Michael Jackson on Trial
... If There is Any Justice in This World ...
- by Wes Penre, March 13, 2005 -

Michael Jackson on trial in pajamas

Here we see a Michael Jackson coming to court in  pajamas, thin like a stick from not eating (according to mass media) - certainly because of the stress. We have a very traumatized person on trial. A genius - yes, but also an extremely dysfunctional and eccentric man. Is he guilty? We don't know yet.

However, if Michael goes to jail, and there is any justice in this world, so should his father, Joe. I donít defend pedophilia (if this is the case with Michael), and although he has been severely traumatized and destroyed, I believe that a person, even if he/she has such desires, should be able keep them to him/herself and not live them out. However, the biggest criminal in this case is most certainly not Michael, but his father. And in a society where justice is a farce, the REAL criminals do not go to jail, only their victims and the scapegoats.

There have been quite a few documentaries about Michael Jackson, and Hollywood movies too, based on the true story. No lawsuits have ever been filed against the movies and the documentaries from the Jackson family, and we have to assume there at least is some truth in it. Michael has both defended and accused his father throughout the years, but the stories that have been told make sense. For you who don't know, here is a briefing of what has been revealed so far:

Michael's father noticed early that Michael and his brothers had musical talents; some of them more, some Joe Jacksonof them less. He decided (or was it someone else's decision in the Illuminati?) to train them to make a lot of money from them. He created "The Jackson 5" and he was merciless. The way he "disciplined" the boys was horrifying. He used all the techniques of trauma-based mind control you can ever think of, to reach his goal. All they boys suffered severely from the mistreatments, and they were not even allowed to play with other kids throughout the upbringing. Sometimes they disobeyed and ran out to play anyway, after which they were severally punished.  Therefore they never had a real childhood, and this is certainly the reason why Michael never grew up and still acts like a kid in many ways. This is also the way victims of trauma-based mind control react; they get "stuck in time" at a point of trauma (in this case the childhood).

Early on, Michael's father realized that Michael was the real talent of the Jackson kids, so Michael was the target for most trauma. Some people, who know the story behind how Michael's father, Joe Jackson treated him think that his dad was just a power-hungry, greedy person. Others say that this was the only way to get out of poverty for a black family in the 60s. Both those theories could make sense if we neglect the fact that the trauma he exposed the boys to was extremely sophisticated, and can not have come "naturally" to their father. He knew exactly what he was doing and succeeded flawlessly.

So where did he learn all this? Well, it is all "taken from the books" of Illuminati trauma-based mind control, and his patterns are following the rules and techniques pretty much exactly(1). Nothing he did was accidental. Thus it is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Michael's father was deeply involved in MK ULTRA and/or some other off-spring(s) of the same. It is also reasonable to believe that the Illuminati wanted a black group of young boys to hit the music industry, and they wanted them "their way". Joe could very well have been offered the opportunity by the Illuminati in the music industry to strike it rich if he succeeded in "training" the kids. Just like with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, you have to have two groups competing. In the Beatles/Rolling Stones case it was the bad guys (The Stones) against the good guys (The Beatles), and in this case it was "The Jackson 5" and "The Osmonds" (the black against the white). I could write an article on "The Osmonds" as well, but I don't need to. It would be quite similar to this one, because the Osmond kids were treated almost exactly the same way as the Jackson's. Coincidence? Hardly. This is not uncommon at all in the music industry, where trauma-based mind control is not rare, and many artists are multiple personalities due to trauma. You can read a lot more about this in my "I Sold My Soul to Rock'n'roll & Mind Control" section of this website.

My point here is that I don't defend Michael Jackson if he is guilty, but I suggest that the real criminal here is Michael's father, and most certainly others behind the scene, who control him and set him up to do the evil task of programming Michael. They created a genius, whom the world has enjoyed for his music and artistry, but they also created a human wreck, who can fall apart anytime. If he is convicted, I doubt he would make it for very long in a prison cell. If he is guilty, there is no other choice for our society, the way it is structured, than to lock him up, but he should not go to jail alone...


"The Jackson 5"

"The Osmonds"



(1) Good references are the detailed books by Fritz Springmeier, who has researched trauma-based mind control in depth. His books can be purchased and amazon.com.




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