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- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, November 30, 2005
(Posted here: Dec 03, 2005)


Hazel W.M. McKinlayLt. Col. Tom E. Bearden, an authority on Scalar Electromagnetics, says in his book ‘Oblivion’ that blind ignorance and erroneous science has left the USA in the dark about free energy from the vacuum, although he concedes that powerful corporations have suppressed this technology for a century and naively present a flawed CEM/EE model.

But, the cartels with a stranglehold on politics, industry, science, academia, the media, economy and military, colluded to develop ‘energetics’ in secrecy and deprive the public of an unlimited supply of EM energy, and it is their chosen lackeys who govern.

The enemy is inside the gate…

If TPTB did not wish the United States to be vulnerable to a renegade interferometry attack on power grids, oil rigs and nuclear plants, they could have safely replaced fossil fuels with clean alternatives, and I don’t mean windmills, but the Elite want a complete rewilding of the continent, which would be the resultant aftermath of covert scalar war.

So, who is wielding this deadly weaponry?

Tom BeardenTom Bearden is rekindling the Cold War and claims it is die-hard Communist factions hidden within the FSB/KGB who are conducting asymmetric war on America, and the CIA are oblivious! I can’t argue with Bearden’s equations, because I don’t understand them, but it does not take a quantum leap of the imagination to know when an old tried and tested Straussian adversary is being evoked.

Allegedly, a “small friendly nation” has saved America from the brink several times. They inserted nuclear weapons in Russia to ‘balance the terror’ and initiate Mutual Assured Destruction – M.A.D! This “private little US group” also averted an imminent earthquake by destroying Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters, which caused the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Who are our saviours?


Oddly, Bearden believes the official script of the attack on America by ‘al Qaeda’ who symbolically struck the Twin Towers and Pentagon, he cites the fake bin Laden tapes and quotes the whitewashed 9/11 Commission. For this, the ‘war on terror’ is “necessary but not sufficient” and he states that bin Laden initially intended to target power plants, but provides no evidence for his accusation. Bearden said the aim is to destroy the economy, but it was not Islamic extremists who instigated industrial decline or the draining Iraq war, stretching servicemen to the limit and requiring reinstatement of the dreaded draft.

The neo-con Administration did that all by themselves.

There are five nations in possession of scalar weapons, according to Bearden, some of whom support terror networks but if so, they are doing a favour for the corporate rulers who benefit financially from every disaster, natural or man-made and use it as a pretext for increased militarization. Bush proved he didn’t care about the fate of New Orleans, so why would the so-called foes of the US aid his regime in imposing martial law; and if bin Laden is running around with a portable interferometer and posting anthrax from Voz Island, why is Rumsfeld’s P2OG stimulating a reaction from irate, radicalised fanatics?

This is national suicide!

Russia, the Yakuza and Islamic terrorists are all conspiring apparently, and test us to see if our organisations are aware of their shared superweapons (we are not) and Bearden alleges this was the origin of mysterious Gulf War symptoms. The cocktail of vaccines administered to soldiers only contributed “a bit” to immune system spreading, making them susceptible to existing pathogens. However, the consequences of a deliberate release of BW by terrorists with scalar interferometry disease induction and EM engine insertion, is unthinkable. ‘Oblivion’ paints an apocalyptic picture! Small pox will kill two billion by Bearden’s estimate and electromagnetic interference could double this figure.

That is two-thirds of the world population and the Globalist’s express goal.

If the Japanese, Russians or Muslims are stirring up hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, as revealed by William CohenWilliam Cohen in 1997, then their targets reach far beyond the United States. What could their motive be for the series of geophysical disasters in Asia? A traumatic tsunami, followed by a harrowing earthquake in Kashmir; there is drought in Africa, mud-slides in South America, floods in Europe and forest fires in Australia. Inclement weather is global! Whoever has their finger on the button is playing ‘god’ – a vengeful storm god, but the victims are multinational.

Bearden also blames Soviet ‘psychoenergetics’ for the polarization of Americans, which will undoubtedly end in rioting and bloodshed, but mind control experiments and social conditioning has already altered behaviour and Nazi experts in this field were brought into the CIA by Operation Paperclip. The Colonel should know that generational ritual abuse is conducted by the top-brass and highest ranking officials in the US, who have an army of demented Manchurian ‘sleeper agents’ awaiting a trigger.

Order from chaos is the NWO motto!

Bearden’s selectivity and omissions exonerate elements within the United States government, military and intelligence community of any complicity in these colossal crimes against humanity. He would have us believe that they are all incompetents who have been duped by crafty corporations and caught off-guard by cunning terrorists; the alphabet agencies may be foolish or greedy, but not malicious. Even so, they are still culpable for failing to prevent a worst case scenario by introducing free energy. They can’t feign ignorance when they ruined Wilhelm Reich and hold Nikola Tesla’s patents.

The WMD insertion phase is done and dusted and the operational phase of ‘Decimate America’ is only a couple of years away. Vaguely, Bearden says that “somehow” Israel has defences in psychoenergetics and they could be our last hope in the “final great jihad” by “these devils.” Aum Shinrikyo wants nothing less than total annihilation and the Yakuza have their interferometers registered on the seething Yellowstone caldera.

How much of this is disinformation and scaremongering, or how much is stark reality, only time will tell, but by then it may be too late. We have witnessed the aforementioned devastating potential of these weapons, there can be no winners in this war, except for those who envision the planet restored to a pristine wilderness with a skeleton population.

Hazel McKinlay

Tom Bearden’s Connections: http://www.chemtrailcentral.com/forum/thread9268.html

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