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the Free Encyclopedia

The Shadow Government

Last Updated: Saturday, September 26, 2009 07:59:21 PM

The Illuminati News Mission Statement

Thoughts Aside

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- I have noticed that I have had to neglect some things in life that are very important to me and others, while working hour after hour on my website. Therefore I ask you, kind visitor, for a donation, so I can spend the same amount of time, and more, on research, and less time trying to manage my finances. -
- by Wes Penre, Jan 01, 2006 -

 "The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could
use the differences in those two
so-called ideologies [marxism/fascism/socialism v. democracy/capitalism]
to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger
and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could
be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and
destroying each other."
- Myron Fagan -

 You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; 
if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, 
the ocean does not become dirty.
- Mahatma Gandhi -

 "The falsification of history has done more to impede human
development than any one thing known to mankind"
- Rousseau 1712-1778 -

"Behind every great fortune there is a great crime."
-- Balzac

"I'm part of an organization that predicts the future. And we have found
that the best way to predict the future, is to invent it."
- The Well Manicured Man from "The X-Files".

The Shadow Government: Who Are They?


The Illuminati
- Definition in Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Online -
(Posted here: Aug 6, 2005)

The Secret Order of the Illuminati
(A Brief History of the Shadow Government)
- by Wes Penre (November 27, 2003) -
(Posted here: Jan 01, 2004)

Confusion Regarding the Terms "Illuminati" and "New World Order" Explained
- Just like with the term "Illuminati", the "New World Order" is also used by different groups with different agendas, so therefore I need to clarify for people who are new to this which New World Order I am talking about. There are those among us who would welcome a New World Order, because obviously the current Order is not working in our favor. So they think a New World Order is the solution. It doesn't help that certain groups use this term to describe a benevolent future, where the Illuminati I am concentrating on is overthrown and a world of peace will emerge. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 27, 2008)

Illuminati and New World Order - Unfortunate Choice of Terms
How the Top Elite Have Confused Researchers and Truth Seekers

- Not until just recently did I realize were we all went wrong. When I talk of "we all" I mean all researchers and truth seekers digging in trying to expose the "New World Order" and the "Illuminati". It is crucial for everybody reading my website and other similar website to learn what I just learnt, or we are indirectly attacking the wrong group of people! The Illuminati is not trying to create a dictatorship or a slave society. In fact, they are trying to do quite the opposite! -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Jan 27, 2009 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 27, 2009)

The Illuminati

Ring of Power
- From the mystery religions of ancient Egypt to the Zionist role in 9/11, "Ring Of Power" unrevises 4000 years of revisionist human history with never - before - seen revelations. "Ring Of Power" puzzles together the pieces of a giant puzzle into one BIG PICTURE documentary series. -
- by AmenStop Productions -
(Posted here: Wednesday, October 10, 2007)

The Global Elite: Who Are They?
- There are two common misconceptions held by those who are critical of globalism. The first error is that there is a very small group of people who secretly run the world with all-powerful and unrestrained dictatorial powers. The second error is that there is a large amorphous and secret organization that runs the world. In both cases, the use of the word "they" becomes the culprit for all our troubles, whoever "they" might be. -
- The August Review - Global Elite Research Center, Vol. 5, Issue 12 -
(Posted here: Dec 26, 2005)

"Fallen Angel"

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Covenant of the Jewish Secret Society Known As the Order of the Illuminati
Illuminati Document | - I can't guarantee the authenticity of this document, although the context pretty much describes the truth as it is. We don't know when it was written and exactly by whom, but it looks like it was composed by a British person if we look at the spelling of words, which is British English. -
- Illuminati Document, Presented by Wes Penre, Apr 09, 2008 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, April 09, 2008)

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand (1909-2001) Defined "The Spiritual War"
- There is a large number of Jews that gave up the teachings of the Torah and embraced the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and of the Kabala, which perverted their spirit and acts. They want to dominate the whole world. They pretend to be the only ones the chosen of God, explained Richard Wurmbrand. They believe that their belonging to the Jewish people is sacred. Because the Messiah they were waiting for did not come, they arrived at the theory that the Jews themselves, in their totality, represent the Messiah. Therefore, they refuse to consider their sins, and they prohibit to be criticized or accused of whatever, be it the most justified criticism or accusation, turning the accusation against the accuser, as anti-Semitism, with much propaganda and turmoil in the whole world. -
- by Cornelius B, December 18, 2008 -
(Posted here: Friday, December 19, 2008)

Fritz Springmeier

Fritz Springmeier Interview on Illuminati and Mind Control Slavery
- Government mind control overlaps with many other things - it overlaps with a higher government and a secret world government called the Illuminati. As I investigated the Illuminati I had to also learn about their front that they operate. They hide behind the veil of National Security. They use our patriotism against us and make us think that for our own interest, for our own security of our own nations, that we have to subject ourselves to all the secrecy that they impose upon us. -
- Fritz Springmeier Interviewed by Wayne Morris, Jan 04, 1998 -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 21, 2007)


The World's Mastermind: The Hidden Face of Globalization
- As we now have it, globalization can be defined as an ideology that identifies the Sovereign Nation-State as its key enemy, basically because the State's main function is (or should be) to prioritize the interests of the Many - i.e., "the People" - over the interests of the Few. Accordingly, the forces of globalization seek to weaken, dissolve and eventually destroy the very foundations of the Nation-State as a basic social institution, in order to replace it with new supra-national worldwide social, political, economic, financial and military management structures. -
- by Adrian Salbuchi, GlobalResearch, Dec 02, 2006  -
(Posted here: Sunday, December 03, 2006)

David Icke

David Icke: Was He Right?
[Video: 45 min 43 sec]
- In the 1990s, David Icke appeared on chat shows across the country claiming that he was the son of the Godhead and delivering a message about the dark times that lay ahead. In particular, he claimed that from the turn of the Millennium until 2012, we would see chaos establish itself across the globe as war, economic collapse and terror took hold. Much derived at the time, Icke now has a global following who believe that his prophecies have come true. This documentary asks whether Icke was right. -
-  Video.Google, Dec 26, 2006   -
(Posted here: Thursday, December 28, 2006)


How the Global Elite Are Fighting Against the Entire Universe
by trying to change physical laws and God's will, they are making themselves gods

- It's like having a huge body of clay, which represent the energy of the One Infinite Creator. This body of clay now wants to experience Itself, so It picks out small pieces of clay from Its main body and put them aside. These small pieces are now separated from It, but still part of It. With these small pieces, galaxies were created. Then small pieces were separated from the sun in the center of each galaxy which became other stars, planets, moons, and eventually other different life forms... You and I are each a tiny piece of "clay" (energy), but still part of this huge body of clay which is the Source, or the One Infinite Creator. So we are Him and He is us... -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Feb 05, 2009 -
(Posted here: Thursday, February 05, 2008)

"Transmutation Through Ascension: Soul of the Son", by Solaris BlueRaven

Solaris BlueRaven on the Illuminati's Fight Against Soul Ascension
- They map death experiences and create synthetic dimensions designed to lure and deter the soul upon its exit...We are all psychic. They [The Illuminati] use synthetic telepathy as this is as close to the real thing they can get. True ascended beings are naturally telepathic. Man once again creates his version and uses the false dialog to sway the masses. I always consider the source of who, and what they are communicating. Is it pure? Genuine? Love based? -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, December 12, 2008 -
(Posted here: Friday, December 12, 2008)

Who Really Controls America?
[An absolutely must-see video (>5 min)]
- by George Carlin -
(Posted here: Sunday, Sep 03, 2006)

Ed Griffin Norman Dodd

Illuminati: The Hidden Agenda for World Government
[Video + transcript. 50 minutes]
- This is a very interesting video. "The man who tells this story is none other than Mr. Norman Dodd, who in 1954 was the staff director of the Congressional Special Committee to Investigate Tax-exempt Foundations, sometimes referred to as the Reece Committee, in recognition of its chairman, Congressman Carol Reece." He is here interviewed by Ed Griffin back in 1982. Dodd is telling us about his research into the tax-exempt organization and what they REALLY stand for. He shows us that the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation joined together to alter American history and take over the whole education system in America, so the children can be indoctrinated into accepting a World Government. -
- Ed Griffin Interview with Norman Dodd in 1982 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, November 01, 2006)


Illuminati Organization Chart

The Illuminati Organization Structure, According to Illuminati Programmer, Svali
- In the interview with Greg Szymanski, Svali explains how the Illuminati organization is structured in general. It is of course much, much more complex than this, but she lined out the backbone of it. Therefore, I made an organization chart based on the information she gave. -
- by Wes Penre, July 29, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, July 29, 2006)

Temple of Solomon

Illuminati Dreams of Building Solomon's Temple
- The Assistant Grand Master of UGLE is Lord Northampton, Spencer Douglas David Compton, the 7th Marquis of Northampton (he runs the show and directs the plans to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem) -
- by Mr X, Dec 14, 2000 -
(Re-Posted here: Friday, December 15, 2006)

David Icke's Lecture on the Illuminati
[6 Videos - about 50 minutes each. OK to download.
May take a while to upload, so please be patient
- Freedomfiles.org -
(Posted here: Oct 21, 2005)

The Shadow Government
- It is becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens that government is no longer being conducted in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, or, within states, according to state constitutions. -
- Constitution.org, 1994 -
(Posted here: Sep 2, 2005)

America's Shadow Government
- During his farewell address in the year 1961 outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned that "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex [hereinafter MIC]. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." -
- Pravda, August 3, 2004 -
(Posted here: August 5, 2004)

John Pilger

The Invisible Government
- In a speech in Chicago, John Pilger describes how propaganda has become such a potent force in our lives and, in the words of one of its founders, represents 'an invisible government'.  -
- by John Pilger, July 20, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 22, 2007)

The "Great Work"
- In this piece I'm going to try and relate a little of the spirit and content of what I believe the so-called "Great Work" of the occultists to be all about. And also look at how this "Holy Grail" of the esoteric traditions may remain relevant to both our day-to-day life and future as a race. -
- Hidden Mysteries -
(Posted here: January 30, 2005)

The Secret Government - Part 1
- From The Archives: Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy. -
- Information Clearinghouse -
(Posted here: July 15, 2005)

The Secret Government - Part 2
- From The Archives: Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy. -
- Information Clearinghouse -
(Posted here: July 15, 2005)

Mathematical Proof of a Conspiracy
[.pdf format. Download Acrobat Reader for free here if you don't have it already.]
[I am always careful NOT to release any dates when I think terrorist attacks and other Illuminati events will happen. You don't know exactly to the point what these guys are planning, and if the said event(s) does/do not happen, you may lose your credibility. The dates in the beginning of this article are thus wrong, but please read the rest of it. There is some good information in there. Wes Penre]
- by Elijah King, March 20, 2006 -
(Posted here: Apr 06, 2006)

The Demonic Cabal
- "For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 2002 -
- Hermes-Press.com -
(Posted here: July 11, 2005)


The Demonic Cabal
- From all available evidence referenced in the "recommended sources" section below,* it's clear that the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our modern world is that a demonic cabal took control of the United States in the early part of the twentieth century and is now methodically destroying American and world institutions and values. -
- NewEnlightenment.com -
(Posted here: Jan 14, 2006)

The Predators Who Rule the World
- The planet is owned and ruled by the same people; not the heads of State, but the owners of the capital. State governments, if unyielding to the superior power of the capitals, run the risk of becoming figureheads in the claws of the neoliberals. Do what we tell you to do or we will unmask the vacuum behind your façade. -
- by Siv O'Neill, Axis of Logic, Oct 28, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 01, 2005)

Antony Sutton

Anthony Sutton On 'Skull & Bones,' US Banks Financing Hitler, & 'Trance-Formation'
- Antony Sutton, is the author of 26 books, many of which can be purchased on-line at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Liberty House Press at 1-800-343-6180 has copies of America's Secret Establishment and Best Enemy Money Can Buy for sale.
     The following interview with Mr. Sutton is dated July 6, 1999  -
- Rense.com, Mar 19, 2000 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 01, 2007)

The "Keepers of Doom" Better Known As The Illuminati Have Taken Over Every Major Government And Religion of The World, Controlling Both Sides of War While Breeding Hatred Through Deception
- "Once the secret of how the Illuminati really operates is known, it is then up to the American people and the people of the world to stage massive uprisings and protests," said Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, a Christian ministry designed to fight the oppression and fascism of the New World Order. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Feb 24, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 24, 2006)

Edward Mandell House

Edward Mandell House [Illuminati] Had This to Say in a Private Meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President)
[Saved version here]
- “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency..." -
- Freedompool.org -
(Posted here: Feb 20, 2006)

The Illuminati

Why Does the Illuminati Hate Jews?
- The far-reaching plan is Illuminati world dictatorship. The Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry, an occult secret society dedicated to Lucifer. The world's central bankers have intermarried with the richest dynastic families of Europe and America to bring about world hegemony. They instigated wars and depressions to degrade and destroy humanity. The American people have been financing their wars since 1914. -
- by Henry Makow, PhD, Apr 01, 2006 -
(Posted here: Apr 01, 2006)

Illuminati Sacrifice Calendar
- This is based on a 1987 Calendar year. Reprinted from PASSPORT Magazine Article: America's Best Kept Secret, 1987. -
- Heart7.net -
(Posted here: Oct 31, 2005)

John Dee

A Bond for all the Ages: Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee - The Original Illuminati 007 
- The friendship between John Dee and Walsingham chief officer of Queen Elisabeth was a very special one indeed, as these two were working for Elisabeth's Intelligence Service. The intelligence community of the British illuminati yesterday as today still use the espionage technique's of illustrius illuminati John Dee the first agent in history to use 007 as his personal cypher. Dee was the man whom Ian Fleming modeled his 007 James Bond character on, the first and perhaps the best secret agent of the crown. -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 16, 2006)

