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Alien Experiments on Pregnant Woman


Misconceptions About Alien Abductions
The subject of Alien Abduction is extremely complex, so it rather "yanks my chain" when someone steps up to bat with such uninformed statements as this David D. has done ...


Alien Abductions Case Histories
As a researcher and hypnotherapist I have worked with people who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. I have interviewed UFO researchers, scientists, authors, and people who claim to have secret information.


Abduct Anon
Your Information Resource about Alien Abduction

- If you are anything like us, once you suspect you may have had an ‘experience', the question you ask yourself, sooner or later is: “Was this a real event or am I going crazy?” Unfortunately, you are probably not crazy. I say unfortunately because I thought many times: “If I am crazy, there is help out there for me! There are pills and medications I can take to make this irrationality go away!” -
abduct-anon.com -


George Adamski - Astral Prophet or Palomar Fraud?
Despite having died over four decades ago George Adamski still remains one of the most discussed personalities ever to have been involved in Ufology. Always a controversial figure, Adamski came to be regarded by some as a “prophet” whilst others described him as a total fraud.


Reptilian & Alien Abductions & Encounters
This is a collection of true stories that I have collected over the years. Some stories are of people who consciously saw them as physical beings. Some are from clients in my kinesiology practice.


Whitley Strieber - Confirmation Transcript
Interview with abductee Whitley Strieber, who wrote the book "Communion"


Men in Black (MIBs)
The archetypal MIB report runs something like this: shortly after a UFO sighting, the subject - he may be a witness, he may be an investigator on the case - receives a visit.


The Sinister Men in Black
Albert Bender, director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, an amateur organisation based in Connecticut, USA, once claimed to have discovered the secret behind UFOs. But unfortunately, the rest of the world is still none the wiser - for Bender was prevented from passing on his discovery to the world by three sinister visitors: three men dressed in black, known as 'the silencers'.

Prophet Yahweh

"Prophet Yahweh" Stands and Delivers?
Also, before the 45 day summoning period has ended, a spaceship will descend and sit in the skies over Las Vegas on Prophet's signal. The spaceship will hover in the sky, not far from Nellis Air Force base, for almost two days. All Las Vegans will be able to see it, day and night, before it goes back up into space.


"Prophet Yahweh" Stands and Delivers?
 According to this guy there will be a lot of UFO sightings starting June 1, 2005 and for an additional 45 days. But no landings; that will come later ...
[The ABC13 News Video clip]


"Prophet Yahweh" Stands and Delivers?
[More Videos]


"Prophet Yahweh's" Website Sabotaged!


Aaron C. Donahue
Aaron C. Donahue (Luciferian)

Aaron C. Donahue debunks latest UFO sighting in Las Vegas by Prophet Yahweh
Psychic viewers Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer Sharpe Sunday exposed the current and planned Las Vegas UFO call by “Prophet Yahweh” next month as a blatant hoax designed to ridicule and discredit the Luciferian movement during their May 29th Internet radio show.


Vegas ABC Station Drops Invitation To Prophet Yahweh
The photo above has been widely distributed across the web as being Prophet Yahweh, but he responded that this was not him at all, but probably someone from another religious sect.


"Prophet Yahweh", UFO Summoner, Seer Las Vegas NV
A Christian Analysis of "Prophet Yahweh". My 2 cents? He is not a Prophet of God, but the summonings are real -either they may be ACTUAL alien spaceships or Government vehicles. Wes Penre


Join "Prophet Yahweh's" Yahoo UFO Group and Watch All the Videos
 There is a difference between UFOs and spaceships. UFOs are usually small flying objects: glowing orbs, metallic spheres, satellite-type flying machines, etc. And, their flight patterns suggest that they are not of this world. But, spaceships are large futuristic vehicles that are clearly designed to carry passengers in like you see in the movies.


