The Amazing Phenomenon
"Prophet Yahweh" (Part 2)

The UFO Summoning Tour
by Wes Penre
(Aug 10, 2005)

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(This article will be continuously updated as things unfold).

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Saturday, October 15, 2005 10:48:40 AM

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Prophet Yahweh

This second part of the article on Prophet Yahweh will hopefully be a follow up on his "50 States UFO Summoning Tour" (see Part 1 for background). He was supposed to go on tour on August 7, but it seems like he has not left yet.

Only time will tell what this man is really up to, but it is getting weirder and weirder. I would totally disregard him if it wasn't for the fact that he is summoning something, fake of real. This former Marine's intention is to go public nationwide, and eventually worldwide, so I believe there is an agenda behind it. I have my suspicions of what it is, but will let Prophet himself get on the stage and show us. In the meantime I will stay as neutral as possible while posting his information as things develop. Therefore you will see very few subjective comments from me.

Where the text is in maroon and indented, it means that it is a direct quote from Prophet Yahweh (whose name I from hereon will abbreviate to PY). The rest of the comments are mine if nothing else is indicated...


The 50 States UFO Summoning Tour Preparations

Aug 9, 2005:

I Shall Raise From the Dead

In previous emails, concerning the "Death Syndrome" experiences of my life, I revealed to you:

a. the dream I had about one of my chief enemies dieing in a car wreck

b. deaths of family members who died because of my sins at the exact moment I commit them

c. me being murdered by killers

Now, I want to reveal to you another aspect of my death.

In the Old Testament of the bible, YAHWEH, foretold of an end-time King of the Black Jew Hebrew Israelites, that would be born out of them, by the hands of the holy prophets of Israel.

These prophecies let us know how we can identify "exactly" who that King is:

According to these scriptures, the end-time King of the Black Jew Hebrew Israelites would:

1. be able to call down UFOs and Spaceships on his signal

2. receive super-magical power, from YAHWEH, that will be far greater and more potent than any man since Adam

3. be killed by his enemies and come back to life so that he can lead the Black Jew Hebrew Israelites back to their rightful land - the land of Israel

Let there be no doubt about it - I AM THAT KING!

And, my destiny shall be fulfilled!

In my last email, I told you about how I am going to be killed.

But, what I did not tell you is that "BEFORE" I die, I will receive my super-magical power as proof that I am the foretold of King of the Israelites.

You all have seen only a small portion of YAHWEH's power through me, in relationship to the King being able to call down sightings, in number 1, above.

I am speaking of when I made history as the first man to call down UFO's for mainstream television cameras.

From now on, what you are going to witness, is YAHWEH demonstrate an even greater power, through me, by sending all the UFO's and Spaceships He would have sent to the Las Vegas media if they had continued to filming my summonings.

As He is fulfilling all His words and promises through me, but in another way, this time, only because the media rejected YAHWEH through me, when He first sent me to them, I will receive my supernatural gift of pure magic.

Me receiving receiving magic, will be the sign that will let you know that my death is not far away.

As time goes on, I will reveal those prophecies of the end-time King so you can read them for yourselves.

At that time, I'll point out, in those prophecies, the verses that show us how we can know exactly who that King is.

Aug 12, 2005:

Here is the first comment from PY as of why he is delayed in his tour:

It's almost time for me to go on my tour.

Things are looking good, but I still can't say when I will leave.

All I know is that I will be leaving in a few days.

I was suppose to leave on August the 7th, but as you can see, there is a slight delay.

Today's date is August 12, 2005.

I am 5 days behind schedule.

Regardless, I will be leaving soon.

I will let you know.



Aug 14, 2005:

According to PY, one of the main reasons his tour has been delayed is because he does not have all the software he needs for his Apple computer to be able to complete his tasks while on the road. Here's the latest update:

Now there is only one other piece of software that I need to fulfill the minimum requirements needed for my tour. After I am blessed to get it, I will announce that I am going out on the road with my tour.
I need to be able to film, edit, and upload professionally produced UFO videos, to the Internet, for all of you to see as soon as possible after I film them.
I also need to communicate with every one via e-mail, send print teachings, and audio clips to my groups.

If I don't have what I need, there will be long periods of time between me interacting with my groups. As a result of this, everyone will think I am disappearing on them and wondering what's going on.

But, if I have what I need, I can interact with everyone, on a daily basis, in a really professional way. I will be able to do it like a television crew or news reporter, out on the road, and sending daily reports to the station or news bureau.

As I said, there is only one more piece of software that I need to fulfill the minimum requirements needed to announce the start of my tour.


