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Articles on Spirituality (Index)

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Religion vs. Spirituality

Religion Spirituality

What is the Purpose of Religion and Society?
- The purpose of religion and society is to wedge a wall between man and God, to cut him off from himself and cut him off from God. Religion aims at making a person spiritually ill. How do they do this? By turning individuals against themselves and souring their energies. -
- by Frater RAH -
(Posted here: Oct 28, 2005)

My 2 Cents, or "What I Believe"
- If man wrote the bible; albeit as divinely inspired as he or she may have been, and man has re-written that bible countless times since it's inception, and since man is so prone to use anything in his power to better his interests, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that if we take every single word of that bible 100% literally, then we are not following "The Word of God", but in fact, "The Word of Man". -
- by Steven Skye -
(Posted here: June 3, 2005)

Michael Tsarion

Truth Against the World: On Atlantis, the Origins of Evil, and the Irish Origins of Civilization
- Michael Tsarion is probably one of the best researchers I have ever encountered. He has put the pieces together in a very extraordinary way. After have spent some 30 years of research into these subjects, the results are astonishing! Michael does not give you any opinions and he does not tell you what or whom to believe. All he presents are FACTS and real EVIDENCE that can not be disputed, due to the simple fact that what he is presenting can be totally backed up. Everybody on this planet should take his research to heart! Wes Penre, Illuminati News -
- by Michael Tsarion, 2005 -
(Posted here: Friday, October 05, 2007)

Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Tunnel

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
- Pre-birth, Earth, Life, Humanity, Soul/Spirit, Religion, Spirituality, Science, War, Death, Out-of-body, Silver cord, Time, Hell, Void, Tunnel, Orbs, Heaven, City of light, Realms, God, Jesus, Satan, Life review, Emotions, Telepathy, Knowledge, Temple, Music, Homecoming, Told not ready, Future, Astrology, Guides, Reincarnation, Questions -
- Near-Death.com -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Monday, April 02, 2007)

Near-Death Experiences of the Rich and Famous
- The near-death experiences of rich and famous people are particularly interesting. They are rolling in the money. They are known all over the world. They are often beautiful, articulate and very talented in what they do. With this in mind, why would such a person reveal to everyone that they were dead and came back to life? Money? They already got that. -
- Near-Death.com -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Saturday, March 31, 2007)

Immortality IS an Option

- Dr. Mitchell Gibson watched hospital visitors and patients 'walk through' deceased patients loitering in the hospital hallways weeks after their deaths, leading him on a journey few will ever experience. He was shown the essential nature of The Living Soul and how we can choose to become immortal, if we believe it's possible. -
- by Conscious Media Network -
(Posted here: Saturday, October 06, 2007)

The Illusion of Value and (Self) Worth - A Quest for Emotional Dollars
- You are seeking value and self worth from your relationships and you don’t even know it. Value is an amazing phenomenon because like money value is a measurement of energy; emotional output. Little do we understand why we continue to encounter the tug-a-war experienced in our relationships. We want to feel as if we are valued and worthy of being part of any interactive experience. To desire to be valued is another limitation just as the limitations we have placed on money. Value like money is measured on a spectrum of being a little or a lot. -
- by Sonia Barrett, Feb 04, 2009 -
(Posted here: Friday, February 06, 2008)



The Boy Who Lived Before
[Video: 46min 5sec]
- In this film, we follow young Cameron, who remembers his previous life on a Scottish island more than 200 miles from where he now lives. Another kid remembers being his own grandfather, and to the amazement of his parents he can tell them details about his grandfather's life that he had no way of knowing from any other source. His mother is a Christian, raised not to believe in reincarnation, but now she has had to change her mind... -
- YouTube, April 03, 2007 -
(Posted here: Monday, July 16, 2007)



What We Can't Perceive While In A Body
- Stop for a moment, and try to notice as many possible things in your environment that you can, simultaneously. Notice that, as you start to identify more and more objects, sounds, smells, and tactile sensations, you can’t keep them in your head all at once. When you notice, for example, the pressure of your shoe against the ball of your foot, that distant bird chirping seems to fade from your attention. And let’s not forget about how much stuff you weren’t paying attention to when you started reading this. Let’s face it: We all live our lives with blinders on. -
- POEE.co.uk -
(Posted here: Friday, March 16, 2007)