Translating the Basilicus
- Welcome. We is commenting the Conspiracy, the Illuminati, the Enlightened one. We guard our truth with our lives. This Basilicus we found on the Web of Holy Mother. So we go translate. Translate to normal. Normal human beings. We not Shamans, we is Court, the One Almighty, a Glorious day. While Divine inspired prayer is Rewarded, we beat out the popish. Beat them out of Europe, they had their time. More will be revealed while reading. Original secret agenda will be added for more finding out. -
- Wyger.nl -
(Posted here: Sep 26, 2005)

The New Age & The Illuminati - 666
- Another book exposing the purposes and intentions of those in power is here printed for you: THE NEW AGE & THE ILLUMINATI - 666. This book has been compiled by William Josiah Sutton and was printed by the Institute of Religious Knowledge - 1983 -
- by William Josiah Sutton, 1983 -
(Posted here: June 22, 2005)

Illuminati Conspiracy, Order of the Illumined Wise Men
- Illumination had long been a cherished component of Masonry and other occult groups. The Masonic candidate requests, and is promised "light in Masonry." As he goes up the ladder of initiation, he receives "more light". It is because of this society's emphasis on illumination that the AISB became known by its more common title, the Illuminati. -
- Conspiracyarchive.com -
(Posted here: May 12, 2005)

David Rockefeller

Who Has the Elite Allied Themselves With?
- The Rockefellers and Bushes and Harrimans, and the corporations owned by most of them, have allied themselves, in the Council of Foreign Relations with a widely unknown group which are planning the final destruction of this country. It is no accident that Rockefeller bought the encyclopedia Britannica, bought into mass education in the formation of grants and trusts and has succeeded in reversing many of the principles and beliefs of the settlers of this country. -
- Seattle Indymedia Center, Aug 9, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 14, 2005)

Stewart Swerdlow on the Illuminati and the Structure of This Reality
- In his 2.5 hour video, "The Illuminati" (Code ILL), Stewart Swerdlow (Montauk Project) presents new info. on the reptilian influence on human history and the copper based blue blood royal families. -
- 2012.com.au -
(Posted here: July 4, 2005)

Who Is Running America?
- The Bankruptcy of America, the Corporate United States, and the New World Order -
- Barefootworld.net -
(Posted here: September 20, 2004)

Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300
- Here are listed the 21 main targets of the Illuminati, many of them already accomplished or well in progress -
- by Dr. John Coleman -
(Posted here: September 13, 2004)

Illuminati and the New World Order
[This website is well constructed and has good info]
- An area dedicated to exposing the cabals and elitists of the world that are moving towards a new world order and the plan itself. (This is the main section of research for this site and is up-dated on a regular basis.) -
(Posted here: January 5, 2005)

Bloodlines of the Illuminati
- by Fritz Springmeier -
- The Forbidden Knowledge -
(Posted here: August 7, 2004)

A Question of Concern: Know Your Enemy
- JackBlood.com -
(Posted here: May 25, 2004)

The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm
- Why 9/11 Happened And Historical Evidence of Problem Reaction Solution -
- Indexoftheweb.com -
(Posted here: May 25, 2004)

The Heritage Foundation
- A. K. Chesterton once said: "The proper study of political mankind is the study of power elites, without which nothing that happens could be understood." He added: "These elites, preferring to work in private, are rarely found posed for photographers, and their influence upon events has therefore to be deduced from what is known of the agencies they employ." -
- by Barbara Aho, 1999 -
(Posted here: August 3, 2005)

The Rise & Fall of the Anti-Civilization
- Earth's anticivilization is characterized by humanoids with criminal minds controlling value-producing human beings. For 3000 years, such humanoids survived through hidden agendas designed to usurp the wealth created by the productive class. Those hidden criminals are responsible for all wars, slave-master relationships, mass thefts, purposeful property destructions, terrorisms, genocide. -
- NeoTech.com -
(Posted here: August 3, 2005)

The Brotherhood and the Manipulation of Society
- A ten part series of well written articles explaining the makeup and organization of the Illuminati elites who are behind the New World Order/Globalization scheme. -
- by Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston -
(Posted here: September 8, 2004)

Why is the World So Violent If Man Is Basically Good?
- by Wes Penre (February 25, 2004)  -

The Illuminati And the Council On Foreign Relations
- Myron Fagan -
(Posted here: May 5, 2004)

Congressman Ron Paul on Guns, Money, and the New World Order
- by Erik Fortman -
(Posted here: February 29, 2004)

Proof!!! "World Government" Is A Banker Ruse
- By Henry Makow, Ph.D. -
(Posted here: May 14, 2004)

Lewis (Scooter) Libby

Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government
- Day by day, witness by witness, exhibit by exhibit, Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor in the trial of Dick Cheney’s man, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, is accomplishing what no one else in Washington has been able to: He has impeached the Presidency of George W. Bush. -
- by Sidney Shanberg, The New York Observer, March 05, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, March 04, 2007)


The Illuminati Mind Control Series
by Greg Szymanski

* * *

Searching For the Illuminati Deep Within the Bowels Of the Vatican Series


Part 1

Searching For the Illuminati Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican
- All roads lead to Piazza San Pietro when it comes to power, leadership and initiation into the devious and diabolical Illuminati. In the 1980's, the Vatican Bank Scandal brought to light the connections between the Freemasons/Illuminati, the Vatican and the mafia. Secret initiations are said to take place in the catacombs of the Vatican and was Pope John Paul I killed after 39 days in office for wanting to expose the truth about Vatican finances and the Illuminati? -
- by Greg Szymanski, Jan 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 17, 2006)

Part 2

Secret Vatican Catacombs, Child Sacrifices, Mind Control: Svali, Involved In U.S. Illuminati For 30 years, Talks Openly About Devious Plans To Topple America
- Born into the Illuminati, Svali says her Vatican initiation ceremony at the age of 12 involved child sacrificing and a promise to serve "The Family or Order" for life.
- by Greg Szymanski, Jan 17, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 17, 2006)

Part 3

Fed Up With Lies And Deceit, Svali Turns Tail And Runs From The Feared Illuminati
- After being brainwashed and heavily schooled in the "!2 Disciplines" of the Illuminati, Svali is now trying to base her life on a foundation of truth not lies. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Jan 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 18, 2006)

Part 4

Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican And Illuminati: The Small Public Chapter of Svali's Life Coming To An End
- On the talk shows, Svali gasped for breadth several times and was emotionally shaken when recalling how she was brainwashed as a young child and then how she was subjected to watching a young child being sacrificed at her Illuminati induction ceremony at the Vatican at age 12. Her graphic description of the evil Vatican ceremony is contained in Part II of this series. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Jan 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 19, 2006)

* * *

Dungeon Vatican Rituals At Satan's Altar Was How Joanna, Born Into The Illuminati, Spent Her Childhood
- Now free from the cult's chains, Joanna is warning America about the "deadly intentions" of the cult she once called her family.
- by Greg Szymanski, Feb 04, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 04, 2006)


The Carnegie Network

The People With the Endless Bios
- In any case, it's abundantly clear that all roads lead to London. All three organizations, the Pilgrims, the 1001, and Le Cercle, have been set up and are managed by a combination of Anglophiles and zionists (2). The Pilgrims were primarily set up by the elite Privy Council and Garter families. In fact, the person who came up with the name 'Pilgrims' was a great grandfather of the late Princess Diana (3). -
- Project For the Exposure of Hidden Institutions, Dec 24, 2005 -
(Posted here: Jan 18, 2006)

Watch This Video About Unconstitutional Black Projects In the 40 - 80 Billion Dollar Bracket A Year,
Devoted To the Shadow Government - Material That George Bush Refused To Show To President Carter!

- Around 400 witnesses; retired CIA people, Pilots, Lawyers, Military and Intelligence people, Scientists and different other Government employees are coming forward with classified UFO knowledge, ready to testify under oath before the Congress in an attempt to reveal the truth about UFOs and aliens.
- by Wes Penre, May 13, 2004 -

The "Jewish" Conspiracy Is British Imperialism
- The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. As the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law. -
- Henry Makow, Ph.D. -
(Posted here: June 2, 2004)

THE SECRET COVENANT. Full Version, Rated R !
- Article as is it originally appeared on the Bankindex.com web site on 21 June 2002: -
- Unveilingthem.com -
(Posted here: July 29, 2004)

Myron Fagan's Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations
- Myron Fagan recorded his exposé on the Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations in the late 1960's on three LP Records. We present his lecture in six parts representing each side of those Records. -
- M2Ktalk.com -
(Posted here: October 16, 2004)

Eminem's New Video Highlights 9/11, Illuminati
(Free Download of the video)
- It's amazing that the acceleration of revelation is to the point when even the entertainment industry is waking up and contributing. -
- PrisonPlanet, October 26, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 30, 2004)

Mosh – by Eminem, October 2004 (The lyrics)
- Posted here: October 30, 2004)

Who Are the Global Elite?
- The following report will give you the information you need to make an educated decision about this vitally important subject... -
- by Wayne Morin Jr., Oct 24, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 24, 2005)

The Secret Covenant
- We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. *Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur. -
- written by Unknown, June 21, 2002 -
(Posted here: Nov 02, 2005)

Leo Zagami

Born Into Illuminati, Italian Aristocrat Goes Public About Opus Dei, Jesuits and Vatican NWO Connections
- Leo Zagami knows his life is in danger, but Illuminati insider who broke away from Satanism wants to warn Americans about the "evil enemy" destroying freedom. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Oct 18, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, October 18, 2006)

Zagami's initiation into the Secret Order of Saint Benedict

Who or What is Pindar?
- I have had the privilege to communicate with Leo, and among other things I asked him what he knew about Pindar. There have been rumors in circulation in books and on the Internet that Pindar should be the head of the Illuminati on Planet Earth, and perhaps even a full blooded Draco alien. This is what Zagami has to say about Pindar:
- by Wes Penre, Nov 19, 2006
(Posted here: Sunday, November 19, 2006)

Who Really Controls America?
- The point here is that there are a lot of bastards and not all of them are Jews. (In the same way that there are good people in every race, just as there are dirtbags in every race, religion, or gender). This, to answer your original question, is why I do NOT blame ALL the JEWS: quite simply because the Jews who did and do contribute to the corporate capitalistic coup that already has happened ~ are in no way the whole problem, as I see it. -
- by Jim Kirwan, Dec 03, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, December 07, 2006)

The Foundation of the infernal Empire of Anton LaVey and George H. Bush
- Leo's website was recently shut down due to him exposing the core or the Illuminati. He opened up a new website immediately after, and that one was closed down as well by the same Illuminati he exposed, and he had his life threatened, plus they told him they would take his young children away from him if he doesn't stop what he is doing.
I have decided to continue posting his very important information on MY website, www.illuminati-news.com, showing the Enemy we are not intimidated! Wes Penre -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 08, 2006
(Posted here: Friday, December 08, 2006)

Cardinal William J. Levada, Satanist

The Satanic Millennium
- Key Satanist of today is Cardinal William Levada who is running the Congregation from the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) Piazza del S. Uffizio.
Cardinal William Nevada was the Bishop of San Francisco were Anton Lavey use to have is Black House HQ's. -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 09, 2006
(Posted here: Friday, December 08, 2006)

The Swedish, Norwegian and Scandinavian Branches of the Illuminati
- Scandinavian Freemasonry in the hands of the Swedish Vatican Nazi elite is so powerful that nobody ever touch them in the II World War. Actually the Swedish government even charged TRAIN TICKETS to the NAZI OCCUPATION ARMY on their way to Norway. And the Norwegian elite welcome Nazism quite openly as they were coming in. Himmler established the concept that Trondheim had to become the future capital of the so called pure Aryan Empire. I can assure you that the Vatican and the Satanic elite love this Genetically pure race naive people connected to the most bloody ancient pagan cults that still practiced in secret nowadays. -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 12, 2006  -
(Posted here: Wednesday, December 13, 2006)

Licio Gelli

Who is Illuminati Licio Gelli?
- Gelli worked both sides. He helped to found the Red Brigade, spied on Communist partisans and worked for the Nazis at the same time, a double agent. He helped establish the Rat Line, which assisted the flight of high ranking Nazi officials from Europe to South America, with passports supplied by the Vatican and with the full acknowledgment and blessing of the United States intelligence community. While on one hand, the U.S. participated in the war crime tribunals of key Nazi officials and maintained an alliance with the Communist Soviet Union, secretly, the U.S. was preparing for the cold war and needed the help of Nazis in the eventual struggle the U.S. would have with the Soviet Union. -
- by Agent Orange and Mr. X, Dec 15, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, December 17, 2006)

Henry Ford

Conspiracy Confessions - New World Order From the Mouth of the Elite
[Video: 8 min]
- Don't believe in the New World Order or globalization, one world government? You will now. -
by Patrick Mooney, Institute of Unlearning, Aug, 2004 -
(Posted here: Sunday, December 24, 2006)

Chris Jon Bjerknes

What Every Jew (and Non-Jew) Should Know
- He [Bjerknes] says a heretical cult, the "Shabataian Frankists," controls organized Jewry, including Zionism and Freemasonry. They began as followers of Shabatai Zvi (1626-1676) and later Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) They believe Shabatai was the Messiah (God) and his soul has transmigrated down to the Rothschild dynasty, who are now the "king of the Jews."  -
- by Dr. Henry Makow, July 22, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 22, 2007)


