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Last Updated:
Sunday, December 10, 2006 11:03:41 AM

Sunday, December 10, 2006

We the People Under God Strive to Keep our Nations Principles of Freedom from Failing
by US-Government-Torture.com

Last Updated: Sunday, December 10, 2006 11:03:41 AM

Map of South Asia


he United States government has a history of human experimentation well documented in the public record. Historical continual abuse are organized under many programs such as injecting plutonium into service men and their pregnant wives among the many stories from governments own websites and archives. Others like the Tuskegee experiment were 300 airmen were actually prevented from obtaining penicillin by covert deception which would have cured them, most died. MK Ultra and its multitude of programs some of which installed electrodes in the brains of people covertly continues to this day.. 

   Now in the present a widespread activity is going on all over this country and the world where men, women and even children are being attacked with directed energy from radio frequency gun devices and covertly implanted surgically.. The attacks are done in the open in front of family, friends and community; their reports of the torture attacks are ignored by knowing authorities.. 

   My own report of such attacks at my local police precinct resulted in the officers looking in a computer for a few minutes and telling me "it's the military and we can't do anything to stop it or we will get into trouble; what was meant was, police in collaboration with the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense were doing it.

   Attacking people and torturing them is illegal. A long investigation of 6 years turned up the following. The torture attacks are widespread and are being sanctioned by government. The root of its beginnings are from the end of WW2 where German intelligence infected the U.S. using the trillions of dollars they amassed from the sacking of Europe, eastern Russia and Northern Africa; the subsequent insertion of German intelligence agents is well documented where the looted money was invested in pharmaceutical corporations in the U.S. and joined by the human experiment scientists of Nazi Germany under operation Paper Clip to begin a plan of revenge against the victors of WW2.. 

   Infiltration of the U.S. Department of Defense and political arm was accomplished under the cover and secrecy of U.S. Department of Defense human experimentation programs where the network could operate up to the highest levels without being questioned or investigated for their actions.

   Today the progress of the takeover apart from the fact that it is somewhat hybridized is still controlled by those that seek revenge for the destruction of Nazi Germany, where their revenge is proven by their exhibiting their supremacy by attacking U.S. citizens in public with impunity through having control of key intelligence positions especially in policy that have successfully organized U.S. intelligence DOJ, FBI, NSA and Police to allow the sanction of such innocent people; organized by duping naive agents in the agencies with false profiles. Cultivation of sadistic personalities is a primary method of training personnel for the activities of torturing citizens in the new "Threat Assessment Agencies" where they recruit local community citizens to conspire and torture attack  targeted civilians.  Blatant out in the open torture murder used as a bragging instrument to illustrate that Nazi Germany has gained control. 

   To consider that such is not the case is to ignore the facts as have been uncovered. However even if the Nazi German intelligence were not in the background will require one to consider that the U.S. Government has turned to torture and murder of its citizens in the open to scare decent local administrators from taking action in stopping it for a further purpose. The further purpose is certainly political and has to do with torture murder without accusation, arrest or trial; in consequence we would still have to come to the next most fitting explanation which is that the current government admires the ways of the Nazi's and seek not to emulate them but surpass them.

   It will take some real effort to undo the slide into the pit of cruelty and barbarism where the nation has so far sunk; with your prayers, help and spreading of the facts we will retake the moral high ground from those that have soiled it and brought it low.

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Source: http://www.us-government-torture.com/

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