The Sith Have Taken over the U.S.
by Doug Yurchey, May 27, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 18, 2005)

Doug YurcheyThe Revenge of the Sith’ has been a film that I have been looking forward to for a long time. The completion of the Star Wars, prequel trilogy; wow! Unlike others, I did not mind the ‘Phantom Menace.’ The first installment needed to establish many things. To some fans, it dragged and there was the whole Jar Jar Binks thing. I like C.G.I. and, as a visual artist, I am amazed by the stunning backgrounds created by today’s computer artists as they digitally manipulate every little pixel. 
The second episode, ‘The Attack of the Clones,’ was a better film as relationships deepen. We see the Republic and the Senate slowly come under the evil spell of the Dark Side and the Dark Lord Sidious. There are hints that Anakin Skywalker will also fall victim to the negative Force.  
‘Episode III’ finally arrived and is a master work of cinematic art. But, what is George Lucas really writing about? What are we actually seeing on the screen? What does this symbolize in the REAL WORLD? Nearly everyone who views the movie will either love it or hate it. Only a relatively few people will be able to pick out the symbols and understand what George Lucas is really saying: 
He is showing us a symbolic, full-screen portrayal of the taking over of America by dark forces. Actually, SithAmerica is not evil. According to Freemasonry, ‘America’ is the people and the land and the seas. But, the ‘United States’ – ah, that is something completely different. It is a Company. It is an evil corporation with a President, a Vice President, a Board of Directors, a charter, etc. The U.S. began with Freemason founding fathers. The 13 colonies were originally called ‘companies.’ We were owned by Britain and we are still owned by the throne of England and the Vatican. The Illuminati is a Secret Society that began in Bavaria as a good idea. The inbred Royalty should not control the world and have all this hierarchal power. Those who are ‘enlightened’ should rule the Earth. But, power corrupts and the ones in charge today…who have been passed the Torch of Prometheus…are as evil and deadly as any Sith Lord. 
Obviously, this sounds ‘out there.’ But, when you realize the secrets of Secret Societies; those in their robes; with their secret ceremonies; with their corporate symbols; with the Pentagon which is a pentagram out of medieval witchcraft; with streets in the District of COLUMBIA laid out in 5-pointed stars; with their Medals of Honor which is another 5-pointed star with one of its points at the bottom…then you might come to understand that THEY have put these symbols right in front of our eyes and we don’t even recognized them for what they are. Those in-the-know understand. They have been covertly trained on such meanings.  
Another example is the ‘fasces’ symbol of tied rods and an ax head. It means if you control all the Columbia Pictures Logobosses, then you have power. Mussolini stood in between two large fasces on the balcony during WW2. The same symbol is on either side of the podium in the U.S. House of Representatives. There are crossed fasces on the seal of our Senate. It was on the reverse of the old Mercury dime. The fasces is as evil as the swastika. What is the symbol of fascism doing in the land of the free? Further lessons of secret symbols such as COLUMBIA, the Liberty torch, a capstoneless pyramid, the Double-Square and others will not be explored here. I do encourage readers to study these hidden/occult things on their own in libraries and on certain Internet sites. Do not believe your television and other media outlets!  
To the point of this article…what if you were to learn that a ‘yoda’ is a mystical teacher, the highest master and dispenser of knowledge in Freemasonry? I have interviewed master mason Jordan Maxwell and have seen his videotapes where he mentioned this fact. If you put ‘yoda’ in Google, you will certainly find that little Star Wars’ character. But, if you put in ‘yoda freemasonry’ and search, you will discover a few pages that confirm what Maxwell has written and stated. 
Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas went to the same film school very early in their careers. It is not a stretch to imagine they have been groomed for success and a part of Secret Societies. THEIR movies get made and get funded. Coppola, whose father is the Godfather of Corleone, was given the assignment of making ‘The Godfather.’ Spielberg was given the propaganda films ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘ET.’ (The recovered Roswell alien was called EBE for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ certainly was symbolic; the Nazis were in search of religious relics. 
