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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 03:40:32 AM 

Big Brother & the Beast
- by Hazel W.M. MacKinlay

Big Brother is encroaching on the United Kingdom

Biometric I.D.’s are not compulsory yet, but failure to obtain one and furnish the Police State with your DNA and retinal details will be penalized by a large fine or prison, I’d call that mandatory. In the fledgling democracy of Iraq, the penalty is certain death. What, no chip citizen? You must be a subversive… BANG!

Heaven might be preferable to this psychotic Brave New World where the rulers are out of control and unaccountable for incalculable crimes against the inhabitants of Earth. The laws we are compelled to obey are so stringent they would make Draco cringe, but when applied to a ‘chosen few’ these same obligations become null and void.

We dare not offend anybody’s sensibilities; that’s a hate crime, still, our leaders can kill, maim, poison, abduct and starve whole communities, especially children, with impunity. Our daily lives are micro-managed to ‘protect’ us, but politicians can operate torture chambers and joke about it during banquets, while troops eat D.U. sandwiches.

Based on a vague threat from a mythical terrorist network, which is a figment of Straussian neo-con imaginations, anyone of Asian origin can be snatched from British streets, beaten, tortured and held incommunicado, infinitely. Laws are never enacted which are not meant to be enforced. Stalin or Hitler would envy this legislation.

Suicide bombing missions occur intermittently in all quarters and an admission of guilt by ‘al Zarqawi’ over the internet adequately satisfies government officials, followed by a Media frenzy of xenophobia towards Islam and dawn raids on Muslim homes. No enquiry is deemed necessary; don’t even consider the Mossad or other dark forces.

People are tolerating lies, sickness, hunger, mass murder, chemtrails and pedophilia with little objection. Where is the bottom line? Unless we universally denounce, deny and defy this despotism, dictated from Westminster by the City of London, we are all potential targets of a powerful and wicked regime rising in our midst. History tells us so…


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