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Last Updated: Monday, March 07, 2005 08:27:41 PM 

Roswell: Final Declassification
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here by Wes Penre on March 8, 2005)


 (…or, final debunking!)

Almost sixty years have lapsed since the legendary UFO crash at Roswell. Declassified documents pertaining to the incident are now available for scrutiny and ‘experts’ on the History Channel can find no evidence of extraterrestrial involvement. They admit to a government cover-up, because the USAF was conducting top secret experiments over the New Mexico desert, said to have resulted in the confusion that followed. Apparently, people cannot differentiate between frazzled space-monkeys and alien humanoids.

There were several secret projects in Nevada at this time which the government did not wish to disclose; Excelsior, Mogul and High Dive, which used plastic test dummies in parachutes, easily mistaken for live grey aliens, if you are complete imbecile. Colonel William Blanchard could not be accused of idiocy and it was he who authorized the press release claiming a ‘saucer’ had crashed and been recovered. The story appeared in the newspaper but was quickly retracted by General Ramey, and so begins the Roswell saga.

The History Channel chose not to air original library footage of the actual eyewitness reports, but offered a Major Jesse Marcel with the Roswell "evidence"plausible explanation for every anomaly recorded. The strange metallic fragments which were strewn over Mac Brazel’s land and discovered by Major Jesse Marcel was allegedly a flimsy high altitude weather balloon and they did a dubious reconstruction of him finding the same silvery tinfoil. This did not account for the fact that the material which Marcel and his son examined was unknown and indestructible.

The scene became a no-go area and the ‘manikins’ were taken to a military hospital for autopsy, where they were seen by a distraught nurse who told Glenn Dennis, a mortician. The “highly suggestible and hysterical” nurse, Naomi Self disappeared soon after and has remained “missing.” Kevin Randle says there is no record of her ever having existed, none… how convenient, but six decades is ample time to erase any trace of documents which could identify her. That questioned the credibility of statements by Glenn Dennis.

The National Security Historian, Jon Elliston, who presumably interprets history in a way which does not threaten National Security, says there is no tangible evidence of the event. Why would there be when the government can hide it? Major Marcel was ordered not to talk about it, but to fly the crash debris and survivor on a B-29 to Wright Patterson AFB. Threats were issued to locals and radio stations were warned to cease transmissions. But the ‘experts’ say if ET’s had landed in the desert the military would have been mobilized.

That assumes they were not already aware of extraterrestrial visitors and that it wasn’t the Vannevar BushUSAF who brought the craft down with hostile fire. The reporters indicate that the files imply normal mundane activity on military bases that July day, but there is an elite group who command a special response unit, specifically to retrieve crashed discs. The Majestic Twelve Panel undertook investigations of UFO’s, “the most highly classified subject in the USA” headed by Vannevar Bush, who coined the term EBE, extra-biological entity.

The Secretary of Defense in 1947, James V. Forrestal was a member of MJ12 and had a mental breakdown, which led to his resignation and subsequent “suicide” at Bethesda Naval Hospital, so we cannot ask him what really happened at Roswell, but there have been death-bed confessions from persons involved which confirm the facts and none of the forty witnesses ever admitted to a hoax. The town is thriving on the publicity, but if it was that simple to invent a non-event to attract tourism, everyone would be doing it.

Enough time has passed now for history to be rewritten, not just with fabrication, but by omission. The psychological warfare advantages of UFO’s are immeasurable, which is why they still remain above top-secret. When the timing is suitable the government and media can expose the extraterrestrial presence, but with their version of the ‘truth’ as another pretext to engender public fear and consolidate more centralized global military control. The goal is Full Spectrum Dominance of Earth and space by Star Wars.


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