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The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter
by Wes Penre, May 5, 2007
(Posted here: Saturday, May 5, 2007. Revised and updated: Monday, Sep 07, 2008)

The Holographic UniverseThe highest thing you can be is unconditional love. This term has been used and misused in so many ways that it has more or less lost its meaning. Of course, it has nothing to do with a man loving a woman or vice versa, although that’s a smaller part of it. Unconditional love is a state of being, i.e. PURE SPIRIT. It’s our natural state. Everything else is illusion or arbitrary.

To even get a glimpse of what unconditional love is one must first abandon ones ego, thinking "it's all about you". When you are able to fully understand that we all are a part of ONE, we also know without any doubt that Unconditional Love is our state of being.

When we naturally love everything we perceive and have "created", and love every other being in the Universe, we have finally come home, because we realize that 'every other being' are not other beings at all, but a part of yourself. First, before you can take all the attention away from yourself and your own needs and start helping and loving others, you have to start loving yourself. If you don't, you can't feel unconditional love. Therefore, healing always start with what you perceive as yourself, your spirit and soul. In the expansion of this, you will understand that the only way to fight evil in this world is to start loving yourself and everything around you - without expecting anything back! It's the only solution. It is not "New Age" or some insane ideas coming from a twisted mind, it's just understanding, and it doesn't mean you should always love the actions of others, but always love the pure soul that is in there, despite his/her actions, because they are you and you are them.

We’re living a game (of illusions), set up by…whom? Who is controlling the game? God? If so, who or what is God?

Let’s ponder this:

Secret societies have their levels of secret initiations, and so has life. It’s like a Pandora’s box, really; games within games within games. You can think of as a kid playing an advanced video game on the computer. The kid is not the creator of the game, he's just the player. Someone created the game so the kid could play and the characters on the screen don't even know they are in a game. Then you can expand your thoughts on that...

If the highest we can perceive is pure spirit, then spirit must be a static, with no location in space and time (space and time being illusions). He/she just “IS”. I wouldn’t even call spirit he or she - it is most certainly without gender. Gender is something we assume on a much lower level as a part of the game we’re playing.

Many of us are busy trying to ‘escape this game’, because it’s going out of hand. Escape to where?

People ask what part they are playing here on Earth. The truth is, we are all playing the same game. Our purpose is to reach ‘higher spiritual realms’; we are here to learn who we are before we can ascend! Most people are tuning out when things get too rough and watch soap operas and sports on TV to escape, and therefore never learn what we're here to learn. If "escape" is what we choose to do, things will only get worse. It takes courage to look inside and find out that you are part of creating what is happening around you - good and bad, and that it's up to you to educate yourself so you know the nature of the game. After that, you can look inside for so(u)lutions.

I think we are actually striving towards our static state again (on a subconscious level), to ‘get a break’. We are suffering, and we don’t like it; we don’t like to feel pain, physically or emotionally. We want to ‘feel better’. However, being static only, is not the end goal. I believe Spirit NEEDS a game to feel occupied. And to have a game, there must be unknowns. Per definition, a static, without location in space and time knows everything about space and time, because he was there when the game was created. To have a game, he needs to suppress knowledge. He (I’m going to call spirit HE from now on for simplicity) can’t know everything and still have a game. That would be very boring, and a no-game per definition... The only way to have that done is to descend to a lower level of beingness and allow him to be tricked and deceived by other spirits playing the same game. This way things become more interesting. However, games are games and should be fun. It's when the games become deadly serious the spirit is in trouble...

Because time is an illusion, just like the physical universe(s), this giant game exists simultaneously on infinite levels in a big NOW. Once, we could probably perceive the game on many more levels at the same time, but the game became more serious, because the end goal was to “win” (competition). Therefore, there must be losers and there must be winners, although these terms are relative. We became more and more sophisticated in our efforts to beat others, and good and evil became more distinct; we started hurting each other, physically and spiritually, using mind control in different forms to reach our goals. The game became very sinister on certain levels.

We are talking about the third dimension. What is that? A hologram, for sure. Our minds are trapped in a material universe, and we have forgotten how to get out. Great men and women have tried different ways to escape the hologram; some through science, which is just a limited tool if we try to understand life, and some tried through SPIRITUAL means, which is the only way to find the truth, because we all are spirit. All other means must be dead ends.

Klein Bottle

The Film

There is this interesting video: It's about the Physical Universe being just an illusion and only electrical signals in the back of our brains. This means that we have NO IDEA of what exists outside of our mind - we can't see it, only the electrical impulses of something transmitted from outside ourselves. When we look at a mountain, for example, we perceive it as on object separated from ourselves, when in fact it exists as a hologram of electrical impulses INSIDE of us. Then, if we expand on this, what about the brain? If all the rest is a hologram, so is the brain. Who is it then that "sees"? There is only one explanation - the soul or the spirit! This is now scientific fact (see movie below).

