Reaching Disclosure: An Interview with Steven Greer
by Steven Greer, MD & Michael Peter Langevin
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 30, 2005)


Steven M. Greer ,  M.D.
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Summary: If what Stephen Greer is saying is true, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Fox Network should be camped outside his door waiting for his latest pronouncement. That they aren’t may be evidence of the level of denial about UFOs and extraterrestrials that has permeated the media, government, and mainstream culture.

If what Stephen Greer is saying is true, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Fox Network should be camped outside his door waiting for his latest pronouncement. That they aren’t may be evidence of the level of denial about UFOs and extraterrestrials that has permeated the media, government, and mainstream culture. Clearly, something is going on. Too many people have witnessed too many strange things. Mass sightings of UFOs, a vast abductee community, the testimony of credible, disinterested citizens to actual encounters with alien beings—it all adds up to the likelihood that we are being observed and interacted with by some "distant relatives."

Stephen Greer says it’s more than a likelihood; he has the facts. And he’s been trying to share them, if only those in power (who aren’t involved in the cover-up) will listen. His Disclosure Project is endeavoring to get the truth out there, and what he has to say is assuredly worth listening to.

Here, in part, is what he told us.

How did the Disclosure Project come to be?

Steven Greer: I founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, CSETI, in 1990 because I had personally had seen a UFO when I was younger, and my uncle was the senior project engineer that worked on the lunar module at Grumman [Aerospace Corporation]. And so I had a tremendous interest in these things, and in 1990 started this organization, CSETI, to do two things: One was to establish a body of evidence and bring this information out to the public, and the other was to set up an interplanetary diplomatic team—if I may use the concept—to make contact with these objects and the life forms on board them. Well, by 1992 I had succeeded in doing the latter; in other words, I had taken teams out to various places in the world where we had been able to vector or make contact with these objects and bring them into a site; we were able to signal with them and communicate, and I concluded that it was really obvious that whoever these beings were, they were open to the idea of letting their presence be known to Earth if it could be done in a positive way. So I then started convening some people in governmental circles who had been attracted to the project. I said, "Look, how are we going to get this thing disclosed, and how are we going to get the truth out to the public that this is real and not just science fiction or something?" So we started a project in the summer of 1993, called Project Starlight, which then evolved into the Disclosure Project.

What was Project Starlight?

Project Starlight, I hate to admit it, was initially a code word used by a man who runs a national security think tank who was working with me. He set up my first meeting with President Clinton's inner national security team and his CIA director, James Woolsey. So by December of 1993, I was briefing the CIA director; I had had meetings with the head of army intelligence; I had had meetings with other senior government people, I was working with the Rockefeller family and various people who were ambassadors and heads of state from other countries. This thing took off very quickly, so people who are just finding out about the Disclosure Project don't know this history that I'm telling you; it will be interesting for them to know this.

Very much so, for myself included.

Well, we tried to get President Clinton to put together an effort to disclose this information and Woolsey, who was CIA Director from ’93 to ’95, was very much in agreement, but told us that he and the President did not have access to these projects, that they were essentially being lied to. This was like a bad chapter out of the X-Files, except that I lived it. I decided that we had to put together some military witnesses and government insiders and government documents that would constitute an undeniable body of evidence, so anyone who saw it would say, "Hey, this has got to be real." So we began to identify insiders or people who had worked in the government who had personal knowledge of UFO events, UFO-classified related projects, energy and propulsion projects that were spin-offs from studying the UFO energy systems, and so on. And in 1994, and 1995, we continued to brief the executive branch personnel. I had a very good friend of the President’s receive a big briefing packet that I put together go through the material with President Clinton; Lawrence Rockefeller asked me to provide him with some of this material so that when he met with Hillary and President Clinton at his ranch, the JY Ranch in the Grand Tetons, he could go through this material with them—which he did, by the way. So basically, we were making history. But unfortunately, President Clinton was afraid of what might happen to him if he really took on the powers that be on this issue. And this was made very clear to me by a friend of the President who came to my house and said, "Look, we are afraid that if Bill Clinton does what you're recommending, he will end up like Jack Kennedy." And I started laughing, I thought he was making a big joke, but he was serious.

