Who Killed William Cooper?
- by Wes Penre, October 8, 2004

All you Bill Cooper fans out there, don't get me wrong. I deeply respected Mr. Cooper (and still do) for his research on the New World Order and the Illuminati. My opinion is that without his contribution to mankind, much of what is now revealed would still be hidden.

In November of 2001, William Cooper, former US Naval Intelligence Officer, the author of "Behold a Pale Horse", and a well respected researcher, was shot dead by a police officer outsideBehold a Pale Horse his home in Arizona. For more details, click here. Of course, when something like this happens, conspiracy theories arise quickly in the  "conspiracy field". Some say it was a pure assassination, a hit job to get rid of this "annoying person". Personally I believe his death had other causes:

William Cooper was a very angry man. I corresponded with him some, and he was hard to reason Bill Cooperwith. His anger may be justified; he felt extremely betrayed by the government he once served for many years, with the intention to protect the country he loved. When he found out what was going on behind all our backs, he must have been shocked. He decided to reveal the truth as he knew it from his research.

He was quite a loud voice in the community, and hosted many radio shows. He also held lectures, which were quite awesome and extremely insightful. I think he was disappointed and discouraged by the blindness and peoples' unwillingness to confront this evil called the Illuminati. It is not a secret that he started drinking heavily, which of course didn't help his bad mood and frustration.

Cooper was also a spokesman and a leader for the Christian Patriot Movement, the Militia, and with his outgoing attitude and constant willingness to fight back, he drew the Illuminati's attention in a big way. According to himself, the Feds were putting him under surveillance and they constantly showed up around his house. He put up a diary on his website with daily updates on how the Feds intervened with his privacy and his freedom. He wrote on the same page, that if one day he would stop updating his public diary, he would probably have been killed or kidnapped. One day, in November of 2001 he stopped writing...

Due to his serious involvement in the anti-Illuminati movement, he had to send his family to Europe, "for their own protection", as he put it. Therefore, he lived his last years by himself, together with his dog, Crusher, in his house in Arizona, and died alone without his family.

His involvement in the Christian Patriot Movement certainly must have contributed to that the Illuminati tightened the rope around his neck. According to the police report, the reason the police were outsideBill and Crusher his residence, waiting for him, was because they wanted to arrest him for a misdemeanor of some sort, unrelated to his research. This fatal night, Cooper was driving home from a radio show he had hosted, and when he saw the police, he must have been furious. Probably he was sick and tired of always being provoked by them, so he continued driving, almost hitting the police men with the car. It is unclear what happened next; did the police or did Cooper open fire first? Either way, Cooper seriously wounded a deputy sheriff (who survived his wounds), and continued running towards his house. The police opened fire and Cooper was dead.

I strongly believe Cooper would still be alive today if it wasn't for his anger, and maybe also some subconscious wish for revenge. He made quite a few enemies in his later years due to his bad temper, and he attacked, sometimes blindly, in all directions - also people who could have been his friends. So perhaps his worst enemy was his own anger, which may eventually have killed him.

I think he was a very brave and genuine man, and I admire him for what he has done, but let us learn something from his death. Most of us who have found out the truth about the powers of this world, sometimes feel angry for have been betrayed for so long; and angry because of all Bill Cooper's Gravethe innocent lives that have been taken, due to greed and power. This is normal and quite alright. However, we cannot let this anger come out uncontrolled and think we can win against those people. The only way to get something decent done is to use rational thinking. Rationality can never be achieved by an angry person. No matter how angry we may be inside, we have to swallow it and continue being effective. Education and enlightenment combined is the only way out of this trap, as I see it. We need to learn more about ourselves and look inwards for the truth, so we can change the vibrations around us and that way inspire others to look. Our only hope is that enough people know the truth, so we can be strong enough to say 'NO' to the New World Order, outlaw secret societies with political and evil purposes, and require that the Illuminists are refused powerful positions.

Many people write to me and ask me if we should create a World Army ourselves to fight the Illuminati, or follow the Constitution and go to war against our government, like the Founding Fathers said we should in a situation like this. I say no to that; I don't agree with everything in the Constitution(1). We have to look deeper than that to be able not only to beat the Illuminati, but also to avoid the same thing from happening in the future. Violence feeds violence, no matter if it is for a good cause or not. By being violent, we justify our actions, which makes it alright to be violent. This creates blindness, and the same blindness that got us into this mess in the first place will lead to more violence and blindness in the future, and we'll soon be back to where we are now. Thus, we are all responsible for our own future and can't blame it on somebody else, including the Illuminati. We in fact brought them upon ourselves for being irresponsible enough to let it all happen.

Education is step number one - enlightenment number two. Without spiritual insights we can only win temporarily, and everything will repeat itself again in cycles. Only if we learn to know ourselves on a spiritual level, we can win on a longer term. How do we get there? Well, it is a very individual journey, and it doesn't matter how we get there, as long as we get there, and we do it peacefully.

"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people."
(August 1765) John Adams


(1)I am aware of that the Government is trying to disarm the population, and I am against disarmament. The reason I am against it is because of the purpose of the disarmament project. The Illuminati are horrified that enough people will find out about their agenda and start a riot against them, therefore they want us disarmed; for their own safety.

I think there are pros and cons as with almost everything to have an armed population, but I still believe we should have the right to own weapons. When we do, it restrains the Enemy a little bit from being too quick in their agenda against us. Also, we should have the right to defend ourselves and our loved ones if worse comes to worse and the government starts shooting at you or your family, or they threaten to take your immediate life due to unconstitutional actions. Everything besides that I believe can be better resolved peacefully for the reasons explained in this article.

It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for the offenders; it's all for our own sake and our future. The less blood we have on our own hands, the better off we will be. Therefore, no wars which include killings are really justified.

However, I do defend the Constitution, because it is the ground on which America is standing, and properly applied, we will at least have a much freer society than we have now. Wes Penre.




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