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Last Updated: Saturday, February 26, 2005 09:43:19 AM 

The Laws of Man
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here by Wes Penre on Feb 26, 2005)


'Rigorous law is often rigorous injustice.'

* *

On the say-so of Charles Clarke and him alone, you could be locked up in a high security prison for Charles Clarkethe rest of your life and never know the charges against you, or from which tortured soul the allegations of ‘terrorism’ were made. A terrorist, by definition, is anyone who opposes the ‘war on terror’ or breaches the tome of new laws which have become so trivial that a ‘happy-slap’ could warrant a five-year stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

I’ve had a surprise ‘happy-slap’ from my teenage son, captured on his video-phone… very amusing, (NOT) he is lucky I have a sense of humour but it didn’t merit a custodial sentence! I am also a law-breaker, as I continue to flagrantly feed pigeons, but the military can contaminate the earth with depleted uranium for billions of years and condemn generations in the future to deformity and disease, and get off Scot-free.

Where is the justice? I will incur a £50 on-the-spot fine if I dare to drop my cigarette butt on the pavement, to keep the refuse team in a job, but Iraqi babies being born limbless is of no consequence to the government, who are using banned weapons. Put that in your pipe-bomb and smoke it! Yet still, incredibly, come the next election, voters will actually re-elect these same criminals, back into office. What is wrong with that picture?

Mass conditioning and mind-control can be the only reason and a hard slap is what sheeple need, to wake them from their stupor. Our democratic country, with its decent values, morality, integrity and humanity is going down the pan, while idiots are engrossed in their Play Stations, annihilating things for fun. Our rulers are lying to us, dictating to us, and killing us…but there is no resistance, no backlash, no defiance.

I for one do not recognize the law of the land any longer. It is an ass! To adhere to it will endanger Chemtrailsmy life. Would an establishment which sprays its population daily with toxic chemtrails care if you catch ‘bird flu’ or your child contracts measles? NO! Which then beggars the question, why are they so keen to enforce vaccination programmes? There must be an ulterior motive and that is, the surreptitious micro-chipping, of everyone.

If and when that objective is accomplished, humans can be manipulated into whatever the psy-operator wishes them to become. A soldier, a whore, a slave; the Global Elite’s favourite toys. We cannot let that happen, planet Earth is not a killing field, it is our home and we are all in it together. There is only one law to obey and that is Universal Law, from which nobody is exempt. You will be judged, but not by Man or Beast, or Bush.


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