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The Cycle of Ages
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay
(Posted here: Nov 18, 2005)

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Hazel W.M. McKinlayThe cycle of four ages, Satya ,Treta, Dvapara and Kali, continue perpetually among living beings on this earth, repeating the same general sequence of events. In the annals of ancient history as told by Pliny, Berosus, Varro, Heraclitus, Aristarchus of Samos, Plato and Aristotle, a cyclical, elliptical comet, reverses the polar position of all planets in our solar system and heralds a New Age, or Sun.

Hevelius wrote: ‘In the year of the world 2453 (1495BC) according to certain authorities, a comet was seen in Syria, Babylonia and India, in the sign Jo, (Capricorn) in the form of a disc’ at the very time when the Israelites were on their march from Egypt to the Promised Land, led by ‘a pillar of the cloud during the day and by the pillar of fire at night.’

“It was fiery, of irregular circular form, with a wrapped head; it was in the shape of a globe and was a terrible aspect. It is said King Typhon ruled at that time in Egypt. Its movement was slow; its path was close to the sun. Its colour was bloody.” It caused destruction in ‘rising and setting.’ Servius writes that the comet caused many plagues, evils and hunger. Almost every Greek author referred to this comet.

The Roman astrologer Campester, as quoted by Lydus, was certain that should the comet again meet the Earth, a four-day encounter would suffice to destroy the World. This implies also that the last encounter with this comet brought the Earth to the brink of destruction. A phenomenon of great significance took place.

The head of the comet did not crash into Earth, but exchanged major electrical discharges with it. A tremendous spark sprang forth at the moment of the nearest approach of the comet, when the waters were heaped at their highest above the surface, before they fell down, followed by a rain of debris torn from the very body and tail of the comet.

Pliny wrote; “A terrible comet was seen by the people of Ethiopia and Egypt, to which Typhon, the King of this period, gave his name, it had a fiery appearance and was twisted like a coil and it was very grim to behold; it was not really a star so much as what might be called a great ball of fire.” Typhon brings conflagration and deluge, it draws the seas from their beds, as the Red Sea parted during the Exodus, the magma is drawn from the volcanic chambers (as in Thera) and after it passes, the sun, moon, and all the planets return to their original position.

In Seneca’s words; ‘Berosus (author of A History of Babylon) says that everything takes place according to the course of the planets, and he maintains this so confidently that he determines the times for the conflagration of the world and for the flood. He asserts that the world will burn when all the planets which now move in different courses come together in the Crab, so that they all stand together in a straight line in the same sign, and that the future flood will take place when the same conjunction occurs in Capricorn.’ Aristarchus of Samos taught that the earth undergoes two destructions -- of combustion and deluge.

PlatoAn elaborate theory of cyclical world history was put forward by Heraclitus (c.500BC) and later developed by Plato; possibly this theory owes much to Babylonian influence, particularly in respect of the idea of the Magnus Annus, or ‘great year’ the period during which eight independently revolving planetary spheres return to their point of departure. In Plato’s version, a total revolution in one direction is followed by a revolution in the opposite direction; thus the world as it is known is succeeded by an age of ‘history in reverse.’

In the annals of ancient Etruria, according to Varro, were records of seven elapsed ages. Censorinus, a compiler of Varro wrote; there is a period called the 'supreme year' by Aristotle, at the end of which, the sun, moon, and all the planets return to their original position. This 'supreme year' (3,600 years) has a great winter and a great summer. The world seems to be inundated and burned alternately in each of these epochs.

In the tomb of Senenmut, a vizier who designed the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri, a zodiac on the ceiling has a reversed orientation and inscriptions say that 'Harakhte, (the sun,) he riseth in the West'. Plato said of the heavenly bodies that ‘in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise.’ Egyptians believed this change of occident had occurred four times. The Maya, who were preoccupied with astronomy, astrology, tarot and precise calendrical calculations over vast periods of time, claimed this was the fifth (and last) age, which would end on a fifty-two year cycle.


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