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  Posted: Saturday, September 01, 2007

Last Updated: Saturday, September 01, 2007 02:46:24 PM



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In the Belly of the Beast
by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi-2007


Wes PenreComment and Disclaimer: This article does not totally reflect my own beliefs as of how the Universe was created and who God is. However, I find it interesting to see that so many people from different walks of life, and different cultures, are telling the same thing under hypnosis.

Although that is not proof of anything, it is still worth keeping in mind for future references. I posted this article in the first place because I want to present many different views on the same problems, especially in spiritual matters, as no one knows for sure how this Universe and life in general started. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com




nteresting title. Is this worth my time?

Only if you’re ready to make your choice.

What choice?

The same choice that was made before the Universe began…

Cosmos or Chaos…Construction or Destruction… Light or Darkness.


There is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that current events are mirroring a Cosmic drama that played out before time began. This primordial event is described in ancient scriptures throughout the world. And now the same story is being re-told by many hypnotized subjects – people from different religions or even from atheist backgrounds - who have been brought to the deepest levels of their subconscious mind. Some of these hypnotized subjects refuse to believe what even they said! Yet incredibly, they all have a highly similar story to tell regardless their different backgrounds and cultures. Their astounding words impact the very core of our being.

Cut the melodrama, chief. You’ve got my interest. Please explain what you’re talking about.

These hypnotically induced memories come from the subjects of Dr. Shakutala Modi, a Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing in West Virginia. She has written about her sessions in two books: Amazing Healings and Memories of God and Creation. In her books, Dr. Modi makes it clear that she does not allow any of her personal views to affect her subjects’ responses. Furthermore, she points out that she is careful not to ask leading questions; she simply asks open questions and records her subjects’ responses. Although I quote sections of her books, Dr. Modi has not been approached regarding this article.

Books like that have been around for years. Past lives, future lives…whatever floats your boat.

Dr. Modi’s books dig deeper than ever before. Or more specifically, Dr. Modi’s patients dig deeper into to their subconscious. The revelations bring us face to face with ancient understandings that we have unwisely chosen to disregard.

More melodrama. Give me the goods.

Alright, let’s jump into this mystery head on. Dr. Modi’s patients provide consistently similar insights about the creation of the Universe. You could call it…


Hang on to your hat.

Dr. Modi’s patients state that in the beginning, God was originally in a void. After a vast expanse of “time”, a large cloud of “male” particles in the void glided against a large cloud of “female” particles in the void resulting in the primordial “sound” that gave rise to a spark or ball of light with male and female halves. God intentionally entered the ball of light and the ball then multiplied into new “balls” of light, each with an individual consciousness that had both male and female halves. The result was an infinite number of balls of light continually growing within one large “ball” or “globe” of God. This process is described in Dr. Modi’s second book, Memories of God and Creation, where she provides the following summary:

“…as the ball of God was growing and expanding, its vibrations became faster and its energy moved faster. As a result, pieces of God’s energy began to splash out of the ball and then fell back into the ball of God again. However, as the ball of God began to spin even faster, the parts of God that were thrown out randomly were getting lost in the void without any intent or control. As a result, God and all its parts began to experience loneliness, emptiness and sadness. Some consciousnesses began to feel anxiety and fear, because they did not want to disappear into the void. So when God became aware of losing parts in the void, a decision to create (the physical universe) was made by every part of God…by properly and purposefully releasing the ever-growing energy so that it did not disperse chaotically."

Particles in the void? Balls of God? It’s a neat story, but a little too far-fetched. Sounds a bit wacky to me. Anyone with a wild imagination could have just come up with this stuff!

That’s the point! It’s not some delusional person that dreamed this up. These descriptions come directly from many different hypnotized subjects with varying backgrounds, cultures and religious - or even atheist - beliefs! Doesn’t the amazing “co-incidence” of these people having such similar stories urge you to dig deeper?

No. Still sounds wacky.