What Is Compassion?
- by Jelaila Starr -
(February 22, 2005)

The Lonesome Road of Self-Improvement
- by Paula Peterson -
(December 4, 2004)


Quantum Consciousness: What is Consciousness?
- Conventional explanations portray consciousness as an emergent property of classical computer-like activities in the brain's neural networks. The prevailing views among scientists in this camp are that 1) patterns of neural network activities correlate with mental states, 2) synchronous network oscillations in thalamus and cerebral cortex temporally bind information, and 3) consciousness emerges as a novel property of computational complexity among neurons.
   However, these approaches appear to fall short in fully explaining certain enigmatic features of consciousness... -
- by Stuart Hameroff, MD -
(Posted here: Tuesday, September 18, 2007)

Magic Mushrooms

Study Finds Benefit in 'Magic Mushrooms'
- "I feel more centered in who I am and what I'm doing," said Osborn, now 66, of Providence, R.I. "I don't seem to have those self-doubts like I used to have. I feel much more grounded (and feel that) we are all connected."
  Scientists reported Tuesday that when they surveyed volunteers 14 months after they took the drug, most said they were still feeling and behaving better because of the experience. -
(Posted here: Wednesday, July 02, 2008)

Heavy Water

'Heavy Water' Could Help Us Live Longer
- Mikhail Shchepinov, a former Oxford University scientist, says that the modified drink protects against dangerous chemicals known as free radicals that are known to contribute to conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's...He also claims that foods such as steak and eggs could be enriched with the special hydrogen isotope, known as deuterium, raising the possibility of people being able to "eat themselves healthy".
- by Matthew Moore, Telegraph.co.uk, Nov 27, 2008 -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 27, 2008)

How We Can Smell Fear... And Why It's Catching
- Everyone knows that an infectious giggle can spread through a room in an instant...But scientists say that fear might be catching too – and that’s no laughing matter. ..Research has shown that the sweat we produce when we are scared gives off signals that are subconsciously picked up by others. ..Their experiments might explain why even those who normally fly with confidence, sometimes experience the occasional pang of doubt for no reason. -
- by Fiona MacRae, Mail Online, Dec 04, 2008 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 06, 2008)

The Physical Universe vs. the Spiritual (Inner) Universe

The Physical Universe Spiritual Door

Foundation for the Law of Time
- Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume I: Book of the Throne The Law of Time and the Reformulation of the Human Mind -
- Lawoftime.org -
(Posted here: June 3, 2005)

The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter
[Video, 24 min 6 sec]
- This is a very interesting video! Science has now caught up on what some of us 'knew' already - that the physical Universe is an illusion and only electrical signals in the back of our brains. This means that we have NO IDEA of what is existing outside of our mind - we can't see it, only electrical impulses. When we look at a mountain, we perceive it as on object outside of us, when it in fact in INSIDE of us.
   With this is mind, a chilling question comes to mind: If this is true, which it seems to be, WHO OR WHAT IS MANIPULATING US FROM OUTSIDE TO PERCEIVE WHAT WE PERCEIVE? -
- by Wes Penre, May 05, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, May 05, 2007)

Our World May Be a Giant Hologram
- The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level.
- by Marcus Chown, New Scientist, Jan 15, 2009 -
(Posted here: Friday, January 16, 2009)

Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight
Video [00:18:44]
- This 19 minutes video is something everybody should see. Jill Taylor is telling us what is happening when we are dying, and if we take her experience face value, it proves that this reality is just a computer system, and our bodies are just computers within a super-computer, with pixels and everything. This also proves that after death we can experience what so many enlightened beings have been looking for for so long - 'NIRVANA'. -
- by Jill Bolte Taylor, 2008 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, March 19, 2008)

The Matrix

Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch
- Until I talked to Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, it never occurred to me that our universe might be somebody else’s hobby. I hadn’t imagined that the omniscient, omnipotent creator of the heavens and earth could be an advanced version of a guy who spends his weekends building model railroads or overseeing video-game worlds like the Sims.  -
- by John Tierney, The New York Times, Aug 14, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, August 23, 2007)


