Updates on Prophet Yahweh (Part 1)
Pyah.tv, June 12, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 12, 2005)

Dear List,
Prophet JahwehI have been waiting on television stations to give me a chance, but it is clear that I am being ignored by them.
Today is June 12th and I have 33 days to go.
It's been 17 days since I made history as the first man to call down UFOs for TV stations to film.
At first, YAHWEH had me to announce that I am summoning only for the media.
The general media failed me,  especially newspapers.
Then, I was told to open up to television stations only, and they have failed me.
While trying to deal with both of these media entities, it was under these conditions.
1. I was supposed to summon only for the media and not independent video crews.
2. I was to be ready to go, in a moment's notice, where they wanted me to go and meet them.
I have wasted enough time dealing with the media, especially television stations, according to those conditions.
Now that all the media has clearly refused to cover me, I must proceed forward under new conditions I have been shown.
These are those conditions:
1. I will summon on my summoning property only and no longer be on call to go to any part of the city.
2. I will organize a select group of independent camera crews, who have contacted me,  to document my summonings.
3. I will not contact the media and television stations any more. However, if a television station contacts me, they are welcome to come fit themselves in with what is already happening. But, they will not have priority status. And, I will not contact them anymore, unless they contact me.
This is all the information I have for you now.
Every thing is looking good.
All this happened so  that I, and all of you, could see how the media is towards this type of topic.
I have a couple of camera crews that are willing to show up and document me.
I will let you know more about the developments from now on.
Let the media ignore me all they want, but YAHWEH shall bring them out of their little buildings with the force of the sightings of UFOs and spaceships that will appear in the skies over me on my signal.
Yours In The Sightings Of YAHWEH,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

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