In ‘Revenge of the Sith,’ the old Republic is the United States. Lucas is showing us the slow corruption of the States; from within; an indirect take over of the Land of Liberty. On the screen, we see the DIRECT, overt attack of clones that were once good…but have been programmed by the Dark Side to kill the Jedi. The Senate, of the Galactic Republic, is covertly controlled by the evil Chancellor Palpatine. Jedi come to arrest him for crimes against the Senate. He replies: ‘I AM the Senate.’ His dark alter ego (the robed Sidious) is the Phantom Menace. The Illuminati is an evil organization IN THE REAL WORLD that has slowly, over time, seized power and control away from the people. Lucas knows this. He is a part of the Evil Empire that he has symbolized on the silver screen. In an interview, Lucas said he was presenting how a Republic becomes an Evil Empire. The film ends with a grand victory for the Dark Side. The Republic is no more and evil reigns supreme. Is this really so different than what is going on in our world today? 
In the beginning of the movie, General Grievous kidnaps the Chancellor. He has 4 arms. When you see this character, he appears all robotic. But when you see his eyes, under the metal, he is a LIZARD. Ask David Icke what this represents. He will tell you this refers to the Reptilian aliens. Why does he cough? Does this refer to viruses that plague our world? 
How do the clone armies turn against the Republic? The Dark Lord unleashes ‘Order 66.’ This makes the clones destroy the Jedi who they have been faithfully serving. In Freemasonry, there are 33 degrees. The Chancellor tells Anakin the advantages of the Dark Side; he knows BOTH sides…2 times 33 or 66. You move up in Freemasonry by degrees. U.S. presidents have been 33 degree Freemasons. In robed, secret ceremonies initiates eventually learn who they have been serving in those high degrees. They learn that they have been serving the Devil. But by then, it is too late and their souls are owned by the devils that rule this planet. Sound familiar? There is the Jedi Order and the Order of Freemasonry. 
Anakin Skywalker is a tormented character and wavers between Jedi and Sith until he blames Obi-wan Palpatineand all of the Jedi for the Clone Wars. He decides where his allegiance is and kills Jedi Mace Windu rather than the evil Chancellor Palpatine. Now, the future Emperor takes on Anakin as his own apprentice and will teach him the power of the Dark Side. He gives the young man a new name and from this moment on will be known as Lord Darth Vader. This is Secret Society stuff; the ROBED master giving out a new name. This is also done in some Fraternities (remember in ‘Animal House’ how he didn’t want to be known as Flounder?). People should be aware of Yale’s Secret Society of the Skull and Bones. Again, many U.S. presidents have been bonesmen, 
For years, I thought George Lucas’ Star Wars was a representation of ancient times. Here were Clone Wars and high technology which existed in our distant past. The great psychic, Edgar Cayce, described such wars and technology. He did not have the modern word ‘clone.’ He used the word ‘things.’ Wars were fought for the liberation of these slaves. Ancient books of India also support this idea. 
What do the clones symbolize? They represent US; the general public. We are not considered individuals. We are looked upon as programmable units. The public, who are all the same, are property. We can be brainwashed and turned any way our masters decide.  
Now, I see shades of World War II in this new trilogy. Are you sure the fascists lost that war? Or, did they reform in a later age and secretly seize control of World Governments? Many writers have written about a Shadow Government that not only rules America but the entire planet and beyond. Has something like the Sith taken over all that was once good with countries? 
And, is that organization known as the ILLUMINATI? 
There is a scene in Sith where Senator Padme (Natalie Portman) asks Anakin: ‘What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists and the Republic has become the very evil we have been fighting to destroy?’ 
Is she really asking: ‘What if America has become the very evil we were fighting in the Second World War?’ 
The word ‘democracy’ is used a number of times in the film, referring to the good Order of the Jedi. That same word is thrown around in our media. It is an ideal. It is not reality, but only something THEY want you to believe in. We truly live in an Evil Empire. Utopia is far in the future. 
Will Lucas be rewarded for his efforts at the Oscars? The Shriners and the Academy are certainly aware of the symbols in his film. They are one of the groups in-the-know.  
I can hear my critics now: IT’S ONLY A MOVIE. Yes, and so was ‘Pearl Harbor’ which came just prior to 9-11 and helped brainwash our youth to march to war. This is the purpose of television and films. They influence us. These men of evil create disasters to mold the Congress. They control the media, which controls us, so to gain public support for their dark agendas. For the most part, we are unaware of this manipulation and the secret meanings to certain symbols. Unfortunately…our leaders’ real agenda is to spread fear, terror and chaos.  
My best advice is to try to be aware of this programming. Why do you think it is called television PROGRAMS? We are molded and the same can be said for the influence of films. First, we have to be aware of these secret symbols. Once we independently study this and are aware of media manipulation, then it is much easier to see the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) programming that is all around us.



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