Yes it does! That’s why they’ve been so successful at manipulating our minds for so long. Our society’s perception of reality has been engineered to blind us to what’s really happening.

Mind manipulation? O.K, you’ve just progressed from wacky to mentally questionable. Maybe it’s better if I just moved along.

Look, you can do whatever you want. I have no intention of following you back into a world of cows. We eat, we drink, we fornicate and then we run around the field thinking that life is good…without even noticing the farmhouse or the Masters.

Stop doing that!

Doing what?

Making this so mysterious! I’m open to listening – as least for entertainment value, but I’m not necessarily buying what you say.

I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m just introducing some facts and asking that you THINK about the implications. That’s all.

That’s right. I’ll choose what to think. You were talking about “them” controlling us. What do you mean?

To explain that, we have to go back to God’s decision to create the Universe. As mentioned, the Creation would allow God to disperse the growing energy within the Globe of God. Dr. Modi’s patients state four other reasons God decided to create the physical universe:

1. Creation would allow the individual balls in God grow to the same level of size and power. This was necessary since some balls were growing less quickly on account of their fear and anxiety of being splashed into the void (it’s possible that this fear and anxiety resulted from a lack of faith in God’s plan). These balls therefore gave their intent to be created for different parts of the creation. From these balls, God first created the Masters (e.g. Jesus), followed by the Physical Universes, and then Angels, Plants and Animals. The process was completed by the creation of planetary Souls. Describing the creation of a human soul, one of Dr. Modi’s patients states: “I am in God as one with God…I give my intent to be created as one who will go to a planet. My ball has male and female characteristics. As God is getting ready to create me, I am anxious but excited about the unknown. My ball was pulled out from where I was and starts to change shape and split into two globes. These are the male and female parts and they become two separate souls. I am the male aspect of my ball…I feel strange and incomplete to be separated from the female part of myself.(MG 82)

2. A second reason for Creation was to allow God to gain perfection and Equilibrium. Before creation, the globe of God was not uniform. Creation would allow God to grow through our individual earthly lives, thereby leading to equilibrium and perfection within God. It seems that the whole system of creation is arranged for humans and other planetary souls to grow spiritually. We are the parts of God that represent the front line growth of God. As Dr. Modi summarizes: “…God began to create the intelligent or rational beings, that is, humans and other beings to inhabit Earth and other planets. These beings would be responsible for most of the growth of God. Through incarnating again and again, they will learn and grow, and as they grow, God will grow.” (AH 74).

3. A third reason for creation was to allow God to create partners to communicate and help one another grow through Love, which is ever-expanding.

4. Here comes the most controversial reason for creation, as described by Dr. Modi: “…after Lucifer and his rebellious beings left the Globe of God…God wanted to send parts of Itself out to help bring back Lucifer and his followers, giving them another chance to return Home. Without them, God cannot be whole.” (MG 40)


I realize this is difficult to believe...

Difficult to believe??? Look, I know many Christians believe in Lucifer, but that’s just an allegory. I can buy into the concept of a loving, all-encompassing intelligence in the Universe. But Lucifer? Didn’t we grow out of that in the middle ages - blaming the devil for our troubles instead of taking responsibility for our own lives?

Again, that’s the point. Recognizing an active force of darkness IS taking responsibility for our lives.

There is no active force of darkness! There’s light, and then there’s darkness, which is the absence of light. Darkness is not something that exists!

Just hear out the description. It actually has a logical flow according to Dr. Modi’s hypnotized subjects. Here’s her eye-opening summary:

“People under hypnosis recalled that as different parts of God began to break off and splash into the void, this created a lot of anxiety, fear, and other disturbances in different balls of God. They began to vibrate and grow at different rates and to display different colors and brilliance, whereas before they were all the same size and color. Some people said that as all the parts of God began to vibrate and grow, there was a kind of malfunctioning in one ball, which over time, became gray or black. Patients recognize this as Lucifer’s Ball. Others mention that a black energy like a virus or a tiny device from the void hit Lucifer’s ball and cracked it, and it gradually became black. Then Lucifer began to influence other balls in God that were not in support of creation. After a while, these other parts of God also began to change into gray and black balls. This happened in only a small part of the globe of God and not all over, according to my patients.

