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Interrogations by alien kidnappers
by Matthew Delooze, 2005

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Have you ever considered that the alien abduction phenomena is not just a case of humans being kidnapped for experimental reasons?

There is obviously an agenda going on but even the most committed researcher in this matter should realise that these “experiments” have been going on for decades and even the most unintelligent of “Galactic Visitors” would have understood the anatomy of the human body by now. I am also sure that enough hybrids have been produced to inhabit many a universe.

So why does it carry on?

Most abductees claim to be made docile before being taken, sometimes through solid walls or windows, to a strange room and placed on a table etc etc.

It is a well-known assumption that the victim of negative abductions is used for experiments, the theft of bodily fluids for reproduction purposes, and then tagged in some way for future reference.

I believe the abductors are using psychological trickery to symbolically implant submissive thoughts into the minds of victims. Basically the aliens are saying, “we completely control you and your future and you cannot do anything about it”.

It is mind control. More on this later.

I believe the negative aliens are seeking information as to the “history” of their human victim, their bloodline, and their spiritual status so to speak. The harder it is for the aliens to access the information they want from their victims subconscious, the worse the experience gets for the victim. The mind control increases. More on this later.

It appears that graphic images are placed in abductees minds, ranging from catastrophic disaster to sexual stimulation, and the aliens find away to “open” the subconscious mind (soul-life-force) of the abductee, therefore they gain full knowledge of the life plan, history and spiritual intent of the abducted victim. I will explain this in more detail later.

The usual climax to a negative alien abduction is being dumped on your bed, or back in your car, confused but knowing that part of your soul is missing. Trying to make sense of it and sounding quite a lunatic if you try and explain, to others, what has happened. I believe negative aliens are purposely misleading victims, and therefore researchers, into the actual details of the abduction. They are not experimenting on us they are protecting themselves from us. A “false memory” is implanted into victims. A sort of “double” brainwashing technique.

I believe the negative alien abductions are taking place because they fear the bloodline and the spiritual connections of the abducted. They are literally blocking the spiritual awareness of the abduction victims to prevent future conflict from spiritually aware people.

I have first hand experience of alien abduction. From the age of around 5 or 6 I was taken from my bedroom, on several occasions, by what I consider to be negative alien entities.

My intent is not to scare people about what is going on. My intentions are to make people think about the reasons why the abductions have taken place and are still taking place.

The first point I wish to make is my opinion of the reason a negative alien abduction victim is selected. Just what selection criteria do the kidnappers follow? It certainly isn’t race, as all races report the abductions. It certainly isn’t status as rich, poor, manual and professional people all report being taken by strange alien beings and experimented on. I certainly doubt that it is simply a random act carried out blindly by “desperado” type beings who kidnap, en masse, for the sake of entertainment and such like. Location does not seem to come into the equation either.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason people are abducted by negative aliens is part spiritual and part bloodline. The victims obviously have something the aliens are very interested in and the aliens either want it for themselves or they want to stop the victim knowing that they have it. It is obviously a danger to the aliens, or threatens the aliens long-term agenda. I believe the aliens are interested in spiritual awareness, or “soul power” coupled with bloodline traits that produce the characteristics, or persona, to back up the spiritual awareness, e.g. “to have the guts to use the awareness”.

As previously said I have come to the conclusion that although the aliens seem to be able to take victims at their whim, either in or out of their body, it is not solely for the purpose of experimentation, producing hybrids, nor tagging them via implants. I am not disputing this takes place, or at least appears to take place, as I have experienced these acts myself. I do believe that this may be a psychological smokescreen though and the truth lies much deeper in the victim’s subconscious.

Indeed I believe that full memory of the kidnappings, and the trauma that goes with it, is placed, or left, in the subconscious by the aliens as a “blocker”. The victim’s access to his/her own spiritual knowledge becomes impossible by this act of blocking. The “blocking” is achieved via the appearance of a true, or false, traumatic memory placed in the victims subconscious and this memory acts as a sort of trigger to block access to the same information, taken by aliens, to researchers and indeed the victim themselves. In other words the actual act of kidnapping, and the experiments, is used to help the aliens hide what as actually taken place from the victim and researchers.

Should the victim try to use the “gut feeling”, or sixth sense, they possess then the block prevents them from doing so, obviously without the knowledge of the victim. Basically the aliens are cutting spiritually aware people off from their “Spiritual Data Base“. Some victims can still partially access their 6th sense but only a very small percentage of it. A sort of “I know something has happened but I haven’t a clue why” sort of situation.

I believe that the victim is hypnotised (Mind Controlled) in some way and made to surrender subconscious information that we store deep down in the core of our being. Information that we do not have the slightest clue about, (regarding the details) on a conscious, everyday living, level.

The kidnappers know how to gain access to this subconscious information by using symbolic or graphic imagery. This imagery usually contains horrific, traumatic, scenarios. Death and destruction etc, or sexual scenes. The method used to gain access into the subconscious of the victim depends on the individual involved.

It does not have to be traumatic or sexual imagery used, quite the opposite, images of loved ones, or pets, and other happy situations can be used. This is especially true regarding those that easily surrender their core being, soul, life-force, whatever you want to call it, for examination. A sort of carrot and stick rule is used or the “good guy/bad guy” routine the police use in their conscious level interrogation methods.

People surrender spiritual information in different ways. Sadly negative alien interrogators seem to prefer a sort of “spiritual trauma” method and literally beat the spiritual information out of the victim.

There have been many reported incidents of trauma induced mind control experiments being carried out by the CIA, and other organisations, for decades. The aliens seem to operate on a similar system but they concentrate on the soul or life force (subconscious level) of the victim instead of the flesh and blood (conscious level) of the victim.

The more “spiritually aware”, for want of a better word, the victim is, the harder it will be for the alien to gain access to the spiritual information the victim possesses inside themselves. Hence the kidnappings will happen more often and the “experiments” (subconscious mind control) will become far more severe to the more spiritually aware people than others less aware. However the victim, highly aware or not, inevitably surrenders his/her spiritual knowledge eventually.
I wish to turn to the imagery created in the victims mind that was/is used to gain access to the subconscious information stored there.

Many abductees claim to have had some sort of medical procedure carried out on them. It can vary both in the actual physical content and the traumatic effect on the individual. That said the victim is always left with the feeling that they have no defence against the abuse towards them. In other words the scale of abuse used towards the victim varies according to the, spiritual, fight the individual puts up in defence.

The end result is the same for all of them. Everyone is taught that they are no match for the kidnappers.