The Satanic Cult That Rules the World
- "Either convert to Islam or die."  This was the choice the Turkish Sultan put to Sabbatai Zevi,  self-proclaimed Jewish "Messiah" in 1666.
   By only pretending to convert, Zevi  resorted to a common practice. But Zevi was not an ordinary Jew. He led a popular heresy, based on a satanic strain of Cabalism. The rabbis had denounced him and his followers. 
   After his "conversion," over a million followers, who later included financiers like the Rothschilds, imitated his example. But they didn't just pretend to be Muslims or Christians. They pretended to be Jews as well.  -
- by Dr. Henry Makow, Oct 16, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, October 18, 2007)


Genesis: The Creation of the Saudi Crime Syndicate
- When it was discovered that money from Saudi Princess Haifa bint Faisal had found its way, into the hands of Al Qaeda operative and advance man for the 9/11 hijackers Omar al-Bayoumi, the Saudi Princess put forward one of the worst alibis ever concocted...
- by Paul & Phillip D. Collins, Oct 06, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 08, 2007)

The Goals of the Illuminati

"Hidden Hand" posted this image to depict "Harvest"

Illuminati Insider Reveals Apocalyptic Agenda
- The world may soon resemble Jonestown if a sick Illuminati plan to "harvest" souls in 2012 comes to pass. On Oct. 18-24, 2008, a person claiming to be a "generational member of a Ruling Bloodline family" appeared on abovetopsecret.com  forum. Using the moniker "Hidden Hand," he gave a convincing explanation of the demented Cabalistic beliefs motivating the Illuminati. He described how they find this dimension ("Third Density")  to be "very constricting and uncomfortable" and want to be united with Lucifer ("the One" the "Creator.") This will require an apocalyptic human sacrifice or "harvest of souls" in 2012. -
- by Dr. Henry Makow, Dec 26, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 27, 2008)

The Hidden Hand behind the scenes, to which this anonymous insider refer to

Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Prolaimed Illuminati Insider
- This self-acclaimed illuminati Insider appeared on the "Above Top Secret" forum recently, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals. The reason he did that, he said, was because time is right for us to know some of what is going on behind the scenes. And when he explains WHY he needs to reveal it now, it's very convincing. In this article I will post the dialogue between the "Above Top Secret Forum" members and "Hidden Hand" in its entirety. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Dec 27, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 27, 2008)

Zionism and Judaism


"We [the Zionists] have it all under such control that no one -- no one or no-body can [reach] people unless it is done through our media control. (Who has had control of the mass media in the 20th century? -- Chairman of ABC pp Leonard Goldenson, President of CBS -- James H. Rosenfield, Chairman of RCS -- David Sarnoff, Chief Executive of NBC -- Fred Silverman, President of PBS -- Lawrence Grossman, Chairman of Time -- Arthur Heiskell, Editor of U.S. News & World Report -- Marvin Stone, Chief Executive of Dow Jones -- Warren H. Phillips, Editor of Newsweek -- Lester Bernstein, President of TV Guide -- Walter Annenberg, President of New York Times -- Sulzberger family, TV program producer -- Norman Lear -- these and more all are Jews!!) We have it sewed up!!"
- Harold Wallace Rosenthal from the Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976 -

* * *

The Talmud

Uncomfortable Truth: The Jewish Involvement in the New World Order
Sometimes, especially when you come close to the core and have peeled off quite a few layers of the onion, you notice that the truth becomes more and more uncomfortable, and there are moments when you almost want to stop your research, or at least stop publishing what you have discovered. Why? Because the truth goes against (and is many times the opposite of) everything you have been taught and raised believing, and if you present it, lots of people will be very upset and refuse to believe you, even when you present the evidence. -
- by Wes Penre, Dec 01, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 01, 2007)

The Truth About the Talmud
A Documented Exposé Of Supremacist Rabbinic Hate Literature

- The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book (actually a collection of books). Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament)." -
- by Michael A. Hoffman II, Dec 18, 2007 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, December 18, 2007)

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany
The Economic Boycott of 1933

- "Thus, if truth be told, it was the worldwide Jewish leadership - not the Third Reich - that effectively fired the first shot in the Second World War. Prominent New York attorney Samuel Untermyer (above right) was one of the leading agitators in the war against Germany, describing the Jewish campaign as nothing less than a "holy war." -
- The Barnes Review, Jan/Feb 2001 pp. 41-45 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 29, 2007)

The Video: Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at WWII
Video [01:13:00]
- "Although there are still questions, this is a staggering video which shows beyond reasonable doubt that no Jews were murdered in gas chambers, simply because there weren't any. On the contrary, the Germans took good care of their prisoners during the war and fed them well in the concentration camps, let them play sports, they had swimming pools, and they were properly dressed for cold winter days. They were fed 1100 calories/day except during the last few months of the war, when Germany was under heavy bombing attacks from the allies.. -
- by International Revisionist Video Production, 2004 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 29, 2007)

Germany burying corpses during WW II

German White Book Documents of the German-Polish Crisis
- The masters who controlled the British Prime Minister, French President, Polish President, etc. would not tolerate a peace being negotiated. They MUST have this war, or their Plan for World Dominion is waylaid for a time. We say waylaid, because it's become clear they've never stopped, regardless the setbacks or holdups, and today the beat goes on. Researchers/authors whose work has been suppressed have confirmed the information herein. -
- German Library of Information, New York -
(Posted here: Sunrday, December 30, 2007)

Who Owns the U.S. Media?
- The control of the opinion-molding media is nearly monolithic. All of the controlled media — television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures speak with a single voice, each reinforcing the other. Despite the appearance of variety, there is no real dissent, no alternative source of facts or ideas accessible to the great mass of people which might allow them to form opinions at odds with those of the media masters. -
- by Serbian Defense League, Exposing Zionism and Anti-Goyism -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 01, 2007)

The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade
Video  [01:08:04] Video
- In this brilliant foray into the hidden dimensions of the chronicle of black servitude, Tony Martin, professor of African History at Wellesley College, lectures on the role of Judaics in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the impact of racist rabbinic texts on the formation of the contemptuous view of Africans which led to the justification of their enslavement. Dr. Martin's speech is introduced by Michael A. Hoffman II who provides insight on recent scholarly developments concerning the "Curse of Ham."
- Presented by Michael A. Hoffman II -
(Posted here: Friday, November 23, 2007)

Michael Collins Piper

Who Really Runs America?
- What this amazing list reveals is a reality that many will find hard to accept: America’s “New Establishment” is overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish figures or those who are on the payroll of or dependent upon Jewish families and financial interests that bankroll the powerful Israeli lobby in America. That conclusion—however “offensive” or “controversial” in the eyes of some people—is inescapable.
- by Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press, Vol 7, #48, Nov 26, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, November 25, 2007)

(February 20, 2004)

The Hidden History of Zionism
- by Ralph Schoenman, 1988 -
(Posted here: November 11, 2004)

The Nature of Zionism
- What is Zionism? -
- by Vladimir Stepin -
(Posted here: April 18, 2005)

The Origins Of Modern Zionism
- Modern Zionism has its roots in a 17th century false Jewish messiah by the name of Sabbatai Zevi who claimed to be the promised savior of the Jews that has come to establish the Jewish kingdom in the promised land known then as Palestine. -
- by Jack Manuelian, Apr 30, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 1, 2005)

The Zionist Connection - An Unholy Tripartite
- Zionism supports the creation of a Jewish state in violation of the teachings of Orthodox Judaism and the Torah. Of course, there are patriotic American Jews, as well as Christians, who support and are sympathetic to the state of Israel, but not to the extent of putting such political sympathies on a level higher than their patriotism and loyalty to the United States. -
- by Ted Lang -
(Posted here: June 17, 2005)

The Protocol Serpent

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
- World Conquest Through World Jewish (Read Zionist) Government. The Zionist's attempt to blame the New World Order on the Jews -
- Biblebelievers.org -
(Posted here: February 9, 2005)

'Protocols Of Zion' - A Non-Zionist Jewish Perspective
- Anyone I know who has actually read them has no doubt about them and what they represent. The Protocols, no matter who penned them, are the key to understanding the current collapse of our civilization. -
- by Joseph Weinstein, June 26, 2005 -
(Posted here: June 26, 2005)

US Military Intel Confirmed Protocols Of Zion In 1919
- Read the following declassified United States Military Intelligence Division Report on the Protocols of Zion and you will see that the US MID believed the Protocols to be authentic. Everything else is just Zionist noise. -
- Rense.com, May 17, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, May 19, 2007)

Tidbits From The Talmud
- I have read the rebuttals to these tidbits from the Talmudists and found them completely lacking in credibility...after all, it is required of them to lie...so why expect the truth? Why do they attack those online who have websites exposing the Talmud if it weren't true? Actions speak louder than words.  They have attacked me for years for exposing the Talmud... -
-  by Sherry Shriner -
(Posted here: Friday, December 29, 2006)

Abraham Foxman, ADL

Foxman and the ADL Must be Stopped!
- Foxman derives his power not from law, but by selecting those individuals he wishes to defame and smear. And of course those smeared have the right to sue; but Foxman can offer that he only acted in the self-interests of "American Jewry and Israel." And Foxman and his ADL command much wealth and legions of lawyers to bury litigants in legal fees and the courts for years. -
- by Ted Lang, Jan 04, 2007   -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 06, 2007)

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein
[E-Book, Free to Download]
- This is Christopher Jon Bjerknes explosive book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (2006) which is simply the biggest expose of Albert Einstein's plagiarism of the Theory of Relativity, and his hidden role in the history of Zionism which needed a "hero" to promote its cause. -
- by Christopher Jon Bjerknes -
(Posted here: Monday, October 23, 2006)

Deceiving the Dumb Goyim
- It is a grave sin to practice any kind of deception whatsoever against a Jew. Against a Gentile it is only forbidden to practice direct deception. Indirect deception is allowed, unless it is likely to cause hostility towards Jews or insult to the Jewish religion... -
- Library.FlawlessLogic.com -
(Posted here: Nov 05, 2005)

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview
- I was therefore pleased to discover the attached which, I feel, puts an end to any debate as to their [The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion] authenticity - right from the horse's mouth! ... "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." The above is an exact quote by Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former top Administrative Aide to the then Senator Jacob Javits, who was since defeated in the 1980 election.  -
- by Walter White Jr, 1976 -
(Posted here: June 29, 2005)

Si(m)on Wiesenthal Center Says Websites That Discuss 9/11 Cover-ups Are 'Hate'
- Associated Press, April 21, 2004 -
(Posted here: April 22, 2004)

JFK Versus World Zionism
- In 1961 Benjamin Freedman, a loyal American, warned that even then "Zionists ruled the United States like monarchs".
- Rense.com, May 27, 2004 -
(Posted here: May 29, 2004)

Zionism & Nazism Promoting the Same Eugenics
- A SHOCKING new study reveals how key figures in the pre-state Zionist establishment proposed castrating the mentally ill, sterilizing the poor and doing everything possible to ensure reproduction only among the 'best of people.' 
- A R Action Report, June 12, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 21, 2004)

The Great Gulf Between Zionism and Judaism
- Paper delivered by G. J. Neuberger a member of Neturei Karta at the Tripoli Conference on Zionism and Racism -
- by G.J. Neuberger -
(Posted here: February 13, 2005)

Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews
- In 1935 the steamer "Tel Aviv" made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party.  -
- By Henry Makow Ph.D, June 27, 2004 -
(Posted here: June 29, 2004)

Zionist Gun Control from Job Outsourcer Feinstein!
- Zionism is not Judaism; Zionism is the Rothschild-led and communist international banking cartel’s intent for a Jewish state, today the nation of Israel, created for the sole purpose of leading international imperialism to a one-world government domination now recognized and described as "The New World Order. -
- Etherzone.com -
(Posted here: July 13, 2004)

Behind the Balfour Declaration: Britain's Great War Pledge To Lord Rothschild
- To Benjamin H. Freedman, who committed himself to finding and telling the facts about Zionism and Communism. and encouraged others to do the same.
- Institute of Historical Review -
(Posted here: July 21, 2004)

Zionism and Anti-Semitism
- We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. -
- Jews Against Zionism -
(Posted here: July 21, 2004)

"Pope's Zionist Sabbateans"
- The following article is written by my friend, Barry Chamish, whom I consider to be the foremost authority on both the past and present state of affairs within Israel today. -
- by Barry Chamish with forewords by Eric Phelps -
(Posted here: August 8, 2004)

The Origins of the Illuminati
- This is about Salomon Tulbure, Grand Master of the Illuminati Order. However, keep in mind that this guy is NOT accepted by the REAL Illuminati. He has his own order (he's a 'wanna be') with a similar goal (I know, because I have confronted him), but is working independently. He is probably a liability to the REAL Elite for doing it "his way", and my guess is that he is going to be "taken care of" when the time comes, by those in REAL power. (
Wes Penre, Illuminati News) -
- by Louis Turner -
(Posted here: August 22, 2004)

Scholars Attacked for Comparing Zionism to Nazism
- from sfbayview.com - (February 18, 2004)
(Posted here: February 20, 2004)

Zionism Promotes Anti-Semitism
- Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause, the creation of a separate state for Jews. To solve the Jewish Question, he maintained “we must, above all, make it an international political issue.” -
- Jews Against Zionism -
(Posted here: January 23, 2005)

Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America
- With 'Fortress Americas' now in tatters because of Russia's coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street's neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman's noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island. -
- by Joe Vialls, Jan 27, 2005 -
(Posted here: February 11, 2005)