When the decision to create was reached in God, there was a variety of feelings in different parts of God. Some felt joyful and excited, but were scared and anxious because of the unknown. Others were hesitant, and still others did not understand what would happen, so they did not want to change. Some were completely against the creation.

A larger ball in God, which my hypnotized patients recognize as Lucifer, disagreed completely with the intent to create. He rebelled and wanted to separate rather than develop all the parts of God. He wanted to be the biggest and the best; he wanted to be like God. He did not want others to grow and be like him. My patients described Lucifer as a shiny black ball before the decision to create was made. He was larger than most balls, but many other balls were larger than his. As Lucifer began to rebel, his shine disappeared, and he became very black and dull, like coal.

My patients claimed that at that time, as part of God, Lucifer’s idea of being God himself was not necessarily a bad or good idea. The only drawback was that Lucifer was not developed enough to do it. All the parts of God could see that Lucifer was not developed enough, but Lucifer could not. He wanted to be God, yet it seemed that a critical size was necessary for him to become God. Even by taking like-minded souls with him, this was not enough to make him God.

According to my hypnotized patients, Lucifer gathered all of the souls that were against the creation. He pulled the souls that were opposed to the ideas of creation but that were willing to go along with it toward him. Some were willing to go, some had to be pulled, some he talked into going, and some he tried to trick. He appealed to their vanity, to their need for power, telling them they could be God themselves or whatever else they wanted to hear. Like a political campaign, Lucifer promised many things to get them. All the parts of God felt sad when this happened. For God, it was acceptable if they wanted to exercise their free will and leave the Light, if they felt they had to.

As Lucifer went out through the edge or wall of the globe of God, he became a separate entity, a “black blob” unto himself. Other parts that went out with him also changed into gray and black blobs. Hypnotized patients recalled that Lucifer took about 10 percent of the Light, or part of God, with him, but later he tricked more parts into leaving. [Dr. Modi’s subjects elsewhere state that Lucifer took up to one third of the balls in the Globe of God] As they went out of the ball of God, these parts became individual entities. They were not created as angels as we believe here on earth. They forgot their origins; they did not remember they were part of God; they did not remember anything before their leaving. It was as if they were created brand new. They became what we know as demons.

Lucifer also forgot his origin after he came out of the sphere of God, but not to the same extent as the demons. Lucifer remembered where he came from and that he was part of God. He knew why he was ‘out’ and he knew these other souls (the demons) did not remember. Lucifer told them he had created them and they must obey him. He informed them that the light is their enemy and is very dangerous to them, that it will destroy them completely and that they will go out of existence if they come in contact with it.

As Lucifer left God with his followers, he was surprised he would have to dwell in the physical worlds. He did not foresee this, but he tried to make the best of it. After the creation of the universes, Lucifer took his demons through the universes and dimensions, looking for the dimension with the slowest vibration [what we call hell], far away from the globe of God. He felt repelled by the faster frequencies. He did not like them and could not tolerate them. His rebellion and his leaving the body of God could be seen from our present-day perspective as an abortive attempt to become God."

This is so much like a fairy tale. How can you believe this to possibly be true?

Dr. Modi’s patien-

Yeah, yeah, her patients all told the same story. Well they’re all nuts!

I had trouble with this as well. Another point to remember is that when Dr. Modi heals her patients through the framework of positive forces and negative forces, she has a SIGNIFICANTLY higher success rate compared to the approach of traditional medicine.

I suppose you’re now going to tell me that Lucifer and demons are the mysterious manipulators you hinted at?

