Bilderberg 2005 Pictures
by Bodo Staron
(Posted here by Wes Penre: May 14, 2005)

This is my short report. I went to the venue since I live only about one hour away.

I witnessed the Bilderbergers arrive in dark Mercedes S500 limousines. The cars for the Bilderbergers sport a "B" in the windshield so they won't be bothered by another security check. Security was tight, private security people that did not have a clue about what is going on (or just acted that way). Lot's and lot's of police. CIA/U.S. Army Special Forces guys were also present. Some people say that is  ridiculous, and "where are the sharpshooters". "Where is the equipment of the  Army guys"? DUH! You think they drive around Bavaria in full combat gear or what?

Well, check out the guys with the military hairstyle. Daniel knows these people for 13 years so  I trust his judgment.

For the apparently "weak" security (white and red plastic ribbon) let me tell you: I did not go beyond that point. I did not want to check how "good" the security  really was. And that would have only compromised my ability to take photo and video. Since I was a good citizen they had no way to force me away.

On the second day the police checked my ID card, it took a looong time, they blamed  bad reception (sure, all the checks in the databanks take time!). They also checked my bag for bombs (I did not have any).

I'm not that interested in the security guys. Only one guy took a picture of me, so I will feature him!

Since it was raining (cold and ugly) all the time some photos are of real bad quality. I had to manage  photo, video and an umbrella!

Why the "Copyright" notice? Well, there were people that expressed interest in the pictures  for print, so I hope you understand.

On Friday I missed the biggest fish! As I arrived Queen Beatrix also did. My camera was not ready at that time - ARGH! But I can confirm she was there, as always.

Now for the pictures. Please help me identify the people! Just send me the info on what page the picture is and the filename. Right click on the image and choose "View Image". It will tell you  the filename. Pages will be updated as I get the names! Updated 12.05.05 Thanks to the people that send me names.

Unfortunate news: Server will go down at the end of Mai. No, it's not because of pressure from Bilderberg, but other events.

Thursday - taken with a digital camera
Thursday - caps from my digital video camera

Friday - taken with a digital camera
Friday - caps from my digital video camera

List of participants

AFP Article
Financial Times Article
CNN Report








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