Prophet Yahweh in the Marines

A Few Good Mind-Controlled Men?
Yahweh, born Ramon Watkins, writes on his website that "it has been over a quarter century since UFOs and spaceships have been appearing to me." That would probably take us back to his career in the [Marine] corp.


Updates on Prophet Yahweh (Part 1)
Let the media ignore me all they want, but YAHWEH shall bring them out of their little buildings with the force of the sightings of UFOs and spaceships that will appear in the skies over me on my signal.


The Amazing Phenomenon "Prophet Yahweh"
(Part 1)
There is no doubt that this man has the ability to summon SOMETHING out of thin air, but it is very questionable if it actually is what he claims. According to him it is the God Yahweh, basically a space traveler, who is making these UFOs appear on the prophet's command. The purpose is to show a decadent world who the REAL God is. The prophet says the aliens are benevolent.


The Amazing Phenomenon "Prophet Yahweh"
(Part 2)
- This second part of the article on Prophet Yahweh will hopefully be a follow up on his "50 States UFO Summoning Tour" (see Part 1 of this article for background on Prophet Yahweh). -


Prophet Yahweh
- For you who are not subscribed to Prophet Yahweh's Newsgroup, here is a website where the owner copied and pasted all the relevant messages for anybody to read. Wes Penre -


Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Paranormal Pop King or Just a Wacko?
- Michael reportedly wants to build an airport for aliens. According to Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research and author of "Alien Rock," Jackson would like to set up the landing strip in the Nevada desert. "Michael wants to welcome extra-terrestrials to earth to film the landing," Luckman said in his book. According to Luckman, Jackson also has claimed to be from another planet himself. -
- Channels.Netscape.com -

[Now read this!]

Prophet Yahweh
Prophet Yahweh

Prophet Yahweh: Some of You Should Know of My Plans to Build a Dome Temple With a Landing Spot Next to it in the Nevada Desert.
- Prophet Yahweh's UFO Group, Sep 9, 2005 -


50 States - Black Israelites Only - Prophet Yahweh UFO Summoning Tour
(Part 3)
This third part of the article on Prophet Yahweh will be a follow up on his "50 States UFO Summoning Tour" (see Part 1 and Part 2 for background). He was supposed to go on tour in the beginning of October 2005 to summon UFOs in an effort to show the world that Yahweh is the one and only God and that the Christian God is actually the real Satan. -
- by Wes Penre -

The "Dixieland" Encounter
During their watch they asked a highly "sensitive" person that has the ability to call in or contact aliens to do so, They said "We want to see an Alien". So he explained that if he called down the Nordic type, that it wouldn't be as convincing as maybe a 9 ft bug.


Astronaut: We've Had Visitors
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: "A few insiders know the truth . . . and are studying the bodies that have been discovered"


UFOs, Implants and Aliens
Something happened to Richard Cote. And now, almost 11 years later, he wants to tell the world. And whether you believe Cote's story or not, one thing is clear: He's not alone.

unknown alientypeunknown alien-type (inverted)shadowy Alien

If you have encountered these specific alien-types, please click on this link!


Strange Marks After Alien Visits
The day after a visit she often comes to me and shows me strange "needle" marks, bruises and other abnormal body aberrations. Sometimes it looks like someone has drawn blood from her. None of this she could have done to herself; I have never seen anything like it before.


Christian Encounter With "Alien/Demon"
It is 1973, just two or three months after accepting Jesus as my Savior and also receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit soon after. I was sleeping and alone in my home when my sleep was rudely interrupted. I was on my back and I went from deep sleep to suddenly feeling both my wrists being griped by someone.


Reported Winged Creatures Panic Chilean Peasants
The resident says that the creatures were tremendously strong, and that he was in fear for his life all the time, since he still couldn't figure out what they were.


Chile - Winged Creature Matches Up With Mexican Image
The "winged dogs" that attacked Juan Acuña, and the ones allegedly responible for sheep and hen deaths, continue to spread fear in Parral.