Yes, but maybe not the way you think. Lucifer seems to have a distinct purpose in our physical Universe. From his perspective, it seems he and his followers are still compelled to take power from God by taking power from Humans. We are the pieces of God that allow God to grow. If Lucifer stops us from growing, he stops God from growing. Better yet, if he can hijack our souls, then he hijacks pieces of God. It’s the same old story as when Lucifer took one third of the balls of God away from the globe of God; he is STILL trying to get all the pieces of God to his side with the aim of becoming God. How does Lucifer take us? The same way he took the original balls from God: by taking advantage of ignorance, vanity, fear, and ego. The details on how Lucifer and the demons operate in our lives is outlined in Dr. Modi’s first book, Amazing Healings.

I feel like I’m listening to a fundamentalist Christian who’s trying to save my soul. It all seems so silly. But JUST OUT OF INTEREST, I have some more questions about Lucifer and hell. It’s almost entertaining.

Sure. We can talk about that at the end. In the meantime, there are events happening right now that demand our attention.

Demand our attention, huh? As much as I hate to admit it, your melodrama does work. What events are you talking about?

It seems as if the Globe of Earth is


Many people in the world wish to follow Divine Laws. Others in the world wish to follow their egos and impose their personal agenda on everyone else. This is creating a grand battle for our minds and souls.

As Dr. Modi’s patients pointed out, Lucifer had the following rebellious attributes:

He wanted to be the biggest and the best.
• He didn’t want anyone else to be bigger or better than him.
• He believed he knew best and wanted to impose his will on others.
• He obtained followers by appealing to their ego and vanity, by amplifying their fears, by deceiving, lying and tricking them, and – if necessary - by overpowering them with force. It seems his end justified any type of means.
• He rejected Divine Spiritual Laws such as love, truth, transparency, humility, and respect for free-will.

Using this “Lucifer Test”, can you think of any nations that currently follow Lucifer’s approach?

North Korea?

Well…that’s one example. There are others that may not be so obvious.

Which ones?

I’ll leave that for you to think about. Just apply the Lucifer Test. You may be surprised.

Does this mean that the nations who follow these Luciferian priciples are evil?

No. They really believe they are doing the right thing – except they use the Luciferian principles instead of the God principles.

Why on earth would countries accept Luciferian principles? Isn’t it insane to think that a country would worship the devil?

They don’t think they worship the devil. They feel they are doing the right thing applying the Luciferian principles.

I don’t understand.

Go back to the Lucifer test. These countries feel that they know what is best for their people and for others. This inflates their ego and they wish to impose their will on others. They use tricks, coercion, seduction and vanity to become “Masters” over others and to get what they want. None of the God principles are held sacred; they are all corrupted to bring about the all-important end result.

You mean like Nazi Germany? Imposing their will over others though deceit and force? Building up an “enemy” to hate and fight against?

Nazi Germany is another obvious example. There are currently other countries that fit this profile. These countries are understandably reacting to some indisputable challenges happening in this world:

Population is increasing
Resources are dwindling
Pollution is intensifying
Climate is destabilizing
Military capability is expanding
Financial markets are weakening

As these challenges squeeze the world, it’s quite possible to imagine an authoritarian regime deciding to take “complete control” to survive the crisis. This is Luciferian thinking where “I know best – it’s for your own good”…. “I will impose my will on you- it’s for your own good”… “I will breach Divine Law to achieve a better result in the long run – it’s for your own good”. From the description of the Luciferian rebellion by Dr. Modi’s patients, this approach will only spiral humanity into more darkness and suffering. Hopefully some countries will have the integrity and courage to renounce Luciferian strategy and accept God strategy. Unfortunately, at this point, most countries have resorted to Luciferian principles because they have no knowledge or Faith in God principles.

You mentioned the Lucifer Test earlier. Are the tricks, lies and coercions in the test the Luciferian principles you’re talking about?

