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  Posted: Saturday, November 01, 2008, 11:37 AM

Last Updated: Sunday, November 02, 2008 01:47:09 PM



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Illuminati News Presents:

Nazi Geneticists in America Corrupting the Human Genome with Chimerical Reptilian and Predatory Mammalian DNA
by Wes Penre, November 01, 2008

Category: Genetics and DNA Research | Articles by Wes Penre ||


A real photo of the Nazi scientists who were secretly smuggled into the USA after WW II to share Nazi technology and further develop it here in America
A real photo of the Nazi scientists who were secretly smuggled into the USA after WW II to share Nazi technology and further develop it here in America. Click on the picture for enlargement.


couple of days ago, I received an email from a woman who wants to be anonymous, but whom I will call Susan for simplicity. It was a pretty straight forward letter telling a story that I was partially aware of since before, but there is additional information here that is new to me and of such nature that I need to share it with my readers. I also have Susan's permission to do so.

Susan's grandfather worked in chemical, nuclear, and biological weaponry research center and chemical lab for 35 years during and after WW II. She doesn't want me to print where the location of this lab is, although she told me, as they hounded her grandfather to death and put taps on his phone, had him shadowed in traffic and more. They still have an active lab there, so she wouldn't feel safe sharing that information on the web.

At first her grandfather thought he was doing a patriot's job, but gradually things dawned on him and it ruined his health and sanity. He worked with a monstrous German doctor who had escaped under the Operation Paperclip scheme. This doctor was obsessed with twins[1]. When Susan's grandfather foolishly told him that she was an identical twin and that her mother's sisters were twins and that her aunt's daughters were twins as well, the doctor became unnaturally interested in their family tree, constantly quizzing him about their appearance and behavior.

Susan has read quite a bit from my website and according to her the alien thing is not true. She says the alien abduction stories are widespread. They are a crass cover up created by the Nazi geneticists used to cover their crimes and divert attention away from their projects, i.e. corrupting the human genome with chimerical reptilian and predatory mammalian DNA. Her grandfather had a nervous breakdown after he was shown the "zoo" section of the lab; there were children in Lucite cages - part human, part animal, very revolting and diabolical! He blew the whistle and was threatened, harassed etc. He was told later on that some of the children were euthanized. The other more compliant ones were moved to a new location. Her grandfather was warned to keep his mouth shut and was "promoted" to another part of the laboratory, the biochemistry section.

In her email, Susan continues by telling me how these scientists used fertilized octopus ovum in an injectable syringe to stab a victim in the back. The tumor would then grow over a period of months to years and would engulf the spine, eventually killing the victim. Or they would inject a victim in the stomach with a syringe containing fertilized sea anemone ovum. As the anemone attached to the floor of the stomach and grew in size, nutrients would be leached away, basically causing the victim to starve to death slowly.

The Illuminists, Susan says, are power hungry sadists that kidnapped, drugged and stole the ovum from young women they perceived to have pure Aryan blood. Sleepovers were a method of getting access to the young women. The Illuminist's child would invite the unsuspecting young girl to a sleepover and the crime/theft was committed at that person's home. Sometimes they even wore alien rubber masks to disorient the victim so that they never reported the crime. They used these stolen ova in chimera genetic experiments and gene splicing experiments during the 1940's -the 1970's. The DuPont family even named their family yacht "Chimera" after these experiments.

In fact, Susan's grandfather did some work briefly for DuPont Labs as well. Many of the upper level chemists there were former Nazis who also studied and performed mind control experiments on children and adults and studied Illuminist ideology. She tells me that Illuminists are known to have delusional ideas about being descended from fallen angels, Nephilim, Anunnaki, or as they call them now a days, aliens. This is simply not true, according to her, but she doesn't elaborate on this. Supposedly this ended in the 1970's after an FBI investigation, but who knows for sure... Susan points out what her grandfather used to say, "Human beings - the most dangerous animal..."

In addition, Susan tells me her grandfather said that Alexander Litvinenko was a victim of the nuclear waste as a weapon trick that had been used by the KGB and US agents since the 1940's in Eastern Europe.


[1] I am not sure if the scientist Susan is referring to is the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele, code name Dr. Green, but it is clearly documented that Dr. Mengele was 'obsessed with twins' and did cruel experiments on them, and that he was one of the scientists included in 'Operation Paperclip'. However, he was probably not the only Nazi scientist with this obsession. Wes Penre.

:  Correspondence with author

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