In the Belly of the Beast
- There is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that current events are mirroring a Cosmic drama that played out before time began. This primordial event is described in ancient scriptures throughout the world. And now the same story is being re-told by many hypnotized subjects – people from different religions or even from atheist backgrounds - who have been brought to the deepest levels of their subconscious mind. Some of these hypnotized subjects refuse to believe what even they said! Yet incredibly, they all have a highly similar story to tell regardless their different backgrounds and cultures. Their astounding words impact the very core of our being. -
- by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi-2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 01, 2007)

The Square Root of One Percent
[Video: 2min 57sec]
- Is mediation a tool to resolve many of the problems on this planet today? It has been well known for a long time that mediation reverses anger, depression and relieves a person from stress. There is little doubt that meditation is good for you, but how would it work on a larger scale? -
- by Wes Penre, Sep 02, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, September 02, 2007)


Twelve Signs of Your Awakening Divinity
- ...Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass. -
- by Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 22, 2007)

Visions under Ayahuasca

Drinking Ayahuasca in Bahia, September 2007
- After a series of events in early 2007 I received an invitation from a Mr PP to visit the eco- lodge resort in Bahia, Brazil and attend an ‘Ayahuasca Workshop’. During this workshop I was to drink the ancient medicine on three occasions. Here is a link to the Heart of the Initiate website. I will say to anyone that is in the position or inclined to take part in an ayahuasca workshop that they won’t find a better one than the one at Bahia. Not one.  -
- by Matthew Delooze, Sep 21, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, September 23, 2007

David Icke 2007

Connecting the Dots
Video [Video: 01:01:00]
- David's book, 'The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)' investigates and examines many subjects and aspects of the "conspiracy" and "connects the dots". The picture that appears once you understand how it all fits together is astounding. This is the book that will wake up the masses and reveal at last in an undeniable way the incredible level of control a covert and evil controlling force has had over humanity for thousands of years.
- Video Interview With David Icke -
(Posted here: Thursday, November 08, 2007)

Wes Penre

The Internet and the Global Spiritual Awakening
- When enough people are waking up, it affects the human consciousness as a whole, and people get revelations ‘out of nowhere’ and begin to research what they have experienced on a spiritual level. Personally, I have known about this conspiracy since the 80’s – before most of the now active researchers. But back then it was very, very hard to get anybody to listen. And those who did took a long time to put the pieces together. Now, you sometimes can tell a person once and he/she gets it! This is not because people are more intelligent now, but because the human consciousness vibrates on a higher level and more information is available to ‘download’ for those who are sensitive enough, which is an increasing amount of people.
- by Wes Penre, Nov 11, 2007 -
(Posted here: Sunday, November 11, 2007)

Grey Alien

Who Are Manipulating Us On A Higher Level, And What Motivates Them?
- No matter what good indications a researcher may have for his/her theories as of whom is behind the New World Order, these "answers" just create even more questions. It doesn't matter if we blame the Jews, the Jesuits, the Zionists, the International Bankers or Satan. Either one of these explanations leaves us with a puzzle where the pieces don't seem to fit perfectly unless we force them into place, which we shouldn't have to do - so something seems to be missing... -
- by Wes Penre, Dec 08, 2007 -
(Posted here: Saturday, December 08, 2007)

Power of Thought

The Power of Being Little: Why We Can Stop the New World Order
- Lots of readers write in about their concerns, whether mankind will wake up in time to save itself from the catastrophes we hear predicted on all sides. But I don’t share those dire visions, and no one has to accept them, not even those of us aware of the global conspiracy. In fact, the more we envision bad things happening, the more likely they are to happen, if quantum physics is right in saying that we influence outcomes through our thoughts. -
- by Bronte Baxter, June 08, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, June 08, 2008)

Impressionistic Painting by Claude Monet

A Short Art Lesson
- ...In the extension, we should be able to see life itself as art, as an enormous canvas that is under continuous construction; a complex, incomplete painting where we all, as pure spirit, are the artists. The question is, what kind of artwork are we creating? If there would ever be a complete painting of "Life on Earth", would it be a beautiful painting or a terrifying one? It's up to the artists within us all; it's all our responsibility. -
- BY WES PENRE, OCTOBER 03, 2008 -
(Posted here: Sunday, October 05, 2008)

Crystal Ball, symbolic for looking into the future. But do we need it?