Yes. The Lucifer Test describes the attributes of Lucifer as he was planning to leave God. According to Dr. Modi’s patients, when Lucifer later left the Globe of God he and his followers took on additional traits that were the opposite of God; opposite of Life. At the end of this article, I have summarized a partial list that contrasts traits that are from God and Traits that are Luciferian, or anti-God. Anyone can continue creating this list. I believe the contrast is self-evident to every human heart. Here’s a sample from the list:

Truth – Lies
Free Will – Coercion
Justice – Injustice
Respect – Contempt
Humility – Egoism

Realistically, aren’t there times when you have to use some of the “Luciferian” principles? Like “white lies” to prevent someone doesn’t get hurt?

Anyone who’s lived for a few decades will tell you that lies (and other Luciferian methods) will ALWAYS come back to haunt you, no matter what your original intent. This seems to highlight a simple law: consistent use of God principles bring you closer to God, while consistent use of Lucifer Principles bring you closer to Lucifer.

What about killing a few to save the many? Don’t animals kill their weakest newborn when they sense their food sources depleting? Is this not God’s way?

That sounds like a great justification for the strongest and cleverest to eliminate the weakest in the world. But here’s the difference: animals do not have free will. They are, by their nature, pure extensions of God. When animals kill a newborn to preserve the rest of the family, God is acting out this necessary act with compassion. However, God does not seem to act directly through humans. We have free will and ego, which tend to corrupt our decisions through ignorance, fear, greed, and self-aggrandizement. These emotions are usually the motivators for killing other human beings. As long as humans have free will and ego, any person or nation that kills for “good cause” is breaching the God principles. Death is strictly God’s prerogative.

Interestingly, the ancient Babylonians worshipped the god Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed in exchange for protection and other benefits. A government can be viewed as the “parent” to its citizens, which are the “children”. Any government that sacrifices its citizens for “the common good” is worshipping Moloch. God’s laws are breached. The government has commited a Luciferian act that can only lead to more darkness.

How can we all possibly survive the global challenges like overpopulation and dwindling resources? What do we do? We obviously can’t keep going the way we have. Yet nothing is really changing. Aren’t we destined to hit a wall soon? If using Luciferian principles creates negative consequences, how do we use the God principles to help us?

Just apply them in your daily life and encourage the people and institutions around you to follow them as well. There is a list of principles at the end of this discussion. Just make a choice. Practice the God principles and do not engage or support the Luciferian principles.

That sounds so simplistic…even na´ve. If we take that “live and let live” approach, won’t the world’s bullies just roll over the “flower child” nations? The Divine Law approach would only seem to work if everyone accepted it – which doesn’t seem likely!

It certainly seems counter-intuitive in view of our violent history. Although I have no definite answers, I can offer a suggestion. Why not apply to our world the general model of creation as described by Dr. Modi’s patients? You will recall after Lucifer left with his followers, God created the physical worlds and protected them from Lucifer. Similarly, well-intentioned nations on earth could form a group or “club” that was committed to following Divine Laws. Those nations who do not wish to join will be left out of this “club” with an open invitation to join should they choose to play by the “rules”. Necessary defenses could be set up to protect against negative actions from the Luciferian-minded nations, including the right to stop Luciferian nations from building weapons of war or polluting common air and water. If God protects creation against darkness, surely we have the right to protect our Enlightened club against the Dark-minded nations. We can also prepare to protect ourselves from the darkness within our own nations by applying the same strategy of containment.

But none of this seems to be happening!

Unfortunately not. Or at least not yet. Just as Lucifer contaminated and snatched other balls from the globe of God, Luciferian-minded nations are using the same devil’s tool kit to corrupt and lure other nations into their fold.

The world seems to be headed toward a split that mirrors the original split in the globe of God. Some nations will follow the Luciferian agenda and rebel against God’s Divine Laws. Some nations may maintain spiritual integrity. If the split in the world indeed reflects the split in the Globe of God, then those nations that decide to rebel will find themselves in an unexpectedly dark situation - in much the same way Lucifer and his followers ended up in “hell” (a dimension described in Dr. Modi’s book).

