UFO Sighting from U.S.S. Constellation Aircraft Carrier, Spring-Summer 1994
by Anonymous
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 5, 2005)

This is an e-mail that was sent to me from one of my readers. He gave me permission to post it as-is.
Wes Penre

* * *
If you're into homework, you'll find my story can be substantiated by confirming the whereabouts of the U.S.S. Constellation (cv-64) (aircraft carrier) during the spring-summer of 1994. I worked in C.D.C. (combat direction center). We tracked an unidentified contact traveling at impossible speed towards our ship. It was first reported as an inbound missile, but was too fast. When we expected impact, about one second of silence went over comm. channels then screaming from the island watches stationed outside.

This confusion lasted approx. 10-15 seconds then they were all quiet. They advised a large light hovering above the island and as soon as it showed it went straight up vertical and went out of sight. The watches were immediately relieved and de-briefed by an IS (intelligence specialist) and I (personally) made a log entry into a blue log book pulled from a safe filled about 5-7 high ith other log books. "I proclaimed by excitement as was met with instant rebuke. I was asked if I knew what the craft was. I advised an alien. I was advised it's un-identified, so log it correctly. I flipped through half the book for the next open page. I made my log entry and handed the book back, I was then told with utmost seriousness and veiled threat, "Log it and forget it"

From quietly talking to other shipmates, I found this is a normal occurrence in the military and that the punishment is extremely severe and non-public. So I'm sure you will understand my need for anonymity.

And to you nay-sayers; If you don't believe we are being observed.... I wished I lived in your dream world.

Combat Operations Specialist (OS3)
USS Constellation Go Connie!

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