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Last Updated: Thursday, February 03, 2005 04:31:03 PM 

Into the Abyss
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, February 3, 2005)

“The very forces which took us into the abyss of destruction seem to always beget the forces which present themselves as healers. And each time it takes us another generation or so to discover the reality behind the disguise. Healing, we now know, will come certainly when we trust our own healers.” - Professor Ernest Wamba dia Wamba.


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To see Blair, Gates and Bono sharing a platform to address world poverty, was more than I could stomach. Three men, whose combined wealth could accommodate every refugee on the planet, propose to solve Africa’s problems, with vaccinations! Forget food, clean water, infrastructure and stability, the focus is on a man-made plague, called AIDS.

Compassionate Clinton boasts that a fraction of the cost of the Iraq war could pay for (toxic) AIDS treatment and Bill Gates ploughs his pocket change into malaria vaccines, tested in Gambian villages. Perhaps it escaped their attention that Kissinger’s pet project, genocide by race-specific viruses, was realised through WHO small-pox immunisations?

Tony Blair is so concerned about global suffering, that he helped transform Afghanistan and Iraq to rubble, killing and injuring thousands in the process. I bet he wishes he had a ‘tsunami bomb’ imagine the destruction that could cause? The UN would never be short of humanitarian work and pharmaceuticals could go into full-scale production of MMR.

We should not expect to see another “natural” calamity of this magnitude in our lifetime but the UN’s director of disaster relief called the Asian tsunami, “a global eye opener to the devastating impact of natural disasters," and he is anticipating a “megadisaster in a megacity.’ Neocons can hardly wait; so they might just bomb Iran and Syria instead.

Blair says; “We remember above all that the Holocaust did not start with a concentration camp” like Guantanamo Bay. “It started with a brick through the shop window of a Jewish business, the desecration of a synagogue, the shout of racist abuse on the street.” How then should we interpret a missile through a mosque window and “Ali Baba’s” ordeal at Abu Ghraib? It has all the signs…!

Professor Ernest Wamba dia Wamba said in his Open Letter to America, “As the history of Ernest Wamba dia Wambahumankind has shown time and time again: wars have no winners, and each one of them has always ended with the same loser--humanity.” Our rich leaders wage illegal wars on developing nations, but still, Bono believes Tony Blair will help Africans!

Africa is the next front on the ‘war on terror’ and whole regions, like Darfur, are being cleansed of useless-eaters. War and extreme weather is displacing entire communities and reclaiming the territory for nature. The Globalists call it ‘climate change’ and blame us for ‘global warming’ so we feel collective guilt for what is geophysical warfare.

The tsunami was a global warning, that the plan to reduce the world population by four billion, restoring vast swathes of land into pristine wilderness, with ‘environmentally friendly’ policies, like eugenics, bio-diversity and sustainable development, is well underway, while people continue to put their trust in politicians, to save them!


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