The good news is that many of the world’s nations are still fighting an internal battle. They haven’t yet been completely overtaken by darkness. They contain opposing forces that renounce Lucifer and support God’s Divine Laws. Perhaps they will reinstate governments that support Divine laws. Regardless the scenario, it all starts with us. As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world.

What if Luciferian-minded nations win the day. What happens then?

Even if worst comes to worst, and all world governments succumb to Luciferian thinking, then there will be still be pockets within each country that renounce Lucifer and accept God.

Either way, a polarization is occurring, where people on one side remain faithful to Divine Spiritual Laws, while people on the opposite side remain chained to their egos and lust for control and domination (under the self-deluded excuse of “doing the right thing”). There are many ancient scriptures that predict this division of the world into two spiritual camps, as well as a means of segregating one camp from the other.

What do you mean by a “means of segregation?”

This author strongly suspects that the rise of a Luciferian world domination is a natural mechanism for the Universe to separate the spiritually ripe from the unripe.

Those whose egos are swayed by promises of power and privilege will fall into Lucifer’s camp. They will be the Masters. Those whose spiritual ignorance and fears are swayed by promises of personal and global security will also fall into Lucifer’s camp. They will be the Slaves. Slaves cannot exist without masters. Masters cannot exist without slaves. The master-slave relationship is a classic Luciferian dynamic: the master’s ego gains strength as the slave is weakened. This dynamic finally degenerates into what our mythology describes as hell; with demons as ultimate masters and tortured souls as ultimate slaves.

The only people who will escape this hell are those who refuse to be masters or slaves. These are people without ego and without fear. They want everyone in the world to grow to their full potential. They speak for truth and justice. They faithfully follow Divine Spiritual Laws. They understand that they may temporarily suffer under the tyranny of Luciferian rule, but their suffering does not make them slaves! On the contrary, they chose their temporary suffering freely.

If a Luciferian order is being imposed on the world and I reject being a master or slave in that order, then what exactly do I do? Do I resist the Luciferian movement, and if so, how?

That’s a question everyone must answer their own way.

Some people envision an armed resistance. This author has two problems with violence: From a spiritual perspective, guns and violence do not follow Divine Spiritual Laws. You’re just asking for trouble when you resort to violence. Furthermore, on a practical level, the Luciferian forces are usually better armed. They can also use your guns against you (e.g. they can legitimize an attack against you by falsely creating an “event” where it seems you fired first). From my observations, guns and violence seem to create more problems than they solve.

A more effective option would seem to be a non-violent resistance like Ghandi’s successful rebellion in India, or the non-violent sit-ins by American Blacks in the 1960’s. Both rebellions achieved their goals with minimal violence. Standing up for principles with non-violent action is still resistance – you are not slave. You may still be harassed and persecuted. But you are free.

Ultimately, the method of resistance is a personal choice.

To what extend must we suffer if we non-violently refuse to be masters or slaves?

The extent and length of suffering is unpredictable – it’s a frightening unknown. But can the suffering be worse than choosing to be a master or slave and dooming yourself to a nightmarish existence? Many ancient spiritual texts warn us that this moment in history is a great test for humanity. Masters will be lured by power and slaves by fear towards a common Luciferian end. On the other hand, free-minded people will embrace Divine Laws and move toward a higher spiritual end. However, just as a mother pays the price of pain for giving birth to her child, all free souls must temporarily suffer before a new world can be born. There seems to be no easy way out of this great test.

So what can we do NOW to prepare?

It seems the same “battle” that went on in the Globe of God when Lucifer was hijacking pieces of God is the same battle raging in ourselves. One could say we are…

Replaying Lucifer’s Rebellion in Ourselves

On the one side of the battlefield we have parts of us that are connected with God; they know what course is right and spiritually rewarding. On the other side of the battlefield, we have parts that are ignorant, vain, power-hungry and fearful. As we disconnect ourselves from God, these destructive parts expand to fill the emptiness. They become a false substitute for the forsaken God.

