Neo-Confederate Texas Governor & Ex-CIA
Lt. Governor's Execution of First Black Woman
Since the Civil War Follows Masonic Numerology

by P.H. Craftlove
(Posted: Sep 30, 2005)

Texas Governor Rick PerryTexas Governor Rick Perry received enormous publicity over the "generosity" that he and his State provided the primarily black refugees of Katrina from New Orleans.
During the terrible days prior to the rescue effort being allowed to take place, when "brownie-shirt" was doing his "damned fine job", almost unnoticed was the execution of Frances Newton, the first black woman executed in Texas since at least the end of the civil war over 140 years ago. She was killed by lethal injection on September 14, 2005 at the Huntsville prison death row in Huntsville, Texas. .
The dichotomy and extreme discrepancy of this scenario, Perry the helper of black women and Perry the executioner of a black woman was lost on the mainstream media and therefore on the brainwashed-by-NWO-Media public as well (This coincides as well with Mexican troops being allowed into San Antonio , Texas, the site of the Alamo for the first time in 159 years as part of a "private deal" between President Bush and Mexican President Fox...but that is another story).
Governor Perry has long been associated with a Confederate Revival movement also known as the neo-confederate movement. He is a 5th generation Texan, believed to have at least one ancestor that fought for the confederacy, but this writer cannot confirm that. The neoconfederate movement is revisionist in nature and seeks an alternate history that views the glorification of the confederacy and what it stood for as merely being proud of one's "heritage".
The evangelical Liberty Advocate claims that "neo-confederates" are "rooted in the occult" and identifies them as "the Anti-Christ". The veneration of civil war generals is a continuation of Celtic "warrior god" worship. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have written letters to organizations that are part of this growing movement that are positive regarding their goals and "achievements", .
Governor Perry has never seen a Confederate flag over a Texas government building that he did not approve of.
Governor Perry is strongly in favor of maintaining the death penalty for the mentally retarded....this in spite of every Texas death penalty case that ever made it to the US Supreme Court being overturned in recent memory due to horrid flaws in the system, .
Frances Newton maintained her innocence to the end but this did not stop Perry from signing her death warrant even as pictures of black women suffering filled the television screens of the world. The last black woman executed in Texas was a slave named Lucy that was hanged for murder in 1858 in Rita-damaged Galveston.
Perry's webpage saw the horrors being viewed on television, of black bodies floating and dead-where-they-fell on national TV ,as no reason to further "delay Justice". for murders that took place in 1987, .
Masonic Connections:
1) The victim of a lethal drug injection was the 13th person executed in Texas this year. The number 13 has long been associated with the occult and with Friday the thirteenth, the day when Jacques De Molay, the grandmaster of the Knight Templars was arrested and the order was attacked by the King of France and The Pope and nearly destroyed , the templars are alleged to be the predecessors of the freemasons;
2) Ms. Newton was the 19th woman executed in the United States since the resumption of the death penalty in 1976. The number 19 has masonic connotations as well. Everyone knows of course about, "9-11" and the Madrid Train bombings occurred 911 days after the 9-11 attacks. There were 19 hijackers that boarded the planes.
3) The numbers "9" and "1" feature prominently in arab black-magick freemasonry. The particular levels of initiation for numbers 9 to 11 are symbolized by a decapitated man, the most common form of legal execution in the muslim world,, title: Arab Secret Society Has Symbol of Cruel Beheading For Degrees 9-11..."
The Lt. Governor of Texas David Dewhurst, that may succeed Perry , like Perry succeeded George W. Bush, has Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurstextremely sinister connotations. His biography describes him as a former US Air Force officer and "CIA agent" that speaks fluent Spanish and was stationed in Latin America while with "the agency". This background is not wild speculation and rumor or "conspiracy theory" , it is in Dewhurst's own website as Lt. Governor, .
What is interesting is what was Lt. Governor Dewhurst doing as a CIA agent in Latin America during the early 1970s. Apparently, he was in Bolivia taking part in the Neo-nazi assisted so-called "cocaine coup" of General Hugo Banzer and may have been a drinking buddy of coup advisor Klaus "the butcher of Lyon" Barbie a nazi war criminal and Gestapo Kapo. When the coup succeeded, the troops strolled through La Paz, Bolivia with nazi inverse-swastika armbands, symbols of the dark forces, "Dewhurst's Terrorists: The CIA experience of the director of "Homeland Security" ". November 16, 2001, by Michael King. Mr. Dewhurst is also the leader of the Texas Homeland Security Board which pictured a Luftwaffe pilot standing in front of an American flag in his ad in the Texas Monthly "by accident".
While in Bolivia, apparently he helped with the coup planning, the coup itself and then left the country some time thereafter. The cocaine coup in Bolivia was bloody and ugly even by Latin American standards and resulted in vast amounts of cocaine making it into the United States, helping to popularize the up until then largely unknown and unused drug. This was the followup to the heroin-in-bodybags operation run by the CIA in Vietnam and the prequel to later cocaine for contras and now narco-state Afghanistan in the post-Taliban era.
The Banzer Plan wiped out missionaries and the cocaine flow helped started what later became known as the Colombian Cartels. This is an odd background for a man that is a "Christian" and against drugs whose illegal nature floods the streets of Texas and sends thousands into its brutal Barbie-like gladiator school prison system.
The connections between Barbie and Dewhurst run to George Herbert Walker Bush, in fact Dewhurst is where he is because of them,, The Bush nazi coke moonie connection, by Nick Mamatas, July 28, 2002.
Conclusion: The death of Frances Newton was a ritual murder by two adherents of past but still effective occult based ideologies, The Confederacy , Freemasonry and the Third Reich are intertwined in latin America as they are in Texas.  "154 Masonic Families Founded a City of 170,000 in Brazil", by Walter J. Klein 32degree mason. The then emperor of Brazil gave them a warm welcome. He was a freemason and slavery was legal when they arrived from the ashes of the confederacy.
Please use this information to expose this evil.
Cordially, PH Craftlove, Director , Craftlove NWO Education Project.

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