Many Abductees also claim to be made to produce offspring, (Hybrids) There are various ways this is done from just taking samples of sperm to having full sex with an alien entity. Females often report to have being implanted with fertilised eggs, only to have the foetus removed later on. This must have enormous, deep down, psychological effect on the victim. The kidnappers are also stating “we have the power to farm you.”

Many abductees claim, and I am one of them, to be actually shown hybrid children. In my case I felt, or was made to feel, a strange bond towards the two, hybrid, children. I was presented with. The victim is told in some way or another that they are actually responsible for producing the hybrid(s). They are then separated. This is obviously a way of saying the aliens involved control our future and the future of our children. Or that is what they want the victim to think in the battle to open up, and gain access to, the victims subconscious information.

Obviously there are many other graphic and symbolic images used by the aliens to gain subconscious mind control of their victims, and many books are available to test this theory, and as previously mentioned the intensity of the “treatment” will increase the more of a fight the victim puts up, the more the victim tries to protect his spiritual knowledge (soul, life-force) the more traumatic his/her material life (body) will suffer at the hands of the interrogators. This includes mentally terrorising the victim with images of whatever scares the victim the most. In my case images of rats were used. I have a terrible fear of rats to this day and I blame the abduction experiences for this. Was my fear of rats used by my abductors to gain my submission and allow them access to my subconscious core?

A bit of advice for researchers here. The abduction experience is only what the victims remember, either consciously, or with hypnosis. The aliens are not bothered about researchers gaining knowledge about the experiments and other details of the victim’s abduction, like the implants etc. This is just the memory of the trickery used to gain access to the abductees subconscious memory, their spiritual database.

The same trickery is used to block both the victim and the researcher from discovering the real reason for the abduction. The victim and the researcher never get past the “block” that has been placed there. That is why a lot of abductions vary in description, yet a lot are also similar in description. They vary because of the different methods used to gain access to the subconscious database of the victim. Some methods are very successful and used a lot, giving the impression that more victims are subjected to a certain type of experiment than others. I myself was made to feel like my eyes were drowning in some way, flooded with toxic fluid. Was this just symbolism as to meaning I will only see what the aliens want me to see, I only see what they show me, a sort of liquidised blocking of my education?

The aliens have researchers running round in circles with this globally accepted, and pathetic, reason; “the alien kidnappers are only learning human anatomy, producing hybrids, and tagging humans and we should discover why this is going on in about another 1000 years Blah Blah Blah” “So we will carry on scratching our heads, and our arses, trying to figure out what is going on and any theory that cannot sell a million books, or create a mini series on Sky One will be ignored or ridiculed”.

I have been hearing this for decades. Surely the aliens have enough knowledge about what makes humans tick by now. My hybrid children are now at least 35 years old in Earth years. Let us wake up eh?

The aliens want victims and some researchers to believe the above. The mind control techniques used by the aliens, against their victims, cannot be “undone” by humans because, simply, it is far too complex.

So the only things victims and researchers will see, and learn about, is the same old experiments, the same old hybrids, and the same old implants over and over and over again. Does this not ring a bell out there to genuine abduction researchers? You simply cannot get past the mental block that has been put in place by the aliens. If someone did manage to do this through error, or luck, then other blocks will be there, a sort of double hypnosis technique. We are not talking Paul McKenna here, or some other stage hypnotic comedian, we are talking serious mind control.

The abductees have been so cleverly hypnotised, by the aliens, that the researchers only scratch the surface in their attempt to gain the truth from the victims about the circumstances of alien Abductions. Indeed the aliens have left a labyrinth of memories inside the victim as to make sure researchers are led a merry dance. Again the aliens use far more sophisticated hypnosis techniques than we do on Earth.
I do not want to seem arrogant to researchers. I just feel researchers are led a merry dance, not just by the aliens, by certain “experts” on Earth.

Going back to the tactics used by aliens on their victims. The reptilian seem to be able to “shape shift” and appear to humans as Grey’s or anything else for that matter. A departed loved one perhaps (A grandma/pa). They seem to have to get the key to open the victims subconscious and are prepared to do anything to achieve this. Alien agents on Earth control most major media corporations. It is their plan to own them all. They control most of what our children watch on TV or what computer games they play. Indeed their young minds are bombarded with whatever messages, subliminal or otherwise, these corporations want to bombard them with. In these days of planned chaos, where everything is rushed, it is easy for parents to place their children in front of a TV or computer screen. I was guilty of this myself when my children were younger. After a long day slogging at work it is very easy to let the TV or computer “educate” the kids, especially when cleaning and other household chores need doing. Not to mention other pursuits.

This is nothing new and it has been happening for decades. Neither the tired parent or the curious, and easily led, child is directed into this position by chance. The pressures of life, our reality, make sure this scenario happens. Sadly very few parents have the slightest clue this is going on and will probably initially laugh at the thought that we, “ourselves“, are basically giving the aliens the means to abduct our children. Our all lives are manipulated to make the task of achieving the Reptilian Agenda for global control of body and soul, of all humans, a “walk in the park” for them.

Today there are many more channels, music channels, cartoon channels etc. The computer games get more and more sophisticated. More and more flashing lights are used.

There is always a cartoon series, children’s show, or computer game “in fashion”. This is usually hyped rubbish…but the kids love it. When my kids were little it was “He Man and the masters of the universe” or “the ninja turtles“. When I was young in the 60’s it was Batman. I just loved Batman! Today you still see Superman and Spiderman etc. Although I have not researched the, current children’s entertainment the same basic trickery, to hook the child’s attention, will still be involved.

Getting toys at “Christmas” becomes a nightmare if your child wants a plastic replica toy of the latest, hyped, hero figure or computer game character.
I remember literally having to go on a crusade, prepared to fight other parents and shoppers, just to make sure my kids got a plastic “Reptilian”, a masked ninja turtle back in the 80‘s.

Like I would have done anything for Batman in the 60’s my sons would have done anything for a Ninja Turtle in the 80’s. The same scenario, generation after generation.

The point I am trying to make is that children can be tempted to do anything for their childhood heroes and if a Ninja Turtle entered my two son’s bedrooms they would have done anything for it. Especially follow it on adventures!

alien Abductors, assisted by media subliminal messages, alien agents on Earth, have the easiest of tasks in getting children to cooperate with characters they see as heroes.

Traumatic abduction experiences can be replaced by gentle, persuasive, experiences. If it suits the kidnapper at the time.