Aug 22, 2005:

The Prophet is now giving a new approximate time to start his UFO summoning tour:

It looks like everything is coming together.

I have all the software I need, and just about all of it has been installed except for one of them.

My laptop shoulder carrying case should arrive this week.

I am packing up all my possessions to go into storage.

All my plans are coming together.

My contacts and I are communicating and planning something very big.

It wont' be long now before I leave on my UFO tour.

I am preparing things whereby once I am gone on the road, I really don't have to come back to Las Vegas or Los Angeles until I have completed my mission in all 50 states.

However, I may have to come back to do some unforeseen things before heading back out on the road.

I am only about a week and a day from leaving.

I will be ready to leave in about 3 days, but I am going to sit here ready to go and take a few days and do nothing but focus on YAHWEH and my prayers to Him.

After giving YAHWEH the time He deserves, I will announce my departure.

Please be a little more patient with me.

Things are coming together so wonderfully to launch my UFO tour.


Sep 2, 2005:

Prophet Yahweh's tour has been postponed until Sep 15, due to Hurricane Katrina:

Because of hurricane Katrina striking Florida and the Gulf States, I have decided to postpone my UFO tour until September 15th, 2005.
I don't want to get caught up in the back log of passengers trying to be re-routed to their destinations.
I will be going on my tour by way of Greyhound, and it's going to take a little time for them to get alternate routes established and get passengers, who are stuck in their terminals, re-routed around the states hit by Katrina.
Check out Greyhounds Alert to people located at:
Interstate 10, which goes from the west to the east coast, has been devasted in one of more of the Gulf States.
Because of this, traveling the Southern route will be a nightmare right now.
But, by September 15, Greyhound should have the alternate routes determined, and I should be able to travel a lot better with less problems.

Sep 16, 2005:

Prophet Yahweh is packing and getting ready for the tour, he says. This is not the first delay, so let's see if it is for real this time:

I have been so busy packing and getting ready to go on my tour, that I have not answered emails much at all.

I have sent out only those emails that were necessary.

Well, I am happy to announce that for 4 days I have been packing and boxing up all YAHWEH operation equipment and items.

After I finished, 4 men and two pickups took everything to a storage, here in Las Vegas, until I can get most of it to Los Angeles some times after my UFO tour.

For now, I will be taking only 8 boxes, of what I need for my UFO tour, with me to Los Angeles.

I will be leaving in 4 or 5 days.

I feel good, and I'm ready to launch the operation so that all people can see the UFOs and Spaceships of YAHWEH above me in every city I go to.

It has taken me much longer than I wanted; however, after I got into planning my tour, it was clear to me that I needed more time.

But, now is the time to get started.

I will keep you posted, on a regular basis, on the details and progress of my tour.


Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Sep 18. 2005:

Here is the UFO summoning schedule:

After I completed all the necessary arrangements for me to leave on my "50 State UFO Summoning Tour," I said to myself,

"Well, everything is done. All I need now is to hear from YAHWEH concerning when I am to leave Las Vegas and when and where He wants me to start the summoning efforts."

For a couple of days I pondered on those things, and, as always, YAHWEH gave me the answers I needed.

While sleeping, a couple of nights ago, I was scanning for visions and listening for the voice I hear that calls itself YAHWEH to speak to me. Then, I heard the following words:







Because of these words, I now know that I am not to start summoning UFOs before October 1st.

This gives me time to set up operations back in Los Angeles.

I have to make 2 or 3 trips back and forth between Los Angeles and Las Vegas before YAHWEH operations are completely set up in Los Angeles for the tour.

Today's date is September 16, 2005, and there are 30 days in this month with exactly two weeks remaining before October 1st.

I plan to leave this coming Monday or Tuesday (the 19th or 20th) on my first trip back to Los Angeles to prepare for setting up operations there in a new location, .

Some time between the first journey to Los Angeles and October 1st, I will come back to Las Vegas to get all YAHWEH property and take all of it back with me to Los Angeles and set it up in new location.

Also, while down in Los Angeles, the first time, I will meet with all people I will summon UFOs for, before I start doing so on October 1st.

This will allow us to get to know a little about each other and for them to find out what the summons will be like, what's required from them and what they can expect from me.

Having a pre-summons face-to-face meeting will take away any jitters we may have about meeting each other, and it will allow us the chance to talk about the summoning process and answer each others questions.

After my pre-summons meeting with all of them and securing a new location for YAHWEH operations, I will:

1. go back to Las Vegas to get all YAHWEH property and bring it back to Los Angeles

2. set up my equipment in my new location

3. then start my summoning productions on October 1st until the 12th.