Zionist Fox Guards American Henhouse
- A "protection racket" is a scam whereby an aggressor instigates an attack, blames it on a bogeyman, and then offers to protect the victim from this bogeyman in return for money and power. The "War on Terror" is a protection racket. The aggressor is the world financial elite based in the City of London. The instrument is the Zionist project, specifically the Mossad and its US allies. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D., Apr 16, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 17, 2005)

Einstein Letter Warning Of Zionist Fascism In Israel
- Letter That Albert Einstein Sent to the New York Times
1948, Protesting the Visit of Menachem Begin -
- pulpnonfiction.blogspot.com -
(Posted here: April 20, 2005)

The 3rd Category and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement
- As far as self perception is concerned, those who call themselves Jews could be divided into three main categories:
1. those who follow Judaism.
2. those who regard themselves as human beings that happen to be of Jewish origin.
3. those who put their Jewish-ness over and above all of their other traits. -
- by Gilad Atzmon, June 30, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 4, 2005)

Simon Wiesenthal
Simon Wiesenthal

The Simon Wiesenthal Center: A Bastion of Jewish-Zionist Power
- The Center supports Jewish religious bigotry, insisting that the Zionist seizure of the land of Palestine (“Zion”) is ordained by God, as revealed in the Hebrew scriptures. “In fact,” says Hier, “the cornerstone of our [sic] return to Zion was always based on the fact that it was a return to our historic biblical roots. -
- by Mark Weber, Institute for Historical Review -
(Posted here: Oct 3, 2005)

Benjamin Freedman

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks on Zionism
- Mr. Freedman, born in 1890, was a successful Jewish businessman of New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny which has enveloped the United States. -
- SweetLiberty.org -
(Posted here: Nov 05, 2005)

Zion Logo The Watchtower Society Logo

Links Between, and About, Zionism, Freemasonry and Jehovah's Witnesses
- provided by J.R., Feb 02, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 03, 2006)

The Talmud

Tidbits From the Talmud
- Sanhedrin 54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.//Kethuboth 11b . "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing." -
- by Sherry Shriner -
(Posted here: Feb 09, 2006)

The New World Order and the Talmud
[Compare the Zionistic "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion"]
- The New World Order and the Talmud. What does the Talmud have to do with it? It's the hidden cornerstone of the NWO agenda. -
- by Sherry Shriner -
(Posted here: Feb 09, 2006)

Edwin Mantagu (1879-1924)

British Jewry Tried to Stop Zionism
- When the British Cabinet issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, it was over the strenuous objections of its only Jewish member, Edwin Montagu, who represented British Jewry. But non-Jews, many of whom were anti-Semites, had the final say. They saw Zionism as a way to advance British imperialism and the New World Order. -
- by Henry Makow, March 11, 2006 -
(Posted here: March 11, 2006)

Douglas Reed (1895-1976)

Online Book: The Controversy of Zion
- In Europe during the years immediately before and after World War II, the name of Douglas Reed was on everyone's lips. His books were being sold by the tens of thousands. He was known with intimate familiarity throughout the English-speaking world by a vast army of fans. And then he was banished. Was it this book? Take a look at these chapters and judge for yourself... -
- by Douglas Reed -
(Posted here: Sunday, Aug 27, 2006)

"Masters of Truth Fathers of Lies"
- hen, why and where did Freemasonry originate? There is one answer to these questions: We do not know --." This we may not know nor have any proof of - but why then do the Royal Arch Rituals make such play about the Temple of King Solomon and claim three original Grand Lodges and Three original Grand Masters. I hope that as we proceed, the origins will become revealed. The Antients Grand Lodge, formally constituted in l751 coincided with the apparent disappearance of the Great Sanhedrin, the International government of the Jews.
- Fame 97 -
(Posted here: Saturday, June 09, 2007)

Obama and Chabad

Historian Demands Action on Powerful Doomsday Cults
- He thinks religious fanatics must be exposed and removed from power. He points to the Jewish Chabad Lubavitcher sect who want to hasten Armageddon to facilitate the intervention of the Messiah. Eggert quotes a Lubavitcher rabbi who says: "the world is waiting for us to fulfill our role in preparing the world to greet Moshiach" (i.e. Messiah.)  -
- BY DR. HENRY MAKOW, SEPT. 04, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, September 07, 2008)

Robert Edmondson "Testified Against the Jews"
- Our Zionist mind controllers have succeeded in eliminating almost all record of Robert Edmondson. Until today, there was no reference to him (or photo) on the Internet. Yet he was thrown into jail in 1936 and again in 1942 for producing hundreds of bulletins alerting his fellow Americans to an International conspiracy financed by the central bankers consisting largely of Communist Jews. This conspiracy has grown into the New World Order. -
- by Dr. Henry Makow, Nov. 02, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, November 02, 2008)

Malcolm X

Zionist Logic -- Malcolm X on Zionism
Taken from The Egyptian Gazette -- Sept. 17, 1964

- "The Zionist armies that now occupy Palestine claim their ancient Jewish prophets predicted that in the "last days of this world" their own God would raise them up a "messiah" who would lead them to their promised land, and they would set up their own "divine" government in this newly-gained land, this "divine" government would enable them to "rule all other nations with a rod of iron." -
-  by Malcolm X (Omowale Malcolm X Shabazz) -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 01, 2009)


The Vatican and the Jesuit Order

The purpose of the Jesuit Order is, and has always been, to covertly or overtly force the 'new' variant of Satanic Sun Religion from old Babylon, Christianity, upon the world, while other branches, in conjunction with the Jesuits, are working on destroying Christianity. This is how the Illuminati works; the right hand is doing one thing and the left hand the opposite, but it all fits with the Great Plan and they achieve what they want by deception and to 'divide and conquer'. Wes Penre


The Jesuit, Illuminati, Knights of Columbus and Masonic Oaths
- hen a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS... -
- BibleBelievers.org.au -
(Posted here: Saturday, August 18, 2007)

Eastern Architecture

Religion, 'Education', War and Westernisation
- The Jesuit Order is a fascist operation that hides behind the cover of 'Christianity' while actually being an elite secret society within the Illuminati web. There are two hierarchies in all Illuminati organisations - the one the public sees and the one in the shadows with the real power. -
- by David Icke, Feb 17, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Feb 17, 2008)

The Black Pope and his Jesuit Brothers

The Black Pope - The Most Powerful Man In the World?
- from "The SPECTRUM Newspaper" (February 2, 2004).
This interview shows the "Jesuit Order" as being the top of the Illuminati Pyramid.

Maniacal World Control Thru the Jesuit Order
- from "The SPECTRUM Newspaper"
(February 2, 2004)
An update on the above interview. These are MUST READS!!!

More on the Jesuit Order And the Black Pope
- from "The SPECTRUM Newspaper",
(February 2, 2004)

The Jesuit Order and the 9/11 Attack
- Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the General of the International Military Order of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as “the Black Pope”, ordered the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, with the advice and consent of his General Staff, composed of five assistants (each representing a hemisphere and under whom are many advisory Provincials), an advisor (resembling the likes of a military commander to warn him of any faults or mistakes), and his confessor (to ease his conscience and absolve him of his many sins). -
- by Eric Jon Phelps, VaticanAssassins.org -
(Posted here: Sunday, August 26, 2007)

Pope carrying the "Sun Cross", a pagan symbol and also the logo of the Jesuits, who are of the top Illuminati on this Earth

The Jesuit Order - Pictures of Papal Infiltration
- First of all I want to show several close Jesuit affiliations to powerful people.
  For example Jesuits as family members or close friendships, associations between Jesuits and U.S. Presidents, Governors, Senators, Hollywood stars and other well known people.
  I will do this with pictures and a short description of who the people are and what was going on at the time. I expect you to research these things on your own as well. I almost always need more than one source to be convinced of something myself. Except of course when there are pictures involved. It's said a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let the images do most of the talking. -
- by Thomas Richards -
(Posted here: Friday, August 24, 2007)

Author Eric Jon Phelps Says the "Black Pope" And Jesuits Have The Evil Serpent's Body Wrapped Firmly Around America And Going In For The Kill
- In the new edition of Vatican Assassins, Phelps traces the destruction, manipulation and deception of the Jesuits going back to ancient times and to the JKF assassination, the murder of Pope John Paul I and 9/11. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Feb 09, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 10, 2006)

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
- The Jesuit order, otherwise known as the Society of Jesus (S.J.), has been the military enforcement arm of the Catholic Church since it was first founded by Ignatius of Loyola of Spain in 1534 during the reign of Pope Paul III, ostensibly to combat Protestant heresy. And while many feel that the Jesuits are only a sub-order of the Roman Catholic Church and are merely seekers and disseminators of knowledge, they have a much darker history that many people do not know about. -
- AlphaThruOmega.com -
(Posted here: Oct 05, 2005)


Who Are The Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order?

* * *

Series by Greg Szymanski

* * *

The Black Pope

Who Are The Real Spiritual Controllers Of The New World Order: Confession With The Jesuits, A Weekly Series Appearing Every Sunday In The Arctic Beacon
- The Jesuits have always been steeped in controversy from their inception in 1540. In our first Sunday confession we hear from two loyal Jesuits, as well as starting from the beginning, asking who is America's No 1 enemy. Also, do all roads lead to the Vatican? Does the Pope take his marching orders from the Jesuit General known as the Black Pope? And is there a Jesuit cemetary [sic] on the East Coast shaped like a vagina? These are just some of the questions posed in today's first confession. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 23, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Apr 23, 2006)

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Sunday Confession No. 2: Are The Jesuits The Spiritual Controllers Of The New World Order? Jesuit General Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach Turns Down Interview Request.
- What is the Jesuit Order hiding and why is it so hard to get straight answers from the top leaders, as the search for America's hidden enemies continues every Sunday by the banks of Brushy Creek. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 30, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Apr 30, 2006)

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C.T. Wilcox

Sunday Confession No. 3: Were The Jesuits Involved In The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln? Why Did The U.S. Break Off Diplomatic Relations With The Vatican In 1867 after Lincoln's Murder?
- Author C.T. Wilcox says America's history has been hi-jacked, pointing to the Jesuit cover-up of the murder of Lincoln after uncovering documents hidden for more than 100 years. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 07, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 07, 2006)

Fr. Alberto Rivera

Confession No. 4: Did Jesuit Fr. Staempfle Write Mein Kampf For Hitler? Is George W. Bush The New Jesuit-Backed Roman Catholic Star?
- According to the late Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, whose job was to infiltrate and destroy Protestant ministries, he was privy to sensitive Vatican briefings and documents, revealing the Jesuit role in backing Hitler. Further, he was told by Cardinal Augustine Bea that Nazi gold was deposited in Vatican accounts in Swiss banks. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 14, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 14, 2006)

Confession No. 5: Hunt For The Truth Behind The Jesuits Continues, as Black Pope Officially Refuses To Be Interviewed By Truth Seekers
- But Jesuit General admits the coming of a New World Order and world contolled by the UN in a little known 2003 interview from Spain. Also two other researchers shed light on the Vatican in this week's Sunday Confession from the banks of Brushy Creek. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 21, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 21, 2006)

Pope Clement XIV Prince Henry

Confession No. 6: The Search For America's Hidden Enemy Continues With The Jesuits
- Before I begin, and you start thinking I'm an "extremist", let me say that I'm not the only person to find this information. It is readily available (at the finger tips of those on the internet) to anyone willing to put in a little time and research. I have found, what I believe to be, the common denominator for a very large percentage (if not all) of the events perpetrated and/or carried out by departments of government and/or its agencies, that are totally negative to the rights and freedoms of the American people, hence, also to the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 28, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 28, 2006)

Castle of Darkness in Belgium

Confession No. 7: Researcher from Philippines Provides A Look At Satanic Worshipping In Vatican And Castle Of Darkness In Belgium
- "While Mass is being said in the Sistine Chapel and tourists are being shown the works of Michelangelo, deep within the bowels of the Vatican sits a large, circular room with 13 separate chambers, each leading to a distinct catacomb.
When a mummified body is placed in front of each doorway, a young child is then brutally sacrificed with a long, golden knife during what is said to be a secret induction ceremony for new members of the Illuminati, better known as the New World Order". -
- by Greg Szymanski, June 04, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 04, 2006)

Confession No. 8: Crafty And Duplicitous Jesuits Are Master Deceivers With The Goal To Destroy America
- Crafty And Duplicitous Jesuits Are Master Deceivers With The Goal To Destroy America -
- by Greg Szymanski, June 11, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 11, 2006)

Confession No.9: Will America Rise Up Against Jesuits, Vatican And New World Order Tyranny?
- As the question lingers will Americans sit back and allow the 'powers that be' to refer to them as 'useless eaters' or will they rely on past history to uncover and remove the real culprits behind the destruction of America. -
- by Greg Szymanski, June 18, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 18, 2006)

Billy Graham The Archbishop of Westminster

Confession No.10: Billy Graham firmly Under Vatican And Jesuit Control? Vatican and Jesuit Vendetta for England Never-Ending; Should Serve as Example Of What Is Really Happening in America
- Researchers come forward with information that Dr. Graham was a 33rd Degree Freemason. Recent Guardian article says EU is a Catholic plot to impose Vatican sovereignty over Britain. -
- by Greg Szymanski, June 25, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 25, 2006)

Confession No. 11: According to Philippine Man, Jesuit And Vatican Have Pilfered Trillions In Gold Owed To The People
- Freedom fighter connects the dots back to Rome, as Americans better wake-up before the same thing happens here like is going on in the Philippines. -
- by Greg Szymanski, July 02, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 02, 2006)