The abducted can be made to believe that they have been kidnapped by “good” aliens and therefore allow their subconscious to be entered easily and willingly. Sadly this mask of deception is dropped when the information required has been removed, taken. The victim will be left in a double shock situation. One being the realisation that their “hero” has conned them and the other trying to make sense to themselves, and others, that a cartoon character (personified) led them to a spacecraft for adventures and games. The so-called “hero”, and/or the hero’s pals, then turned bad - experimented on the victim- and threw them down back on the bed -leaving them bewildered- when the experiment had finished. (Who wouldn’t want to ring the lunatic asylum on hearing this or just dismiss it from mind as being a childhood fantasy after hearing this from a child?)
How many children do not even report these events, or worse still how many reports are not taken up seriously by unaware parent? In my case I was told I having bad dreams!

When my experiences began, back in the sixties, I thought that they were due to me being weak and vulnerable. I was, in my eye, an easy target for these beings to treat me as they wished. They were super powerful and I was a super wimp. As I got older I realised that this was not the case. Why would super beings want to spend time and effort messing around with a non-entity like me? Oh yes, I did realise at the time that maybe the experiments taking place had a lot to do with it, but did they?

If you consider me as a guinea pig, and the kidnappers as a laboratory "professor", then it does not make sense, for the professor, to continually use the same specimen for the same experiments over and over again. Once I had served my purpose then surely I would have to be silenced if only to stop me "spreading the news" to the world in hope of preventing further kidnappings taking place. The "spreading of the news" does not seem to bother the kidnappers at all. Indeed they leave the victim with conscious knowledge, if only slight, of the actual experiments taking place. Could it be planned to deceive the victim and make the victim spread false information?

History tells us that even the most unintelligent kidnapper will murder (silence) their victim if the slightest clue is given away as to the identity of the kidnappers. In the case of alien Kidnappings it seems the norm to make the victim aware of the basic details of the kidnapping. This is despite the fact that the aliens seem to have far superior intelligence and technology than we do. Indeed the aliens can do whatever they want to do from floating through closed windows and walls to flying through the cosmos in seconds. Surely silencing a victim is easy for kidnappers with such intelligence and technology?

Is it possible that the basic details of the kidnapping and the medical experiments are purposely left in the conscious memory, or the easily assessable part of the subconscious, as a red herring? I certainly think so.

Negative alien abductions have been reported for decades, but it appears we are no wiser as to the reason for them. We still have the majority of believers stating that abductions are for breeding hybrids and tagging, etc. I believe this is not the case. I believe victims are abducted in order for the kidnappers to silence them. I do not mean silence them verbally. I mean they are silenced spiritually.

Obviously the easiest way to silence somebody is to "kill" them. I feel that alien abductors do not do this as they are fully aware of the spiritual justice (karma) that awaits them if they do. They will reap what they sow. Also if the spirit or soul of a person cannot "die" then the next best option is to fool them by making them believe themselves spiritually unworthy. I believe that is the aim, and sadly the result, of negative alien kidnappings. It leaves the victim less spiritually aware; its goal is to deceive the victim psychologically and spiritually, to take away spiritual awareness. The aliens fear humans that are spiritually aware. They fear the awareness that can expose them for what they are, manipulators and deceivers.

The kidnappers seem to make the victim silence "themselves" spiritually. This leaves the kidnappers innocent of any breaches of "cosmic karma" so to speak.

Imagine a fish bowl full of 100 fish. 20 of these fish are very clever and the other 80 fish followed them around the bowl. The fish farmer fed his fish on red fish food that was good and healthy for the fish and they lived a good life and red fish food did not cloud the water.

The fish farmer listened to another fish market manager and was persuaded to change the fish food to "blue" coloured food. This blue food will make them fatter quicker, and better to sell to the market. The blue coloured food is not good for the fish and they do not lead a good life off blue fish food. The blue food clouded the water.

The fish farmer knew that the 20 clever fish would know the blue fish food was not good and they would lead the 80 fish to seek out the red food, leaving the blue fish food to fall to the bottom of the fish bowl.

One night the fish farmer put sleeping drops in the fish bowl, removed the 20 fish that were clever and put red liquid in their eyes. All the fish ate the blue food after that, not knowing the red food existed, and the farmer still had 100 fat fish for market. The 20 clever fish knew something was wrong but couldn't see what it was.

I would describe the act of removing spiritual awareness with a term I heard the other day, "Dumbing Down". By this I mean human awareness (conscious and subconscious) is being scaled down by outside forces in a sort of deception of the mind to create a planet of spiritually dead material robots. This can be done through many methods and not only through alien kidnappings. Indeed alien kidnappings are to "dumb down" individuals but alien agents on Earth also have an agenda to "dumb down" the "collective" awareness (mass thought) of the human race both on a conscious level and subconscious level.

If you put these things together you will understand that we all live false lives and are victims of a massive conspiracy to keep humanity in a spiritual dark age. We all, subconsciously, are made to feel spiritually unworthy. We all live for material wealth and status, nothing else seems to matter. On a larger scale (mass thought) we create wars because our "God" is supposedly better and bigger than their "God" ("My Pa's bigger than your Pa") etc, etc., etc.

A human race "dumbed down" is easily controlled. Indeed the vast majority of people on this planet are easily controlled just through their bank account alone. A small oblong piece of plastic (the credit card) has more control over the average person than anything else. The majority of people spend 90% of their time and thoughts on "surviving" in the material jungle that has been created just to take up peoples' time and thoughts. Who has created this jungle?

The vast majority of people on this planet are controlled by a very small group of people. I believe this small group of people are agents for negative alien beings and enjoy immense material wealth for being agents of the powers that have created the "jungle."

We are no threat to the controllers of our souls, the jungle creators, when we are too busy earning and paying money to them. That is why alien agents on earth own the financial markets on this planet. Sure, some people get more "play time" in the jungle, usually the corrupt and the criminal, but the vast majority live a humdrum life and this is entirely due to the control these agents have over us.

How is this possible after two thousand years of "progress"? Could it be that it is planned to be that way and has been for thousands of years? We find this hard to believe because we either believe we die after 70 years or so or that, if we have been good, we go to the pearly gates and live with a white bearded God in paradise. Let's hope he takes Visa, eh?

I believe spiritually aware people are taken (kidnapped) by negative aliens to prevent the spiritual progress of the individual concerned and to prevent planet earth from being part of a spiritual connection to the cosmos. I believe negative aliens have disconnected us from cosmic unification with our true selves and the rest of creation.

