Chile - Winged Creature Matches Up
With Mexican Image

Created: July 13, 2004

From Scott Corrales
Institute Of Hispanic Ufology
By Esteban Leal
Diario El Centro
July 8, 2004
The "winged dogs" that attacked Juan Acuņa, and the ones allegedly responible for sheep and hen deaths, continue to spread fear in Parral.
PARRAL - The description given by Juan Acuņa Perira, who was attacked by unknown animals he likens to "winged dogs", coincides remarkably with an image published by a Mexican newspaper [in 1996- translator's note], an image that has been circulated throughout the Internet and was neither denied nor classified as true by researchers of strange phenomena.
The peasant described the creature as an earless dog with shining eyes, and more telling yet, the bite he suffered on one of his feet clearly shows a triagular, three-fanged bite.
The deep scratches to his arms upon resisting the attack sunday morning are proof of claws as the ones shown [in the photograph of the strange creature]. The injuries were analyzed on Monday by experts of the Forensic Medical Service of Cauquenes at the request of the Parral D.A.'s office. Physicians concluded that Acuņa was indeed attacked by an animal, but one belonging to an unknown species, as reported by EL CENTRO.
The peasant was attacked as he walked across a pasture near Canal Fiscal, close to Calle 2. He claims that two specimens attacked him, the smallest being the fiercest, and went for his throat. He brushed this one off with both arms, leaving deep scratches in his upper body which testified to what he told Carabineros [State Police] at the Reina Luisa barracks. He added that he then fell to the ground and was bitten in an ankle. He took off as best he could and jumped into the canal's waters, followed by the flying specimens, who hovered waiting for him to come out. He tried, but the strange creatures renewed their attacks until they finally desisted and the peasant was able to ask for help.
Ever since the case became known on local and national radio and newspapers on Monday, fear and jokes have spread throughout the community, where strange events had been taking place since the previous week: the first one to become known involved the death of a dozen hens at a local commune, where a resident claimed having seen the shadows of two unknown creatures that flew away from the field until they lost themselves in the vineyards.
Photos of the attack on Mr. Acuņa:

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