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Satanic Abuse
(Torture Is the Name of the Game)
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Dec 08, 2005
(Posted here: Dec 09, 2005)


Hazel WM McKinlayThe Law Lords have ruled against using evidence obtained by torture, which is strictly prohibited under international law and abhorrent in every civilized society. This is seen as a blow to the ‘war on terror’ because it means torture cannot be condoned in secret CIA prison camps, after ‘extraordinary rendition.’ Any more disclosures of detainee abuse could, should, result in the prosecution of government ministers and military personnel.

But, our policy makers are among the most depraved individuals ever to take office and find sadism and torture gratifying. The stuff of your worst nightmares is how they get their kicks and they are not about to convert to humanitarianism. They are more likely to demand degrading treatment of prisoners, as necessary for the ‘greater good’ and change the laws accordingly. If torture is approved, they can freely indulge in their perversions.

The protagonists ought to have been arrested already and tried for war crimes based on the photographic proof from Abu Ghraib, but they appear to be exempt from culpability. They are getting away with murder and not only the killing of ‘enemy combatants’ but of innocent children, abducted by paedophile rings. George Bush Sr., was implicated in the Franklin case, which involved youngsters subjected to ritual Satanic and sexual abuse.

The victims become the ‘playthings’ of nonces in high places who enjoy snuff movies, (of the sort filmed by servicemen in Iraqi prisons) and those who attempt to expose these horrors are disposed of… like Kathleen Sorenson and Gary Caradori. So, they continue to engage in bestiality and sodomy with impunity, while criminalizing us for disobeying their rules. These are the bastions of society, our role models, who are sick bastards!

Excuse my language, but compared to how these freaks speak and act, behind closed doors, it is mild. The details of the ‘Dangerous Game’(1) which is a favourite pastime of Dick Cheney, are too sordid to even discuss. It is hard to believe, so nobody does, but if people knew the truth, they would then understand why torture is being advocated. It is part of the thrill of the ‘war on terror’ for certain officials holding the reigns of power.

Perhaps I am being too pessimistic and should look forward to the day when torture is banned and the perpetrators are the ones paraded in orange jumpsuits and manacles, but what I see is gladiatorial type combat being hyped as ‘sport’ and acceptance of the brutal initiation ordeal, which the Queen’s Royal Regiments must undergo, before they are deployed in the theatre of war. It is no wonder that they commit murder, and suicide.  

We can only hope and pray that common decency and morality will prevail over this evil and that there are enough wholesome characters still left in important positions to prevent further regression into barbarism. If not, the human race will sink deeper into the cesspit of Satanism, practiced rigorously by the same gruesome bloodlines who have governed for centuries. Gore is in their ‘elite’ genes and if we tolerate it, the worse it will become.

Editor's Footnote:

(1) See the book Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips, Chapter: "The Most Dangerous Game", pp. 97.

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