The Fat Lady Sings and Nobody Hears
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 14, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Sep 16, 2005)

Hazel W M McKinlayThe Earth’s wrongful rulers, the banking House of Rothschild wish to diminish the world population to a manageable microchipped six hundred million, so that they can use the planet as their personal playground, with subjugated serfs to serve their every whim. They intend to execute this devious plan through conflict, disease and scalar wars, disguised as ‘Global Warming’ or the ‘Earth Changes’ prophesized by esotericists.

There is much killing to be done and they are making some headway by flooding, polluting, starving and “sacrificing” people in bombings, but this is not nearly as destructive as necessary to finish the job. A virulent pandemic as contagious as the bubonic plague would need to sweep the globe to cull billions of ‘useless eaters.’ We already have man-made AIDS decimating blacks, but Globalists don’t discriminate.

The Irish had a famine too, but Asians, Africans, Australians, Americans… it’s all good, and good is evil to the Illuminati. Still, they have to maintain the charade that the pseudo-aristocracy are our benefactors and care, therefore they present their depopulation agenda in the appearance of humanitarian projects, like blanket immunisation programmes for ten million infants and bio-diversity to save species, endangered by the Rockefellers.

They pretend to care so much about the future of frogs, that swathes of acreage has been designated for rewilding and proposed wildlands corridors encroach on densely peopled habitats. The majority could be disposed of in ‘natural disasters’ but the surplus will be contained in ‘regulation’ cities of ten thousand obedient citizens. The San Andreas fault and Yellowstone supervolcano have huge untapped potential for reshaping the land.

Yellowstone SupervolcanoThe Asian tsunami obliterated coastal regions, Botswana is a dispossessed nation of HIV orphans, the Nubians have been forced to flee to camps where they will remain for generations and Bushmen continue to be evicted from their ancestral homelands by De Beers’ lust for diamonds. Coincidentally, the US Gulf Coast has been ethnically cleansed of slave descendants, forbidden to return to ‘contaminated’ areas for ten years.

The same people owed $trillions in reparations for unpaid labour, torture and genocide over four hundred years, have been given a vague promise of $2,000 to compensate for shattered lives. Maybe the Mid-East is being saturated with D.U. deliberately, so that it can also be declared a ‘no-go’ zone for humans, due to the health risks. If that is the case, our ‘Leaders’ must have prepared alternative accommodation to the surface world.

Whether it is advanced underground facilities like the one at Pine Gap, waiting to play host to the British Royal Family in the event of an emergency, or off-planet in top-secret electromagnetic craft, they have got somewhere else to go when the sh*t hits the fan. The Elite can utilize ‘free energy’ while we riot over ‘peak oil’ in orchestrated chaos, and they will get a thrill out of watching the suffering from their ivory Babylonian tower.

Even if governments confess to weather modification, our ‘enemies’ will face the blame; Russia, the Yakuza or aliens from space, but it was not Vladimir Putin or Darth Vader who blew the levees and sent troops before aid to New Orleans. Scientists have the technology to sink a continent, as Atlanteans did in a previous era, causing a global cataclysm of epic proportions, by accident or design. They should be stopped!



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