The best way to explain this "disconnection" is to imagine every person on this planet is a PC connected to a very large (main) computer (all knowing knowledge-love) via telephone cables, like the Internet. A "virus" that has disconnected from the large computer wants to take over all the PCs on the planet for its own use. To do this it has to cut all the telephone cables to the main computer. The virus realises that the PCs will know they have been disconnected when the cables are cut so the virus devises a plan to connect the PCs to another computer deceiving them into believing they have not been disconnected at all.

All goes to plan but a few PCs realise they are not accessing the all-knowing knowledge they once had access to. The virus knows this and causes the PCs that know their connections are faulty to breakdown and enter the PC "repair shop." The PC is "repaired" and no longer realises that it is not accessing the all-knowing knowledge and accepts the computer the virus connected it to.

In other words kidnapped victims are disconnected from their spiritual information because they are capable of creating the "anti virus" information that will reconnect all others to the truth instead of to the false information provided by the virus. A sort of super powered virus free Internet (paradise on earth) can be created if enough people (PCs) can be reconnected to the one (main computer) again.

By saying only certain "spiritually aware" people are kidnapped by negative aliens does not mean that people who are not kidnapped, or have no recollection of being taken, are not spiritually aware. We all have spiritual awareness. We are all one consciousness. It is just that spiritual awareness can be blocked more easily in some than others. (The virus takes over some PCs quicker and is more effective in some than in others).

Let us try and imagine that some people (or PCs) get connected to the one true consciousness (main computer). The news is so fantastic that it needs spreading round the world. The other people (or PCs) laugh because the world knowledge (virus) has loaded their memory with lies (false programming).

In our case the virus is Negative aliens (interdimensional and extraterrestrial) and their agents on Earth.

If you can understand that the negative aliens want to stop all, or as many as possible, people who are capable of connecting to higher levels of spiritual information, then maybe you can also understand why they are kidnapped and subjected to the blocking of the awareness they have and the reason why.

If you were a murderer wouldn't you want to stop anybody who knew you were a murderer from telling everybody else? ‘aliens silencing spiritual awareness’ is basically the same scenario, but as previously said, the aliens are aware of cosmic karma and will not kill to silence. If death is the only way to silence them it will be alien Agents on Earth who will carry out the murder. Usually convenient car accidents or drug overdoses will be involved.

That said, mind control is a far more popular way of silencing people and of course most people who are kidnapped by aliens become instant lunatics, don't they? Victims of alien abductions are usually, apart from UFO groups etc, ridiculed by the masses. This is no coincidence. The masses robotically poke fun at alternative explanations to the creation and reason for life on this planet whilst at the same time robotically go along with official explanations that they know just do not add up. Sadly, many also pass on the official explanations as being true down through the generations.

Obviously we, as parents, may be partly responsible for at least starting the process of awareness removal by insisting to our children that they follow the false information handed down. This is a prime example of how the few alien agents on earth find it so easy to control the many. They have recruited all of us, through the mind and the wallet, to pass on their lies for them. Sadly we do this without thought.

"Go on son, go on daughter, spend your life slaving away in a crap job, mostly spent in poverty, and have a couple of kids to carry on the tradition of being a muppet for the serpent cult. Then you will die to come back and do it all again."

Does this not ring a few bells out there?

It is clear to me that negative alien kidnappings take place to stop a spiritual revolution from taking place. By blocking spiritual awareness in individuals, the collective spiritual awareness (human consciousness) is scaled down. This prevents humans discovering who is creating the misery on earth basically because we are so dumbed down that we cannot see it. The masses spend their whole lives "playing muppets" to alien Agents on Earth. This is usually done by following false dogmatic religions, believing false education to be true, and being mind controlled to kneel down to corrupt authority from birth to death. Alien Agents on Earth can "cope" with 100 spiritually aware people or people spiritually connected to the one consciousness walking around on Earth. They can just let their mass media agents ridicule them and fob them off as loonies.

They could "not cope" with a million or two million spiritually aware people walking around on this planet. The spiritual power and awareness created by such a number would have the negative reptilians quaking in their aquariums. This is why negative aliens kidnap individuals and block their awareness. It is to prevent wide scale awareness forming.

I am a victim myself. I have written about how and why negative abductions take place. This was through mind control and psychological trickery being used to block spiritual awareness in individuals, therefore blocking large scale spiritual awareness becoming a major force on this planet. By “dumbing down” spiritual awareness the human race remain separated from cosmic knowledge. Therefore they/we just become slaves to the beings who have blocked our connection to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

In my case I was abducted several times, the usual “experiments” took place, samples of sperm etc etc. I was shown two hybrids and told they were mine etc etc.

I remember being angrily being thrown on to my bed after each event. A bit like a calf being grabbed, branded, and let go again. A job being carried out by beings bored with the mundane routine of it all, like cattle ranchers nearing the end of branding a large herd.

I now realise they were really taking my natural power, awareness we all possess, off me to protect themselves. In my opinion the negative aliens who kidnap humans are on a symbolic par with “Superman’s” enemies. They basically symbolically implant “Kryptonite” in us to make us weaker, on a spiritual basis. Instead of using kryptonite, a green stone, they use mind games.

The effect on me because of the kidnappings, in the early days, was traumatic. Fortunately I had experienced positive alien experiences shortly before the negative experiences started and it was vital to me that this had taken place. Despite my tender years I had deep inner strength and my subconscious knew what was to come.

After being thrown on my bed following an abduction, and being left almost paralysed, in a state of shock and awe, I tried to make sense of it all. Had I had a bad dream? Why were monsters coming to get me nearly every night? It must be a bad dream?

I knew in my very being, my connection to the one consciousness, that it was not a bad dream. It was real.

I knew in my young innocent mind that I was going to do something about it. I thought I could become like Batman, Biffing and Bashing them away, like on the TV series but I was only a little frail boy and these monsters were super powerful, they could float me out of closed windows, hurt me with probes, and flood my eyes. I did what most little boys do in this sort of situation… I fell back asleep exhausted. On waking again it didn’t seem too bad. Maybe it was just a dream after all.

Many a morning my mother had to carry me out of bed take me downstairs because I just couldn’t get up through being physically and mentally exhausted. She had been shouting up the stairs to wake me up, and get me moving, without success. The amount of times my mother said “You are going to bed early tonight laddie” is enormous. It didn’t matter what time I went to bed, if I had a kidnapping experience during the night, I was always exhausted in the morning.

I tried to explain, sometimes, to my mother what was going on. I suppose looking back it did sound to my mum like I was having bad dreams. I also realise that to a busy working class mother of three children, working and living in poverty in the sixties, a “few bad dreams”, that even the dreamer couldn’t explain, was not so serious a matter and didn’t come top of the priority list in the Delooze household. Don’t all kids have bad dreams at sometime?

