Bird Flu - Coming In From the Cold
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Oct 14, 2005
(Posted: Oct 15, 2005)

Hazel W.M. McKinlay“Who’s at the door?” called Turkey Lurkey. “It’s the flu!” cried Ducky not-so Lucky. And it only took one week to get here, after a possible pandemic was announced by the UN. In the same week military scientists declared they had recreated Spanish flu with similarities to the H5N1 strain found in birds. In the following days, it was detected in Romanian ducks and Turkish turkeys, only a short flight away from the British Isles.

The relentless Avian flu ad campaign has reached fever pitch.  Someone with a slight temperature or cold symptoms could trigger widespread panic, as well as germs, but the virus has to mutate first to become contagious between humans. The experts say that is inevitable and it’s not a case of if… but when. The “speed of evolution” indicates it will probably happen tomorrow, but it could take several months to develop a vaccine.

Even a fake health scare would create a reaction. The government will respond by putting poultry farmers out of business and exterminating countless fowl. Schools will close and travel will be restricted. People will demand flu jabs, hospitals will be inundated and public events, such as sports will be cancelled. Normal life will grind to a standstill. However, in the event of a genuine outbreak the scenario becomes much more sinister.

The TV film, 'Outbreak' follows the script to the letter. A new strain of a deadly virus is brought into America from Africa by a monkey and spreads to a small rural town. Fifty died and twenty were quarantined, those with the initial flu-like symptoms had to hang a white rag on their door, to be escorted by armed military police in gas masks to a 'treatment centre' with razor wire, which made Camp X-Ray look like a holiday resort.

Military checkpoints were in place and truck loads of people were arriving. Black helicopters circled overhead, escorting the convoys and enforcing a curfew through megaphones. Reporters said, “it looks like a war-zone.” The dead were burned like mad-cows. Graphic images of the sick and dying were shown with blood oozing from orifices, like Ebola. And this is entertainment? I would call it desensitization and conditioning.

The heroic plan to contain the epidemic and save 260 million Americans, was to vaporize the town of 26,000 residents where the virus originated and so preserve the ‘life and liberty’ of the whole world. Everyone had to support the President in this initiative and no dissent was allowed. It can only happen in the movies, right? Wrong! So, when you hear a rooster in the morning crowing, ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ remember, it’s a wake-up call!

Hazel McKinlay

Read on;

Chemtrails: Culling Humans & Media Disinformation 

Use your brains.

Think things through. Let some clarity and rationality come into the picture.

Disinfo strategy Numero Uno: Chemtrails are Cloud Cover to protect us from those evil sunrays, caused by us selfish, gas-guzzling citizens.

First, notice how most folks who use this disinfo strategy always condemn the consumer as being the bad guy-who uses way too much energy for our poor planet-then these agents point out that chemtrails are, in fact, doing us a favour by creating cloud cover to protect these same people from their own greed. The problem with this ongoing disinfo strategy is that everybody knows free energy has been around since the 1920s and it is corporate America who keeps us dependent upon oil, not ourselves. How convenient to make us the scapegoats for real problems (global warming, ozone depletion, etc.,) then the big LIE which is they are doing us some favour to relieve the problem. Notice the current Ed Teller scenario being played out right now. This new strategy is keeping real researchers from looking into the smoking gun: biologicals.

Second, Cloud seeding has been around, and used successfully, since the 1950s, with no adverse effects. USAF studies during that time were proudly published in most relevant media of the day and laboratory results were always available to anyone who was interested. Why? Because real cloud seeding is actually harmless. They can make all the clouds they want which have NO BIOLOGICALS in them. The simple truth here is that if making clouds were the reason, they would happily own up to it.

The reason for the secrecy now is for the following reasons:

1. Barium waste products are part of the "soup."

2. Desiccated red blood cells with no haemoglobin are present in ground and air samples. These blood cells contain pathogens that act like the good old sleeper agents. These are binary weapons systems being deployed on a global level.

3. People are dying in large numbers. Talk to medical professionals. They tell the real story here and it is not a pretty one.

4. Malathion is part of the soup.

5. Dioxin is part of the soup.

6. Aluminium is part of the soup.

7. Much of the chemtrails are being done right into existing clouds on rainy days to insure that the mix will get into your water supply. The key here is the barometer. When humidity exceeds 30%, they start spraying.

