US Government Scientist Confirms Allegations of Harassment of American Asylum-Seekers
e-mailed to me by Toni Jannelli
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 16, 2005)


 I hope that you can take a moment to read and perhaps pass along to others what has been happening to myself and my family. It is fantastic but true - unfortunately we are having a hard time getting anyone to take notice. If you go to the link in the Press Release that I wrote (to try to get the story out as best I am able) you will understand the magnitude of this information.

I am sending this information to everyone I can - from the lowest staff member, congressional pundits to human rights organizations.

If you can offer any support or suggestions as to whom we can turn to, please contact me.


Toni Jannelli

US Government Scientist Confirms Allegations of Harassment of American Asylum-Seekers

On April 11th, 2005, an historic document was laid before a Special Sitting of the Federal Court of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta, Docket No. IMM-7622-04: Don Deppeller and Toni jannelli vs. The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. This document, a Form 255 “Request To Admit” and its accompanying “Response To Request To Admit”, were filed as part an application by an American family to remain in Canada as political refugees.   

The Deppeller family (Don Deppeller, Toni Jannelli and Louise White) had made claims that they had been harassed and kept under surveillance because of their awareness of highly-classified US gov’t. projects, and in a remarkable turn of events, their claims were actually corroborated by one of America’s top scientists who worked on these projects. – one Dr. Dan Burisch, Phd., H-6196-Maj-E-(ret.), who admitted to certain facts that have been withheld from the public for over fifty years.  Judge Campbell, the sitting judge at this special hearing for the Application for Judicial Review (which had been granted by Justice Beaudry in January) declined to even review these startling documents.  At the Deppeller family’s original hearing before the IRB (Immigration & Refugee Board) in August, 2004, evidence of the existence of the legendary MJ-12 (Majestic) was provided, but after initial review the IRB ruled that there being no public record of its existence nor precedence for persecution by it, the claim was found to “have no credible basis”.  In the accompanying explanation, the IRB found that “although the Applicants are sincere in their belief”, the claims were too fantastical to believe, that there was no public record on which they could rely on, and therefore ruled against the Applicants.

Dan Burisch
Dan Burisch

In a body of nine facts, and an accompanying transcripted conversation, Dr. Burisch states that yes, as a  retired scientist who previously worked for Majestic 12 as badge #H-6196-Maj-E(ret.)  that worked on the very important projects “ Preserve Destiny”,  “Aquarius”,  “Lotus”, and “Preserve Mother”, he was at the center of efforts to help protect Earth and humanity under the shadow of a Catastrophe that will allegedly occur “in the 2012 time frame”, that yes he was made aware by co-workers in Majestic of the surveillance of the Deppeller family home in Washington, DC, and that indeed there is a treaty between present human authorities and extraterrestrial peoples called the “Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity”.  Even now as this is being written  the American “applicants to immigrate” still face legal hurdles and the cumbersome nature of the Canadian bureaucratic ‘process’.   Dr. Burisch has kindly re-solemnized his oath to convert his admission to a General Affidavit, honored in any tribunal or court of law the Applicants are able to apply to. 

For Images of the actual documents and more information:

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