for us will be much worse...

I recommend that you continue reading from this website, and I am sure this body of information will blow your mind. Things you have been wondering about, that never made sense, will all of a sudden fall into place. On a gradient scale, you will start getting the full picture. You will become very aware of what is happening in the world and why and you will be able to see for yourself, as time goes, how things are unfolding and you will understand why certain things are happening.

Take one or a few pages at the time, because it is much to read, but it is vital for all of our survival to be aware of what this website will reveal. And if you are not familiar with the subject at all, I strongly advise you to start with the link called The Secret Brotherhood,. or click on "Read First" in the left menu on page 2

Are you voting for the Democrats or the Republicans? Does it really matter which? Is the difference that big?

I will show you that the outcome, no matter whom you vote for, is already thoroughly outlined and predicted; not by the politicians themselves, but by the real powers, the "Shadow Government", invisible to the general public. The political decisions they make are not in our best interest, but in theirs only. The tax money you are paying to your government so they can work on accomplishing our common goals actually go towards accomplishing their goals, which are very different from ours. This Power Elite is deeply into the occult and black magic, which I also will show on this website. The rituals are practiced within secret societies, such as the Freemasons and others.

So who are those people I am talking about? They are basically 13 super wealthy families and their off-shots, with the European Nobility on top, and their fellow travelers are the International Bankers. Their bloodlines go back in time - way back to old Babylon and further. They are the same families, but under different names, that have influenced history almost since the beginning of time. It is mind-boggling, but hopefully this website will prove my point without any doubts.

This website has four main categories:

My advice is to start with category one and go on from there. There is much to study and much to learn. Still, this website only scratches the surface of what there is to know.

The site is updated on a regular basis. Updates can be found here.

Good luck,
Wes Penre, Webmaster and Researcher

"They must find it difficult...
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority."
-Gerald Massey, Egyptologist


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