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Illuminati News Presents:

Albert Pike on Masonry: The True Nature of the Society


Category: Freemasonry
Published here: day, , 2008, 05:39 AM
Last Updated or Revised: Thursday, October 09, 2008 06:00:59 AM

Albert Pike

any masonic apologists at various websites have offered "defenses" in response to anti-masons, attempting to dismiss the popular quotations drawn from Masonic master-philosopher Albert Pike, which show freemasonry to be syncretistic and anti-Christian.  So here are the actual quotes from Pike's "Morals and Dogma."  Thanks to the IndependentConservative for this collection.

1. That masons in the blue degrees are intentionally mislead as to masonry's true nature: click here.

2. That the rituals become progressively more complicated and thereby the masters are able to wield more power: click here.

3. That all their 'mysteries' are kept concealed: click here.

4. That the secrets or true masonry are, again, kept secret: click here.

5. That masonry is a temple of religion, not a purely social/philanthropic society: click here.

6. That masonry possesses the great truths hidden from the profane: click here.

7. That masonry is the true universal religion: click here.

8. That all religions have a basis in truth: click here.

9. That people of all religions can worship together in masonry: click here.

10. That masonry is the universal faith which reverences all the religious reformers, such as Zoroaster and Confucius: click here.

11. Masonry is the successor to the ancient mysteries: click here.

12. That the ancient religions had an initiatory caste which knew the secrets, as masonry does now: click here.


About the Author:

Jay DyerJay Dyer is a former Protestant Seminary Student who obtained his B.A. in philosophy & history. He is an apologist, theologian, philosopher and writer. Jay currently resides in Paris, TN and is a convert to Catholicism from Reformed Christianity. An avid conspiracy buff, he also researches the occult, history, liturgics, patristics, politics, and literary and film criticism. Jay is currently working on a Master's Degree in Philosophy and English and stays up all night reading.



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