“Our Matthew is having bad dreams mum” said my brother. “I am having bad awakes” said my mum.

She had no insight at all. She was bogged down with “living”. Struggling to make ends meet.

I didn’t know at the time that “making ends meet” was all part of the serpent cult agenda of control. A scam to occupy the minds of the masses. Millions of people who go through the daily ritual of “working”. Forty years and more spent in dead end misery. Most put on a show, pretending they actually like it. I suppose it beats the stigma attached to being a non-worker, but not by much.

In my eyes both groups, those that work for the cult and those that are idle for the cult, are nothing but slaves for the cult. Indeed they entrap themselves in “working class misery”, they become brain dead robots, and sadly actually thank the serpent cult for the situation they are in. How many times do you hear. “At least I am working - thank God for that” “Minimum rate but at least it is a job” A lifetime of poverty …if the beer, drugs or cigarettes, self-medication, don’t get you first of course.

“Bugger Matthew’s nightmares as we have to earn bread to put on the table, if we don’t do that he won’t be here to have his nightmares at all” seemed to be my parents' logic. A working class ritual. Enforced five sense reality. Was it savage, but down to earth, love? Or a psychological enforced necessity to serve put serpent cult first?

Er.. excuse me… “Mr Reason for living”... I will consider you when I have paid the rent, paid my taxes, put food on the table, gone to church, laboured and had a bit of fun down the pub… Er… sorry Mr Reason for living I have not enough time to consider you… sums it up eh?

How many people do you know who treat “Mr Reason for living” like this?

It does not need happen like this. Mr Reason for living should come first, not last. We are all multidimensional beings and not just material, flesh and blood, slaves for the serpent cult.

Sadly we have lost our spiritual awareness; it has been blocked. Some of us follow the politician that tells the most convincing lies until we discover we are wasting our time. When we look inside of ourselves, for guidance, we find there is nothing there… it’s gone, it has been blocked, so we inevitably bow down and submit to the deceptions that control this world.

We have attached ourselves, or have been conned, into being part of the illusion we call life on Earth. Our awareness has been blocked by outside forces, we only have material awareness left and this is manipulated, and continues to be manipulated copiously, to suit the serpent cult. We have been suckered. We either die following the crowd or we drop out from the crowd and die. Both sides, the in crowd and the dropouts, are slaves to the serpent cult. Sheep without a shepherd.

Basically the above describes the effect that negative alien kidnappings have on the victim. They are basically blinded and either join the rat race or drop out. They no longer follow their own spiritual life plan but are purposely taken off it. They are victims of a spiritual assassination.

The victims are prevented from accessing full spiritual knowledge through their in-built spiritual mechanics. The gut feeling, or the majority of its power, is killed off so to speak. Once spiritual awareness is blocked the victims are then easily led by material awareness. (financial shrewdness, greed, vanity etc) The material world is controlled by the serpent cult and the serpent cult knows all the tricks in the book. I am not condemning the “successful business people or rich people” everyone should be free to do as they wish.

The only point I wish to make is that with spiritual awareness blocked the individual has also been blocked from knowing the spiritual consequences of their material actions. A loss of understanding of the rules of “Cosmic Karma” for want of a better word.

I feel it is only fair for material people to know their spiritual fate before they do material things based on material awareness only, and not after they do material things. I am sure the world would be a far better place if this were so. Sadly the serpent cult hide this spiritual, in built, knowledge through mass psychological control as they want the world totally material and sadly they ensure life on earth not only continues to be this way but they make sure the material world grows at a tremendous, suicidal, rate.

The result is that planet Earth becomes “all material” and the effects of this are now visible, in 2004, for all to see: war, ill health and poverty. Someone’s material gain is always somebody else’s material loss. Dog eat dog, I hear you say, the survival of the fittest and all that. We are all one consciousness and with this mentality you are literally eating yourselves. When the fittest part of oneself eats a weaker part of oneself, the oneself becomes weaker. The one becomes smaller. On a par with your mouth eating your big toe.

The negative aliens get to see all the results of a material consciousness controlling this world. They feed off it. They enjoy the misery we cause each other. They do not suffer the spiritual comeback, karma, themselves either. This is because humans are carrying out the material action on Earth therefore it is humans that take the punishment, the spiritual comeback, on Earth. We have simply become official spiritual patsies for reptilian negative aliens. We have been set up to take the Karma and at the same time we feed and entertain our string pullers.

A hell on earth becomes reality via our own making, our own responsibility, despite the fact that we are, in the majority, being deceived into creating it. If you are deceived into murdering someone by a wrong thought it is still you, the murderer, that is punished for the murder. The thought, no matter what the source, is never sought.

The negative aliens invest in their enjoyment and food source. We are a continuous food source, and means of entertainment, therefore the kidnappings, that result in blocking spiritual awareness in individuals, will continue because these actions simply block the collective spiritual awareness of all mankind as well as on an individual level.

Mind control and trickery target the victims thoughts, experiments and hybrids etc, False memory is implanted in the individual and this also becomes false memory for the collective awareness and this has to continue, as a smoke screen, to enable the negative aliens to carry on with the scam.. Most researchers will be still scratching their heads for centuries to come if nothing changes and a breakthrough is not achieved. The only thing that will be clearly visible in the future, if nothing changes, is the “hell on earth”. that has been created will increase in severity and there will be even more death and destruction and physical freedom will be removed from our grasp just like our spiritual freedom as already been removed.

The task to expose, and have globally accepted, what is covertly going on is enormous when you consider that not only are the aliens controlling the subconscious of humans but they also control most information, on a conscious level, through their agents on earth.

They have also created the means, in the mentality of the masses, to ridicule alternative views about life on earth. It seems if you are not part of a dogmatic religion, left wing or right wing politics, and official education you immediately become an outcast or loony.

The sad thing is that the serpent cult completely controls religion, politics and education. If you are not with em’ you are against em’. If you are not part of the illusion they have created then you are open to ridicule and you will receive it either directly from family members or the public at large should your views be made public.

Despite the catastrophic effect humans have made on this planet, death, destruction, poverty, misery, political corruption and corporate greed we are still blindly led on the same path.

Wakey Wakey people. Don’t sit on your asses waiting for a white bearded god to save you, you have been conned, it is not going to happen. You are slaves to phoney leaders. These leaders want you to sit on your asses, brain dead, waiting for a white bearded God to save your ass. You are so easily controlled that way.

