The Saga of Dr. Dan Burisch

 Does the fate of the planet hinge on this man? He says he's only one piece of the puzzle, but others seem to think he is a keystone.

LAS VEGAS, NV (PRWEB) April 28, 2004 -- When it comes to the "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" department, those following the Dr. Dan Burisch story feel they have found the poster child. Biowarfare, mind-melds with a living extraterrestrial, daily angel visits, designer viruses that incorporate lethal ET strains, stargate transmissions, remote viewing, astrology, Catholic-mysticism, Judaic-kaballa, human subjects, abductions, treaties with extraterrestrials, area-51, abducted when 9 years old, a Ganesh particle that conveys healing and possibly immortality, covert operations, pole shifts, 2012, fate of the planet, black ops, broken bones from heavy-handed handlers, 4" x 1/4" scar up the back of his head. Dr. Burisch has it all.

But who he is and what he is doing is only half the story. The other half is the context of the world in which he lives. He is Dr. Dan Burischin lock-down, but wants to leak information to the outside. Some of his handlers are pro-disclosure, others are avidly anti-disclosure. Add to the mix the world of the Internet where anything can be posted, true or not, at the press of a button, and made available to anyone in the world. Disinformation, genuine leaks, agendas pitted against agendas, infighting. In the midst of this is one forum in particular that has taken an almost cult-like interest in the saga. Some people put nearly everything aside to focus on what is happening next. Jobs take a back seat, family takes second priority -- for the sake of the grandchildren. An insider just posted to the list. Or was it? What clues can be followed to confirm the truth of the story?

Once, and insider told the group that on such and such a day, at such and such an hour, they would be activating the natural stargate at Frenchman's Mountain East of Las Vegas. They even told where they would be on the hillside, and where someone could come and observe from a distance. No one was able to make it on the short notice, but the group did watch a real-time satellite image of the location, and watched as the entire mountain began to "glow" on the screen in front of them from a government web site that is publicly available.

At times they have been patched in and allowed an instant messenger chat with Dr. Burisch himself. Others have actually met with him in person, sometimes with the approval of security, and sometimes without.

One insider was supposedly knocked off for leaking information to the group. Others have been demoted or moved to other jobs where they could not leak sensitive information.

Just who actually is controlling the process on Dr. Burisch's side is not clear. They call themselves Maji 12 or Majestic 12. Some say the Maji in charge of his project are not Illuminati nor Luciferian, though another faction of Maji are.

Somewhere in the mix is a league with a race of extraterrestrials who want what Dr. Dan Burisch has -- instructions on how to make the Ganesh particle, which is purported to have healing and regenerative powers analogous to the Edenic tree of life. If anything, it is keeping Dr. Burisch alive, when his actions towards disclosure would spell and end to his usefulness.

Burisch purports to have received the knowledge for the project in large measure from a telepathic mind-meld with a J-rod extraterrestrial on whom he worked for one year. Day after day for one year, he would suit up and enter a special J-Rodchamber in S4 at Area 51 to have another investigatory medical session with the J-rod. At one point, after a bond of friendship had been forged, the J-rod took him and pulled their heads into contact, and Dan received a download that left him in a coma for several days. The J-rod later expired. He was part of an exchange program.

Another faction called the "rogue aliens" supposedly wants Dr. Burisch dead before he can complete the Lotus Project. The politics between alien races is purported to be even more complex than that between the nations of earth. Also in the mix is a covert group of individuals calling the shots who want to rid the world population of "undesirable" elements in the gene pool. Supposedly, they have, or are in process of creating genetically engineered tools of selective mass destruction that would make Hitler envious.

Dr. Burisch himself is adamantly opposed to such uses of this technology, and his objective is to somehow trick his handlers so that the technology can be used for positive benefit. His magnanimous spirit lends a hero element to the story that generates a loyalty by most of those who follow the story as it unfolds day by day. Others deplore him for even being involved in such projects that in their estimation amount to playing God and messing with human destiny. By his own account, Dr. Burisch' motivation is to help the human race avoid some of the catastrophes that are slated unless they change from their present course.

March 15, 2005 is the purported deadline for completion of the Lotus project and the signing of a renewed Tau-IX treaty with the ETs, which will up the number of abductions to 10 million per year. These abductions are done unbeknownst to the victim. The tissue, DNA and other samples are extracted in such a way that they are nary traceable, the memory of the event is erased.

Dr. Burisch has recently become the buzz among believers in the ET cover-up by the powers that be. A press release announcing his desire to have a Congressional hearing to tell what he knows was posted on over 6000 web sites, and was featured on Noory's Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and Lou Gentile radio shows. Attempts to get Congressional interest in the subject have been in vain. Meanwhile, with each passing day, the window of time gets more narrow, tempers get shorter, as the destiny of the entire planet seems to hinge on this one unfolding saga.

Supposedly, President Bush's spending like there is tomorrow is precisely because he knows there is no tomorrow. His trip to Iraq was to visit a stargate there and try to gain access -- the real reason the U.S. is in Iraq. Quadafi's sudden change of heart had to do with dickering that involved stargate trades. Two shredded document have supposedly been recovered that are memos between President Bush and Dan Burisch. A Ph.D. professional is reviewing them to see if they are authentic.

According to the J-rod "yellow book" that shows past, present, and future developments on earth, the earth is scheduled for a pole shift on 2012 which will decimate the planet. The scoop is that J-rods are actually progeny of earthlings travelling back in time to fix something bad that happened in their history at this period of time. Prior to 2012, the earth goes through a serious of tribulations both natural and man-made. These are a function of choices made by earthlings, but 2012 is set in stone. Dec. 22 to be exact, even down to the very hour. The J-rods supposedly descend from a group of humans that high-tailed it to Mars and then on to a neighboring star system.

Others following the saga do not believe that inhabitable earth comes to an end at 2012, but still think that the work being done by Dr. Burisch could play a pivotal role in helping a positive shift in earth consciousness, with belief in God in tact -- ascribing the survival to God, not human evolutionary technology alone.

Whatever the case, the saga makes for an interesting read, and stirs up good questions about who we are in the universe, and how we should respond to the possibility of extraterrestrials in our midst. As strange as the Dr. Burisch story may sound at first, there are scores of people who believe it is mainly true, and are curious at least, to follow the saga as it unfolds in real time.

by Sterling D. Allan
Greater Things News Service


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