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Last Updated: Saturday, June 30, 2007 12:38:37 AM


Crop Circle


The Earthfiles
Excellent on Crop Circles


4,000 Year Old UFO Found In Grand Canyon
Ancient Astronauts and Spaceship found in the Grand Canyon of Arizona? Flagstaff, Arizona, A team of experts called in to examine strange debris at the bottom of the Grand Canyon discovered the wreckage of a UFO that crashed 4,000 Years ago!


Alien Presence On the Moon?
Is there an "Alien Base" on the Moon? More and more people are coming forward with stories of an Alien presence on the Moon. Rumors say that there is an Alien Moon Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth.


Explorers Find UFO Fragments in Tunguska Meteorite Area
Members of the scientific expedition of the Siberian state foundation Tunguska Space Phenomenon say they have managed to uncover blocks of an extraterrestrial technical device.


Ancient Aircraft
A small model of what has been called a "glider" plane was found in a museum in Cairo. Its body was just over 6" long and its wingspan was a little over 7".



Extraterrestrial UFOs Tipped With “Exotic Matter” Using Wormhole Subways All Around the Universe
- Scientists are getting early indications that the whole universe is a network of wormhole subways interconnected for instantaneous galactic travel. -


Other Mysterious Deaths... Lest We Forget
Death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by probable strangulation. Deaths possibly by implantation of deadly viruses. No one lives former. Yet the recent suspicious deaths of UFO investigators Phil Schneider, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston and Karln Turner, as well as the deaths of a host of researchers in the past, only seem to add emphasis to a reality with which many of the more aware UFOIogists are now quite familiar: not only is UFO research potentially dangerous, but the life span of the average serious investigator falls far short of the national average.


Time is Multidimensional – A New Concept from Extraterrestrial UFOs Allows Coexistence of One Entity in Many Different Time Dimensions
- When we think about time, we think of a linear one-dimensional aspect of our universe that exists as the the fourth dimension in our physical universe. However the extraterrestrial UFOs and advanced alien civilizations are providing us some clues to the true nature of time. -


Evidence of Children’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters to be Presented at a United Nations Affiliated Conference in Montreal
- After being involved with over 1000 experiencers (alien abductees), a former registered nurse, who is now a professional counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, has concluded that alien “abductions” are not only real encounters, but that they are about spiritual awakening and galactic contact. Mary Rodwell is not alone, as a growing number of academics, scientists and politicians, such as the former Canadian Minister of Defense Hon. Paul Hellyer, are starting to support the core of her paradigm shifting views about life in the Universe and that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships. -
- Press Release Newswire, Feb 22, 2006 -


The Artificial World We Live In
- We assume the world is natural; that everything just happened, naturally. Schoolbooks teach us that the entire Universe just BANGED into existence. Scientists assume that stars and planets came into being by dust and debris coalescing or concentrating over eons of time. Educators tell us that Life came into being on Earth through natural forces. They say: We humans are simply natural by-products of the world around us. We crawled out of the oceans; we evolved into primates; we stood erect and developed into modern creatures over extremely long periods of time...so say the evolutionists. -
- by Doug Yurchey -



Incredible Iapetus
- How could massive towers, walls and other titanic architecture be constructed on Saturn’s special moon? One reason is Iapetus only has 1/40 the gravity of Earth. Earth rotates once in 24 hours. Iapetus rotates once every 79 days. Gravity is not a force, but a result of rotation or relative movement. We weigh little on Earth’s Moon because of its slow rotation. On fast-spinning Jupiter, we would weigh many times our normal weight. The towering structures in the following Cassini photographs are a distinct possibility on a body with very low gravity. -
- by Doug Yurchey, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, June 30, 2007)

Animated Helicopter