As discussed, Lucifer – AND PEOPLE GUIDED BY LUCIFERIAN THINKING - seem intent on gaining more power from God by “taking us” the same way Lucifer took the original balls of God from the Globe of God. There are several ways that we get "taken"...

Ego and Vanity

Dr. Modi’s hypnotized patients describe Lucifer as a piece of God who wants to disconnect from God and become God on his own. This desire seems to stem from Lucifer’s ego. Once disconnected, Lucifer turns darker and becomes the opposite of God: hateful, malicious, deceiving and cold (the negative character traits could certainly go on). Lucifer truly becomes God upside down.

We seem to have the same story unfolding inside ourselves. Parts of us want to stay connected with God. Yet there are egoic parts of us that want to disconnect from God and do what WE want – not what God wants. The problem of disconnecting with God is that we begin to look to the outside world for our happiness, security and fulfillment. Money, sex, power, influence...all these worldly goals make us feel good. For a while.

This is where the first attack seems to come. Our egos can expand to the point where they attract dark influence, which in turn amplifies our ego and vanity (see the book Amazing Healings for the details on this manipulation).

Initially our egoic ride is exciting. Then we run into a hard realization: everything in this world is transient. Money can be lost. Sexuality diminishes. Power changes hands. And control is an illusion that shatters in the face of our mortality.

Deep inside, the ego secretly knows that everything fades in this world. It therefore feels insecure. And it attempts to overcome its insecurity by seeking more earthly power. As the ego feeds on more power, it expands. Once again, the dark forces can encourage our push for more power. They know that the higher we fly, the harder we’ll fall. And we all fall because nothing in this world last forever. This creates emotional turmoil that can turn into a living hell. The only escape is self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.


Dr. Modi’s patients claim that many of the balls within God feared Creation; they were afraid of the unknown. Lucifer played on these fears to persuade many of the balls to follow him outside of God.

We also fear the unknown. And perhaps the biggest unknown is death. When we are not connected with God, it goes without saying that we fear losing our "selves" or our "identity" once we die. This adds to the ego's fear of not having enough worldly power and influence as discussed above. This fear is most definitely related to faith: absolute disconnection with God equals absolute fear. Absolute faith in God equals absolute fearlessness.

We therefore need to be careful to control our fears by building our faith in God. Otherwise, our fears may take us in dark directions where we are increasingly susceptible to manipulation from dark influence.

Oh, and let’s not forget greed. Greed can come from fear of not having enough.


We cannot protect ourselves from dark forces if we are ignorant of these forces and the spiritual dynamics of the Universe. Our spiritual ignorance leads us into traps from which we have difficulty extricating ourselves. The consequences can be severe. It is our obligation to learn as much as we can about the nature of God and the nature of reality.

The above emotions can be used to trick, coerce, lure or somehow leverage us – either directly, or indirectly through Luciferian-minded individuals.

For an excellent description of how we get “taken” or manipulated, as well as how we can protect ourselves, read Dr. Modi’s first book Amazing Healings.

Any brief details that you can share now?

Modi’s patients claim that we re-incarnate many times to learn many different lessons.
• Since God respects our free-will, we must actively ASK (through prayer) for His help in order to receive it (through meditation and awareness).
• God never judges us; we are fully loved and accepted no matter how “bad” we behave and the only reason some souls experience “hell” is because they do not accept God before or after they die.
• It also seems that hell is NOT an eternal experience; we can escape hell by forgiving ourselves, accepting that God forgives us, and requesting God to take us out. Hell therefore seems to be a tough-love approach to strengthening our souls.

Even though I don’t buy into this, I have a question. Isn’t it a basic concept of Christianity that if you sin you go to hell? What’s the need for hell if you can just ask God to keep you out of it?

I don’t believe it’s that simple under Christian doctrine. And it certainly isn’t that simple according to Dr. Modi’s patients. It seems that when we die, a brilliant light appears. Most people will see the light and enter into it. However, some of us will not even see the light. This seems to happen when we don’t believe in an afterlife, or when we remain attached to the earth through negative emotions such as anger, addiction, revenge, lust etc. There are also some of us who see the light, but run away because we fear God will punish us for our earthly “sins”. Anyone who wavers about going into the light then becomes susceptible to dark influence – of being pulled or tricked into remaining on earth or being dragged into hell.

