UFO Sightings Increasing World Wide

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Intellpuke writes "Friday, July 2, 2004

UFOs have been spotted in Louisiana, South Africa and Chile, making this a worldwide phenomenon.

Michelle Hunter writes in the Times-Picayune that on May 24, UFO researchers Joe and Linda Montaldo of Metairie, Louisiana, videotaped a dark, oblong shape with flashing blue, green, red and yellow lights. They watched the object hover for 11 minutes over Lake Pontchartrain.

Joe Montaldo says, "When people used to tell me about this, I used to think they were nuts, but there's just too much evidence out there from credible people: doctors, lawyers, mayors, firefighters and police officers…My job is not to convince people that ET is on the planet. My job is to rule out all the other explanations…When ET comes up and says, 'Hey Joe, how ya doing?' I'll be a 100 percent believer." Read more.

In IOL News from South Africa, Ayanda Mhlongo quotes Roshnie Naidu as saying, "The light was so bright, at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains and check what it was," according to UnknownCountry.com.

Intellpuke: "Yep, lots of UFO sightings still go unreported by the mainstream press. Fortunately, here at FreeInternetPress.com we aren't mainstream and we have no sense of shame whatsoever, so we're free to post articles like the one above and let the reader decide how credible it is."

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Original article: http://freeinternetpress.com/article.pl?sid=04/07/02/0718254&mode=thread

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