American officer kept his silence for two years
Aliens took part in a military exercise in Arkansas


The Controllers
A new hypothesis of alien abduction, by Martin Cannon


Truth Seekers Review Mind Control & Abductions
All I can say is that I have been, for over a year now, pursuing a specific theory of UFO abductions which has royally ticked off everybody that I've come in contact with believer and skeptic alike. [Lecture by Martin Cannon]


Sexual Contacts With Aliens Occur Frequently
When the science of ufology appeared, the phenomenon of UFO was associated with green aliens from the deep black space, studying planet Earth with scientific or military purposes. At the end of the 20th century, ufologists started talking about the intention of extraterrestrial beings to obtain the human genetic material.


The Dragon Snake - A Solomon Islands UFO Mystery
This former RAAF engineer's startling experiences, along with his knowledge of the Solomon Islanders' long history of encounters with strange aerial craft and alien beings, sparked him to search for hidden UFO bases...


"Alien" Experiences
One night I awoke about 3:00 a.m, terrified.  I sensed two beings in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. I did not try to look at them because I was afraid of what I would see. I saw the glow of the clock and Jeff, (my husband) sleeping next to me.  I tried to turn (I was on my stomache) to wake him up but I was paralyzed...


Alien Scalpel
This website is the only website dedicated to the victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.


The Meier Contacts - The Most Important Story in All of Human History
The Meier Contacts meet all standards for a preponderance of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. All challenges by scientists and skeptics, to duplicate or debunk the physical and prophetic evidence, have been soundly defeated. The Meier Contacts are, therefore, the most important story in all of human history. There is no other possible conclusion.


The Semjase Contacts
Meier took nearly 1100 diapictures of pleiadian (pleiaren-) -ships, many of them stolen (ca. 500?): The journalist Gary Kinder wrote in his book "Lightyears" how easy it was to "borrow" Meiers original pictures. Meier had commited Semjase not to deny anybody information - and many of them was simply stolen and has never later appeared.


Missing Time On Airline Flt From Las Vegas To DFW
I found this case to be really fascinating and I am looking for answers and folks who may have been on the flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to DFW on June 6, 2001. As you will read in this story below, 45 minutes of time cannot be accounted for.


Singing "Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do"
There is obviously an agenda going on but even the most committed researcher in this matter should realise that these “experiments” have been going on for decades and even the most unintelligent of “Galactic Visitors” would have understood the anatomy of the human body by now. I am also sure that enough hybrids have been produced to inhabit many a universe. So why does it carry on?


New History Reveals the Truth About the Fátima Incident - Authors say Famed Apparitions in 1917 were Close Encounters with Alien Beings -
- In 1917, three little Portuguese shepherds – Jacinta, Francisco, and Lúcia – suddenly encountered the Virgin Mary, illuminated in the splendor of heavenly lights, who told the children three secrets about the fate of the Earth... -
- by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada. Aug 23, 2005 -


Enscounter with Grey alien in Mexico

Alien Encounter Filmed In Mexico?
- A bizarre incident involving three boys and an alien entity has been made public in a southern Mexico community. The story is causing a great deal of concern and attracting a great deal of interest ...because the reported dramatic encounter was recorded on a cell phone camera by one of the witnesses. -
- by Santiago Yturria, Jan 10, 2006 -


"Black Triangle Abduction"

The Black Triangle Abduction
- The Black Triangle Abduction examines the past ten years of alien abductions and reviews a complete lifetime of contact and programming. The story unfolds in real-time as it is revealed to the authors and the two therapists. By guiding them through hypnotic regression into the realm of unbelievable terror with graphic, jolting, horrifying detail. -
- Invispress.com -



The Science of Extraterrestrials - 2007 the Year of Explanations
[Word file]
- The centenary of Einstein's special relativity theory gave us in 2005 the opportunity to wonder about beliefs in the matter of UFOs. This is now the opportunity to present The Science of Extraterrestrials. Well more than a book, it proposes a new paradigm: Absolute Relativity! -
- by Eric Julien -


David Icke

Serpents Rule This World
 [Video: 00:05:57; 00:07:45]

- Interview with David Icke -


UFO Sightings Increasing World Wide
 "The light was so bright, at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains and check what it was,"


Russian Astronaut Saw UFO in Spaceship Porthole
The astronaut says he does not believe other astronauts when they say they have never seen anything unusual in space.


