The Sky is Falling!
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Oct 06, 2005
(Posted: Oct 06, 2005)

Hazel McKinlayThe propagandists are advertising their next global crisis - the flu. That’s right, a common illness that normally responds to bed rest, tissues and a ‘hot toddy’ (whisky, lemon and honey) will warrant military rule wherever it strikes. I’d prefer a dose of vitamin C, but this is no ordinary influenza, it is mutant ninja bird flu from Asia, you know, where the terrorists come from, and has tremendous bioweapon potential.

To the surprise of irresponsible scientists like Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger, when the 1918 Spanish flu, which came from America, was resurrected from exhumed corpses, they found that it had also crossed species from birds to humans, with close genetic links to today’s virulent H5N1 strain. The total fatalities from this current ‘epidemic’ stands at sixty. More people die every day from chemtrail inhalation!

But the UN is optimistic that 150 million will die and as in 1918, people will allow for strict measures and loss of liberty. They will have no choice. Cities will grind to a halt under quarantine, forced hospitalization and vaccinations to contain it. This was piloted on cattle when Foot & Mouth leaked from Porton Down, carcasses were burned and buried, so prepare for a mass cull, and I don’t mean of birds.

Although, chickens will get the chop too, when poultry farming and the consumption of wild foul is banned. The Globalists want complete control over all edibles, so that we are entirely dependant on FEMA’s goodwill, or starve. A Caucasian fish flu should be on the horizon, to ban fishing and possible self-sufficiency from sea-food. In an emergency, just wait for the Blackwater mercenaries and you’ll be okay ;-)

Military researchers recreated this deadly disease which was long eradicated “to understand it” and then made the genetic sequence available online, to terrorists err.. virologists. Experts warn that the most effective way for villains to kill millions in a biological attack would be with an airborne aerosol spray, like chemtrails. Al Qaida must have attained highly sophisticated technology in their caves.

George Bush has taken a keen interest in the subject, since it can be used as a pretext for more martial law, so the chances of doctors preventing a pandemic, are slim, slimmer than a mouse with Spanish flu at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Maryland. However, the elitists will already be inoculated, because we can’t have a Commander in Chief with the sniffles, managing an International disaster.

I’ve never seen a hen with a runny beak, they mock us when they steal our freedoms for GM flu with a fancy name, and tell us in advance what they are preparing to unleash, deliberately or “accidentally” from laboratories. Alfred Russell Wallace, a great pioneer and conscientious objector to immunizations, believed that if a man is physically and mentally healthy, he is unassailable by diseases. Stay well!

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