That is when I realized how serious the dysfunction in our government was, that there was literally a secret government inside the government that did as it wanted to. And everything you hear about this that sounds like it is too far-fetched to be true happens to be true. We concluded that if the President didn't feel safe doing this, that we should take this to some people in Congress. So on April 9, 1997, at the Westin Hotel in Georgetown, I hosted a briefing for about 30 Congressional offices; different members of Congress came, people connected with the White House and the Vice-President’s office came, Pentagon officials came. What was interesting was that Congressman Dan Burton came, who is the famous and very powerful Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and he turned to my people and said, "Tell Dr. Greer I want everything he has on this, and that we want to pursue this. Well, of course we felt that this was very promising because if you understand how Congress works, a chairman of the committee can pretty much call for hearings and get hearings on something, so he started looking into it, but then his chief of staff and he started having some strange surveillance and were basically forced to back off. So I gave that about a year, and after a year, in 1998, I wrote a letter back to the members of Congress. I am making a very long story short here.

Yes, there must be tons of details. But what did you do? Did you try to convince them of the importance of this information?

Well, at that point I said, look, the President has decided not to act on this, even though we know that he has been briefed (because we did the briefing), his CIA director was briefed, we have been meeting with senior members of Congress, chairmen of committees, members of the Senate, members of the House, I personally met with Mrs. Boutrous Ghali, who is the wife of the Secretary General of the United Nations at the time, as well as heads of state overseas, and members of royal families—you name it, I went there and tried to get these people not only educated but motivated to do something about this illegal secrecy that was withholding from the public, not only the fact that we are not alone in the universe, which is a sense almost an academic question, but the fact that these same rogue projects had illegally suppressed energy and propulsion systems that they had figured out in the 40's and 50's that could have completely eliminated the Middle East wars, could have completely eliminated the need for fossil fuels, could have completely eliminated all the damage to the biosphere, and the global warming, and the pollution, all the poverty and starvation in the world due to the scarcity of energy mindset the world operates through, and so on. All of that could have been fixed. So I said, look this is not just an academic question. Are we alone in the universe? Even though that is in and of itself an important scientific question, it has to do with how we are living on terra firma. It’s how we as a people can move towards the future. By and large, while people were extremely suportive—and I have to tell you that I have done briefings for the head of intelligence for Joint Chiefs of Staff, I've done briefings for the head of the defense intelligence agency, the head of the CIA, the wife of the Secretary General, I'm the first civilian in history that has had this kind of access, and created that kind of access because the message is important and not just an academic issue.

But no one did anything?

Well, by and large, no one did anything. So by 1999, after doing all this work we were continuing to collect military insiders, continuing to collect government documents, information, I was continuing to go to people who were deep on the inside of these secret projects, who were handing off to me the information of where the facilities were located, what corporations were involved, what technologies had been developed, and quite frankly we had all this. So at that point, I wrote another letter to the public and the members of Congress, and said look, its obvious that you people have not yet decided to hold an open hearing, so we're going to have to take this to the public. Now, you have to understand, the reason that between ’93 and ’98 we had to go through that process was that I am bringing people forward now, in the year 2001, 2002 who are military and government officials who are basically whistle-blowers breaking silence, but they are not doing it under a subpoena, and they are not doing it under an executive order of immunity, and it’s a very courageous act on the part of these men and women to do this.

You're lucky to be alive yourself.

Well, that's another whole story, which I won't go into. But yes, I am. But what I did was to lead this team out. When we saw that no one in the government of "we, the people," the people that we send to Washington, had the courage to take on this controversial matter and to stand up to this rogue and very powerful secret group that was running this secret progam, we concluded that we would have to do it ourselves. In May of 2001, we had a national press club conference, where 22 of these witnesses came forward out of some 400-plus that I had identified. Now what's interesting about that is that we have, in the intervening years, gotten enough support within the secret programs, and within the government and within the Pentagon, that I literally had an admiral who is a senior official at the Pentagon say, "Look, I know that these projects exist; I have been lied to about them, and if you can do anything to get it out, do it." So we said, "OK, that's what we'll do." On May 9th, we held this big press conference—it was the biggest press conference in 20 years at the National Press Club and there were over a quarter of a million people online live to see the webcast, which unfortunately was electronically jammed for the first hour by the intelligence community—and it was eventually reported on CNN and Headline News and Fox and on BBC and the Voice of America and all over the world. And basically that was our opening experiment. But here’s the deal, when we did this none of us were threatened, none of the military guys, none of the corporate people, none of the intelligence officers, not myself—none of us, not a single one of us got a phone call saying, "Shut up, don't do this"—nothing. So we feel that we have kind of cleared a path for disclosure to happen.

Well , it definitely sounds as if that is what you’ve done. So now what? What are the future goals for the Disclosure Project?