Once I get YAHWEH property back to Los Angeles, I will have everything I need to:

1. interview witnesses, on camera, before each summons

2. film my summonings and the UFOs that appear

3. and post the UFO videos at my new Internet site (that will be posted soon) for you to view

I have been planning this "50 State UFO Summoning Tour" since sometime after July 15th when my "Media-Only Las Vegas UFO Summoning Event" ended.

At that time, I quickly tried to go on my summoning tour while headed to Atlanta and stopped off in Phoenix first.

Then, I realized that I had not planned properly and came back to Las Vegas to take my time and do it right.

It has taken only about two months to properly organize it, and now it's almost time to start the tour.

During this time, I was sending you all emails about things that had nothing to do with my ability to summon so you could get to know more about how my mind works and to kill time.

But, behind the scenes, I will planning intensively for my tour.

Now, the wonderful YAHWEH has blessed my plans to be the best they can be based on what I have to work with.

It won't be long now before I go on my tour, with better wisdom, to all states.

And, this time, I will make it to Atlanta and the major cities of America up and down the East Coast.

But, for now, the voice I hear that calls itself YAHWEH has made it clear to me that I am to first focus on California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Hawaii.

I will keep you posted on the developments of my preparing for my tour, by setting up operations in Los Angles, and the tour itself.

Yours In YAHWEH's Magnificent Name,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Sep 25, 2005:

PY says on his mailing list that he will leave on his tour within 24 hours. Then the first summoning will take place in California on October 1.

When he has toured all 50 states, he will start a new tour through Canada:

After this, I also heard:
Now you know what's next at YAHWEH's hands.
Sincerely Yours In YAHWEH,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

 Sep 27, 2005:

Prophet Yahweh says he has had some disturbing dreams, which are more like prophecies. He claim that Yahweh has spoken to him in his dreams, predicting more hurricanes shortly, even more intense than Katrina and Rita. He is giving us quite some specifics as well. Now we will see if his "prophecies" come true, and if they do, who is behind them? Please read more here >>>.


The 50 States UFO Summoning Tour Has Begun

Sep 29, 2005:

PY is now in Los Angeles, California:

Just a note to let you know that I have arrive in Los Angeles.
The weather is perfect for summoning: clear skies and calm winds.
However, I am not to start summoning until October 1st until the 12th.
I must wait until Saturday, the 1st before I start meeting with people.
Keep in mind that my Los Angeles summonings will be in the High Definition format.
I will be intouch and explain more one the public library opens.
I am now at Kinkos sending this email to you.

Sep 30, 2005:

Latest from PY; Yahweh has chosen the team he will use for his tour:

While sleep, I looked in the visions of YAHWEH and saw the team of the person I am preparing to introduce you to.
And, the voice of YAHWEH said:
The name of this company is Sci Phi Recordings.
Its founder and owner is Brother Phoenix Orion.
Phoenix is and up-and-coming hip hop artist.
He is associated with "Alien Nation" and "Zulu Nation."
I recently met with Phoenix, his editor, and well know members of the hip hop and martial arts community.
In the meeting, they showed me their Sony HD camera, and a music video they produced on DVD.
I have decided to obey YAHWEH's words and accept Phoenix Orion, and his "Sci Phi Recordings" and "Sci Phi Films" to document my 50 state tour.
This will be made official once we get a written agreement worked out between us.
I want to thank those of you I was talking to about doing my documentary, but YAHWEH has spoken, and I must obey.
Here are the links to Phoenix Orion so you can find out about him.
Main Page:
About Phoenix Orion:
Music Page:
Music Video Page:

Oct 1, 2005:

Latest news from PY; the Summonings start in California tomorrow, Oct 2nd.

Oct 7, 2005:

The Los Angeles summoning failed, and according to Prophet Yahweh, this is why (click here). Stay tuned (if you have the patience, that is). I will still continue reporting, although the whole thing is very weird.

Oct 8, 2005:

The "The 50 States UFO Summoning Tour" is officially over before it even started. If you read the link above, you will understand that PY will only summon for the black Israelites with "slave blood" running through their veins. He will therefore start all over and begin a new tour soon, which he will call "50 State - Black Israelites Only - UFO Summoning Tour".

Thus, this will be the last posting to this article. I am still curious as of what this strange guy is up to, so I will cover his whereabouts in the future as well and write a new article to follow him on his new tour, whenever that will be. I will call my new article "50 States - Black Israelites Only - Prophet Yahweh UFO Summoning Tour".

Keep an eye open at On that page, in the right side column, I will announce whenever the new article is being written.

Thank you for following me so far,

Wes Penre,
Illuminati News

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