R.M.S. Titanic

Confession No. 12: Did the Jesuit Order Mastermind the Sinking of the Titanic?
- The unsinkable ship, the floating palace was created to be a tomb for the wealthy, who opposed the Federal Reserve System. On April 14th (the same date in history as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln) of 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve Bank to begin World War I.' Notice the F.R.S. was established soon after the disaster of the Titanic. -
- by Greg Szymanski, July 09, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, July 09, 2006)

Confession No. 13: Americans Have Never Confronted 'The Real Enemy'
- It further should be noted that the Vatican and Jesuit Order's intention is to destroy Israel, the Middle East and America, instituting a One World Government and religion... -
- by Greg Szymanski, Aug 20, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Sep 03, 2006)

The Black Pope and his Jesuit Brothers

Confession No. 16: Former Bishop of Guatemala Claims Jesuits Control the Vatican and Are the Real Spiritual Controllers of the New World Order
- Bishop Gerard Bouffard says the Jesuit General, Fr Peter Hans Kolvenbach, gives the marching orders to the Pope. He also backs up the accusations made by the late Fr. Alberto Rivera about the evil Jesuit Order. -
- by Greg Szymanski, September 25, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, September 27, 2006)

Confession No.18: Hitler, Like Bush, Loyal to the Vatican
- Although hidden by the scholars, Hitler's own words show the Third Reich was organized like the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church, using Jesuit spiritual exercises. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Oct 29, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, October 30, 2006)

Lots of Links on the Jesuit Order
- (February 6, 2004) -

The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church
- "I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race..." -
- BibleBelievers.org -
(Posted here: November 26, 2004)

Secret Instructions of the Jesuits
- The Secret Instructions were first discovered during the 30 Years' War when the Duke of Brunswick plundered the Jesuit's college at Paderborn in Westphalia and made a present of their library to the Capuchins of the same town. Soon after reprints and translations appeared all over Europe. -
- Invision Power Board, Oct 09, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 11, 2005)

Who Sunk the Titanic?
- What was the real story behind the sinking of the Titanic? The book 'The Secret Terrorists' printed by Truth Triumphant Ministries and reprinted by Tree of Life Resources places blame squarely on the Roman Catholic Order known as the Jesuits. 'The greatest tragedies in the last 200 years can be traced to the Jesuits.' -
- by Doug Yurchey -
(Posted here: June 18, 2005)

Vatican Assassins
- After Thirty-Eight Years of Suppression (1963 - 2001) Exposing the Murder of Knight of Columbus President John F. Kennedy, by the bloody hand of the Society of Jesus, by Order of its Jesuit General being "the Black Pope", In Command of His Most Obedient Servant, the "infallible" Pope Paul VI being "the White Pope"... -
- Vaticanassassins.org -
(Posted here: June 22, 2005)

If you call yourself an American that means that you have embraced the constitution, because that is what an American is. A citizen of the United States of America is someone who has sworn an oath of allegiance to that document, to the words, to the ideals of that document. Right now we have citizens who don't even understand what that document is.
Scott Ritter - June 23, 2005, Scott Ritter Traprock Peace Center at the Woolman Hill Meeting House

America Will Soon Lose Its Constitution
- The American people must be very blind indeed, if they do not see that if they do nothing to prevent it, the day is very near when the Jesuits will rule their country, from the magnificent White House at Washington, to the humblest civil and military department of this vast Republic. -
- by Unknown -
(Posted here: June 28, 2005)

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the 'Black Pope' of the Jesuit Order

Jesuits to Elect New 'Black Pope' in 2008
[Related articles: The Black Pope - The Most Powerful Man In the World? and Author Eric Jon Phelps Says the "Black Pope" And Jesuits Have The Evil Serpent's Body Wrapped Firmly Around America And Going In For The Kill]
- The superior general of the Jesuits, Dutch Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, has informed members of the Society that he intends to step down in 2008, the year he will turn 80. -
- Catholic News -
(Posted here: March 30, 2006)

The Black Pope Eric Phelps

Did Black Pope Order And Help Orchestrate 9/11?
- According to author Eric Phelps, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Jesuit General known as the Black Pope, ordered the 9/11 attacks assisted by a military advisor to warn of any mistakes and a confessor at his side to ease his conscience to absolve any sins. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 20, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, Apr 20, 2006)

No Evidence of Jesuit Blood Oath At Recent Installation Of Wisconsin Provincial Head, But Black Pope of Rome Says Mass and Attends Milwaukee Ceremony
- Jesuits firmly deny Blood Oath exists, but text in 1913 U.S. Congressional Record says otherwise. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, Apr 26, 2006)

Leo Zagami

Bush And Blair: "Complete Satanists," According To High-Level Illuminati Defector
- Italian aristocrat and freedom fighter, Leo Zagami, says look out for a man by the name of Klaus Schmidt, who has come to America to usher in complete fascism through the Virginia Grand Masonic Lodge. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Nov 21, 2006 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, November 21, 2006)

Leo Zagami

Son of the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England's Officially Submits to the Vatican Luciferian Powers
- The royal son of the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England converted to Catholicism in 2001 Lord Nicholas Windsor, godson of Prince Charles, married a Croatian noblewoman in a religious ceremony at the Vatican on October the 4th of November. They were legally married in a civil ceremony in England on October 19. -
- by Leo Zagami, Nov 23, 2006 -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 23, 2006)

Jesuit Order pagan symbolism

From the Jesuit Order Pagan Archives 
- Then by little and little I seemed to see the whole figure of her body, mounting out of the sea and standing before me, wherefore I purpose to describe her divine semblance, if the poverty of my human speech will suffer me, or her divine power give me eloquence thereto. -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 15, 2006 -
(Re-Posted here: Saturday, December 16, 2006)

Leo Zagami

Latest from the Vatican
- A volume recently published collects all documents emanated from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since Council Vatican II until 2005. The work is composed of 662 pages, the greater part of which is written in Latin. -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 12, 2007)

Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach

Jesuit Trained Legislators Total 10% of U.S House And Senate. Names Are Listed Below
- Papal Rome has been likened to a huge Arctic iceberg with 10% of its mass above the water, like the numbers reflected on Capitol Hill, and the rest of them hidden in blackness below the waterline, fostering evil around the world. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Feb 13, 2007 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, February 13, 2007)

Confession to the Jesuits No 25: Why Is the Vatican Obsessed With Bones And Relics? What Is The Essence Of Their Satanic Rituals Surrounding Human Remains?
- The answer is both simple, and supremely evil. The Vatican is a collector of souls.
  The Vatican has been collective souls for over fourteen centuries, damning souls to an existence of torment and obedience to demons controlled by the Vatican, in turn giving them unprecedented and real spiritual power. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Mar 18, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, March 18, 2007)

The Black Nobility

The Rothschilds

The Black Nobility
- The most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland and Greece in that order. Their roots may be traced back to the Venetian oligarchs, who are of Khazar extraction, and married into these royal houses in the early part of the twelfth century. (Following a great Khazar victory over the Arabs, the future Emperor, Constantine V, married a Khazar princess and their son became Emperor Leo IV, also known as "Leo the Khazar". -
- by Unknown -
(Posted here: Jan 13, 2004)

The Black Nobility Website
[Great website on the Black Nobility]
- bibliotecapleyades.net -
(Posted here: Dec 23, 2005)

Samuel Liddell "MacGregor" Mathers, in Egyptian costume, performs a ritual of Isis in the rites of the Golden Dawn.

Manuals of the Black Nobility Vol. 1
- "The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage", a favorite classic by the illuminati elite who rules the Knights of Malta...
...In The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, you can discover the name of all these diabolical entities and come in contact with them or if you are a true illuminati you can finaly at the end of this Ordeal have contact with the Angels , needless to say its very very dangerous to try , and you will be a fool to even try it once if you dont want to end up in hell, or more likely in a mental asylum surrounded by evil illuminati waiting for your psicotic soul. -
- by Leo Zagami, Nov 28, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, November 29, 2006)


The Illuminati and Freemasonic Degree Systems

Leo Zagami and Fr. Murgia

The Illuminati and Freemasonic Degree Systems Exposed!
- And if you decide to go above the 33rd degree in the illuminati Rites of Memphis and Misraim you start fully working with Black Magic and Egyptian Jinn (Demons)...So the situation is the following:... -
- by Leo Zagami, Illuminati Refugee, Nov 26, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, November 26, 2006)

The Memphis, The Mizraïm and The Arcana Ancanorum of the Illuminati
- The Memphis and Mizraïm Rites both started in Naples through the work of a number of remarkable people from the School. Among them we remember Prince Raimondo Sangro di San Severo (1710-1771) who commissioned the building of the extraordinary hermetic monument, San Severo Chapel in Naples, and Baron Henry Theodore de Tschoudi (1724-1769) author of the Masonic catechism “The Flaming Star” .Between the two Rituals, the Memphis Ritual was entirely speculative from the very beginning. No transmutation operative ritual was to be found besides its very rich symbolic content. -
- by Leo Zagami, Dec 14, 2007  -
(Posted here: Friday, December 14, 2007)

Benjamin Fulford

The Followers of Nimrod's Secret Sect Versus the People of Abraham
- WHEN I WAS INVITED to join the Freemasons at the highest level last year, I was told that it was the year 5773, which was 6 years older than the Jewish calendar date of 5767. They told me there was no God and that they were God. They said there were 13 steps in Freemasonry above the 33rd degree. That also corresponds with 13 sacred bloodlines. The implication of this is that the Jewish people have been slaves to an inbred group of families for 5768 years. -
(Posted here: Monday, June 16, 2008)


Top Secret and Above

Supriem Rockefeller

Who is Supriem Rockefeller?
Mr. Charming and the Priesthood of AMEN

[Part 1-4]
- What is special is that in mainstream media he is never mentioned, and among people in general he is not known at all, although he claims to be very influential. Many people know who David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, John D, and Nelson Rockefeller are; they are/were all public figures. Supriem Rockefeller is not, but the information that is available is pretty disturbing. When I read the message from Supriem Rockefeller to his "prophet", Michael N. Prescott (below), I realized that the guy is either insane, a fake or "the real thing" in the sense that he actually believes what he is saying. I've come to the conclusion he is "the real thing", and I mean that on a Grande scale. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, January 29, 2009 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 29, 2009 - Thursday, March 12, 2009)

The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research

- With unlimited funding and complete superiority over every government, the organization can infiltrate any community, organization or situation with complete anonymity, maintaining their ultra top secret status. Based on confidential information collected through other government agencies, the organization is considered one of only a hand full of projects/operations/programs which have the super elite "Dharma Blue" ultra top secrecy status. -
- by Anonymous -
(Posted here: June 8, 2005)

Majestic Document

The Majestic Documents
Evidence That We Are Not Alone

[Free Download of Documents]
- Majestic Documents.com is a groundbreaking look at the United States UFO program called Majestic and the top secret government documents that tell the story of presidential and military action, authorization, and cover-up regarding UFOs and their alien occupants. A remarkable work of investigative journalism, this website is the first to authenticate top secret UFO documents that tell a detailed story of the crashed discs, alien bodies, presidential briefings, and superb secrecy. Special attention is paid to the forensic authentication issues of content, provenance, type, style and chronology. The story the documents tell leaves the reader with little doubt that the cover-up is real, shocking, and at times unethical. -
- MajesticDocuments.com -
(Posted here: Nov 05, 2005)

The House of Rothschild

The Shield of Rothschild

The History of the House of Rothschild
- The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, and I produce my evidence for this below in a timeline. The Rothschilds have, with their founding of Zionism, betrayed the principles of the Torah, and have caused great suffering around the world. -
- by Anonymous Andy and Daryl Bradford Smith, Dec 2005 -
(Posted here: Dec 16, 2005)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild Alphonse de Rothschild Jacob Rothschild

The Rothschild Dynasty
- The story of one of the top Illuminati families -
- by N.N. -
(Posted here: Feb 13, 2006)

The History of the House of Rothschild
[Part I | Part 2]
- The Rothschilds have, with their founding of Zionism, betrayed the principles of the Torah and as you will see in this timeline, the people who have suffered the most at the hands of these Zionists are the Jews.
   I name individual Rothschilds where I can, but due to the secrecy which they shroud themselves in, naming the exact Rothschild is not always possible.  -
- by Anonymous Andy and Daryl Bradford Smith, updated Feb 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 13, 2007)

The Rothschild Villa

The Rothschild Bloodline
Excerpt from the Book "Bloodlines of the Illuminati"

- According to eye-witnesses, who were prominent enough to visit one of the British Rothschild homes, the Rothschilds worship yet another god too, Satan. They set a place for him at their table.(8a) The Rothschilds have been Satanists for many generations. The Rothschilds are an important part of the history of the Seal of Solomon (also known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David.) The Seal of Solomon, the hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds began using it. -
(Posted here: Sunday, September 28, 2008)

The Satanic Rothschild Dynasty
- Presented by "Wisdom And Freedom", 1999 -
(Posted here: April 17, 2004)

Was Victor Rothschild a "Soviet" Agent?
- Between 1935 and 1963, the Soviet Union knew all of Britain's military and scientific secrets thanks to "The Cambridge Five" a spy ring that operated in M1-5, MI-6 and the Foreign Office. Western intelligence agencies were rendered ineffective and Allied secrets including the design of the atomic bomb were stolen. -
(Posted here: Feb 06, 2006)

Nat Rothschild

That Rothschild Clan in Full: Eccentricity, Money, Influence and Scandal
- Nat Rothschild’s career path – from playboy to plutocrat – has to be seen against the backdrop of his family history, studded as it is with eccentrics who were torn between loyalty to an immense and powerful name and the urge to break away from the clan. -
- Sunday Times, Oct 26, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 26, 2008)