Top Secret Black Triangles
Military officials were asked about the Phoenix lights but said they hadn't seen anything. Months later,
they explained that a National Guard unit had been training with flares near the city. The public didn't buy it.


UFO Sighting from U.S.S. Constellation Aircraft Carrier, Spring-Summer 1994
I worked in C.D.C. (combat direction center). We tracked an unidentified contact traveling at impossible speed towards our ship. It was first reported as an inbound missile, but was too fast. When we expected impact, about one second of silence went over comm. channels then screaming from the island watches stationed outside.


Amazing UFO Footage, Phoenix!
We taped quite possibly the clearest and most amazing sequence of strange lights in the skies above Arizona on Sunday night at 10pm...


I Saw the Kecksberg UFO
Something pierced the night’s sky over my left shoulder. Our heads turned to the left and our eyes could not help but notice a bright ball of light! Both John and I were stunned. Our mouths dropped. The object was about the size of a full moon and it trailed sparks or little bits of light. The odd thing about it was the thing did not fall straight down.


Event Horizon
- Keeper of the Temple of Atlantis -
One day on May 17, 1956, during morning recess in the 6th grade I was out on the playfield leaning against a basketball pole while most other kids were down on the other end playing softball.  I seemed to be waiting for some unknown reason.  I looked over my shoulder and fast approaching from the south and visible to the west were TWENTY metallic, concave on the bottom with a darker center, round craft.  They were silver gray and did not reflect the morning sun.


UFO News and Articles


Massive Sightings Of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico
The amazing incident took place at 10:30 AM causing commotion, excitement - and some alarm - among the people and officials. Just after governor Fidel Herrera Beltran finished a speech inaugurating the new units, his attention was called by his officials signaling to the sky where a strange spectacle was appearing.


Update - Amazing UFO Fleets Over Mexico
- The case and videos was released by Jaime Maussan on national television and all Mexican ufologists, as well as the viewing audience, were stunned seeing the amazing images by Miguel Aguila and Miguel Dominguez. -


Chile - UFO Landing Video Under Analysis
- Incredible images depict the landing of an unidentified flying object in southern Chile. A research organization is conducting detailed analysis. -

Las Vegas, Nevada Objects Pulsing And Morphing
(See related article: The Amazing Phenomenon Prophet Yahweh)
- I went out into my backyard to do some gardening and saw the first one, it appeared as a bright white light against the blue sky as usual. It was pulsing & morphing at the same time & this sighting was at 3:00 pm and lasted less than 5 min. -
- HBCC Research, July 5, 2005 -

Las Vegas, Nevada UFO's Witnessed On Several Days In A Row
(See related article: The Amazing Phenomenon Prophet Yahweh)
- Friday, July 8, 2005 I saw 30 more objects...yes 30! It started when I was out in the backyard at 12 noon to water some plants and of course I looked up and when I did I saw the same star like object in the same portion of sky and I ran inside to get my binoculars...what I saw was unbelievable! -
- HBCC Research, July 9, 2005 -


UFO over Ohio, July 2005

Mysterious Red Light Glows In Sky, Puzzles Residents
(See related article: The Amazing Phenomenon Prophet Yahweh)
- Some Brook Park residents are puzzled by a bright red light that appeared in the sky over the weekend. So far, there is still no answer to the mysterious light. -
- NewsChannel 5, July 11, 2005 -


Sonora Sighting

New UFO Sightings over Sonora!
- 9:03 PM - There were four witnesses to this glowing object as it appeared directly overhead and headed to the Northeast. This object was observed until it was hidden behind the treeline about 100 yards from our position. -



