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Illuminati News Presents:

What's Really Happening in St. Paul - the Stories the Mainstream Press Doesn't Want You to Hear

Open Letter, Wednesday, Sept. 03, 2008

Category: The Global Police State: ‘1984 - Brave New World’!
Published here: Thursday, September 04, 2008, 04:32 AM
Last Updated or Revised:
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 07:01 AM

Ron Paul
Ron Paul


Heartfelt Message from Bronte:

Dear friends,

Yesterday 10,000 people assembled at a Rally for the Republic in St. Paul, in support of Ron Paul for president. Ten thousand! Did you hear that on the mainstream news? Did you hear about the raids on people prior to the protests (protests where 10,000 peacefully marched) and the handcuffing and brutality toward peaceful protest organizers, on the grounds of "conspiracy to incite riots"?

How about the 5-year-old child being handcuffed in a raid, or Amy Goodman of Democracy Now being arrested for politely asking police to release two journalists they were handcuffing? Or the AP photographer, who claimed police surrounded and herded a few hundred peaceful protesters into a closed lot, then arrested them all?

You don't hear this on the propaganda box, because in the last decade, our newspapers and TV stations have been bought up by a small handful of corporations who work in tandem with those who control both our political parties and our government to feed us the lies the deceivers want us to hear.

Is not 10,000 Americans assembling in Saint Paul for an independent political rally something that's newsworthy? Is it less newsworthy than hearing about Sarah Putin's baby or the history behind "funny convention hats" (stories that topped the news in the last 2 days)?

What has happened to America, where the rules were changed so independents couldn't speak in presidential election debates; where small, policed, fenced free-speech zones are the only places citizens can express their constitutional right to dissent? What kind of country arrests peaceful citizens for protesting, allows police to confiscate the cameras that record their brutality, and then keeps news like this off the airwaves?

Fascism is the only name for it, my friends. That's not an exaggeration anymore, or a metaphor, it's a growing fact. Is it a not a police state when military actions are visited on a nation's own peaceful citizens and constitutional and human right are violated on a regular basis, as standard operating procedure? Where surveillance records your every move, from satellites over your head, to cameras on your street corner, to the microchip in your passport? Where thousands of innocent citizens get searched at airports and thousands more are on a no-fly list, no reasons given? Where your Internet searches and emails are recorded and monitored legally? Where the microchip to be worn beneath the skin is being promoted on news shows as the hottest thing since sliced bread? Where elections are rigged (a "free" election brought Hitler into power) and no one receives a presidential nomination who doesn't dance to the tune of two parties who share the identical power agenda beneath all the hype on the surface?

What else is that but fascism? There is but one way to halt it, to bring back democracy from the brink it has already fallen over.

1) We need to read the alternative press and inform ourselves of the news that's really happening. Visit  or  or other information-packed alternative news sites.

2) When you see an article there that resonates there, spread it around to your friends.Spread the truth as you hear it. We don't have time to wait for years while America wakes up. We have to wake up now. Otherwise the police state will only get worse.

3) When you've grown informed, join or start a Truther group in your community. Call it whatever you like, maybe Citizens against Big Brother Government. Work with others aware of the truth behind the shams, to give local talks at community centers, and to take local action. Speak to your representatives. Organize to demand laws that outlaw surveillance and other police state atrocities on the city and state level.

4) Support independents in elections, those who espouse the value of freedom. We need to support the rise of Truthers in election and public office. If enough Americans wise up to what's happening, they'll simply stop voting Democrat or Republican. They'll vote for real people who'll end the laws that have destroyed our freedoms.

Below is an article on what's happened this week in St. Paul, the things the mainstream press doesn't want you to hear. It's an excellent encapsulation of the week's events. Read it and become aware. Pass this e-mail around to anyone on your e-mail list who may possibly respond positively to it. We need to stop worrying about our image, whether it's cool or not to speak out against the fascism growing around us. It's time for every lover of freedom to inform themselves, to speak up and be counted.

The article:

Best regards,


[Wes Penre's note: Here are perfectexamples of the Police State we already live in: A peaceful Republican National Congress Protestor offers riot police a flower and gets pepper-sprayed in the face! Watch this video for proof: Video  00:00:30; 818 demonstrators arrested, including reporters: Video 00:07:52. And yet another one: Video 00:06:01 ]

Email correspondence with Bronte Baxter;

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Wes Penre


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