George OsborneNat Rothschild

Multi-Millionaire Nat Rothschild 'Behind Osborne's £200,000 Gift'
- Depending on where the money came from, this allegation could have serious consequences. It is illegal to make secret gifts to a political party using proxy donors...The claim, made by an individual with direct access to Mr Rothschild, could hold the key to the extraordinary row involving Mr Rothschild, Mr Osborne, Lord Mandelson and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska...Mr Rothschild, who works for Mr Deripaska, caused a sensation last week by accusing his Oxford University friend Mr Osborne of asking Mr Deripaska to give £50,000 to the Tory Party. -
- by Simon Walters, Daily Mail, Oct 26, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 26, 2008)

The House of Rockefeller

Supriem Rockefeller

Who is Supriem Rockefeller?
Mr. Charming and the Priesthood of AMEN

[Part 1-4]
- What is special is that in mainstream media he is never mentioned, and among people in general he is not known at all, although he claims to be very influential. Many people know who David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, John D, and Nelson Rockefeller are; they are/were all public figures. Supriem Rockefeller is not, but the information that is available is pretty disturbing. When I read the message from Supriem Rockefeller to his "prophet", Michael N. Prescott (below), I realized that the guy is either insane, a fake or "the real thing" in the sense that he actually believes what he is saying. I've come to the conclusion he is "the real thing", and I mean that on a Grande scale. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, January 29, 2009 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 29, 2009 - Thursday, March 12, 2009)

The Rockefellers

The Rockefeller File
- The super rich in America enjoy power and prerogatives un-imaginable to most of us. Who can conceive of owning a private empire that includes 100 homes, 2,500 servants, untold thousands of luxuries, and untold millions of dollars? America has a royal family of finance that has known such riches for generations. It is, of course, the Rockefellers. -
- by Gary Allen -
(Posted here: May 19, 2005)


The Wycliffe Bible Translators, John Mott & Rockefeller Connections
- The history of the Rockefeller family began, not with Standard Oil and not with honor, but with a con man, womanizer and a thief. Various authors note that the Rockefeller "oil" beginnings were not solely from "crude oil."  John D. Rockefeller Seniors father, , "Big Bill," was a traveling salesman who advertised himself as a "William Rockefeller, the Celebrated Cancer Specialist" and who hawked "herbal remedies" and other bottled medicines." He guaranteed "All Cases of Cancer Cured Unless They Are Too Far Gone". -
- by Vicky Dillen -
(Posted here: Monday, September 17, 2007)

John D. Rockefeller & the Standard Oil Company
- Strategies of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company 1863-1911 -
(Posted here: June 9, 2004)

The Rockefellers

Rockefeller and the New World Religion
-It comes as little surprise, given their long term goal of world government, that the Rockefeller family would approve of and support a societal outlook favorable to globalism. The use of religion is one method that, in Rockefeller's eyes, looked to be a promising means of accomplishing this goal. Early programs such as the Interchurch World Movement focused on the maintenance of harmonious relations between people in America's growing industrial society. -
- by Daniel Taylor, Dec 02, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, December 05, 2007)

Supriem Rockefeller

Who is Supriem Rockefeller?
- Supriem David Rockefeller is seriously suggesting he is Lucifer (The Anti-Christ). Believe that? Well, at least from where I sit it sounds like Mr. Rockefeller believes his own words; whether he is insane or not I can't possibly know, but his "prophet" sure acts like he is. The whole thing, though, seems so bizarre and disorganized that it's hard to make any sense of it. And with Leo Zagami, the "old Illuminati Insider", involved in the communication it just adds to the confusion. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, January 29, 2009 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 29, 2008)

... until the Revelation about Microchips.

Astounding Interview of Aaron Russo About Nicholas Rockefeller Who Asked Him to Join the CFR
- Several years ago, after his popular video Mad As Hell was released and he began his campaign to become Governor of Nevada, Russo was noticed by Rockefeller and introduced to him by a female attorney. Seeing Russo's passion and ability to affect change, Rockefeller set about on a subtle mission to recruit Russo into the elite CFR (Council of Foreign Relation) organization. -
- by TheCounterPunch -
(Posted here: Monday, August 13, 2007)

Nelson Rockefeller

The Roots of the UN
Rockefeller fingerprints all over it

VideoVideo [00:09:00; 00:02:45]
- It's fascinating how the organization arose out of thin air with the Rockefellers paying all the bills. Note that the check to pay for the headquarters came from the Rockefeller family owned bank Chase Manhattan...Yes, that's Rudolph Giuliani introducing the video..."A force for freedom and peace in the world..." That's what US presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani called David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family in a video posted to Brasscheck TV last week.
- Brasscheck TV -
(Posted here: Wednesday, November 14, 2007)


The House of Wallenberg

Wallenberg, the Aristocrats of Swedish Business and the Order of the Seraphim
- The Swedish Wallenberg's are like the equivalent to the United States Rockefeller’s or Europe’s Rothschild’s.
  Swedish National Broadcasting (SVT) has just run a three-part documentary about the Wallenberg's, and it includes some interviews with the otherwise reserved family members. The series seems to have sparked some interest, so it might be convenient to briefly relay some info about them here.  -
- by Henrik Palmgren, RedIceCreations.com -
(Posted here: Tuesday, January 16, 2007)

The Oppenheimers

Ernest Oppenheimer

The Diamond Empire: Oppenheimer Family's Cartel, Artificial Scarcity
[Video: 1hr 21min]
- Now hold on a minute: Why is our government in a “difficult” position if Iraq is a “swing producer” of oil?
   The answer was that Saddam was jerking the oil market up and down. One week, without notice, the man in the moustache suddenly announces he’s going to “support the Palestinian intifada” and cuts off all oil shipments. The result: Worldwide oil prices jump up. The next week, Saddam forgets about the Palestinians and pumps to the maximum allowed under the Oil-for-Food Program. The result: Oil prices suddenly dive-bomb. Up, down, up, down. Saddam was out of control. -
- Video.Google, Jan 14, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 18, 2007)

The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine
- One New Age channeling cult, above all the rest, has had a huge - very disturbing influence on hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. Known as 'The Nine', its disciples include cutting edge scientists, multi-millionaire industrialists and leading politicians. This exclusive extract based on The Startgate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince looks at the sinister origins of The Nine. -
- forteantimes.com, 1999 (website is down) -
(Posted here: June 19, 2005)

The Committee of 300

Committee of 300 Cover, by Dr. John Coleman

A Prophet In Our Own Time - Dr. John Coleman
- Did you know? Public Law 87-297 calls for complete disarmament so the UN can "maintain internal peace". 51 million American acres are now UN designated! Military capacity of US is 65% and UN is 800% of our 1991 levels. The UN Children's Rights takes responsibility away from parents and gives it to the state. No mention of God in the UN Charter. AIDS was UN-induced for population control (House Bill 15090.) HB 666 crushes our 4th Amendment Rights. UN command of US troops (PDD 25). -
- Compiled by Dee Finney, May 25, 2001 -
(Posted here: Friday, Apr 14, 2006)

Tavistock And The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300
- Stanford Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1946 by the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations. Stanford was created to help Robert 0. Anderson and his ARCO oil company, who had secured for the Committee of 300 the oil rights on the North Slope of Alaska... -
- by Dr. John Coleman, excerpt from the book: "The Committee of 300" -
(Posted here: Friday, Apr 14, 2006)

Zbignew Brzezinski

Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300
- ...To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Brzezinski's Red Terror look like children at play... -
- by Dr. John Coleman, excerpt from the book: "The Committee of 300" -
(Posted here: Friday, Apr 14, 2006)

The Great White Brotherhood


The Great White Brotherhood
- Black magic (the calling up of evil spirits, in contrast with the communion with good spirits as in white magic) is declared to be "strictly scientific though little known." Under Death we read that "The soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed....Neither the body or soul ever dies, and there is no death." -
(Posted here: June 8, 2004)

Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Lucifer
- In 1959, the "Ascended Masters" contacted Benjamin Creme — an obscure English painter who dabbled in the occult — Creme was told to perform a mission: the advancement of the Masters' plan for humanity. Creme was instructed to prepare the way for one Lord Maitreya — a Master and self-proclaimed christ who would soon begin to assume a human form to begin preparing humanity for the Age of Aquarius. -
- Illuminati Conspiracy Archive, 2001 -
(Posted here: June 24, 2005)

The Knights Templar


The Knights Templar
- (February 4, 2004) -

The Knights Templar & the Prieure de Sion - A Background
- The Whale.To Website -
(Posted here: August 8, 2004)

The Knights Templars Connection to Freemasonry
- in their own words -
(February 4, 2004)

The Knights Templar, the Assassins, the Johannite Heresy, and Satanism
- from Freemasonrywatch - (February 4, 2004)

The Crown Temple - By Rule of Mystery Babylon
- The U.S.A. is not the free and sovereign nation that our federal government tells us it is. If this were true, we would not be dictated to by the Crown Temple through its bankers and attornies. The U.S.A. is controlled and manipulated by this private foreign power and our unlawful Federal U.S. Government is their pawn broker. -
- World Newsstand.net -
(Posted here: September 18, 2004)

The Templar Orders in Freemasonry
An Historical Consideration of Their Origin and Development

- Having regard to the fact that Emblematic Freemasonry, as it is known and practised at this day, arose from an Operative Guild and within the bosom of a development from certain London Lodges which prior to the year 1717 had their titles in the past of the Guild and recognised its Old Charges, it would seem outside the reasonable likelihood of things that less than forty years after the foundation of Grand Lodge Knightly Orders should begin to be heard of developing under the aegis of the Craft, their titles in some cases being borrowed from the old institutions of Christian Chivalry. -
- by Arthur Edward Waite -
(Posted here: February 23, 2005)

Secret Tunnels Used by Knights Templar and Illuminati in Hertford
- These revelations are restoring Hertfordshire to its rightful place in Templar legend, and literally put Hertford on the map in the Quest for the Holy Grail, and there is more to come... -
- The Insider - Information Bulletin, Oct 8, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 8, 2004)

Hertford, Home of the Holy Grail
- One of the problems with secret societies - especially the kind whose members exert a shadowy influence on the course of world events - is that they can be a bit difficult to track down. Never was this more true than of the Knights Templar, the ancient Catholic order rumoured, among other things, to know the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. -
- The Guardian, Jan 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: January 4, 2005)

A Clue to the Secret of the Holy Grail
- A legendary medieval Order, the Knights Templar, established a base in Hertfordshire during the Crusades. It is said that some of their descendents still live here today and maintain the original Templar tradition. -
- The Insider, Dec. 10, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 11, 2004)

  The Knights Templar The Red Cross Logo
The Red Cross is an Illuminati Knights Templar
 front organization

Red Cross Frauds, Katrina & Other Disaster Scams
[The Red Cross is controlled by the Knights Templar]
- Is the Red Cross another Illuminati "charity" front group? The Red Cross has a well documented history of fraud. Another catastrophe is always another chance to cheat the good hearted citizens of the USA. -
- ConspiracyPlanet.com -
(Posted here: Sep 7, 2005)

The Illuminati Controlled Red Cross
- Here are several articles on the Red Cross and what they do with disaster money..... Not pretty: The American Red Cross or the International Red Cross, like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank, is an Illuminati-controlled front organization whose true purpose is completely opposite from their stated purpose. -
- Information compiled by an Illuminati News visitor -
(Posted here: Sep 30, 2005)

Knights Templar Ask Pope for Apology
- The Knights Templar have written a letter to the Pope, dated 13 October 2004, in which they formally request an apology for the persecution of their Order from 1307 A.D.. A Papal or Vatican response is required in time for 13 October 2007, which is the 700th anniversary of the arrest of the Templar leadership. -
- The Insider, Nov. 17, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 29, 2004)

Knights Considering Apology to Templars
- THE VATICAN is giving "serious consideration" to apologising for the persecution that led to the suppression of the Knights Templar.The suppression, which began on Friday , October 13, 1307, gave Friday the Thirteenth its superstitious legacy. -
- The Insider, November 29, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 29, 2004)

Hertford, home of the Holy Grail
- An ancient secret society; a demand for a papal apology; and a network of hidden tunnels. Strange things have been stirring in Hertfordshire recently. Oliver Burkeman goes in search of the Knights Templar and, perhaps, the cup of Christ. -
- Guardian Unlimited, Jan 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: January 8, 2005)

Da Vinci Code movie release timed to Knights Templar deadline
- The Da Vinci Code movie release is timed to the year before the seventh centenary of the persecution of the Templars in 2007. The year 2006 is particularly special because 13th October falls on a Friday, echoing the last day of the Templars. -
- The Insider, December 1, 2004
(Posted here: December 3, 2004)

Catholic Press Attacks Call for Pope to Apologise to Templars
- It appears that the Catholic Herald does not recognise the case for an apology. The article quotes three individuals, one academic and two authors, who between them argue that the Templars ceased to exist and "deserved" to be oppressed, therefore no apology is necessary. These sentiments are echoed by the editorial inside the newspaper. The implication would seem to be that the Vatican is wrong to be "seriously considering" issuing an apology. -
- The Insider, Dec 4, 2004 -
(Posted here: December 4, 2004)

250-Yr Mystery but not Quite a Da Vinci Code
- For 250 years it defied all code-breakers. Darwin had a go, Dickens and Wedgwood too. But the 10-letter inscription — DOUOSVAVVM — carved into a monument on the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire thumbed its nose at the curious. -
- Indian Express, Nov. 28, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 29, 2004)