Well, I have just formed a corporation that is already in its initial phases of funding to build or test an existing energy system that is what's called a 0-point or over-unity energy system, something that extracts energy from the space around us. Now people have heard about these for years, and no one has known if they really exist. I know for a fact that they do exist; the question is can we find someone in the civilian domain who is not owned by the secret programs who understands it and can deliver one to us or build one with us? That's what we are doing right now, in the last few weeks, we have begun to identify people who understand the physics and the electro-mechanical effects.

We are looking at building two basic things, the first thing we are going to do is bring out an energy device that could run your house or car, extracting energy from the space around it. This is why the name of the corporation is Space Energy Access Systems, or SEAS for short. Now the second device that we want to do down the road would be an anti-gravity, what's called an electrogravitic device, a device that uses some of the principles that Townsend, Brown, and others came up with back in the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to access the electro-magnetic and electro-gravitic field in a way that causes a mass reduction so something becomes lighter, and in a sense defies gravity, although it is based on solid scientific physics. That would be the second level of technology we'd be looking at. So this is another thing that we are doing. I say look, the next big level of disclosure is to bring out more of these witnesses, but to add to that the actual material, to actually build an energy system that demonstrates the effects, the hardware as it were, as opposed to the intelligence and the information. So that’s what we're doing now; it’s a very ambitious undertaking , but I made it very clear that somebody is going to have to carry me out in a coffin to get me to stop doing this.

So you are feeling optimistic that both of these goals are obtainable?

Basically at this point I am confident that my team can protect, get disclosed, get funded up to billions of dollars, quite frankly, for one of these systems and not sell out to a big corporation to keep it secret and not sell out to the secret government due to their threats. Because we'll take it to the public, which is why I'm giving you this interview; we feel that the public needs to know what we're doing and the public is our shield—the public knowledge of this and the public knowledge of what we're trying to do, although I have to keep certain confidences with certain scientists that I'm working with. They need to know what we're doing, and it's the public who need to be our first line of defense, because if these rogue elements within our government try to stop what we're doing, it is the public that needs to arise and shut down Washington. It's the public that needs to arise and say, "No way are we gonna let this happen any longer"—that the world has had its future hijacked for fifty years, that the poverty, the pollution, the geo-political mess that we're in the Middle East are all solvable, that the people who have the solution have deliberately withheld it from the world out of sheer power politics.

Is that it? It's just out of greed and lust for power?

Power. It's all power. One of the things I try to point out to people is that many people understand that we’re probably not alone in the universe—65-70% of the public accepts the fact that we're not alone. They may not know if we're being visited yet, but 50-55% of the public in poll after poll have said that they believe these UFO's are real and that the government's hiding them. So the majority are already on our side with that. But what they don't understand is that the reason there's been such ruthless misinformation, all the lies, all the denials, all the dirty tricks are not because people would throw themselves off of buildings, but it's because when you release that information, the first thing people are gonna ask in the scientific world is "Well, how'd they get here?" Well, when they ask that question, guess what, I've got people who'll answer it. And when they answer it, good-bye oil industry, good-bye geo-political order as we know it, good-bye centralized oil, energy and financial systems. I quote the REM song "It's the end of the world as we know it." In this sense, it truly is the end of an old world and it's the beginning of an entirely new world, a true new world.

Do you have a timeline on what you hope to bring forward?

Well, I'm hoping that in the next six months we will be able to identify and test one of these devices. And if we do that, we figure that it will be another perhaps several months for us to get it secured, get multiple copies of it made, get it in security storage with the proper legal things done, and get the proper PR things in place so we can disclose it to the public and then we're going to disclose it to the public, and guess what, rather than having this thing handed off to some big corporation, we intend to maintain control of it, and do a public offering of stock at some point so that John Q. Public, instead of buying Exxon and GM, can buy this. That democratizes the technology. Then you have all these millions of people who support what we have, who basically vote with their wallet and they say "Yes, we're gonna support this entity and we'll be shareholders and we're gonna watch this, so that it will be a public entity not a covert entity and we want these things in our cars, and we want these running our houses, and we want these things running our power plants to replace the coal-fired plants we have now." And if the people know about what this technology is, they will stand behind it. The public are the ones who really have the power if they understand it. You see, everyone's always saying "Oh, I'm a victim of some big secret conspiracy." and I say "No you're not! We're victims of our own sins of omission—I hate to use that term—our own inaction. If we get educated and we combine in a unified effort we can do this. We're gonna structure this thing, by the way, so eventually the majority of the ownership of this corporate entity will be in a foundation that will be essentially a philanthropy to help the world's involvement in poverty. That's how we're structuring it.

Can you simplify why the extraterrestrials allowed this stuff to be suppressed for so long?

