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Saturday, September 02, 2006

A tale of black magic and perversion at the top of society and K G B blackmail
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies, 2001
(taken from "An Exorcist's Chronicles", a book in preparation)

Last Updated: Saturday, September 02, 2006 10:29:59 AM

Elemental (Nature Spirit)
Elemental (Nature Spirit)


 lot of spirit entities that haunt buildings and other sites are blamed on that category known collectively as the “nature spirits”, strictly speaking these are the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and are known as ; Gnomes,  Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines, Although they are not intrinsically harmful to man , they do like to be left alone.

Mysterious fires are a common feature of haunted houses, some are caused by the particular nature spirit, but many more are caused by the power of the mind, and not all of these are dead ones.

The brain is like a two way radio; it transmits and it receives. Just as when you tune in, you fluctuate to find the right frequency.  So it is with the mind; you flow up and down the scale until you touch upon the particular vibration.

There are certain mental tricks which assist this, which I must not divulge here.

This process is called by experts “Parapyrogenesis” and it is a crime usually committed by the living (for more information look up on the net General Stubblebines Psywarriors).

Winston Churchill, a 33rd degree mason, was known to have attended black magic type meetings and this may have been behind his obsession with fire bombing German dormitory towns, long after Hitler sent Rudolph Hess to Britain for peace.

The Germans had asked for peace from 1942.

On July 9 1984, after the resident cleric gave a blasphemous speech in which he said he did not believe in god, the anger directed psychically by the people, was tangible, and York Minster, England, mysteriously burnt to the ground.

It is possible that the fire at the Queens residence, Windsor Castle, had been of similar origins, as disillusionment with the decadent behaviour of some royalty, had much publicity about that time.

A better example of what I mean happened in the mid 1970s to a succession of people who were leaving or trying to leave a left hand path magical group.

Ordinary people tend to join these groups for the comraderie, the partying with its attendant drugs, sex and alcohol,  not really aware that the fervour can be whipped up and used for some nefarious purpose, in the same way say, as a catholic mass generates power, or to a lesser extent one of Tony Blair's “New labour” meetings.

Only when leaving the group would they become aware that the threat of blackmail and a ruined career, would retain them. And there were suicides, the tragedy of the talented show business personality and healer Stephen Ward is one example, if indeed he did kill himself.  His colleague Soviet agent Eugene Ivanov doubts it. Ivanov, whose K.G.B. role in the Profumo affair would be a major factor in bringing down the Tory government.

Fred West and Rose


The Cliveden House parties were famous for their beautiful women, Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler being just two. Later the house underwent a series of tricky exorcisms, by the top exorcist, Dom. Robert Petet-Pierre. He only told me part of this but it was heavy stuff.

The Fred West murders were believed to a just black magical incest and paedophile parties attended by top people, which explains why social services and police turned a blind eye for so long, Police records show the Address at 25 Cromwell St, was the last known place for around 20 young people to be seen alive.

Who protected the West’s? 

Do a net search on Frank Beck’s exposure on Paedophile rings, and the top people who attend them.

Intelligence operatives speak of files existing on many politicians, including Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe and Greville Janner, the head of the Jewish parliament in Britain, and if our spooks know, so do the Soviets.

Imogen Hassall (1942-1980)


The circumstances behind the death of actress Imogen Hassall was another; look up the deaths of Jayne Mansfield and Grace Kelly, and more recently the Mossad murders of Gerald Bull, and M.P. Stephen Milligan.

Sir Maurice Oldfield


According to Sir Anthony Blunt, the murder of actor Peter Arne, the supplier of rent boys to the film and aristocratic world, had its origins here. He even shared boys with the head of M.I.5 Maurice Oldfield (M of the James Bond films), Noel Coward,  several bishops, and an archbishop.

The kings brother who was murdered by Churchill in W.W.II  all were blackmailed by the Soviets for attending black magic type parties, and Sir Anthony Blunt said spy Guy Burgess had a diary full of other names too.

Israeli leader Menachem Begin was blackmailed all his life by the Soviets.