My Kingdom is Not of This World - Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg
- But there is much in the original de Vere text that is not to be found in the Gardner version, and there is an authenticity to de Vere’s work, derived from the fact that he is the true inheritor and guardian of this tradition – the Dragon tradition, also known as the Grail tradition. -
- Interview by Tracy R Twyman -
(Posted here: December 28, 2004)

Pope Was Investigating Knights Templar
The new Pope, Benedict XVI, was actively investigating secret societies including the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, it was revealed yesterday. Details were exposed by a local newspaper in Hertfordshire, England. Cardinal Ratzinger was head of the Inquisition, the arm of the Church set up to investigate, persecute or eliminate heretics. But the curious thing is, we now know that he started his investigation shortly before he was elected as the new Pope. Did he know something? He certainly made no secret of his ambition to become Pope. -
- The Insider, Apr 30, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 30, 2005)

The Pilgrim Society Skull & Bones The Knights Templar

The Pilgrims Society: Skull & Bones and Templar Bloodlines
It's finally time to add Skull & Bones to the list of organizations the Pilgrims Society recruits the founders and-or leaders of. -
- Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions, Feb 15, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 15, 2006)

Knights Templar

The Knights Templar
- The Order of the Knights Templar has its roots in the crusades. To some extent, we had explored it in our previous works, The New Masonic Order (1995) and Global Freemasonry (2002). -
- by Harun Yahya -
(Posted here: Feb 21, 2006)

The NSA (National Security Agency)

NSA Logo

National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 1-3
Citadel of Evil
- This essay is NOT intended for underage readers. Portions of this document contain graphic descriptions of violence/torture, and include other subject material inappropriate for those who possess a weak constitution and/or squeamish disposition. Some sections, especially here in part 2, are very graphic in their description of NSA torture techniques. Readers who've been subjected to these brainwashing tactics, may suffer from flash backs (triggered recall of suppressed memories) by reading these sections. -
- by Steven J. Smith, Scientist, October 2008 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, October 21, 2008)

James Casbolt

Former MI6 Agent James Casbolt Says the National Security Agency is Trying to Recruit Him
- James [Casbolt] has just decided to go public with some highly sensitive information in order to protect himself and his loved ones. I will give a brief chronological explanation of the recent events, and I will provide you with sensitive documents that James has withheld from the public until now. -
- JamesCasbolt.com -
(Posted here: Thursday, October 26, 2006)

The Round Table
(The Center of Globalization Today)

The Round Table
- After much research and discussion with individuals who have thoroughly done their homework I am convinced that there exists a very real power elite on this planet. This elite goes back conceivably thousands of years (succeeding generation are taught the secrets) and has continued to evolve its esoteric knowledge- based power to control world economy and thus everything else. This knowledge is the basis of both black and white magic. I call it the Illuminati because freemasonry is only a part of it. -
- by Echan Deravy -
(Posted here: December 5, 2004)

A Short History of the Round Table
- This secret society would have "its members in every part of the British Empire", including in the schools and universities to select new members and in the Colonial legislatures, where they would "advocate the closer union of England and colonies, to crush all disloyalty and every movement for the severance of our Empire". He also envisaged this secret society owning "portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of the people". -
- Nexus Magazine -
(Posted here: February 15, 2005)

The Rhodes-Milner Round Table
- While researching the origins of the Religious Right for this series, we came across an obscure but significant passage in an obscure but highly significant document titled "The Belmont Brotherhood". -
- Watch.Pair.com -
(Posted here: February 15, 2005)

Rhodes Scholar Exposed
- Through the use of inductive cloud chamber reasoning, it has been determined that it is most probable that the Rhodes Scholars are operating in conjunction with the BBSs - the billionaire banklords, the international bank owners that are the unseen enemy of the United States of America. -
- Uhuh.com -
(Posted here: Dec 31, 2005)

Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley
- This book was heavily suppressed, due to that it described how the Round Table outlined the New World Order and still does. The plates to the first half of the book were destroyed, and the re-issuing of the book only contained the second half of the book. Quigley was Bill Clinton's mentor, and the purpose with the book was not to tell the world there is something wrong with Globalism; he only described it as it is. This was not allowed by the Illuminati. Wes Penre -
(Posted here: February 15, 2005)

Lucis (Lucifer's) Trust

Lucis Trust Logo

The Lucis (Lucifer) Trust - Satanism and the New World Order
- A powerful wing of the Anglo-American Establishment is currently under investigation by this news service for its role in promoting the cults of Satanism and Luciferianism, for spawning an entire subculture of drug-induced violence believed to be behind the recent pattern of hideous ritual murders. As Dianne Core, a leading British expert in the battle against Satanism, put it recently, "We are in the middle of spiritual warfare, and the Satanic weapons are all pointed at the young." -
- by Scott Thompson, Executive Intelligence Review -
(Posted here: Nov 15, 2005)

Lucis (Lucifer) Trust, Alice Bailey, World Goodwill and the False Light of the World
- Lucis Trust promulgates the work of an "Ascended Master" who was working 'through' Alice Bailey for some 30 years. The Lucis Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an "Externalized Hierarchy" of "Ascended Masters," who carry out the work of a Luciferian "master plan" for the establishment of a permanent "Age of Aquarius" ruled by one "Sanat Kumara", the "Lord of the World." -
- Illuminati Conspiracy Archive -
(Posted here: Nov 15, 2005)

The Lucis Trust Website
- LucisTrust.org -
(Posted here: Nov 15, 2005)

Rhodes Trust

Rhodes Trust

The Jesuit, Illuminati, Knights of Columbus and Masonic Oaths
- hen a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS... -
- BibleBelievers.org.au -
(Posted here: Saturday, August 18, 2007)

The Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter
- The Oldest and Highest British Order of Chivalry, founded in 1348 by Edward III. The Order consists of Her Majesty The Queen who is Sovereign of the Order, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and 24 Knights Companions.(Inner Core of The Committee of 300 also Knights of the Garter).
- Chemtrailpatrol.com -
(Posted here: April 27, 2005)

Knights of the Garter insignia

List of the Knights of the Garter (1348 - Present)
- collected by Heraldica.org -
(Posted here: Dec 31, 2005)

Opus Dei


Opus Dei 
- The inherent danger lies in the undemocratic structure of the Opus which totally reflects the Fascistic ideology in Escriva's teachings. People have to follow the orders given to them by their leaders without doubting them. Leaders have total control over the people subordinated to them through the weekly talk where they learn everything they need to manipulate followers. -
- Opus Dei - the Unofficial Homepage -
(Posted here: June 4, 2004)

The Catholic Secret Societies, Opus Dei, The Knights of Malta, P2
- Opus Dei are considerably conservative, and they are also secretive to the extreme. It is interesting that for some time now, Catholics have been allowed to join the Freemasons. In fact the 'Knights of Columba', and the Freemasons cooperate on a lot of levels these days. A kind of rationalisation, for the Illuminati. -
- by Tony O'Clery -
(Posted here: June 4, 2004)

Opus Dei in the United States
- To its critics it is a powerful, even dangerous, cult-like organization that uses secrecy and manipulation to advance its agenda. At the same time, many Catholics admit knowing little about this influential group. -
- Americamagazine.org, Feb 25, 1995 -
(Posted here: April 27, 2005)

Opus Dei Awareness Network
- The Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc. (ODAN) was founded in 1991 to meet the growing demand for accurate information about Opus Dei and to provide education, outreach and support to people who have been adversely affected by Opus Dei. -
- ODAN.org -
(Posted here: September 7, 2004)

Opus Dei Cilice

Opus Dei Conspiracy: Spy Teams-Hit Squads in USA
- This isn't the Da Vinci Code. This isn't fiction. The Opus Dei, a shadowy and sinister Roman Catholic group, is running "an espionage and political assassination team in the United States," writes former NSA analyst Wayne Madsen, who quotes "knowledgable sources" in Washington. -
- by Conspiracy Planet, Oct 16, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 16, 2005)

Baroness Phillippine de Rothschild with two sons Opus One

An Easter Sunday Illuminati Special: If You Want To Share A Good Glass Of 'Blood Red' With Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, Opus One Winery In The Napa Valley Is The Place To Go
- A California researcher has located another Bohemian Grove, providing a guided tour of a devil worshipping compound fronting as a vinyard. The logo of Opus One is the two-headed Janus or the spirit who divides, the symbol being an important part of Illuminati mind control. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Saturday, Apr 16, 2006)

The Opus Dei Headquarters

Opus Dei in America
- What the Jesuit Order is for the left wing of the Roman Catholic Church, Opus Dei is for its right wing.  (Hegelian politics at its finest, for the Roman Catholic Church cannot lose if it has strong ties with both ends of the political spectrum!  Of course, to work it requires Protestants to be duped into political alliances with heretics.)  Many Protestants are not familiar with Opus Dei though, so a bit of education is necessary. -
- by J. Parnell McCarter, May 09, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Aug 06, 2006)

The Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati
- Unable in Catholic Bavaria to achieve this utopian goal by direct means, Weishaupt determined to work from within an existing organization: the Masonic order -
- The Illuminati Exposed -
(Posted here: August 8, 2004)

Adam Weishaupt
A Biography of the Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati

- “Its members, pledged to obedience to their superiors, were divided into three main classes; the first including novices, minervals and lesser illuminati the second consisting,” like the Freemasons, of “ordinary, Scottish and Scottish Knights, and the third, or mystery class, comprising two grades of priest and regent, and of magus and king,” or Illuminatus Rex. This hierarchy, incidentally, is identical to the table of organization of the Sufis of Islam, which has some historians wondering if Adam's friend Kolmer was a closet Sufi. The Illuminati were a closemouthed bunch..." -
- by Joseph Trainor, May 11, 2002 -
(Posted here: Tuesday, December 23, 2008)

Adam Weishaupt

The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and The Illuminati
- Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati have been extremely misunderstood and attacked by the Powers That Be over the centuries, and they were (are) not what most researchers today accuse them of. They are NOT part of the Black Brotherhood. This group is, and has always been, an opponent to the Global Elite, and I think they are an essential group in the fight against the Old World Order. And I do embrace their idea of meritocracy as a 'political' system instead of democracy or any other political structure existing today. Already as a teenager, being totally discouraged with the school system, I told my friends that every kid should be asked what they want to do in life if they could choose freely. This way a person's goal can be spotted early and the society can support each person and help him/her reaching those goals. Then we have a society of dedicated, happy individuals. Goals and talents may change over the years, and that would, in my opinion be okay, as long as the individual is sincere and doesn't just want to use the system to be lazy. -
- by Conrad Goeringer, American Atheists, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, February 21, 2009)

Phi Beta Kappa, 1932

Phi Beta Kappa and the Masonic Hierarchy
- The reason there is so much speculation about the Bavarian Illuminati is because the real truth hasn't been told anywhere that I can see. In short, the Bavarian Illuminati, whose first Grandmaster was Adam Weishaupt, was just a more recent branch of an old Secret Society, going back thousands of years. A branch of it is still alive and well today. They were the ones who started the Freemasonic Order from the beginning, but the original Freemasons had no desire to take over the world and control the population - quite the contrary. It had a purpose to counter the 'Powers That Be' and put an end to wars and slavery.
  However, with time the Freemasonic Order was infiltrated by the very same forces it was fighting against and was eventually taken over. It led to the Freemasonic Order we have today, which is totally corrupted and in the hands of the Power Elite. -
- by Christopher Knowles, The Solar Satellite, Feb 17, 2009 -
(Posted here: Friday, February 20, 2009)

* * *

Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence
The True Story of the Bavarian Illuminati

- In the literature that concerns the Illuminati relentless speculation abounds. No other secret society in recent history - with the exception of Freemasonry - has generated as much legend, hysteria, and disinformation. I first became aware of the the Illuminati about 14 years ago. Shortly thereafter I read a book, written by Robert Anton Wilson, called Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati. Wilson published it in 1977 but his opening remarks on the subject still ring true today. -
- BY TERRY MELANSON, ConspiracyArchive.com, Aug 5, 2005 -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 13, 2008)

Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Sniffing Out Jesuits
The True Story of the Bavarian Illuminati

- The other reason is this: a particularly rabid and extremely annoying "Jesuits-rule-the-world" theorist who spams many YahooGroups (always in the customary all-caps shouting mode), had deigned this "Religious Counterfeits" webpage as the proper authority - I am not sure why - on the following theories: 1) that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit - not just Jesuit-trained, but a Jesuit priest; and 2) that the Illuminati, therefore, are synonymous with the Jesuits and, in fact, the two are the same (that is, the former was merely the organ of the latter, and the proof of said assertion is the fact that Weishaupt was supposedly a Jesuit himself). To someone who has even a modicum of familiarity with the 18th-Century European Enlightenment, this is indeed a preposterous claim; it's based upon a falsehood - Weishaupt being a Jesuit - and displays ignorance of the history of the period to which we speak.  -
- BY TERRY MELANSON, ConspiracyArchive.com, Sep 12, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 13, 2008)

* * *

Illuminati of Bavaria
- Quotes By Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the Illuminati -
- Freedomdomain.com -
(Posted here: August 8, 2004)

The Washington Illuminati Letter
- I have heard much of the nefarious, and dangerous plan, and doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me. -
- Hierarchypedia.com -
(Posted here: January 5, 2005)

Quotes and Writings by Adam Weishaupt and Other Illuminati
- "I declare and I challenge all mankind to contradict my declaration, that no man can give any account of the order of Freemasonry, of it's origin, of it's history, of it's object, nor any explanation of it's mysteries and symbols, which does not leave the mind in total uncertainty on all these points..." -
- by Leo Zagami, Jan 24, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 24, 2007)

