The Hand of Man
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 27, 2005
(Posted: Sep 28, 2005)

Hazel W.M. McKinlayMuch has been written about ‘conspiracy kooks’ with their outlandish and unqualified theories on man-made disasters, but even a layman can comprehend that science and technology are far in advance of what is disclosed by the military and that it is used in top-secret operations. “We don’t know, what we don’t know” as the great philosopher Rumsfeld would say, but we do know that it fits into the global police state agenda.

The Earth, as all planets, is volatile, it is prone to geological upheaval. There have been monumental catastrophes in the past, like Thera, Vesuvius and Krakatoa. China is subject to earthquakes, with 900,000 dead in 1887 at Huayan Kou, when the Yellow River broke it’s banks. All long before William Cohen’s “terrorists” developed scalar weapons but, this natural activity occurs over vast time spans, now, it happens on a yearly basis.

George H.W. Bush and William F. ClintonThe difference between nature and the ‘hand of man’ is in the timing, location and response, or lack of it. Our ‘saviours’ - government officials, are quick to fly over the aftermath to view their handiwork, George Bush visited the Gulf Coast three times and they are even quicker at mobilizing troops, but slow in their humanitarian response, except to demand charitable donations. Bill Clinton and Daddy Bush are on the job!

While Iran is being primed for attack, BAM…they suffer a massive earthquake in their most ancient citadel on Boxing Day 2003. Exactly one year later, S.E. Asia experiences the worst tsunami in recent history, devastating ten nations where PNAC planned to position armed forces in preparation for a confrontation with China. Next, New Orleans is wiped off the map and oil refineries take a direct hit from two major hurricanes.

The San Andreas fault is due for a tectonic shift, but within the next few decades. Still, it is more likely to quiver and quake on Boxing Day 2005. However, foreshocks would give seismologists ample forewarning, so there can be no excuse for FEMA incompetence. The Yellowstone caldera will blow, it’s what supervolcanoes do, but in a time-frame of 700,000 years. So, if it erupts on the 6th day of the 6th  month in 2006, you will know!

Land of the Dead MovieIt’s all too coincidental and this succession of calamities has the hallmarks of occultism. The date and place is carefully calculated and the result is anticipated, usually shown in a ‘fictitious’ Hollywood film prior to the event. The current movie promotion is called ‘Land of the Dead’ and if Yellowstone is ‘tickled’ with interferometery, the United States of America will certainly be that. Just be aware and read the signs, it could save your life.

When you realize that depopulation of the planet is the NWO’s main priority, you then understand how convenient it is for them to manipulate nature to do their dirty work, while they stand back ‘innocently’ and reap the benefits. It should be clear by now that there is nothing the Elite will not do, however horrendous. They have designs on this world that does not include you and four billion others. Yellowstone is at their disposal.

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