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here are thousands of websites on the Internet which bring up the topic of UFO's and aliens. The theories as from where this phenomenon originates vary depending on from whose perspective one is looking. Is there a way to find the truth in this jungle of information and disinformation?

This website has the ambition to look at the problem from different angles and let you, the reader decide and find a line of truth through it all. My intention is to present a balanced and sober view on the whole subject. I also encourage you to contact me with your own experiences and viewpoints on these phenomena, to spread more light on the subject. I will also post your stories if you like to; your own experiences with aliens, UFOs, sightings and encounters are very welcome. If you write to me I guarantee that it stays between you and me, unless you  specifically agree to that I can post it. You may email me at the email address listed here .

The sightings, abductions and encounters are so numerous that we can't ignore them and say that the whole thing is just imagination. That would be stupid. The phenomenon does exist, but the questions are: what is it and what is the agenda? Are they really aliens, or are they just "demonic forces" as Christians say? Or maybe secret government aircraft which we are not supposed to know too much about? Inter-dimensional beings? Perhaps a mix of it all? The cover up on this subject is enormous. It is definitely not meant that the truth should be known..

My name is Wes Penre, and I have been curious about UFOs and aliens since I was very young. I have also researched the "Secret Government" that has been working behind the scene since beginning of time. I will try and show you the connection between the Secret Government and UFOs on this website, and possible cover ups among other things. Until we understand the connection between our own government and the UFOs, we will not be able to grasp the picture as a whole. This website will take you back in time to old Sumer, when the aliens supposedly were openly living among us ...

Wes Penre

IMPORTANT NOTE: The only e-mail address you can use for this site is the one listed under Contact. Come here and click on this link if you want to email me. Please don't use the "Contact Me" link on each page, respectively, as it may send to an old address I am no longer checking. Thank you!

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