The World is Waiting Just For … What?
- On September 11, 2001, the normally flat line of the boxes began to peak, warning of an event of terrible proportions a full 4 hours before the first plane hit the World Trade Center! Could the collective human mind have “known” what was going to happen?…I am a skeptic. I don’t believe in fortune tellers or psychics. I certainly doubted that I could forsee the future. But, as I did the research for this article, I discovered that I was wrong. Everyone can see into the future and we do it all the time. -
- by Dan Eden, WarIsCrime.com, Nov 30, 2008 -
(Posted here: Monday, December 01, 2008)

A dismantling of old codes and programs

- Every thought we're thinking, every movement we make, everything around us is basically energy. Therefore, thoughts and intentions are very powerful when it comes to forming the reality we live in. Those who have been following my research on this website know that there are very dark forces trying hard to manipulate us into negativity. Therefore, it's extremely important that we assign 2009 to be the year when we wake up and start using our energy wisely. If we choose to be victims to those manipulators, we will get the reality they want us to experience. But like in any game, on any level, we can change things around. Although the energy we use on a collective level is forming our collective reality, anybody's choice how to use their energy is important and makes a difference. That's exactly why people have started waking up in droves all over the planet lately. Wes Penre, illuminati-news.com -
-  by Sonia Barrett, November 25, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 01, 2009)

"Where is the Evidence?"
How to look outside the box

- The only way to see through the lies and deceits is to study information that appeals to you, take it to heart and see how you feel about it. If you feel enthusiastic or simply "know" that this is true, most of the time it is. Then you'll see if it survives with time.
  Every time you realize something new, you will be challenged by the existing world order. If what you just discovered was common "knowledge", few people would challenge you. Then, of course, if your discovery is not commonly known, people who cling to the existing world order will feel threatened and will challenge you and try to "debunk" you by giving counter-"evidence" taken from the already in-programmed dogmas and belief systems. -
- by Wes Penre, January 03, 2009 -
(Posted here: Saturday, January 03, 2009)

Infinite energy

I Remember Who I Am
A Question of Identity

- in these tormented times, everything I relied on is collapsing – systems, family, gains, achievements, moral values, beliefs, etc. – and nothing is left to hold on to. The very pillars of society are crumbling a bit more every day, as one truth after another are being unveiled. And it hurts! Do I suffer because I finally know the truth? No, I am simply losing my illusions. I believed in a system of justice for all, universal health care, a protective government, compassionate bankers, and industries that worried about the well-being of employees and customers. I even had faith in a merciful God! -
- by Ghis -
(Posted here: Monday, January 19, 2009)

Positive and Negative
- Someone who is operating out of the negative polarity will have the need to control others. They will be manipulative and use everything at their disposal to get the edge. It is ok to win even though winning creates loss for others. They will attempt to make others dependent and subservient, usually using fear as a method of control. The pursuit of power, money, and sexual conquest are tantamount. They will envy others who seem to have more of those things than they do and they will want to make others envy them. Everything they do in their life will be oriented towards these goals. This kind of individual will use you and abuse you for selfish purposes and discard you when you are no longer needed. -
- by Lynn Free -
(Posted here: Friday, February 27, 2009)

Creating Our Own Reality

Creating Universes

We Can Change Reality
- Our thoughts can do many things to us, including making diseases become better or worse. It is a well known fact that we can directly affect our immune systems as a result of negative thoughts. Yet we can change that. -
- by Ted Twietmeyer, July 16, 2006 -
(Posted here: Monday, July 17, 2006)

Life Is Awakening
- In this essay we'll examine how the ordinary mental state of most humans is literally a form of dreaming while asleep. We'll discover precisely what this involves, how humans arrive at this state, and--most important--how we can escape from this delusory dream state and ascend to a higher mode of consciousness. By "ordinary consciousness," we mean the usual state of awareness, including the associated mental and emotional elements. -
- by Dr. Norman D. Livergood -
(Posted here: Feb 16, 2006)