What can we do about it?

How can we change things?

Can we change the situation?

Yes we certainly can but not through violence or hatred. That is just what the negative aliens would want us to do. I also wish to make it clear again that I am not trying to create a hate campaign against negative alien beings or their agents on earth. Be they reptilian or not. Indeed I am sure lots of other reptilian alien races do not have the same intentions or characteristics as those that have “fallen”, from connection to the one consciousness, and have decided to deceive, spiritually enslave, and mislead humanity. There are reptilian aliens that are connected to the one consciousness outside of the 4th dimensional forces, prison gates if you like, that surround this planet.

I am not trying to dictate what we do to rid this world of the reptilian aliens or their agents on earth. Destruction of enemies? That is what they dictate to you, not I. I am not a messiah nor a dictator. I encourage research and free thought. When enough people realise that they are living an illusion, total mental control of their reality by aliens, they will react.

I only want people to have free thought, the right to follow their gut feelings, their spiritual path. Once the masses are allowed to think freely, then negative aliens will literally disappear.

I would also love to be in a position to write about positive alien contacts at this time, spreading good news, instead of having to write about negatives, sadly, this planet is controlled by negative aliens, Reptilians intent on farming human consciousness for their use and pleasure, and not by positive beings.
The masses are conned into thinking a certain way, cosmic democracy, the negatives are in the spiritual white house, and the spiritual houses of parliament, that spiritually control this planet so to speak We have put them there by our thoughts and actions via a cosmic democracy code. What the masses think they get - they get.

We think material therefore we only get material. The fact we are conned into thinking this way is irrelevant. We have voted the negatives into power via majority rule.. Unlike Bush and Blair we cannot physically enforce a regime change, neither can positive aliens interfere! We have to follow cosmic democracy and literally think the negatives away through the same cosmic democracy system they follow, then the positives can interfere. This is where we get the idea of prayer from. The symbolic act of “Praying” is basically based on collective spiritual awareness. I don’t mean we should all get on our knees and start praying I mean praying is symbolic of humanity being consciously connected to the heavens.

The sad thing is that the serpent cult has made a mockery and manipulated this by creating numerous different “religions” therefore destroying collective awareness altogether. They do this by creating numerous false Gods for us to worship inside false religions, therefore dividing, destroying and therefore ruling the collective spiritual awareness of humankind. They have rigged the cosmic democracy election in their favour in other words and the only thing the religions, they have created, have in collective common is money and we all know who controls that.

I went to a C of E church school as a boy. I have tried to think of one good thing church or religion has done for me or my family…….

We need to restore collective human awareness and fast.

How do we do this I hear you ask? The answer is simple-we have to get our minds back, our spiritual awareness unblocked. Once individual spiritual awareness is unblocked collective spiritual awareness will grow, then with the use and knowledge of cosmic democracy we can make drastic changes to this world.

I must mention why I do not go into detail about positive alien encounters in this article. I cannot see the benefit, at this time, to tell wonderful stories about positive beings that take me to outer space for a day out, eating ice cream and such like, filling my head with esoteric knowledge and then return me to a hell on earth, doing nothing about the mayhem around them both before and after the journey. It would be escapist drivel.

Do all of those with positive alien experiences just sit in our houses waiting to have an uplifting experience? Dumbed down on lies. Watching the murder and poverty destroy the world on TV, from the safety of our arm chair, and do nothing about it just because we think we are “chosen ones” and the little “Grey Men” are going to come and save us? Sit and watch little children blown to bits with daisy cutter bombs do we? Wake up for fucks sake will you? Your heads are full of shit. You are jelly babies with your heads literally bitten off. You are robots held down by debt, fear, and ignorance. The powers that control this world are holding you down so firmly that you cannot do a thing about it.

“Go and order a takeaway pizza and ice cream sweetie, there’s a documentary coming on TV showing how we can blow the limbs off children and melt their brains at the same time with our new, super duper, smart bomb, I wonder if those Grey aliens that said everything is OK in the world will stock pizza and ice cream when they come and save us sugar?” sums up the mentality involved eh? (I wish I was joking about this)

Even your thoughts are controlled. How many of you cast aside your own importance on this planet? Every one of you? I see it daily….I am only a taxi driver…what can I do?.. I am only baker what can I do?… the same can be said for all occupations can’t it? You have given your lives away, through mind and wallet, to the serpent cult. You sit back and watch the serpent cult do what they want, mass murder etc, on the excuse that you are a pathetic nobody and can do nothing about it.

Another 100 killed today, it could be a million children killed, it wouldn’t mean anything to Mr & Mrs Average. The serpent cult owns their conscience along with their credit card.

The serpent cult has used the divide and rule scam to its full potential.
A lot of information, positive channelling or positive alien contact, is actually negative channelling and negative alien contact dressed up to deceive us. This dressed up rubbish is usually “hyped” and rushed through mass media before we can blink.

True information is ignored or, if it actually gets mass media attention, it is lost on the editing room floor as, eager serpent cult owned, movie directors try to convince humanity that little “Grey Men” are looking after us, or worse still that you are a complete loony, to be ridiculed, for actually believing in extra- terrestrial or inter dimensional beings in the first place.

It is a case of reader of books, or watcher of movie, beware because there is far more disinformation out there than any truth. The X Files logo is apt “The truth is out there” (but never ever on Sky One.)

The fact being that negatives aliens and their agents on Earth want to control all areas of our very existence. Yes and they do just that. Hence the situation in the world at this time.

Those of you out there who feel comfortable with life on this planet and the credit laden lifestyle you enjoy, be warned, it is not the intention of the negatives to let you enjoy your individual comfort for long. The banks and financial institutions of this world are leading you all “down the path of many turds” so watch your step! I had seven letters through my door this morning- five of them were financial offerings trying to bribe me into financial deals they know I cannot even afford. Why? They want to increase the control they have over my mind and wallet to unbearable levels.

Those of you in what you consider decent jobs with a decent standard of living, be warned, you have only been comforted by the serpent cult, “free world”, to suit them not you. You are part of the illusion, the deception, to make people of lower status believe the illusion, therefore support it, by seeing people like you in reasonable positions of status blindly keeps the illusion going for them. Yes be warned the serpent cult will treat you, pillars of society, like beggars in the street once their agenda reaches its climax.

Those of you who feel safe with money in the bank should note that paper or electronic money are worthless should a, pre- arranged, stock market crash come our way. Property prices can crash to nothing when nobody has the money to buy one.