During the cold war the K.G.B. were experts at running these groups all around the world, and several high calibre people were drawn in; actors, actresses, clergy, many government and Church officials. The Admiralty and Ministry of Defence in particular, were successfully targeted, but especially the bored and rich, and the “try anything once “ brigade.

The Admiralty suffered from “The Vassal Affair”, where secret submarine documents went AWOL by the caseload.

It was a blackmail tool to obtain the most valuable of spy, the A.I.P. or agent in place.  Many show business types were used as A.O.I ‘s  which is “an agent of influence.”

Newspaper publisher Robert Maxwell claimed an incredible fund of knowledge from the Jewish underground on this issue, such as the Heidi Fleiss affair, where Hollywood beauties were supplied to the rich and famous, including the U.S Senate.

To be used in blackmail orgies, this time for Mossad.

Senator McCarthy in the 1950s brought this to the attention of the powers that be even in those days, the Russians were at it.

When one British occult group was disbanded, one young actress told stories of mostly animal sacrifice, but occasional humans were used. These were from the capital’s beggars or people sleeping rough, or even from children sent in from mainly African countries to “relatives”. The excuse is often given that the child was really a “witch”.

Apparently, all those present would have the sacrificial blood smeared on their cheeks in satanic ritual, a process known as “blooding”

The disbanding of this group produced carrier bags of secret photographs of house hold names. It was a great shock to us all, and often the very last people you would assume, including a very famous, “Mr, clean “ type pop star. Pictures of whom, shook me rigid!

Some major details given by a Soviet defector, show how an upper class Dublin party was used to gain influence over senior republican officials, and the British were forbidden by the Americans from interviewing them; “how ludicrous” we were all angry at this American interference, in British affairs. Particularly as the local boys home supplied the “amusements” (see on internet: Kincora Boys home).

Information came out about American donations buying a large consignment of semtex explosives, labelled “A gift from the Soviet Trade delegation,”  and  delivered in secret to an Irish bay by Soviet submarine(!)

However, people escaping magical groups, like those escaping Christian cults, exhibit the same psychological symptoms, and need careful handling. Any de-programming starts with listening and counselling, and the comparison of stories told, with the keeping of careful written notes.

Remember that Christian bishops in Africa tolerate blood sacrifices among the natives, because as the Church Times newspaper says” they cannot stamp it out”.

However, it was not long before the grand Magus heard that I was interfering with his leavers and the threats began, late night telephone warnings, dead animals left on my doorstep, a sheep’s heart nailed to the front door.

The police tend to see these things as harmless practical jokes, but they do ratchet up the tension.

Then a loud knocking on my door at six in the morning with a minicab driver asking to take me to a funeral where someone of my name was to be buried, signalled the beginning.

Thumps and bangs throughout the house all night, distant cries and wailing, and unexplained scratches and bruising appearing on my person, quickly resulted in my wife going home to her mum.

Doors that were definitely locked would bang all night, things would just fall off the wardrobe, lights go on and off, a room would just go stone cold, and fresh food would just go off.

And then one day in broad daylight a fire began in my son’s room while he was at school, later smoke was issuing from between floorboards that had never been up.

Then a neighbour alerted me to curtains smouldering in the spare room.

This was a real psychic attack. My home was sealed well with due ceremony when I moved in, but it was being overridden by psychic trespass of the worst type.

That night a grand psychic battle ensued, the like of which just rereading my notes on it made my flesh crawl.

The sunshine in the morning seemed to hold the promise it may be over, and the next few weeks helped in the recovery of both my emotional and mental balance. I had made mistakes but I had now learnt how to deal with a particularly unsavoury and frightening aspect of the paranormal.

A full written account was submitted to my spiritual organisation, who felt I had handled this unwisely, and I did get some criticism for my retaliation.    

When your family is threatened we all act out of character.

Perhaps we all learnt valuable lessons from the encounter.

Source: Correspondence with author

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Saturday, September 02, 2006 10:29:59 AM

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