Trust Yourself
- Author Unknown -
(May 8, 2005)

The World In Our Brains
[Download the Video Here: Right click on the link above and click "save target as"]
- When you look out of the window, you think that you see an image with your eyes, as this is the way that you have been taught to think. However, in reality this is not how it works, because you do not see the world with your eyes. You see the image created in your brains. This is not a prediction, nor a philosophical speculation, but the scientific truth. -
- The Secret Beyond Matter -
(Posted here: Jan 13, 2006)

? What is Reality?
- by Gerardus -
(April 4, 2005)

Do-It-Yourself Kit For Worldviews
The essence of a worldview is that it convinces you about reality. Two people with different worldviews can see the same fact and yet give totally divergent interpretations of it, because no fact or event is perceived by itself. -
- by Deepak Chopra -
(Posted here: Sep 23, 2005)

- The world we see around us is actually being created and interpreted by our brain within us. -
- by Sue -
(Posted here: June 4, 2005)

- In my work with clients and in my own life, I have built a new relationship with fear. It is based on fear’s value as an emotional tool in my life. This shift from avoiding it or loving it into using it to understand that my own pain has brought fear out of the dark realms and into the light of my heart. The following is Ezekiel’s wisdom on the emotion of fear and its purpose for humanity. I trust you will find this sharing as valuable as I have. -
- by Nancy Joy Hefron -
(Posted here: Saturday, September 15, 2007)

A New Dream

- "The dream that you are living is your creation; it's your perception of reality and you can change it anytime. You have the power to create Hell and you have the power to create Heaven. Why not dream a different dream? Why not use the imagination in your emotions and dream Heaven? Just use your imagination and tremendous things will happen..." -
- Imaginary-Art.com -
(Posted here: Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008)

Toppling the New World Order: A Vision for How We Can Do It
- I’ve been racking my brain the past several months trying to foresee how on earth mankind can possibly take back the planet, given the stage of the Orwellian state we already find ourselves living in. I’m not the only one who has been stymied for practical ideas. Many Truthers feel it’s hopeless, while others feel there must be a way but don’t for the life of them know what it is. -
- by Bronte Baxter, Aug 31, 2008 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, September 03, 2008)

Reality the Great Illusion
"Redefining the dream": Virtual playground of the mind - Rediscovery

- This is VERY important, I would say crucial, to understand for the next years to come. It's not up to the few to save the world, although I WISH it was, because it would be so much easier. It's our collective energies which determines our future in this game we call "life". Read this article slowly and carefully, remember it and apply it to the best of your abilities. No matter what, the next few years will be very hard on us all, but we can turn these difficult times around by changing the collective energies.
  People have asked me how they can best help to improve conditions on this planet - this IS the best way to help. Wes Penre, illuminati-news.com -
-  by Sonia Barrett, February 2001 -
(Posted here: Thursday, January 01, 2009)

How To Behave In A Troubled World
Start "Beating the Game" and Help Yourself Ascending

- Loving and accepting someone, for who they are, is known as Unconditional Love. That is something you will spend much time working upon, when Graduating into 4th Density Positive. It's a good idea to get a headstart. Now, loving and accepting someone as they are, does not mean accepting abusive behavior. But, it does mean loving and accepting the person (Soul), not the Soul's behavior. The behavior is not "who they are", the Soul within, is who they are. -
- by Hidden Hand, October 2008 -
(Posted here: Friday, January 02, 2009)

Other Dimensions and Densities


How to Fight the New World Order
- by Wes Penre -
(January 24, 2005)

The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter
[Video, 24 min 6 sec]
- This is a very interesting video! Science has now caught up on what some of us 'knew' already - that the physical Universe is an illusion and only electrical signals in the back of our brains. This means that we have NO IDEA of what is existing outside of our mind - we can't see it, only electrical impulses. When we look at a mountain, we perceive it as on object outside of us, when it in fact in INSIDE of us.
   With this is mind, a chilling question comes to mind: If this is true, which it seems to be, WHO OR WHAT IS MANIPULATING US FROM OUTSIDE TO PERCEIVE WHAT WE PERCEIVE? -
- by Wes Penre -
(May 05, 2007)