Well, they have been trying to get us to do the right thing for fifty years. Remember that with the dawn of the nuclear age there began to be sightings of these objects all over the world, they warned us of the dangers of nuclear power, they warned us of the dangers of the bomb, they communicated clearly, early on in the 40's and the 50's, that we could start an entirely new world if we could make peace with each other. This was communicated, I kid you not. Not only to individuals, but to people in military circles. And we turned our backs on it. If you ever saw the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, that is essentially a docu-drama that in part was done with the assistance of people inside the government who knew the true story and who were warning of a military knee-jerk reaction to this UFO presence. And unfortunately the good guys lost out in the 40's and 50's. Eisenhower admitted he lost control of the government on this issue. He made his famous speech when he left office, beware the military industrial complex, even though he's a five-star general and conservative Republican two-term president. I have to say one thing: Our biggest supporters are military people. These are the people who understand more than you and I do how dangerous a rogue element with this kind of technology can be. It not only can be, is. So, they understand that, and that's how we've gotten these dozens and dozens of military and intelligence and government people to come forward.

From your information, are there many races and types of extraterrestrials who have brought forth technology and information and come to observe?

I think that there's somewhere between 50 and 100, from the best guesstimates I have of the different life forms, and my understanding is that none of them are hostile. If they were hostile, we wouldn't be having this conversation, they would have gotten rid of us a long time ago. In fact, they're working together waiting for us to enter into this new period in human evolution where we can live together peacefully with these kinds of technologies and take our place out in space with these other civilizations without it being through warfare.

Now, here's the danger, you've got people in these secret government circles who are trying to act as agents provocateurs to provoke a military response from the extraterrestrial life forms. We know that they have on numerous occasions for several decades used everything to try to target these objects and shoot them down. Now we have covert rogue projects that are targeting these objects in space. I have witnesses to these things being downed by our secret military operations. It’s a very dangerous game to be playing. Now obviously any civilization capable of inter-stellar and inter-dimensional travel using these extraordinary sciences and physics would have put an end to that immediately if they were hostile, when we were still using vacuum tubes in the 40’s and 50’s. And I’ve said this to military people at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the Roswell remains were sent. I've had meetings with the people who run the facility that received the Roswell materials, and I said to them "Look, buddy, if these life forms were hostile, we wouldn't be having this conversation, because you know and I know what we have been doing that has been reckless, stupid, and dangerous and if they were hostile they could have easily put an end to it."

So obviously the problem is us. I tell people if they're worried about hostility, look in the mirror at this stage of human evolution; see that we have killed hundreds of millions of people in the past century alone in warfare, and we're the ones with weapons of mass destruction, with thousands of thermo-nuclear warheads aimed at each other, that we're the ones who are trying to go into space with weapons systems, that we're the ones that have targeted and hit these objects, and yet they obviously are very peaceful and very patient. I have to say, what I observe here is an enormous patience, and I think that, and this is my own opinion of course, I think these extraterrestrial civilizations see great promise in humanity and see the good in us. They also see that we're in a dangerous phase of our evolution.

I liken it to an adolescent, it's like an adolescent teen-age boy who has the keys to Daddy's Corvette and is a little bit crazy and speeding too much. I think that this is where humanity collectively is right now and they see it about to emerge into the early stages of adulthood, the hallmarks of which are the following: a peaceful world civilization, a civilization based on justice where we can eliminate poverty and we can eliminate pollution and quit destroying Gaia, quit destroying the Earth and her being, and can begin to go into space peacefully. Because we have that within our potential, you see. And yet, we have this overbearing and predominant, juiced-up, rogue military and corporate entity that unfortunately is locked into an adolescent form of thinking. And this is dangerous. And unless the good people who know better and are more mature in their thinking, such as you and myself and your readers, rise up to change it, unfortunately these guys are going to continue to prevail. And I put the responsibility at the feet of every man, woman, and child on Earth. I lived for awhile with people who had survived the Holocaust—I lived in Israel for three years—and I learned something very interesting: They were horrified by what the Nazis had done, but they were not surprised. What they were more surprised and horrified by was how the good people looked the other way and didn't do anything.

The people who know better, the people who want peace, the people who want justice in the world, the people who want to eliminate poverty, the people concerned about the environment, need to understand that this issue isn't about little green men out on Mars; this issue and how it's been managed on Earth by certain Earth powers is the thing that has got to be resolved. It isn't gonna happen by itself; it's gonna take courageous action, bold action, unified action, and people educating themselves about what this is really all about. And that is really the purpose of this Disclosure Project and of this effort to bring these technologies forward.

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