Unchecked (Scalar) Power
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Oct 11, 2005
(Posted: Oct 12, 2005)

 ‘Our power will be more invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can undermine it.’- Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

* * *

Hazel W.M. McKinlayOf all the places where tragedy could strike, it was Pakistan, the Heart of Islam, at the start of Ramadan. The scale of destruction caused by this earthquake suggests that it was shallow, the signature of a man-made tremor. The following day, the UK’s Daily Express quoted: “military scientists believe it is also possible to direct powerful energy beams into vulnerable fault zones, causing the Earth's plates to shift, creating a massive earthquake.”

This mainstream article ‘Weather Wars also confessed that “the RAF had been conducting secret rain-making tests” since before the 1950’s. “Aircraft showered clouds with silver iodide, on which water droplets formed, became heavy and eventually fell to the ground as rain.” Any inquiring mind would beg the question; then why have millions died from famine in the last half-century? But there are few left which are still capable of inquiry.

Once, it was imperative for governments to pretend they served the electorate, lest the angry mob rise up and serve justice, but now, they arrogantly boast that their purpose is population reduction and they have the means to do it. EM ‘non-lethal’ weapons will soon crush any objections, it saves on jackboots. The Global Police State has finally reared its hideous serpent-head, bearing it’s fangs… because we are powerless to prevent it.

State control has become invincible, because patriots who challenge it are eliminated, and the list is growing, including, scientists, researchers, politicians and annoying members of the public. Assassinations have kept technological innovations top-secret and if we don’t know its potential, how can we know if it was deployed for covert attacks, like the Asian tsunami and earthquake, or AIDS and Avian flu, which scalar waves can deliver?

A whistleblower’s plane might crash, like Larry McDonald’s, or you may suffer a heart attack, as former Labour Leader John Smith did, or you could get run over by a drunk, like John E. Mack, or contract a debilitating disease, rendering you as speechless as Muhammad Ali. The methodology is multifarious and inscrutable, perfected, tried and tested… repeatedly. But, you say, “they can’t kill us all!” Well actually, they can and intend to!

Through media-conditioning they will convince us that culling populations is good thing for our poor over-burdened planet and an honourable aim. What they won’t tell you is that there is room for six billion and more with enough resources, if wisely used, to heat, feed and clothe everybody; but they would rather plough our money into the military machine, than plough fields. Misery is more profitable, happiness would spoil the Elite’s party.

They celebrate their deadly deeds in Masonic ceremonies and make the sheeple participate with gimmicks like poppies, bangles and ribbons, to commemorate global genocide. The remembrance that these heinous acts were instigated by their descendants, are erased from the collective memory. The Earth’s rulers are responsible for all wars, and more recently ‘natural disasters’ which have slaughtered generations and made mankind into vagrants.

The weary flotsam and jetsam will be easy to manipulate with bribery, we need to eat and the bankers have the key to the storehouse. They can play God and decide who lives and dies, where and when, but this God is a maniacal deity, with a fixation on death and a compulsion for vengeance on the Supreme Being. It’s ‘Messiah’ is the Antichrist! It seeks to destroy all that it good and supplant it with pure evil. Have the Learned Elders triumphed?

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