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Obedience is the Law
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Dec 09, 2005
(Posted here: Dec 10, 2005)


Hazel W.M. McKinlayParallels are being drawn between the killing of Charles de Menezes in a London tube station and Rigoberto Alpizar at Miami airport. Both were Latin American and neither was carrying a bomb, but they were executed in broad daylight on public transport, as suspected terrorists. The official stories of these incidents are false, Alpizar never said the alleged “b-word” and Menezes was not acting suspiciously. Alpizar was having a panic attack, not a terror attack and Menezes was going to work, like millions of others.

If the MET had done a reconstruction of the tube train shooting, as they do with most other crimes, we would have seen Menezes wearing a denim jacket and jeans, not a padded coat, boarding a bus, without a bag and being followed by under-cover cops. He alighted at Stockwell, picked up a free newspaper and used his swipe card to enter the station before descending on the escalator, with police still tailing him. When he arrived at the platform and took his seat on the train, officers pounced and shot him seven times.

AlpizarTherefore, why did special forces trail this ordinary commuter and why did Sir Ian Blair lie from the outset about Menezes’ actions and demeanor? The suspect should have been apprehended before he even caught the bus, if they believed he was a suicide bomber! We all saw what happened on the No.10 bus to Hackney on Thursday 7th July. As usual, there are more questions than answers, but it seems that Menezes and Alpizar were picked at random, for a demonstration of new ‘anti-terror’ law enforcement powers.

The police can now snatch or shoot anyone, without recourse, to protect the public. Bag-carrying, running or perspiring are just a few examples of suspicious behaviour, which could cost you your life in the war against terror, on home soil. If you interfere in these operations, you too will be threatened, like the witnesses to events on AA flight 924, who had pistols aimed at their head by angry air marshals, while Alpizar was being murdered. Many people have a flying phobia, which would account for this passenger’s distress.

Charles deMenezesBoth of these men were innocent and the public was not in danger, except from trigger-happy cops. Tough luck, they say, difficult decisions have to be made in a split second and it is better to be safe than sorry. But if they thought a bomber was on board an aircraft, it means the current stringent screening of travelers is inadequate and this will require even greater scrutiny and vigilance by authorities. More scanners, cameras, dogs and machine-guns, everywhere! These extreme measures contribute to the visual conditioning process.

Big Brother knows best, trust him! The proles will have to co-operate, or they will be accused of aiding terrorism and facilitating attacks like the London bombings, non-compliance is irresponsible, disobedience could be fatal. The message is, if you see your neighbours being rounded up or shot, hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing and do nothing, it is for your protection. Stay indoors, close the curtains and cower in fear, because it could be you next. It all sounds familiar, historians should recognize the signs.

Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Reich, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Pinochet’s Chile. We have been there before, only now it is Blair’s Britain, Howard’s Australia and Bush’s America. Presently, implementation of this global police state is incremental, but soon it will be all-encompassing. Have your I.D. ready citizen, because snarling Alsatians are straining at the leash and Homeland Security has a short fuse and an itchy trigger finger. I expect they have already compiled the list of dissidents. They have got gulags to fill!

Charles de Menezes and Rigoberto Alpizar may have been targeted for assassination, we will never know, but such ‘mistakes’ could certainly be another method for disposing of opponents. They might have been chosen for their nationality, to further antagonize South American’s towards the United States, as the warlords orchestrate a confrontation between these two continents. They were just ‘cattle’ who were used to advance the NWO cause and their lives were needlessly extinguished for a covert agenda. That is a real tragedy.

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