Law Of One - The Ra Material Book Cover

The Law Of One - The Ra Material
[Suite of 5 E-Books online]
- Hatonn speaks of our desire to seek something outside the physical illusion. What he talks about so persuasively is something that is often referred to by members of what Ra calls the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator as ’the original thought.’ This is another term for our word, "love," but implies a great deal more. It implies a unity that is so great that we do not see each other simply as close friends, or brothers and sisters, but, ideally, as the Creator; and, as we see each other and ourselves as the Creator, we see one being. -
- by James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins, and Carla Rueckert, 1984 -
(Posted here: February 15, 2009)

Serving Others is the Key to Fight the New World Order!
Seva Cafe: Love all, Serve all

YouTube [00:04:01]
- This film presents an excellent idea how to "serve others", and it's a jump start on that path. Our ONLY way to progress spiritually to see a positive future for ourselves and the rest of mankind is to willingly "serve others" with love and compassion in ours hearts.
  You say you want to fight the New World Order? In that case, please join me and begin to "serve others" whenever you can and wherever you see the need! People are often asking me what they can do to help; that's the best and only durable help you can give. If you do this on a regular basis, that's all you need to do; no weapons, no violence, no hatred or revenge. Just "serving others", unconditionally.
- by Wes Penre, Illuminati News, Jan 14, 2009 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, January 14, 2009)

Establishing Our Multi-Dimensional Truth
- by Jelaila Starr -
(January 31, 2005)

Worlds Within Worlds - The Holarchy of Life
- In the view of some, more spiritually-inclined thinkers, however, the holarchy does not end with the world observable by science. It extends to higher levels of existence, encompassing phenomena that have been described by mystics for several thousand years. This creative leap—bold, but supported by a large body of observations—has the potential to bring both science and religion into a single worldview or paradigm. In this expanded holarchy, God is understood as the highest level of existence, and religion is the set of practices that enables human beings to realize, or participate in, this level. -
- by Andrew P. Smith -
(Posted here: Sunday, May 27, 2007)


Astral Travel: In Your Body Or Out Of It?
- Though I consider myself a scientific-minded person, sometimes you don’t have that simple luxury of being a hard-nosed skeptic. That’s because when I was 10 years old, I was nearly killed after being shot through the stomach with a hunting rifle. It was a bitter cold January day in northern Minnesota -- about 15-below zero (Fahrenheit)... -
- by Ken Korczak -
(Posted here: Tuesday, September 18, 2007)

Spiritual Predators

Spiritual Vampirism

[This is excellent!]
- There is no gadget or meter to know when a potential psychic or energy vamp is sucking you dry...The only way to tell you are under attack are... -
- The Michael Tsarion Weblog, Feb 11, 2006 -
(Posted here: Feb 17, 2006)

The Bush Administration

The War on Consciousness
- We are truly in a war. It is not the war we imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war on our own minds. The global war on terror that is being fought around the world is an embodied reflection in the material world of a deeper, more fundamental war that is going on in the realm of consciousness itself. -
- by Paul Levy, June, 2007 -
(Posted here: Thursday, June 14, 2007)



Water Spirits

Wondering How To Defeat The New World Order? Read This Short Article
- Fighting the New World Order and its American minions, deceptively destroying this country, is a daunting task. But it is a task all free-minded people must accept willingly. It must be accepted since it is the right thing to do. -
- by Greg Szymanski, May 25, 2006 -
(Posted here: Wednesday, August 09, 2006)

Surviving the New World Order
- This means erecting a wall between the soul, and the world, and establishing a balance between the sacred and the profane. You need to shut out the world (the profane) for set periods of time and focus on what inspires you. That means turning off the TV, Internet and media in general. -
- by Henry Makow, Ph.D, Jan 07, 2006 -
(Posted here: Jan 08, 2006)

Why Are We Fighting Each Other Because of Belief Systems When the Enemy Is Still the Same?
- by Wes Penre
(July 2, 2004)

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