Pay attention!

8. There is a coup-de-tat taking place and it started with the Bush administration.

You will find the following disinfo strategy's deployed against researchers:

? Cloud cover. Protection against the sun's rays.

? Chemtrails simply don't exist. You are imagining the whole thing.

? What deaths? Prove them. Don't rely on the CDC, they are part of the op and are in fact, lackey's for the Pentagon, as everyone here in DC knows.? Your samples are flawed. You didn't analyse your petri-dish correctly.

? A radar shield. This, by far, is the most stupid one advanced. You would be surprised how many people want to believe this.

? What sicknesses? Prove them.

There are rumours floating about the internet that the chemtrails are part of some sort of secret program the government is doing to protect the US from future biological attacks. Nothing could be further from the truth. The plan is to sensitize, or condition, the US population to being wiped out by influenza A. Over the past few years, people have been encouraged to get flu shots to protect them against the generally non-lethal strains that circulate through the population during flu season.

Each year the US government has guessed which strains were most likely to spread. They seem to always guess right - don't they?

This flu season, the government protected people with a trivalent vaccine that included the A/Beijing/262/95-like (H1N1) and the A/Sydney/5/97-like (H3N2). It also contained the B/Beijing/184/93-like hemagglutinin antigens.

For those not familiar with virology, the H and N refer to proteins on the outside of the virus, the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, which are responsible for the virus attaching to, and then invading, a host cell. The public has been quite pleased with the success of the vaccines offered so far. But that will change in the future.

Researchers at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (or USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick in Frederick MD have reconstructed and modified the H1N1 Spanish Flu virus, making it far more deadly than it ever was back when it was responsible for the 1918-1919 flu pandemic that killed over 20 million worldwide and over 500,000 here in the US. Consider that it could have killed many more, but back then, people couldn't hop on a jet and travel from New York to L.A. in five hours. Now, our ability to travel will increase the spread and will be our downfall.

The flu vaccines contain killed virus and protect the body well against challenge by that particular strain, but work poorly against other strains not included in the inoculation. At some point, the vaccine stockpile will include the more lethal modification of the 1918 H1N1 in its live form. Most people receiving this vaccine will simply be renewing their annual flu shot, and the vaccine will still include the inactivated version of the more benign form of H1N1 (as was included in this year's vaccine).

The presence of the milder strain in the inoculums will slow down the progression of the more lethal H1N1 form, so people will become sick more slowly - but they will still eventually die. It will just take a few weeks longer.

In the meantime, they will be carriers for the lethal form of the virus, passing it on to everyone with whom they make contact. And as people hear that others are dropping dead from the flu, they will flock to get their own vaccination. And the entire population will be more receptive to infection because their lungs will have been pre-conditioned to guarantee it.

If you will remember back to 1968 and '69, the Hong Kong flu, which was influenza A type H3N2, killed over 30,000 people in the U.S. alone. That was a fortuitous learning event for some because it taught them that the flu could still conceivably be used to wipe out a population. But at the same time, it pointed out the need to precondition the populace so that those who might normally be resistant could be rendered susceptible. Hence the development of the vaccine program and the aerial spraying procedures to condition the population.

The purpose of the chemicals in the chemtrails is to help the viral envelope fuse with lung cells, permitting easier penetration and infection.

But what about those few individuals who don't succumb to the flu? Probability alone demands that there will be some who survive - pockets of the population that are either not reached or somehow (and this is less likely) are resistant to the lethal H1N1 strain. At this point you must also remember that our military personnel have been immunized against a variety of pathogens, including the anthrax bacillus.

For those geographically isolated areas where the flu doesn't do its job, it's a fairly simple matter to lay down anthrax spores and then send in what's left of the military to take care of anyone still breathing.

The anthrax spraying will probably come under the guise of a flu protection program to save those still alive after the epidemic. And the military, having been exposed to civilians with the flu, will eagerly await their own flu shots.

I should emphasize that this is a last resort scenario. Those orchestrating the plan will not want to use anthrax until all other possibilities are exhausted - this because of the long-term viability of anthrax spores. To scatter them over the countryside would mean the area would be dangerous for use by humans, at least those not vaccinated against the bacteria.


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