With this in memory, a chilling question comes to mind: If this is true, WHO OR WHAT IS MANIPULATING US FROM OUTSIDE TO PERCEIVE WHAT WE PERCEIVE ON THE INSIDE? Are we actually (spiritually) hooked up to something like super computers (in lack of a better term), being totally enslaved via hypnosis, or something similar, to think that the physical universe is real, and are we in the mercy of 'something' we can never find out what it is as long as we are connected to the 'super computer'? What is the purpose? Are we an experiment? Maybe just pawns in some giant game? How do we break free, and what happens if we do? Is the Player, who created this game the being we call GOD, or is it something else?

But why would God play this game with us, making so many of us suffer?

The above question comes to mind somewhere in our thought process, but there could be another explanation. Perhaps we are here in this hologram to learn lessons, in order to evolve into higher realms. Maybe the spirits that are here lost their knowledge and power for any given reason and now have to re-learn.

If so, it may be the case that we were put here, with or without our consent, to learn how to make right choices. This means we were sent here with a purpose not to be interfered with; we were sent here with free will. With other words, it's up to us how the outcome of our lives will be. Will we learn from our experiences or not? Are we learning enough to evolve to the next level, or do we need to 'come back' in a future life to learn more?

The Spirit/Soul is certainly a complicated thing on this level, and I think that on this level of reality, which we call the 3rd Dimension, it is impossible to get all questions answered regardless how hard we try, but I believe it is ESSENTIAL that we try to evolve as much as we possibly can on a spiritual level while we're here. My true intuition tells me that the more we evolve here, the easier it will be for us once we leave or bodies in a stage we call "death" - another illusion - and reach the Other Side. And even if Spirit/Soul seems complicated to understand here on Earth, I am sure that True Spirit is extraordinary simple.

The whole thing is mind-boggling to say the least. I don't think anybody who watches this film will be unaffected. Please concentrate when watching, it's only 24 minutes long, but may forever change your way of perceiving reality!

Here is a statement from the beginning of the movie:

The subject of this film you are about to watch reveals a crucial secret of your life.
   You should watch it very attentively for it concerns a subject that is liable to make fundamental changes in your outlook on the material world.
   The content of this film is not just a different approach, or a philosophical thought:

It is a fact that is also proven by science today.

Still, there is this ultimate question:

If we are pure spirit, with no location in time and space, and all that exists outside spirit is THOUGHT, who created SPIRIT? Why is there LIFE at all?

The only explanation I can find is that there is a GOD, or an ESSENCE, which probably is pure energy. Personally, I believe there is a Creator of some kind, a loving force, who cares for us and our well-being. I think we are all here on Earth to learn, and our bodies are our vehicles. However, I do not believe that we can find the answers to all our questions in one doctrine. I think there is truth in all religion and that we have to do our own research. But ultimately, the truth is within ourselves, and that is where we will find the answers. What we may find by researching what others before us have experienced on THEIR journey towards truth is just an important guideline to find our own paths. We are all on a spiritual journey, and I think it's important that we explore what our ancestors found out, because we all know the truth 'deep inside', and therefore we can tell if what we read/hear/see rings true or not. We need to follow our intuition.

There are basically two paths we can follow:

1) The path of logic
2) The path of intuition

The former can never bring us up to higher spirit, because logic is agreed upon norms created on Earth in a very limited physical reality, while intuition is senior to this due to that it is the knowledge of the Pure Spirit bleeding through.

This film ends with suggesting that the Player is Allah (God), and when we die, we leave this prison and go to Him. It doesn't matter if you call the Player Allah, God, or whatever - it's only different names for the same thing, the Life Source, the Creator.

Click on the icon to watch:

[If the video is not playing properly, or is halting due to limited bandwidth during peak hours, either come back later or right click on the video icon above and choose "save target as" to save the file to your hard drive, where you should be able to watch it without interruptions.]

Also, for more  information on spirit and matter, read my article: "How to Fight the New World Order."


Update March 21, 2008:

More and more people are starting to come to the same conclusions. Watch this video clip from Keith Olbermann's show: "Twenty Percent Chance We Are All Just a Virtual Simulation" from August 15, 2007, 3 month after I wrote this article.

Update December 30, 2008:

Here is another excellent film on the Holograhpic Universe and how we create our own reality. It also explains in a relatively simple way how we all are ONE, just perceiving ourselves as separated:

The Holographic Transdimentional System You Know As Life

I basically wrote this article in 2007, after had pondered this for quite some time. It's very interesting then to get my "spiritual knowledge" confirmed by an Illuminati Insider, unrelated to my work and almost 2 years later. See how my thoughts are confirmed in my recent article, "Dialogue with "Hidden Hand", Self-Acclaimed Illuminati Insider".

Wes Penre
Wes Penre


The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter

The Holographic Universe

The Secret Beyond Matter

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Source: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4232897377629019446&q=holographic+universe&pl=true

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