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Mars from space

The Mars Records
Clearing sessions with a biofeedback meter where a man regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind control, and Military and Alien Abductions.


Alien Faces & Writing Found On Mars
Scotland Reports Finding a Skull artifact on Mars, Additional Artifacts and Writing On Ornamented Stone, Faces On The ET Rock, Theological Implications of Alien Life, We Are Not Alone, Blueberries May Be Vegetation, Opportunity Rover Finds Strong Evidence Meridiani Planum Was Wet . Astronaut Claims We Are Not Alone


Artificial Structures on Mars
When it comes to evidence for artifacts on Mars, people divide into two categories: those who find scientific analysis more
convincing than imagery; and those who find the reverse to be true. Here, we present evidence that may appeal to both categories.


The Face on Mars

Mars: Was the “Face” Depicted 4,500 Years Ago?
- In Genesis Revisited (1990) I reproduced a series of NASA’s own photographs, including photo 035-A-72 (Plate “E” in the book) that captured a panoramic view of Cydonia (see below). There, clearly, the camera captured a rock carved to look like a human face, of a male wearing a helmet (plate “F” in the book) and the remains of walled structures, with two walls forming a right angle (plate “G” in the book). -


Is Earth A Colony Of Mars?
Dr. Gilbert Levin says Viking Lander Found Life on Mars ...


Mars And Egypt?
Several people have noticed that some faces on Mars wear tall head dress or hats
that are similar to Egyptian, Assyrian, Inca, or Mesopotamian head wear. David Grey sent this JPL image.


UFO Streaks Through Martian Sky
The US Spirit rover on Mars has seen a UFO streak across the Red Planet sky.


Mars Was Wet
Scientists have concluded the part of Mars that NASA's Opportunity rover is exploring was soaking wet in the past.


Water Crater on Mars

Water Ice in Crater at Martian North Pole
- These images, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft, show a patch of water ice sitting on the floor of an unnamed crater near the Martian north pole. -
- Esa.Int, July 28, 2005 -

Is There Life [In Caves] On Mars?
- Caves have been found on Mars – and they could be home to alien life, scientists said on Sunday.
   The entrances to seven possible caverns on the slopes of a 16km-high (10mile) Martian volcano called Arsia Mons were spotted by Nasa satellites.
   The find will fuel suggestions that life may exist in 'underground habitats' on the Red Planet. The caves could one day become shelters for astronauts, scientists at the US space agency said.  -
- by Metro.co.uk., Sep 23, 2007 and Ker Than, Space.com, Apr 02, 2007 -



NASA Mars Photo Leaked - Wood Found on Mars!
- Someone at NASA released a photo that they shouldn’t have, a picture of a piece of timber the size of a railroad tie, a photo that could get someone killed. There is no mistaking that the object in the print below is a piece of wood. NASA claims that Mars is a desert planet with no life at all. NASA lies, repeatedly. -
- TheCrit Data Vaults, Aug 05, 2008 -