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Last Updated:
Sunday, February 05, 2006 07:12:05 PM



Bewitched Broadcasting
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Feb 04, 2006
(Posted here by Wes Penre: Feb 05, 2006)


Hazel W.M. McKinlayChildren’s television is obsessed with the occult, where magic and the supernatural are a regular theme in the majority of programmes. ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Narnia’ are obvious examples, or ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ glamorizing Wicca and ‘Mona the Vampire’ who the song says is, “just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world.” Adult equivalents are copious, such as the vile ‘Queen of the Damned’ and ‘Interview with a Vampire.’

CBBC promotes this mystical genre in ‘Shoebox Zoo’ which takes young viewers on a magical adventure in search of a great wizard's ‘Book of Forbidden Knowledge’ lost in Scotland. ‘Raven’ is a creepy game show, also with a Celtic flavour, where blindfolded children face fearsome challenges called, Serpent’s Eye, Forest of Chains, Dark Path, Fire Demon and Dragon’s Blood, success is rewarded with gold rings, failure costs a life.

Scooby-DooIn ‘Scooby-Doo’ the meddling kids often encounter monsters, werewolves, witches, wizards, vampires, ghosts and zombies, but a frequently repeated feature length episode, ‘Witch’s Ghost’ demonstrates actual magic spells, with a “cool and fun soundtrack” performed by the Hex Girls. Other titles recommended for an audience of four year-olds include, ‘Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle’ and ‘The Haunted House Hang-Up.’

‘Grim & Evil’ on the Children’s Cartoon Network, begins with skeleton fingers emerging from graves, displaying the familiar horned-hand sign, popular with world leaders. The story is about Mandy, a grumpy little girl and a nerd called Billy who “need to kick some demon butt” with their friend, the Grim Reaper. The website invites kids to, “Cast spells from Grim’s magic book to help Mandy,” blatantly luring youngsters into the black arts.

I thought Tom & Jerry was gratuitous violence until I saw a disturbing scene on the Cartoon Network in ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ which was reminiscent of the CIA interrogation technique, water-boarding. The badly animated character ‘Bloo’ had hic-ups and to cure them, his friend forced a funnel into his mouth and poured in jugs of water. Madame Foster came along and shrieked, “stop that…let me” and inserted a hose!

‘Good versus evil’ is a common cartoon script and the irritating ‘Power Puff Girls’ save us from world domination by the crazed Mojo Jojo. The ‘Kids Next Door’ have numbers, not names and are dedicated to ending the tyrannical rule over children, by adults. Their enemies are the ‘Goody Goody Delightful Children from Down the Lane.’ The role of the good guys and bad guys has been reversed. Computer games also blur these lines…

Sega asks children to choose between playing a heroic ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ or his shadowy alter ego. This is temptation and who wants to behave like the obedient ‘Goody Goody Delightful Children?’ The ‘Prince of Persia’ also has two souls. This game was originally a test of skill in escaping from captivity, now the hero has been tainted by The Sands of Time and possessed by a Dark Prince, who decapitates his beastly opponents.

Batman (Vampire-like). Click on
the image for enlargement.

Even the crime-fighting Batman has been remodeled to look more like a villainous vampire than a superhero and he is hotly pursued by gun wielding secret agents, for his vigilante activities. Don’t interfere with law enforcement, or you will get shot! Only the Feds can hide their identity and obscure their face with masks. Superman and Spiderman are redundant too… who needs them when we have Homeland Security for protection?

Children are being conditioned with the rituals and symbols of sorcery and witchcraft, through the entertainment media. They are desensitized to torture and taught to kill by games and films, but the kind of society cartoons are advocating is a haven for warlocks, with a coven of witches. Susceptible young minds are subjected to a barrage of occult imagery and it is all in subtle preparation for initiation into the Satanic New World Religion.

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