NASA Transmission Showed Distinct UFO
- ...This went on for roughly five minutes or so from the time I tuned in and then suddenly, an extremely bright, solid white disc appeared in the lower portion of the screen and shot inward, toward the earth, at terrific speed... -
- Webmaster at Rense.com, Aug 2, 2005 -



Did Magicians Cause UFO Sightings?
- The purpose of this article is to examine the suggestion that the current wave of UFO activity that began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnolds sighting over the Cascade Mountains was deliberately caused by a series of magickal workings carried out by occultists. -
- UnknownCountry.com, Jul 20, 2005 -


Modern Science - Ancient Knowledge
- Website about UFO sightings throughout history -
- Xfacts.com -



My Own Reptilian Encounter
- The story I am about to tell is a true one. It happened to me in the early 1980s, long before anyone talked about Reptilians in public, what I know of. This is the first time I publish my own experience with something people would probably call a super-natural being. I have intended to tell this story a long time, but something has told me to wait. I now feel it is time. -
- by Wes Penre, Jan 05, 2006 -



UFOs in Latin America
- A roundup of UFO images from Latin America -
- Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology -


UFO sighting

Double Formation of Secret Sphere UFO with Satellite Orbs
- "I was astonished. I couldn´t believe my eyes. After a chemtrail sprayer plane passed by and then at approximately the same altitude is when I first noticed that there were strange objects flying in two groups overhead that seemed to be neither birds, nor airplanes, nor no object known to the author of the photographs..." -
- Obwar.com, Jan 04, 2006 -



Scientific Report Confirms an Alien Presence in Puerto Rico?
- Many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena originate in a zone south of the island of Vieques, coming out from or entering the sea. -
- Paranoia Magazine -


France Opens Secret UFO Files Covering 50 Years
- France became the first country to open its files on UFOs Thursday when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades.
   The online archives, which will be updated as new cases are reported, catalogues in minute detail cases ranging from the easily dismissed to a handful that continue to perplex even hard-nosed scientists. -
- Breitbart.com, Mar 22, 2007 -


Alien spacecraft on the moon

Alien Spacecraft on the Moon
[Video: 5 min 53 sec]
- TV Feed from the lunar module LM-15 during the last revolution before descent. LM passes over Tsiolkovski, Fermi, Delporte and Lukte before passing on the Izsak Y crater.
    The spaceship is filmed with close telephoto lens, revealing more details. CDR communicates the South -East coordinates of the major parts of the spaceship, approximately 4 kilometers long. Color distortions are caused by the rotating wheel inside the Westinghouse Color TV Camera.
    This is not a hoax; some of these pictures and movies can be seen on the official sites of the NASA. -
- YouTube, Mar 04, 2007 -


Aliens forced Americans out from the Moon

Aliens Forced Americans Out From The Moon
- The researchers state that flying objects of extraterrestrial origin were persistently spying on American Apollos. They said the expeditions to the Moon looked very much like a race and presented a film demonstrating a luminous object closely following an American spaceship. Records of communication between astronauts and the Mission Control Center were also included into the film but they were absolutely inaudible as they had been purposefully jammed by Americans. -
- by Pravda.ru, Oct 03, 2007-


Readers Call In On Dorito UFO
- Readers have been calling in their droves to tell us they saw the huge “Dorito” UFO in the skies over the Black Country.
   The orange triangle with its three lights was seen over Wednesfield and Dudley by scores of people who phoned the newspaper after an appeal for information. -
- ExpressAndStar.com - Britain's Biggest and Best Regional Newspaper Online, Dec 02, 2007 -


UFO Crash in Las Vegas

I-Team: New UFO Mystery Surfaces
YouTube [00:05:15]
- A large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas near Needles, California. Eyewitnesses say this was no meteorite, especially since a bunch of helicopters came looking for it and then hauled it away. -