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Illuminati News Presents:

The Music Industry, an Important Tool for the Controlling Elite


Category: I Sold My Soul To Rock'n'Roll & Mind Control
Published here: Sunday, September 21, 2008, 11:20 AM
Last Updated or Revised: Sunday, September 21, 2008 11:20:08 AM

 have never even run into any information on who was really behind the “world” as we know it, until about ten years ago by a person very close to me.  At first, I was like the millions of people walking around knowing something is truly wrong in the world, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what it was.  That was when I started my own research into the different fields or branches of this massive tree/pyramid of deception and false systems that have control over the masses.  I was in the music industry working at a major concert venue in my part of the country, New Jersey.  During my time there I could see first hand the effect music had on people’s minds, how they were taken over by the music and the messages in the music. 

It is proven that music does influence people’s behavior, in other words if you listen to a song over and over again, you will unconsciously remember the lyrics of the song.  That’s why when we hear certain songs we instantly can recite the lyrics just as easy as riding a bike.  These are basic things; TV has the same effect on your brain, which explains why Americans are among the most violent societies on Earth.  We watch violence all of the time on the news, shows, movies, etc.  We also see a ton of sexual images throughout the day flashing by and getting imprinted on the mind like a circuit board. That is not by accident but by design, but let’s gets back to the music industry.  What I observed the music industry doing, was following a thousands of years old plan to occupy the mind, program the mind, and dumb down intelligence.  The music industry was just another branch on the tree of control over the world to bring in the new world order.


I was working on a show; the name of the touring show was called Ozzfest.  Ozzfest is an all day concert of hard rock/heavy metal bands, established by Ozzy Osbourne and his wife.  The bands lyrics were pro-rebellion, pro-chaos, and anarchy, they had a cross set up where concert goers would be strapped to it and whipped by two ladies dressed in black leather and gothic makeup.  People were defecating and urinating on the lawn of the venue, there were fights, there were rapes, and there was a large amount of violence.  Now that is a direct result of the music and atmosphere, it was a live display of mind control, and it was a wake-up call for me to research this further. 

The record companies behind the artists there were conglomerates of Sony/BMG music.  BMG music is the Bertelsman AG Company of Germany.  The leading shareholder of Bertelsmann AG is the Bertelsmann Foundation, a non-profit organization and political think tank set up by the founding family, the Mohn Family. Now why is a political think tank behind the biggest music company in the world? Mr. Reinhard Mohn who was the chairman of Bertelsman and now is the head of the Bertelsman foundation who owns the company is a member of the Club of Rome, an elitist/one world government organization.  The Club of Rome wants to decrease the world’s population on the basis of climate change and they want to charge everyone with two or more children a lifelong “carbon tax”.  I urge everyone to research this for themselves.  To get back to the point, these music companies are a part of the larger web of arms that connect the elite’s plan to control the whole world.  Music is their weapon to control the minds of young people who day in and day out listen to music and turn to music.  There is so much more to this, which I can’t fit in this article.  I’m not saying that all music is bad by any stretch.  I am saying that it is being used as a vehicle to bring in the new world order and influence the kids' minds by dumbing them down with meaningless lyrics, hypnotic rhythms, and programming their minds for self-destruction by ingraining constant suggestion into their minds.

Hip-HopWe’re going to also take a look at hip hop for a moment.  Hip hop is a huge weapon used on the youth of America and again I’m not saying all hip hop is bad, but it is a tool.  The average inner city teenager can’t tell you who fought in World War II, but can recite their favorite rap song.  This is the power of the music that has become a part of these kids psyche.  It takes the place of parenting and guidance in many cases, and most of America’s prisons have people that live by the codes and ideologies of Hip hop music.  They are the most programmed of any group that I have seen anywhere.  The hip hop “lifestyle” is a brainwashing haven for those who subscribe to it, most of the time unknowingly.  It is a variation of the oldest programming trick in the book, promises of grandeur that only ends up in imprisonment, literally. The worship of money and power is the bait, Jail, death, corruption, deception, and demise is the outcome.  This is the design by the elite, and they promote these mind controlling messages to our youth to indoctrinate them into a world of no morals or values, but of desensitizing them to death, murder, drugs, sex, violence, and making them want and love the elite’s systems and their materials of their system, like worthless paper money, power over other people, mental and economic slavery, and all of the things America doesn’t stand for.  

Many of these systems have things in common, because there is an otherworldly dark force behind all of them that uses the same tactics over and over again.  The promise of power, the promise of greatness, the promise of being like God, is a common driving force behind these elite’s running these Earthly systems they’ve created.  Doesn’t this sound familiar? Well, it is, it’s like the Adam, Eve, and the serpent story in the scriptures when the serpent told them to eat of the tree to become like God. It’s a big lie, a big scam for humanity to fall into, again.  My studies have shown me that we are in the New World Order phase right now. Today the elite controllers are eating of the tree and they want to be like Gods and all of us are to be their dumbed-down, non thinking, slaves. We are being attacked by the agents of these Dark forces both in this world and not-of this world, and the sooner we wake up and start to love the truth and not the lies then we may be able to save each other and our children.


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