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Fallujah, A Holocaust

- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Nov 24, 2005
(Posted here: Nov 25, 2005)

'Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.'

Hazel W.M. McKinlayHate speech which may incite violence has been outlawed, but bile still spews freely about Islam and this unrestrained defamation in media circles has caused a holocaust, only last year. The dictionary definition of a holocaust is ‘great destruction with many deaths - especially by fire’ as in Fallujah. Every war crime in the book was committed during this revenge attack by US forces, from targeting hospitals to caramelizing people, with white phosphorus. This genocide is justified because the enemy is “evil” but that is what Hitler said about Jews before they were rounded up and deported to death camps.

Journalists like Giuliana Sgrena ‘an advocate of the dispossessed and the have-nots’ were prevented from bringing grim tidings from occupied Fallujah, the City of Mosques, when brimstone and fire rained down on men, women and children. Chemical weapons are readily available, but truth is in short supply. The Bush administration denies using Willy Pete on civilians, but while Saddam Hussein is on trial for the 1988 atrocity in Halabja, where 5,000 Kurds died in a chemical attack, US marines ‘shake and bake’ Iraqi’s.

"Demoncracy" created in Fallujah

Holocausts are not determined by the quantity of dead, it’s not a competition, it is the gruesome methods of calculated mass-murder which mark these events in history. Will Fallujah be remembered in future, like the crimes of the Third Reich, as an example of man’s inhumanity to man, lest we forget? It is hypocritical to condemn the actions of the Fuhrer, if we support regimes which emulate his policies of arbitrary detention, torture and the victimization of a race. ‘Never again’ implies Jews, but it must also apply to Arabs.

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This November, Remember Fallujah


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