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Last Updated: Thursday, November 18, 2004 04:19:58 AM 

- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay


I am becoming omniscient, or the Illuminati master plan has become so transparent, it is easy to forecast the future. I predicted correctly that Bush would win the US election and know that Blair will also remain in power for another four years, like Howard in Australia. These men are obedient corporate puppets, forcing their version of democracy, which resembles genocide, on the Middle East. Mr. Blair would have us believe he laid waste Fallujah to ensure free and fair voting in Iraq, well, here’s some more clairvoyance… these elections will be postponed due to unrest and rebels who may upset the predetermined outcome will be slaughtered.  

I don’t need insight to realize that Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for President, and succeed! I read the signs, and I don’t mean the zodiac. The indications are quite obvious; he is being advertised in the media already and has a tome of blood-curdling movie catchphrases to recite. “I’ll be back.” Arnie’s films are meant to be sci-fi, but actually personify a nightmare vision of our modern society with extreme violence as the norm, total surveillance, cyborg soldiers and nanotechnology. The machines are rising and their makers have evil intent. Imagine the paradise this technology could materialize for all humankind? Don’t hold your breath… 

After centuries of colonial rule by European Monarchs, most of the Third World does not even have running water, far less electricity, while we indulge in extreme excesses. The Queen is a perfect example, whining about the adverse effects of ‘Global Warming’ on her immoral Balmoral Estate, boo-hoo…without a thought for the flood ravaged island of Haiti where the cost of climate change is death and destruction on a massive scale. Those with cognition are aware that these seasonal anomalies are not the product of exhaust fumes or cow dung, but an advanced weather modification project which can make rain, or remove it at will. 

The Terminator also combats aliens, which is where this premeditated program is headed, Star Wars, forget the starving! When the threat of Soviets or Islamists cease to scare and intimidate people, the New World Order will invent a new enemy, more terrifying than before, reptiles from space! Holograms of sinister UFO’s will fill the horizon and FEMA will direct panicking populations to ‘safe havens’ at relocation centres. Am I right? I hope I am wrong, but when you can anticipate ‘problem, reaction, solution’ you understand why Hollywood is indoctrinating us with extraterrestrials, yet nobody really discusses the subject openly.

Peace, remember that concept? It is where brotherly love prevails and the greater good of the human race is a priority above profit. It is when science is used to replenish life’s necessities, like nutritious food and clean water, not eradicate them. It ought to make living enjoyable, not unbearable. While the hungry are still ignored, we are all impoverished in spirit. It is our duty to our fellow man to topple the Plutocrats who are creating hellish world prospects. I see civil disobedience in my crystal ball, making citizens ungovernable and envisage the occult cabal ensnared in the trap, which they have set. Please help make this dream come true!


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