Message To All David Icke Newsletter
Subscribers. Please Read! 
by David Icke, Oct 20, 2005
(Posted: Oct 20, 2005)

Last Updated:
Friday, October 21, 2005 05:40:00 AM

If you think you can help David Icke in any shape or form, financially or otherwise, please e-mail him at

Forewords by Wes Penre, Illuminati News

David Icke, one of our leading researchers on the New World Order, with earth-shattering books like "And the Truth Shall Set You Free", "The Biggest Secret", "Children of the Matrix", and most recently, "Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion", has had his website destroyed by people who don't want us to be free and have a good life.

As a fellow researcher I understand David's frustration in the letter below; the incredible amount of hours we spend on creating our websites every day so that the world can be a better place to live in, and all the research hours upon that. This is not only taking a lot of our time, but also costs money - something most of us researchers are paying for out of our own pockets. I, personally, have never made a profit on my website, Illuminati News, quite the opposite.

David Icke has worked hard for 20 years to enlighten people, despite his own health problems, to make as much as possible of his research free of charge for us all to take part of and learn from.

Now he needs our help! If anyone feels he or she can support him, financially or otherwise, please e-mail him at

Wes Penre, Illuminati News 

David IckeYou may have noticed that is not available at the moment. This is due to an attack on the site that could only be stopped by taking it down and moving to alternative technology. This will be done, at still more cost, by tonight or tomorrow and the site will be accessible again.

It is just the latest in an endless stream of challenges, financial and otherwise, that have to be met to keep the site available for people - for free - and keep the information flowing as an alternative to the mainstream propaganda.

But, you know, I do wonder sometimes, no, increasingly often, why I bother. Every day I am faced with hours of unpaid work and a stream of emails asking me for help. I always try to do what I can, given that there is only one of me. But when I ask for help? Forget it.

The subscription take-up for a paid-for newsletter - I say 'paid for' I mean the price of a single beer a month - has been, how shall I put it?, virtually non-existent. When it was free, wow, yes please. Now it's the price of a pint of beer a month for four newsletters, no thanks.

So if that's what they are considered to be worth - nothing - then why should I spend my time producing them while wondering if my basic bills will be covered at the end of the month and whether can continue to exist in anything like its present form?

The response has made me reassess all that I have done and am doing because I am up to here with giving out with so little in return. People say they support me? Okay, where is it? I put out an appeal for help with the website and every single response - bar one - was looking to make serious money out of doing it.

How much is it worth not to be microchipped? How much is it worth not to have a uniformed thug knock on the door? How much is it worth to be free?

The next newsletter will go out on Saturday/Sunday and if the take-up is not vastly increased, it will be the last one. And I am certainly not, given this wake-up call, going to spend my hours every day on the website any more if this is how much the information is valued. Why should I? I have a family to look after.

Thanks so much to those few who have responded, it is so much appreciated. But after nearly 20 years of giving out with so little return, enough is enough.

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the newsletter can do so once the site is back up later today or tomorrow at the latest. Here is the link you will need when it's back up and running:

Sorry if I sound pissed off, but then I am.

best wishes,




Last Updated:
Friday, October 21, 2005 05:40:00 AM



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