Reported Winged Creatures
Panic Chilean Peasants

Created: July 10, 2004

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology
Diario la Discusion (Chile)
July 5, 2004
Juan Acu'a looks scared. He first runs away from the press and then argues that he's tired of telling his story to the press out of a fear that no one will believe him anyway. The fact of the matter is that around 2 a.m. on Sunday, he went to drop off his brother-in-law and on his return home, he lived through an indescribable situation that he still cannot understand.
"I was on my way to the smallhold where I live and two animals crossed my path--a large one and a small one. One bit my leg while the other went for my face. I shielded myself with my arm to defend myself. Later I jumped into the Canal Fiscal and managed to come up in front of my brother in law's house with my clothing all ripped. They called the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital, getting there at 5:30 a.m. They cured me there, but nothing else," Acu'a explained.
The resident says that the creatures were tremendously strong, and that he was in fear for his life all the time, since he still couldn't figure out what they were. "I think they may come back. I felt their claws...look at my body. They were always Winged Creaturegoing for my face. I jumped into the canal because they wouldn't go into the water. They followed me along the edge and then flew. They were dog-faced and had wings. This isn't a normal situation, I told myself. They were much stronger than me; they got on top of me," he noted.
Meanwhile, the district attorney of Parral, Ricardo Encina, noted that the injuries had been evidenced, but couldn't tell what caused them. "He has, in fact, defensive injuries on his arms, shoulders and back. He's very affected by what happened. We've initiated transactions such as a visit to the site, we've spoken to the victime and he has an appointment to see a physician. Then we'll know what we're up against."
The D.A. dismissed the possibility that the wounds were caused by a human. "All I can think is that it's not an attack by a person, since these arent the cutting wounds we're used to seeing when a knife is involved. Nor does he shows blows, as though someone had given him a beating. Nor does he have the scratches characteristic of someone who fell down by being drunk. That's not what it is, but I couldn't tell you the exact nature of the injuries," he stated. Ricardo Encina confirmed that a few days ago there were reports of hen slayings near Parral, but it wasn't possible to determine what kind of animal was involved.
Ana Maria Gajardo, the victim's spouse, is upset by her husband's situation. "I'm upset because he wasn't hospitalized long enough to run tests. We're concerned about his bruises. I'm afraid that he might get some sort of infection and we don't know what'll happen. I want him to be seen by a doctor, because this is the first case we've had like this," she argues. According to Maria Gajardo, when she was on her way to work a few hours before the event, she saw "a large bird" in the vicinity of Canal Fiscal. "This isn't a joke. They take advantage of us because we're poor. If we had money he'd be in the hospital and everything would be taken care of."

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