Yeah, OK, but what if we told a dying person to go to the light when they die? Wouldn’t they be able to remember to just go to the light?

Anyone who’s been in an accident – say a car accident - experiences that “this-is-not-really-happening” feeling. For a while they are confused and numb. I would think that dying is a hundred times more shocking. If the only preparation before death was someone telling us to go to the light, then I suspect we would likely forget that advice as we’re forced to deal with our immediate confusion and fear. That’s why it’s important to develop a relationship with God throughout our lives so that we are conditioned to make the right choice after we die. A crucial part of developing this spiritual relationship is coming to know that God forgives us, allowing ourselves to forgive others, as well as forgiving OURSELVES. Without this forgiveness between God, ourselves and others, we may keep ourselves out of the light and remain open to dark influence. Forgiveness is SO easy to talk about, but SO difficult to do – especially forgiving ourselves. From a spiritual perspective, it seems critical we nurture forgiveness throughout our lives.

I would like to add from personal observation and experience that we are attacked with a one-two punch: first we are tricked or persuaded to do harm or make a mistake by breaching God Principles. Then – if and when we realize we did wrong - we being to feel worthless and we condemn ourselves for our transgression. This self-condemnation is ITSELF a Luciferian approach! We must realize we can do no wrong. We MUST forgive ourselves and others!

Also from personal experience, I have come to realize it is critical to actively let God into our hearts. To do this, we must first ACCEPT ourselves as we are with all our imperfections! This removes our emotional resistance to God and creates the necessary “space” for God to enter.

I’m curious, how do Dr. Modi’s patients describe hell? Can you get out of hell? Not that I believe in hell, of course.

Hell seems to be a dimension where Lucifer and his followers exert their full force of the Master-Slave relationship – a relationship that always seems to develop when ego trumps soul; when Luciferian principles are accepted over God’s Principles. There are vivid descriptions of hell in Dr. Modi’s books, especially Amazing Healings. Also, when people have succumbed to darkness, their world begins to reflect what hell is like. Just pull out some history books that detail concentration camps, wars, tortures and other abuses. As horrible as these incidents are, they are still a pale reflection of hell since the force of God that opposes darkness on earth is not available in hell (until you ask for it). In hell, darkness has the right to its full free will. As for getting out of the real hell once you’re in it, I don’t know. Dr. Modi’s patients imply that hell is temporary and that we must ask God to take us out. There is no description of the process. It doesn’t look fun.

As promised, here’s a contrasting list of some God Principles and Luciferian Principles:


It is up to us to choose – every minute of every day - which principles we will follow. The more consistently we choose the God Principles, the closer we move toward God. The more consistently we fall into Luciferian principles, the closer we move toward darkness. This fact that this list can easily be created and expanded by anyone reflects our inner “knowing” of the difference between Light and Dark principles.

One of the God principles in the list is Self-Forgiveness. So…during those times we give into the darkness – which we all do – it is our OBLIGATION to forgive ourselves and move back to the Light. We do this by realizing we are a piece of God that is still learning. We Accept our status as a “student” on this earth. We realize we are expected to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. We realize that we have both strengths and areas to improve, and we accept ourselves exactly as we are. We know that God also accepts us “as is”. If we beat ourselves up for giving into the darkness, then we are being dark-minded!

Any person, government or nation that relies on any of the Luciferian principles to justify a “common good” is anti-God, no matter what positive intents they have. Lying, deceiving, or manipulating to create peace and stability will only create unrest. Killing the few to save the many will only create more killing. The means never justifies the end. The means IS the end. Dark principles will create darkness. Only Light principles will create Light. You Choose!







Forgiveness (of self)




























































You can continue…

You can continue…




































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