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October 1, 2005:

Wes Penre


The purpose with this website is to reveal the real powers behind the scenes of politics, media, business and entertainment. Illuminati News is not an organization or an organized group, but the mission of one person, whom via a network of other researchers and people in general, willing to help out with information, has the purpose of lifting the veil of secrecy that has led the world into the condition it is in at this moment.

This webmaster is of the conviction that the world is controlled by a network of secret societies, with the goal to create a New World Order and a One World Government. This network of extremely wealthy and powerful people have, through lies, half truths and propaganda, succeeded in making more and more of the world population believe that a world without borders is a world of peace; a world without wars. They are working hard to make us believe that Globalization is the road to freedom, when in fact it is the road to enslavement.

I want to show the readers of this website that behind this sweet talk is a malevolent agenda to control the world and make us slaves in a global society run by a World Dictator (a World CEO) and a web of power-hungry people behind the scenes. Their purpose is to create a Super Socialist State, worse than the former Soviet Union, with a micro-chipped population, who can be tracked and controlled remotely from a Super Computer, located in Brussels, Belgium.

I want to show the readers of this website that this network of secret societies, commonly called the Illuminati, The Conquering Wind of Moriah, or simply the Brotherhood, is the force behind this goal, and that this goal, which they call "The Great Work of the Ages", has been worked towards for thousands of years.

I also want to stress how important it is for us all to wake up from the web of lies that this group of secret societies has spun, because if we don't wake up and start acting against this force, mainly on a spiritual level, we are doomed to becoming slaves under the New World Order. If the Illuminati succeed in micro chipping the world population, they will also stop our spiritual growth, because this is also something the microchips can do, by slowing down the speed our bodies and spirits vibrate at, preventing us from reaching higher levels of existence. What these higher levels of existence are is explained in the Spiritual Section of this website.

This webmaster does not subscribe to any religion, group or secret society. I am me and am not following any dogmas. I believe the truth is inside ourselves, and only you as an individual can free yourself from the bonds of this physical reality by developing spiritually. I further believe that all major religions are manmade and created with a purpose to control the masses and turn friend against friend. Religions also alienate people from each other, often create conflicts and violence amongst otherwise peaceful people.

We are at war. However, this war can not be fought with fire arms, but is a spiritual war and needs to be fought on a spiritual level!

Wes Penre, Illuminati News 


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