Flight to Brussels and the "Mother of Darkness Castle"
from Don Deppeller, May 16, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre: May 16, 2005)


To understand this article, you first need to read the following, unless you are already familiar with Dan Burisch. Wes Penre.

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It appears I have permission to share an amazing little episode that occurred recently.

Many of you may recall, a few pages back, that Dan had decided to forego the trappings of power in Washington and surrender the J#9 chair. He was told that he could name his replacement, however. Well, he has made his choice and I for one am not going to name that individual, even as I won't name the others that swear the Masonic oath and occupy the Twelve chairs. What I alluded to in the previous page is now part of a history that few will hear of, but is nonetheless a momentous event in this "saga" (or, as some who hang around here and can't get enough call it, "this pile of rubbish").

Dan was under instruction to bring to Washington the name of his intended replacement, which he did. A ranking member of the Maji received him, and again requested that he reconsider and remain on the board, "even given the prophecy". I'm not knowledgeable about what this "prophecy" means, only that it has a basis in certain parchments in the possession of the Maji which allegedly come from the Priory of Sion (the reader may recall the account of this medieval secret society that is allegedly the keeper of the holy bloodline). In any event, Dan reiterated his desire to carry through with his decision to quit Majestic as a member of the Maji, stating that he was quite certain of his choice, and then announced that he was "off to Brussels for coffee".

He then flew to Brussels, Belgium, via Heathrow Airport in London, in order to arrive at the Summoning scheduled to be held at the Mother of Darkness Castle there (this was all to occur on Friday the 13th, at 8pm local time). Upon arriving, he was met by a member of the European Commission, and they got in the member's car to go to the MODC (Mother of Darkness Castle), where the Illuminati was in session. Dan ordered the driver to take him downtown and asked him to stop at a cafe. I'm told it was the Le Grand, but I'm not certain.

Outside the Mother of Darkness CastleDan ordered a second-floor table, and ordered a Belgian espresso (they DO know how to make good espresso in Brussels, having been there myself, but not on Illuminati business). After finishing the espresso, with the member getting very anxious, Dan ordered the driver to return him to his plane at the airport. The member was "in a near-panic", as you can well imagine; Dan had just stood up the European Illuminati while in session, on a very key date and at the very place where the alleged antichrist is supposedly to arise from. Dan then flew back to Las Vegas, avoiding the stop in Washington. He is supposed to have answered, in response to a question as to why, "I said I was going to Brussels for coffee." He did, however, hand an envelope to the EU member; supposedly in the envelope was the name of the individual Dan had named to replace himself.

The reader may choose to believe or disbelieve this story, and I'm certain that the usual suspects will be all over it, scoffing with contempt or worse. I offer it only for your perusal, and if any think they can disprove it, I welcome a well-reasoned proof.(1)

It certainly sounds like Dan though!



(1) You can email Don at dondep-at-gmail-dot-com (spelled out this way to avoid spam and other unwanted emails).






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