Those of you who think your local “friendly” bank wouldn’t seal up cash machines and slam their doors in your face, in a world crisis, should think again. They follow orders from high rankers just like you have also been programmed or conditioned to do the same for your boss. If you are a boss already the bank already totally controls you.

The financial high rankers sit on gold and other valuable minerals. You sit on a piece of worthless plastic or worthless paper notes. Is the penny dropping? They can pull the plug out of your personal “bathtub of comfort” anytime they wish. Indeed it is their possession of the plug to your bathtub of comfort that makes you what you are. This is what I describe as conscious control. They have you by the short and curlies and you know that they do not care if they have to pluck them out.

They threaten to wave the plug (their power over you) to your bathtub of comfort very often (your own little world) in your face, just to keep you in place and you just do as they say as long as they keep promising to keep it in the plug hole.
We all have our reptilian made bathtubs some are, rust bucket type, tatty bathtubs and some are splendid bathtubs made of marble. They all empty the same way when the plug is pulled though, status or condition of the bathtub does not matter. We are all left naked, with wet asses, when the plug is pulled. The serpent cult owns all plugs to all the bathtubs in this world.

Another thing that the serpent cult conditions us to feel is embarrassment or guilt. If we say something or do something that does not fit in to the normal world of the serpent cult we automatically feel, or are made to feel, embarrassed or guilty. Conditioned “robots” who laugh at things this world has programmed them to laugh at. Like they laughed at suggestions the world could be round, not flat, or the moon landings are faked, not real.

I know that if this article was read world wide, millions of people will laugh at me.

I also know that if this article was read world wide thousands of people would not laugh at me, indeed if I alert only one person into realizing the agenda, being carried out by reptilian negative aliens, is truly in progress, then the effort from myself and others that has gone into writing and producing this article will all be worthwhile.

I will gladly walk the entire desert to find my Rain.

I will start this walk in the desert by giving advice to victims of negative alien abductions on how to prevent their spiritual awareness being blocked. I speak from first hand experience. It is my opinion that victims of alien Abduction who do not wish to have their spiritual awareness blocked, or their minds opened up and interfered with, should take action.

After I had been taken many times something inside me told me I had to fight back.

Obviously as victims may be rendered paralysed and taken physically, or taken out of your body, they will have no way of fighting back by using brute strength. Indeed many victims of abduction are children and they are physically incapable of fighting anyway.

To have any chance of stopping the abductions continuing you have to learn to fight back mentally. To master the skill of keeping control of your own mind. If you are in control of your own mind the negative aliens cannot make you open it up for interrogation. They cannot subject you to their complex trickery either. They cannot find your deep inner fears and use them against you. They cannot make you feel physically abused, probed or make you play stud or wench to produce hybrids either.

They can do nothing when you don’t allow them to do anything.

To explain how I learnt my skills to achieve control of my own mind during abduction I will have to take you with me back to my childhood.

I had an elder brother who used to tease me a lot sometimes. Like a lot of brothers and sisters do to each other. Even my own children did it to each other. The older one usually has the edge, with both hurtful comments and a deep cutting wit, due to their age.

I remember one day my brother was teasing me over my red hair and freckles. Saying “Ginger nut” and “Freckle face” etc etc.

During these acts of teasing my mother usually came to the rescue by providing me with a witty quip that I could use in retaliation. She provided me with information, a weapon, put words in my mouth, to ease my torment from the teasing and the mental torture my brother put me under. It could be simple information, like providing me with details of when my brother peed his pants! It worked like a dream though. Looking back my mother was only “levelling the odds” by providing me with information to aid my fight back against a cruel superior power - my brother. She provided me with her wisdom but she was also providing my brother with the insight into his actions. A double edged sword. She was helping me, the weakest, yet showing Karma to my brother. He reaped what he had sowed. He was hurt with words from a superior source because he hurt me with his superior words.

One day my brother was really teasing me, hurting me. I knew I was no match for his wit so I ran to my Mother to get a weapon off her. To my surprise she told me “This time I had to learn how to deal with it myself“. I was shocked, my mother had deserted me. I had to stand on my own two feet. I thought deeply.

I went back into the room where my brother was. I was feeling alone and helpless, but as I walked into the room, to take my mental punishment, all I could hear was the radio, everything else seemed in slow motion and silent, the song playing on the radio was “Singing Do Wah Diddy, Diddy Dum Diddy Do” by Manfred Mann.

The words seemed to ring in my ears “There she was just a walking down the street, Singing Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do” The words seemed to sink into me.

Then the room seemed to return to normal, the radio returned to normal sound level, and there was my brother with a wicked grin on his face, he had heard what my mother had said and was relishing a mega tease of a performance. I had no superior weapon; my weapons had been taken away. My brother must have seen me as a lamb to the slaughter.

“Ginger Nut Baby hasn’t got mummy on his side anymore,” he said laughing.

“Oh Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do,” I said.

“What?” he said

“Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do,” I said again more loudly and more confidently.

He kept teasing… He kept asking questions…
I kept singing…. “Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do,” and nothing else.
This frustrated him until he ran out of the room raging, red faced and cursing me.

I went to the radio and kissed it!

I had been given a weapon. I just didn’t know who had given it to me. When the visitors came for me again. I would be ready.

I used the same tactics I had used against my brother. I sang Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do constantly!

The aliens still tried to open my mind and mentally control me. They were very determined but I stuck to the task.

It was very challenging but I never gave up singing it. I remembered my brother running away when I used the tactics on him and this memory gave me strength.

I wasn’t singing aloud, I was just mentally singing it to myself. Sometimes I would break off from my concentration and open my eyes only to see the aliens looking at me waiting for me to stop.

This is when they got into my mind again.

As soon as I stopped singing, or singing to myself, the aliens acted swiftly, in a flash, and got past my defences. They got control of my mind again but only part control. Despite what they mentally showed me they couldn’t gain the type of control they had previously enjoyed over me… They had been “do wah diddied!”.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I could stop them abducting me completely. The short power surge in my body on realising this was tremendous. I literally felt I had the support of the universe behind me. A sort of assurance that is very rare. Even though the power surge was short lived, the memory of it has never left me.

“Singing-Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do” was just a learning starter block and it was only possible to keep repeating the words in my head for a short while before boredom set in. I new I had to increase my mental arsenal.

I started to learn songs. I needed to learn how to completely concentrate, mentally, on a song for as long as it took for the abductors to mentally leave me alone so to speak. I knew that if I stopped the mental power they had over me they could not use the physical trickery over me either.