The Writings and Correspondance of Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati
- Quotes By Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the Illuminati -
- Freemasonrywatch -
(Posted here: August 8, 2004)

The Illuminati Logo Baphomet
Click on Baphomet for enlargement
and further explanation

The Infamous Baphomet
- But how would such a respected religious order come to worship a head idol or engage in such evil? Likely, they didn't! -
MasonicInfo.com -
(Posted here: Oct 4, 2005)

- Baphomet and the Worship of him in a Masonic Temple during the George Washington Era (Washington was himself a Freemason). Note the Knights Templar cross on the robes and what appears to be the Rosicrucian cross on Baphomet himself. And on their own website, in an attempt to defend themselves, the Freemasons bluntly lie and claim the Templars never worshipped Baphomet. As a fact, Freemasonry still does and so does the Illuminati. -
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Oct 4, 2005 -
(Posted here: Oct 4, 2005)

Royal Genealogy - The 13th Illuminati Bloodline

Genealogies of European Royal Families
- (December 23, 2003) -

The Bush, Churchill, Roosevelt Family Connection
- (December 23, 2003) -

Genealogists Call Bush and Kerry Kin
- by Matt Sedensky, Associated Press
(February 17, 2004)

Strange Relations: George Bush and John Kerry
- More on bloodlines; here showing that Bush and Kerry have the same ancestry -
- Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet, June 30, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 1, 2004)

American Aristocracy: The George Bush/John Kerry Family Tree
- Another piece of evidence that our 'elected' are connected by bloodline -
- InfoWars.com -
(Posted here: July 21, 2004)

John Kerry Related to the Queen
- Presidential hopeful John Kerry is a distant cousin of the Queen. His is also a descendant of Henry III and Henry II and is related to Richard the Lionheart say aristocracy experts. -
- Daily Times, August 24, 2004 -
(Posted here: August 23, 2004)

More genealogists have discovered what we've known for a long time:
Presidential Rivals Are Relatives
- An American historian claims that presidential candidates George W Bush and John Kerry are related and their families originate from Essex. -
- BBC News, Sept. 24, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 29, 2004)

Hugh Heffner, George W. Bush and John Kerry

Bush, Kerry & Hefner: Odd Cousins
- The two presidential contenders also share a widely known common relative, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who is the ninth cousin of both men (the number nine is a coincidence). Twice removed from Mr. Bush, Hefner is a slightly closer relation to Kerry, only once removed. -
- CBS News, March 4, 2004 -
(Posted here: Sep 29, 2005)

Bush Family Has Impressive Lineage
- Shows us once again how the people in power are all connected to the same bloodlines. Coincidence? Hardly. The Elite takes care of their own and decides whom we should be voting for
- by Joan House, http://morningsun.net, December 17, 2000 -
(Posted here: April 15, 2004)


Prince Charles Is Of the Same Bloodline As Vlad the Impaler, a.k.a. Dracula
[Saved version here]
- Strange Relations Website -
(Posted here: May 8, 2004)

Kerry Is Related to King Harald of Norway
- TV 2, Norway -
(Posted here: May 23, 2004)

John Kerry's Bloodline Is More "Royal" Than Any American President Says Burkes Peerage
- Burke's Peerage has now completed much of the research on Senator John Kerry.. This research proves that he is definitely more royal by blood than any former American President, including General Washington (related to 12 of the 25 British Dukes and the late Queen Mother) and both Presidents Bush (related to Queen Elizabeth II, 20 of the 25 Dukes and numerous European Princes). Senator Kerry is related to all the royal houses of Europe. -
- DavidIcke.com -
(Posted here: October 1, 2004)

Obama is sworn into the Senate by his eighth cousin, Vice President Cheney.

All in the Family: Cheney and Obama Related
- In an interview on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Cheney said that in the course of researching her husband's genealogy for her new book, "Blue Skies, No Fences," she discovered that the two public figures share an ancestor eight generations ago...But Obama's family ties to the Bush administration don't stop with Cheney. According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times last September, Obama is also an 11th cousin of the president himself. The two share a 17th century Massachusetts relative. -
- by Alexander Mooney and Lauren Kornreich, CNN, Oct. 17, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, October 17, 2007)

Obama, Dick Cheney And President Bush All Related By Bloodline!
-  sure would be an awkward family reunion. But, believe it or not, Barack Obama is related to both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
   OK, distantly related: Obama and Bush are 11th cousins.  -
- by Scott Fornek, Chicago Sun-Times, Sep 09, 2007 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, October 17, 2007)

Revisited: The Windsor-Bush Bloodline
- Why Bush won the 2000 Election -
- by David Icke -
(Posted here: May 29, 2004)

Jacob Rothschild
Jacob Rothschild

Rothschilds and the Grail Bloodline
- As has been popularized recently by Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, or before him by the Holy Blood, Holy Grail, the Stuarts of Scotland are supposedly descended from King Arthur and Jesus Christ. These families are of course not descended from Jesus. The idea is preposterous. But they are related to the Holy Grail, and they are not Christians, but Kabbalists. -
- by David Livingstone, Illuminati Conspiracy Archive, Aug 22, 2005 -
(Posted here: Aug 27, 2005)

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince to Visit US Hurricane City
- Prince Charles and Camilla's week-long stay in the US, which begins on Tuesday, will also include visits to New York, Washington and San Francisco. -
- BBC News, Oct 31, 2005 -
(Posted here: Nov 01, 2005)

George W. BushVlad the Impaler = Dracula

CBS Reveals Bush's Connected by Bloodline with Cheney, Princess Diana and Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula
YouTube [00:02:44]
- When I and other researchers claimed, quite a few years ago, that the people in power more often than not are related by bloodline (and I even presented family trees on my website), people either laughed at us or thought we had gone way to far this time. Few believed, or put any significance to it... -
- by Wes Penre, May 15, 2008
(Posted here: Thursday, May 15, 2008)


Who Owns the Earth?
- Once there was slavery and human beings were private property; today corporations claim land as private property and exploit it like their slaves. -
- by William Marvel for Intervention Magazine -
(Posted here: March 25, 2005)


American Plutocracy and the War on Workers
- During the height of chattel slavery in America, the plantation owners did not allow their slaves to be educated. An educated slave, they knew, was a dangerous slave who posed a threat to the status quo. Knowledge is power in the hands of an oppressed people. The ruling clique has always found mass ignorance to their benefit. An ignorant public, they know, is an easily deceived and easily controlled citizenry created to do the bidding of Plutocratic rulers. -
- by Charles Sullivan, Feb 26, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, March 01, 2007)

The Illuminati Conspiracy Website

32° Knights Templar Rebuts "Illuminati Defector" Diatribe
- from "greaterthings.com" website (January 18, 2004) -

Quotes from Illuminists
- by Wes Penre (2003-2004) -

The Global Chess Game - How the game called the New World Order is Setup
- by Wes Penre (January 10, 2004) -

What Does It Take To Be An Elitist?
-  ...they are planning the course of the world. That's what elites have always done. But people in the past knew that elites shaped the course of the world and fought against that.  -
- by Alex Jones, July 14, 2004 -
(Posted here: July 15, 2004)

The Great Seal
- from "The Insider" (February 7, 2004)

Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy
- Satanic Cult Plans "Fourth Reich" -

- by Henry Makow, Ph. Dr. -
(Posted here: April 25, 2004)

John D. Rockefeller & the Standard Oil Company
- Strategies of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company 1863-1911 -
(Posted here: June 9, 2004)

Rasputin - An Understanding For Both Russians and Non-Russians.
- Very few names in the 20th century invoke as much revulsion as the name Rasputin. The only thing positive that can be said about him is that he is dead. -
- Pravda, January 27, 1999 -
(Posted here: August 22, 2004)

British TV Documentary Traces Illuminati Insider to Hertford
- A major regional newspaper in Britain reveals that an investigation to be broadcast in a forthcoming documentary on the leading Satellite TV Channel, Sky One, has traced a member of the Illuminati to Hertford, a small affluent town in the rural county of Hertfordshire, on the northern boundary of London -
- The Insider, August 25, 2004 -
(Posted here: September 16, 2004)

Eminem's New Video Highlights 9/11, Illuminati
(Free Download of the video)
- It's amazing that the acceleration of revelation is to the point when even the entertainment industry is waking up and contributing. -
- PrisonPlanet, October 26, 2004 -
(Posted here: October 30, 2004)

Mosh – by Eminem, October 2004 (The lyrics)
- Posted here: October 30, 2004)

Bronfman, Bush, Cheney Seagrams, Zapata, Brown & Root ALL INTERCONNECTED IN THE SPIDER'S WEB
- After serving as Secretary of Defense for President Bush, Cheney reaped the financial rewards of the revolving money door between the military and industry. Cheney became a member of the board of directors of Morgan Stanley. the Union Pacific Corp., Procter & Gamble Co. and Electronic Data Systems Corp. (Ross Perot company) But, most important, in 1995 Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton (owner of Brown and Root). Cheney, the chairman of the board, holds a $45.5 million stake as Halliburton's biggest individual stockholder. Brown and Root reaped multi-millions from the Bosnia war. -
- Hiddenmysteries.org -
(Posted here: November 9, 2004)

Solomon Tulbure, Grand Master of the Illuminati Order, Found Dead on Interstate
- A man who claimed to be part of an ages-old super-intelligent group seeking the "truth" and who made friends and enemies with his Internet postings, books and Web sites died after apparently jumping off a Knoxville interstate overpass. -
- Knoxville News, Sentinel.co., Nov. 19, 2004 -
(Posted here: November 19, 2004)

The Hypocrisy of David Horowitz
- Usually I don't praise a man I am calling a dupe and hypocrite but David Horowitz is doing invaluable work. -
- Henry Makow, Ph.D., April 9, 2005 -
(Posted here: April 9, 2005)

Flight to Brussels and the "Mother of Darkness Castle"
- He [Dan Burisch] then flew to Brussels, Belgium, via Heathrow Airport in London, in order to arrive at the Summoning scheduled to be held at the Mother of Darkness Castle there (this was all to occur on Friday the 13th, at 8pm local time). -
- from DonDep, May 16, 2005 -
(Posted here: May 16, 2005)

Democratic Fantasies: Symbols, Slogans & Spin
- True patriotism and love of country requires we go beyond putting Support Your Troops magnets or flags on our cars. The Great American experiment in democracy is in crisis and immediate jeopardy. -
- by Tibor S. Friedman, July 3, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 15, 2005)

Winston Churchill with gun

Winston Churchill Illuminati
- Unknown to Londoners, he had rejected Hitler's proposal to spare civilian targets. Quite the opposite, he goaded Hitler into bombing London by hitting Berlin and other civilian targets first. Churchill told his Air Marshall: "Never mistreat an enemy by halves" and instructed his cabinet, "bombing of military objectives, increasingly widely interpreted, seems our best road home at present." He blocked the Red Cross from monitoring civilian casualties. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D, July 24, 2005, updated Aug 1, 2005 -
(Posted here: July 27, 2005; Aug 4, 2005)

It's Amazing What $2.99/Gallon Can buy!
[PowerPoint slideshow]
- This is not a hotel, it is a house! The Audi is not in silver color, it is in SILVER -
(Posted here: Dec 08, 2005)

Buffalo NY Man Learns of 'Daddy' Bush's Ties With Illegal Virgin Islands Drug Smuggling While Finding Out His Family Deeply Connected To Illuminati
- "The Bush family, including George H and W would make unofficial, unannounced visits to my cousin's house in Buffalo," said Kent, limiting reprisals and harassment by only using his first name, but adding he was left out of the corrupt Illuminati circle, although he would not have joined anyway, due to his hemophiliac condition. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Feb 07, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 08, 2006)

Fitzgerald Probe Headed To Switzerland, Marc Rich, Vince Foster And At Least A Trillion Dollars Of Stolen U.S. Treasury Money By The Bush-Clinton Mob; Treasury Agent Leo Wanta, Sent To Arrest Rich, Tells What Really 'Went Down' In Switzerland
- Wanta, the legally appointed trustor of $27.5 trillion dollars of money made at the end of the Cold War when the Soviet Currency was destabilized, is now tracing the funds, saying more than $750 billion has been traced as stolen in the biggest bank heist in U.S. history, orchestrated by the Illuminati-controlled Bush-Clinton mob. -
- by Greg Szymanski, Apr 15, 2006 -
(Posted here: Sunday, Apr 16, 2006)

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The Bird Flu

The Avian Flu Database
- My very good friend, Wayne Morin Jr., and I decided to create a database with articles on the Avian Flu, in chronological order as the events happen. We hope this will be helpful for you in your own research. -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Oct 16, 2005 -

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The Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Method
- A Reference Database -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr., Aug 20, 2005 -

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NAPA State Hospital - An American Nightmare
(A Media Information Database)
- There is no longer anyone who can say that the terrible conditions at the hospital do not exist - the proof is here! The only question is: how long will it take before the hospital is closed down and all the insane criminals running the facility are behind bars? And even more important is: how long will it take before the invisible people in top positions of the society, those who are behind all this, can be put on trial? -
- by Wes Penre and Wayne Morin Jr, Sep 2, 2005 -

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Fence around Napa State Hospital

Sexual Abuse and Mind Control at Napa State Hospital
- I researched psychiatry long before I started researching the New World Order; before I even knew what the New World Order was. What came out of that research was mind-boggling. I thought that psychiatry, this so-called "science", must be the most vicious practice on Earth... -
- by Wes Penre, Apr 27, 2005 -

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