The alien abductors can only achieve physical power over a victim when they have gained mental power over the victim. The more you fear them the more control they gain over you. In my opinion the initial power the aliens have over you is not gained via them, it is gained because of subconscious fears we have inside ourselves through the false education we have received on earth.

In other words alien agents on earth, the serpent cult, set us up for an initial abduction event by implanting subconscious triggers in us through false education, false religion, and false physics etc. We are literally being brainwashed, by alien agents on earth, into immediately submitting to alien abductions when they choose to abduct us. The abductors already know the triggers, the code or event, that will render us helpless, paralysed or mentally awe struck, because they have had their agents on earth set us up for it. We have already been primed to become victims.

We are being “softened up”, hypnotised, by mass media etc and then the aliens can just literally walk into our minds and block our spiritual awareness. A piece of cake to them. A constant, cold hearted, farming technique.

If we can begin to take steps to stop the manipulation of information supplied to our subconscious by alien agents on earth we can then start to prevent negative abductions from ever starting to take place. The agents on earth manipulate our subconscious constantly thus allowing the aliens the means to render us paralysed at the click of a finger, like a hypnotist can put his patient to sleep. The subconscious information supplied by alien agents on earth through mass media etc may be enough to block the majority of peoples spiritual awareness on its own Therefore abducting most people becomes unnecessary because they are already blocked from accessing their awareness.

I would suggest that only those that continue to openly show signs of showing spiritually awareness, despite the actions of the serpent cult on earth, certain blood lines etc, are abducted and the spiritual awareness of the rest is usually blocked by the tools of alien agents on earth, mass media, state education etc. It is also possible that everyone is abducted, at least once, with most not having the slightest clue that they have been taken.

Anyway back to me learning the songs I needed to block the mental attack on me

Like every child I liked children’s films. The Wizard of Oz, Tom Thumb, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins etc. The film industry is owned by the serpent cult, and these type of films are also used to implant subconscious messages in us by alien Agents on earth. This can work both ways though and sometimes the positive intentions of the original writers of the films can overtake the negative manipulation used by the serpent cult in producing such films. It is sad that many creative writers have their stories altered and rearranged by film producers. Those writers who refuse to allow changes to their work, and many just take the money, fail miserably with future projects. This is no coincidence. The serpent cult decides the vast majority of what films we see.

I remember seeing Wizard of Oz several times at the cinema. My childhood friend also had an LP record with all the songs from the film on it. Everybody knows the wonderful songs in wizard of Oz. I filled my mind with images of the film. I learned the songs. I borrowed the LP and played it non-stop on a crappy, wooden box, record player.

I was storing my mental arsenal with many, many, weapons!
I had, my favourite, the scarecrow song (“If I only had a brain”) safely tucked away in my deep subconscious. The cowardly lion song was also in there (“If I only had the nerve”). Not forgetting the heartless Tin Man (“If I only had a heart”). Obviously there was “We are off to see the Wizard-The wonderful wizard of Oz” to fall back on.

The next time I was “visited” by the aliens. I shut my eyes tight. I just sang the scarecrow song to myself, if I stumbled on the words I just compromised and sang it in de de de type. Like this. “De De De De La La La-De De De De La La La- Diddly Diddly- Deeeee- De De De De La La La -De De De De La La La-IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN”. The same can be done for “If I only had a heart” or if “I only had the nerve”.

I didn’t stop thinking about these songs and when I got bored with one I would switch songs and switch songs again. I also knew I always had “Singing Do Wah Diddy- Diddy Dum Diddy Do” as back up so to speak. I was fully armed for mental combat!

The song that seemed to have the most effect was “Ding Dong the witch is dead - the witch is dead - the witch is dead - Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead”. I always sang this (in my mind) when at my most scared. I use to laugh at the same time for some reason. Oh yes, the “Ding Dong” song was a powerful psychic weapon.

For those that think I have lost my marbles for suggesting victims of abductions should mentally sing silly songs to their kidnappers I say this. Try singing any of the above songs to somebody none stop for as long as they will let you. Also answer every question you are asked with “Do Wah Diddy- Diddy Dum Diddy Do”. I guarantee people will quickly avoid you and stop asking you questions.

The situation is the same for the kidnappers - they simply soon realise that they are wasting their time, before they can get into your mind they have to get past the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion. They need room to get in and if you don’t give it them they are powerless against you. The symbolic subconscious understanding of the wood cutting tin man, cowardly lion and the scarecrow also helped in my situation. They were heroes who had the courage to go down the yellow brick road to unmask the fakery that made them think they were heartless, brainless cowards. When in reality they were brave intelligent loving beings.

Like all of us are really brave, intelligent and loving beings. Powerful multi-dimensional beings. We have just been conned into thinking we are not.

The collective spiritual awareness behind (supporting) these “three heroes”, tin man, scarecrow, and lion is immense, immeasurable, the vast majority of individuals (awareness), love the tin man, the scarecrow and the cowardly lion, (heart, brains and nerve) therefore collective spiritual awareness loves them also. When the aliens tried to get into my mind they found I was protected by the love and the faith I had in the three characters through their songs, (or my heart, courage and nerve) and they just couldn’t break that down. Basically because the collective spiritual awareness (through cosmic democracy) was also behind me, through the songs.

That said any songs can be used to block off mental attack from negative aliens. I suggest, to anyone in the same position as I was, to use songs from any film they felt a strong connection to. I suggest children’s films as a lot of love (positive energy) is connected to them. There is a lot of collective spiritual awareness connected to children’s films. This can only help a victim of negative alien abduction fight back.

That said, and the title of this essay says it all, if in doubt or distress sing “Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do”

I don’t know what powers were behind me, helping me in the discovery of how to successfully defend myself from interrogations by negative alien kidnappers. The only thing I know is that it worked. It has become obvious to me that I managed to stop the mental intrusion, by powerful alien beings, from taking control of me. By stopping this intrusion I was also able to eventually stop the experiments, probes etc, linked to the abductions from carrying on.

I believe that by filling my whole mind with songs I loved, I prevented the aliens from triggering my mind into submission. I have tried to explain why this happens earlier in the essay.

What I have come to learn is that all negative alien abductions start through subconscious manipulation. I believe that our subconscious is manipulated firstly by the alien agents on earth and without this initial manipulation the abductions carried out by aliens, to block spiritual awareness, would not, and could not, take place.

I will follow up this article with an explanation as to how this initial manipulation of the subconscious, past and present, by alien agents on earth is carried out.

Until next time… thanks for reading this article.

Matthew Delooze

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